Nebraska Gets Murderous Big Ten Schedule in 2011-12

As anticipated (based on the ESPN leak), Nebraska was placed in a division with Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Minnesota, and Northwestern to begin play in 2011.  Nebraska will play an annual game with Penn State as well that is "protected" into the future. 

2011 Schedule
Sep 10 Fresno State
Sep 17 Washington
Sep 24 at Wyoming
Oct 1 at Wisconsin
Oct 8 Ohio State
Oct 22 at Minnesota
Oct 29 Michigan St
Nov 5 Northwestern
Nov 12 at Penn State
Nov 19 at Michigan
Nov 26 Iowa

That wouldn't seem too bad, except that the two remaining opponents added to fill out the schedule for 2011 and 2012 will be Ohio State and Wisconsin.

Nonconference foes in 2011 will include Fresno St., Washington, and Wyoming.  In 2012, the Huskers will face Southern Miss and UCLA.

Put it all together and Nebraska may well be playing the toughest schedule in America, two years in a row.  The Washington game in 2011, and the Michigan games are the only scheduled games in the next two seasons against teams that didn't play in a bowl after the 2009 season.

In 2013 and 2014, the Huskers will swap Ohio State and Wisconsin for at least two of these three:  Purdue, Indiana, and Illinois.  But that's a lifetime away in college football.  What lies straight ahead seems impossibly tough.  If you like good opponents, you're going to love the next couple years. 

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Should make it that much better when we run the table in the next two years!  I’d much rather play tough opponents than what we have played in the past.  Our schedule this year is a joke!

Wowsers! Looks a bit like the Saints having to beat Warner, Favre, and Manning to win the Super Bowl.

I think that it is a shame that the Huskers are not in the same division as the Badgers. They seemed to be the oil that greased our skids into the Big1? and I thought that we would be paired. No other real complaints.

You have to play, and beat, who they put on the schedule. (See 2009 Iowa State.)

Onward and Upward!



Any recruit worth his salt would love to play a schedule like this!!!

The Big Ten wasn’t going to make it easy for Nebraska to come into the league and show up at the inaugural Championship game. Playing the other traditional top five teams the first two years is a well intended message to Husker Nation, were going to have to earn our stripes. But no make mistake,  there is power coming from the west that will be a force to reckon with for many years to come. Go Big Red

I don’t think the Big 10 is trying to send a message that we have to earn our stripes.  They are trying to make the most exciting Big 10 season ever.  No reason to wait for years for Nebraska to play the traditional powers.  It will happen right away.  What an awesome schedule!

I think it would have been a little btter if they split wisconsin and ohio state up on th huskers schedule.  If you look at the possible match ups in 2013 we loose 2 big time games for two of the bottom teams in the big ten.  Just my thoughts though never know what will happen on the field.

Already getting kind of tired about the “oh what a brutal schedule”  talk.
Look at it this way:

Remember, despite the fact that the OWH’s Mitch Sherman thinks our chances of winning the Big 10 in 2011 is “slim”, we just have to win our division to get to the Big-10 Title Game. 
Let’s face it, Michigan is not the team of the Woody and Bo years, Mich. St. is inconsistent, Minnesota might as well look for a soft place to fall down, ditto Northwestern, and this is essentially the Iowa team that last year had to hold on by their fingernails to beat an Arkansas St. team that NU beat by what, 40 points? Let’s not pretend that Iowa is all of a sudden Texas or OU. Iowa is tough and talented, but let’s not get carried away.
Now granted, these teams will not be exactly the same in 2011 as they were last year, or are this year. Nebraska isn’t going to be either though.
We do however, enter this year in the top 10 and have the opportunity to jump to the Big-10 in 2011 with a Big-XII title in our pockets, and perhaps more.
Those Big-10 teams should look at their schedules and say “ouch”. Having Nebraska on your schedule, if you are an Ohio State or a Northwestern, should give YOU one of those “ah man” moments, because NU isn’t the only one that’s going to have to buckle it down tight.

Personally, can’t wait!

As a Wolverine, I’d like to welcome you to The Big House on 11/19/11 to face college football’s all-time winningest program.  Let me say that, with your schedule, if you’re going to get into the Big 10 championship, you will have earned it!

Oh, and before the deluge of angry Michigan fans weigh in on what I said, it wasn’t meant to be offensive, but you guys have kinda been going through what Nebraska went through with Bill Callahan, tough times.
It doesn’t mean Michigan won’t return to prominence, it will just take time and, in my olpinion, a different coach. I don’t know if Coach Rod “gets” Michigan culturally any more than Callahan “got” Nebraska.
I want Michigan to be good. It’s better for the Big 10 and it’s better for college football.

“The Washington game in 2011, is the only scheduled game in the next two seasons against a team that didn’t play in a bowl after the 2009 season.”

Michigan didn’t play in a bowl.

No offense taken, Dan.  I can understand the Rodriguez/Callahan comparison, but I do believe that Rodriguez is a good coach and will turn things around.  Of course, the jury’s still out on that, though.

Our defense has had an historic convergence of injuries, attrition, and players not living up to potential, and I think this year will be tough because of it.  However, by next year Michigan should be back to what it once was.  I definitely look forward to having Nebraska on our schedule and am glad to welcome a great program to the Big 10 family.

Seems to me if we play Michigan and Penn State each year, they shouldn’t both be on the road or home the same year, especially back to back.  It takes a whole week to get to Happy Valley…....It’s about like to move “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

Thank you, Football Gods. You know what, the thing is damn near perfect. Sure, I could have swapped Wisconsin for Northwestern happily, but at the same time, I get to visit two of America’s greatest cities (Chicago and a Lincoln-to-KC-ish distance from Happy Valley to New York) every other year. The NU/PSU thing is the coup de grace. It will in ten years’ time take on the patina that Michigan/Ohio State has now. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Now we know how the teams from the SEC feel.  Lots of tough games.

Boston Blue, We said the same thing regarding injuries, attrition, and staying under potential with Cosgrove/Callahan…turns out the injuries were due to poor strength & conditioning practices, attrition was due to the staffs “not my fault” attitude, and you can probably figure out why few lived up to potential. I’m looking forward to visiting The Big House and Beaver Stadium back to back. 220,000 fans in two weeks!

Welcome NU!  As a hawkeye fan I am looking forward to the annual end of the year rivalry.  There will be ups and downs but we are no Iowa State.  It is great to see so much enthusiam for the big ten.  Look forward to playing you guys, sometimes gettin our butts kicked, and hopefully kickin your too.

As a life long Ohio State and Big Ten fan, I am really excited that Nebraska joined the Big Ten and that they are playing OSU in it’s first two years in the conference.  I have always admired the Cornhuskers and thought that they played Big Ten brand of football.  A perfect fit for the Big Ten.  Welcome!!

Maybe I haven’t paid attention, but anyone else notice the loss of the annual game on the Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov 25, 2011)? Iowa game scheduled for Saturday of that week.

Wow, what a schedule!

Our road to the national championship game just got much, much tougher.

Look at these matchups, though! Classics in the making! Previously, these games could only be seen with the assistance of PlayStation….Can’t wait.


Already Husker fans here in Arizona are overjoyed with the news and scheduale. If Nebraska can get thru that scheduale without major injuries, all the best to them. Just think of all the physical football ahead of them. Also, just think of the first time Nebraska wins the Big 10 Championship and the announcer says to 100,000 fans and millions on tv…....AND THE CHAMPIONS OF THE BIG 10 CONFERENCE, THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS!

I am so excited for next year, that I completely lost focus on the upcoming season that kicks off this saturday

Ok if we want to see a national championship in the next decade this is the year to do it.

But here’s a question.  Lets hypothetically say Nebraska, runs the table in 2011, wins the big 10 championship game, and the National Championship game.  Would that make “11” Nebraska the greatest team in college football history?  putting them ahead of 01 miami and 95 nebraska.  I would have to say without a doubt YES!!!

Greetings all. Count me amongst those who would welcome the tough schedule. Time to go out and prove what we can do. Surely it will stimulate recruiting.

I had hoped against hope for Wisconsin to somehow be in the same division with the Huskers, but I suppose we will see them often enough. But seeing Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern and the protected game vs. Penn State every single year is just amazing. Ramp it up with a Big 12 championship this year… and then GO HUSKERS!! I know it won’t be easy by any stretch, but I love it.

The Big Ten gave Nebraska trial by ordeal

Trial by ordeal is a judicial practice by which the guilt or innocence of the accused is determined by subjecting them to an unpleasant, usually dangerous experience. In some cases, the accused was considered innocent if they survived the test.  In other words a strong hard schedule.

I look forward to it.  Go Big Red!!!

I love that we get you guys in the Big House, in November, right before Ohio State.  Can’t wait to see Big Red vs. Big Blue!  Welcome to the Big Ten!

This schedule only helps the Huskers! It will never be easy but it will be a blast! The Big 10 is now a conference that rivals the SEC. All Class and Kick Ass Conference!

You have to play the best to be the best! Can’t wait for the first coin toss of 2011 and let the chips fall where they may! Granted I am excited for this last year of BigXII play as well, but that will be in the rearview mirror! The Big Red in the Big House, hopefully making +110K blue and maize clad fans crying, or screaming for Rich Rod’s head lol!

Love the tough schedule!! Get ready big Ten, there is a Sea of Red coming your way. I greatly appreciate the classy fans of the Big Ten. Nebraska will only add to what you have built over the years. Our fans are knowledgeable and respectful, but don’t let that smile on our face fool ya. We love to win!! Thank you and “let’s get it on”

Sure I’m an SEC snob, but let me point out that when you are in a tough conference, you will always face a tough schedule. Next year Florida plays Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, So. Caroilina, FSU, etc. I don’t think Nebraska’s schedule will be any tougher. Get used to it, and enjoy that home game with Ohio St.

This whole thing is surreal to me.  Exciting, yes, but after so long playing the big 8 and big twleve slate we’ve had it will be…. odd.  Not to mention I think the flavor of the games is going to be very different.  All the other times we’ve played these teams it was a Non Con or a Bowl Game.  These games will mean more for the prgrams involved in them and as the sayign goes, familarity breeds contempt.  Buckle up folks we are going to have ourselves a three way hate fest with Iowa and Michigan and an annual PSU grudge match that I think will become just as intense as any of the current storied rivalries in CFB.

Jack, there have been plenty of years where the bottom half of the SEC is a complete joke.  And usually yearly with Ole Miss, Miss St, Kentucky, Vanderbilt,  These 4 are usually pathetic!  NOT THAT TOUGH! Before Miles arrived at LSU, LSU as mediocre and underachieving as any.  Auburn has had periods of just not being very good.

Georgia was down for a long long period of time after H. Walker left and even with Richt they often struggle.  Don’t tell me it’s because of the extra tough conference. Check they above teams!  BS!

Damn I get sick of SEC EGo and jackassess.

2011 schedule is exciting, but the Huskers still have to play this year. I am so ready for the first kickoff saturday. Lets hope they are ready each week and not looking past an opponent like ‘09 ISU.

Andy, you are right as to what you say, except that LSU won a national championship under Saban just before Miles arrived. My comments were directed towards the 2011 schedules. Florida does not play either of the Mississippi schools, and Georgia and LSU will be very good.

When you enter a tougher conference (which I firmly believe Nebraska is doing), you just have to expect these things. It will now be harder for the Huskers to make it to a NCS game than it will be for a Texas, or any other Big 12 school. The same applies to SEC teams, though that conference has won the last four national championships in a row. If you don’t understand that, your college football knowledge is no better than your writing ability.

Bring ‘em on! We NEEDED a tougher schedule. When NU won championships, they did so because they could beat anybody. Ducking behind Bible colleges is no way to earn respect or win meaningful championships.

With that said however, looking at back-to-back Wisconsin and Ohio State, it would be nice if Ndamukong Suh had a little brother ready for college by 2011.

And before Saban, LSU had done absolutely diddly squat for years other than be a mediocre middle of the pack under achiever.

Same can be said for Auburn and Georgia post H. Walker.

Ole Miss, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Miss St are annually pathetic jokes, that’s what I meant,  in 2011, or otherwise!

Don’t be a smug ass with me. 

Nebraska showed in 95 and 97 what to do with SEC teams that both were being “mentioned” as some of the best SEC teams of all time.  Take them out behind the woodshed and kick their ass and stomp on their throats!

Two of the best SEC teams of all time got monkey stomped by Nebraska!  Tells me all I need to know about what is the REST of the SEC!

Four of Nebraska’s five NC’s have come in bowl games against SEC teams with three being decided by 20+ points!  Beat downs! Maybe,  just maybe Nebraska might once again be the team to squash this SEC rhetoric.

1.  I like it.  I have no fear or hesitation.  Let’s play some ball!

2.  When I look at the divisions, I don’t see much of a chance we’ll end up in lopsided divisions.  History should tell us, even with ups and downs, the divisions should remain fairly equal in strength.  Only time will tell.

3.  I love that we play Iowa last.  I hope (or is it hopeless?) we can do that the Friday after Thanksgiving instead of Saturday.  That’s a tradition of ours I’d like to keep.

Yes, Andy, of course you are right. Those Nebraska teams from 15 years ago were as good as I have ever seen. So what? Perhaps if you think I am being a “smug ass” with you, you are being a little sensitive. What have I said that was wrong? And by the way, Auburn was 13-0 in 2004, which is not exactly doing diddly squat.

I think McKeown(sp) brought it up that we’re taking a financial hit the first couple of years and that it won’t be until 2013 that we’re a fully-vested member of the Big 10-11-12. 

Methinks this schedule is more about gate returns and making sure we have good revenue coming in than making a NC (or Big 10-11-12) title run.  Once we get the Big 10-11-12 cupcakes in the rotation, then things will go better.  But this is a lot tougher than the North…a lot tougher.  That will make the program better in the long term—remember we had to go through a gauntlet of four Top-10 teams in 1995, and just about everyone else (save for one/two schools) were capable of breaching the Top 25.

not that tough folks.  the big 10 is overrated year in and year out.  ohio st. is obviously very good but the rest of the field is all very beatable including the likes of michigan, penn st., and iowa.  plus there are patsies like northwestern thrown in for good measure.

Welcome big red to the big 10. Contrary to much that i have read, the big red fans i have met and shared a few beers with in Beaver Stadium are class people. The last time they visited Penn State, i visited with a good many of them and found all to be just good football fans.
Looking forward to playing your tem eery year, and hopefully visiting your newly enlarged stadium.

I like how roger from Nebraska thinks it will be easy!  Oh those Nebraska fans…lol

Howdy! I’m a hawkeye but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Huskers. (Must be a corn thing.)

Lived in Pittsburgh for almost 15 years and the Husker-Nits rivalry is my nightmare!!!

I know that Nebraska fans are famed for their courtesy, which in most of Big Ten country is highly valued. However, Penn State has a slightly different reputation.

For example, PSU is known for “Pee bombs”. That’s right, my Midwestern friends. In State College they fill up balloons/ sports bottles/ cups with urine and throw it at opposing fans. You might also want to check out the youtube video “Stay Classy Penn State”, which was so shocking that even Wolverine fans came to the defense of the Buckeyes.

I’m sure as you become more familiar with the Big Ten you will find out more about how PSU is the outsider in our conference. They simply lack the courtesy that is so familiar to anyone who has lived in the Midwest.

Florida’s 2011 schedule may give Nebraska’s schedule a run for its money tho.  They play the usual Tennessee, UGA, LSU, and FSU, but also add Bama and Auburn from the SEC-west.

Well… no Will Compton for a while.
That sucks.

With him and Fisher now out, I am getting nervous about our depth at that position. Martin & LD are no doubt talented, but an injury to either of those guys puts us in a world of hurt.

The Big Ten is a great conference with great football and academic achievements under its belt. I love Delaney’s coup in putting this conference together. Notre Dame can only hold out for so long, and then wow. Boise State is going to have to do more than beat the Idaho Teachers College intramural squad to get into the championship game after this group gets together. Big Ten football is going to change college football for the better. Playoff here we come.

As mentioned above, I’m going to miss the Friday after Thanksgiving game. Is the Big1? even open to the possibility?



Lol all these blogs and posts on NU’s tough schedule..  Why is everyone calling it a tough schedule? 
Frankly Fresno St and Washington will give us more of a challenge then that big 10 schedule. lol

I will rank the games - 1 being easy - 5 being Really tough
and place a W or L after

Sep 10     Fresno State   4 - A smaller school(IE, a Win), but they always have a pretty good offense…  Historically Nebraska struggles vs smaller schools with good offenses(We usually get the win, but its closer then ppl usually think.)  W

Sep 17   Washington 3 - Not too worried about this one..  Jake Locker is a senior this year, and we play them this year.  2011, they’ll be easier.  W

Sep 24   at Wyoming 2 - Not worried W

Oct 1   at Wisconsin 3 - Mediocre at best…  Maybe they’ll get a rushing attack again and be formidable..  W

Oct 8   Ohio State 4 - We played this team already.. the last two years -VTech..  Scrambling quarterback…  and Priors gonna have to do alot of that.. it will be tough tho.. We barely lost those VTech games.. this game will be similar..  W

Oct 22   at Minnesota - Im giving them a 2 out of respect..  W

Oct 29   Michigan St - 2 and another W

Nov 5   Northwestern - I’ll go 2…  W

Nov 12   at Penn State - 3 Tougher then the last ones… but still not 4 worthy…  W

Nov 19   at Michigan - 3 years ago…a 4   now….2   W

Nov 26   Iowa - 3 Most underrated team in the nation and they might win the Big Ten this year.  But in 2011?  not so much…  W

Well thats undefeated if my math is correct… 
The Ohio St. game might be a stumbling block.. and possibly Iowa
Big Ten teams can run the ball.. but that alone won’t beat the Huskers…  If i rated Nebraska to any of the Big Ten teams i’d give them a 3 also, because our offense is so pathetic.. good thing we got a good D. 

Tough schedule???  TTech, OU, Kansas, Texas, OKSt.
Our division is MUCH tougher then Iowa St., Colorado and KState… but overall.. not any tougher of a schedule…

Greeting from Columbus.  Welcome to the Big Ten, Big Red!  Couldn’t be happier that 4 of the top 7 winningest college football programs will be squaring off regularly in the Big Ten.  Looking forward to my first game in one of college football’s shrines, Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Nebraska. The Big Ten thrives on tradition, and Nebraska is one of a very few programs that can add to and enhance that tradition.  As for your 2011/12 schedules, win ‘em all and this Buckeye will be rooting for you in the BCS NC game.

HAHAHA!!! Spoony69, In your dreams brother… Nebraska better pray some teams in the Big Ten get banged up early.. an 8-4 season sounds about right.. Maybe 9-3 if you catch a few breaks, but undefeated?? Come on, use a little bit of logic.. Besides, the big twelve north has been a joke for the last 10 years and the south only has two programs that have been consistent for the last ten years…

Hey Don,
In no way do I think that winning out through that schedule is going to be easy.

Quite the contrary.
However, Spoony did make a good point.
Every game on the Huskers schedule is winnable.

Will they win every game those first two years? Probably not.
But they CAN.

Nebraska will continue its tradition of playing very weak teams to start the season and pick up some wins. That is why they struggle against other teams. Very weak non-conference games. They would rather play and win 60-0 than play a tough team and maybe get beat. Give credit to SEC teams with tough schedules

I really with that other people wouldn’t be able to post as “Bill.”
Especially those of low intelligence.

Last time I checked “Bill”... Nebraska was in the Big 12 title game last year.

How did they do? Think they are still crying about 1 second left?

Well Well,  Welcome Aboard. Lets see if Mr COSKERZfan is so full of smack when all that’s left of the Big Red N ” That stands for noledge right”  is a Big Red Hiney!!!!  Buckeyes Rule!!!

I live across the river from those crybabies. GO Bucks

were buckeye fans my sons in-laws are husker fans .....i cant wait the huskers are a hell of a team and a great addition to the big 10 ......its been long enough getting screwed over by the texas teams ...... also im sure big red and their fans welcome the challenge

Lifelong Big Red fan here. Just heard on the news tonight that 5 OSU players have been suspended for the first 5 games of the 2011 season. If I read that schedule above correctly, the 5 game of suspension is when the Buckeyes visit Lincoln…. without Tyrell Pryor and 4 others.

Maybe the Huskers are catching a little break here.

Bummer, just checked OSU’s schedule, and they have an extra game, so the OSU visit to Lincoln will be Buckeye’s 6th game, and they’ll have all 5 players back. Bummer

Welcome to the Big 10. As a Wolverine I look forward to welcoming you.  I feel Nebraska will be a great addition to the conference. Nebraska has always been a class act; I don’t expect that to change. Good Luck & Welcome to the Big Ten.
Go Blue!!!!!

“Put it all together and Nebraska may well be playing the toughest schedule in America, two years in a row.” 

Is that comment in the article a joke?  The Big 10 Conference is way overrated.  The league is littered with programs rich in history and tradition, but none of that wins ballgames.  Does New Year’s Day 2011 when the Big 10 got massacred ring a bell???  The “hardest” conference in the land went 0-5.

Of course, to finish my thought.  I did not go to college and in fact just learned how to read and right (he he he).

I am going to go back to my knitting now and I have the this 3 piece puzzle with big knobs to work on, too.

Darn, I got the first two pieces of the puzzle but I can’t get the last one.

Wow, there are some derranged folks posting here.

Bottom line… WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME Huskers!  I am a ridiculously loyal OSU fan, but I have always admired, and rooted for, Nebraska when I had the opportunity.  Outside Ohio Stadium and the Bighouse, Lincoln is the only other college field I visited.  NU is one class act! The fans were great -even though I was wearing an OSU jersey!

Nebraskans are in for a treat.  A seemingly more competitive conference (barely) and you will reap the $$Income$$ that we hold dear.  The schedule you have drawn is not “murderous”, but what we call “typical”.  You cannot compete for the national title without going through the Buckeyes, Badgers, or Penn State.  The BCS will not let that happen—Exibit-A…Michigan State had a good year only because they did not play OSU, and they were held back by the BCS.

Buckeye fans are in for a treat.  The Cornhuskers are almost a mirror image of the Buckeyes, Badgers, and Penn St.. The BIG-10 just got thrown a curveball, and its name is Nebraska.  The Champoinship runs will be twice as exciting…at least. 

I can only hope your team (coach) can win ALL of your other games, and lose close ones with OSU…kind of like that team “up north”.  I will be there for that Game #6 in Lincoln…man, it will be great!

Oh, one more thing.  This “Big Red” thing you have a habit of calling your Huskers; It wont bother OSU fans at all unless you start calling them “Big Scarlet & Gray”...just sayin’.  :)  Good luck and for God’s sake - BEAT MICHIGAN!

nebraska=great recruitin class 2011 right. bubba starling? i keep my fingers crossed . aaron green+jamal turner+burkhead+martinez+taariq allen+bubba starling+daniel davie= GEEZUS (fastest offense ever) look at recruits right there on link



Brutal Schedule? The Big 10 sucks. Shows when the conference champion loses to TCU, and should have lost by more. Toughest schedule in the country? yeah right, you’re not in the SEC. I just can’t wait til the excuses start again. They’re Classic!

Bill from SD: Tell us about your great College Football programs.

Tim:  What was the top matchup of Big 10 vs SEC this Bowl Season? Did you already forget the Sugar Bowl?  Tha smackdown of your precious Arkansas Razorbacks?  <short term memory>

As far as i see it, Wisconsin was the wrong pick for that TCU game. Wisconsin’s best game of the decade (yes, Decade) was the game where they stomped the Buckeyes in week 6 or 7. It was a thing of beauty, if you were a Badger fan.

Oh yeah, another thing…Your Auburn Tigers could only pull out a meager 2-point win against the DUCKS???  The Buckeyes were the only other team in 2010 to beat Oregon (Rose Bowl) and it wasnt close -OSU dominated them in all categories.  So get off your SEC soapbox, and come down to earth -the Top Tier Big 10 teams are always tough.

-Huskers Fans:  This is a typical SEC comment, something you’ll have to get used to.  Even when you show them the FACTS, they are boasting about how “superior” they are… its just cheap entertainment for me.  :)

Welcome Nebraska. Get ready to rumble…...

For those that think the Big Ten is over-rated and that the Huskers will breeze through and win the championship year after year, I have this to say:


In PSU’s approximate 20 years in the Big Ten, they have won the championship twice. (the same as Northwestern over the same period of time.) Add to that….4 of Joe Paterno’s 5 career losing seasons have occurred in the Big Ten. PSU, even despite a legend like Paterno at the helm, is really just an average Big Ten football program.

Keep humble, my beloved Husker brothers and sisters.

(And know that I am glad to finally be able to call the Huskers part of “us”!!!)

First conference game for Nebraska is at Camp Randall. Get ready for a Big 10 welcome Badger style.

I really don’t care who Nebraska plays.  Just so long as they continue to do the same thing… Win!  Win!  Win!...    Let the rest of the big 10 adjust to NU’s smashmouth football style.

Welcome to Happy Valley and The BiG 10, gang!!! I am bouncing off the wall , excited about PSU & the Big Red game. The only way they would have played each other before was a quirk in scheduling, or, in a major bowl game on New Years Day. I know you may moan about your schedule but ours ain’t ALL cupcakes. We do play BAMA, Ohio State, Wisconsin, you guys, and thrown in Mich State. The sleeper this year may be Illinois. Their qb is dangerous and they seem to be putting alot of draft picks into the pros recently. Anyway, good luck and I will be there 11/12/2011. Bring your snow shovels!!!

Tough schedule yes,, Take them 1 at a time..We play best on the road,, that first trip to camp randall is a big task,,qb depth an issue,,GBR

You guys are a hilarious.  What a bunch of ‘homers’.  This is what it means to play football in the Big Ten EVERY season.  What this represents is the first time Nebraska will play any serious competition in decades.  For fans of the Big Ten, this should help rectify the insane rankings Nebraska has received in the past for having achieved practically nothing.  Welcome to the club.

Hey Pittsburgh Hawkeye-
I have been going to PSU football games for many years and have never seen nor heard of the event you described.  I have experienced many types of sports fans throughout my life but none worse than Buckeye or Wolverine fans-they are rude, crude, and nasty when their teams lose.  I have been to the ‘Shoe attending a PSU/OSU game and was treated to vulgarities, etc., when I was with my 12 year old son-nice and classy.  So, your comments are without merit or specificity-maybe some PSU envy on your part as PSU has had a tremendous football history before joining the Big 10.  I welcome Husker Nation to the Big 10 and can’t wait for the game at Beaver Stadium on Nov 12.

Hey PSU Fan… Yeah…ha ha… I’m jealous of the unblemished reputation of Penn State… And of your TWO wins over Iowa in the past ten games played.

I’m sure that Penn State fans have no recollection of poor sportsmanship, even despite their “white out poor sportsmanship” campaign from 5 years ago. Plus, we all know that Penn State fans/ officials have a very cloudy memory, especially when it comes to… umm… BREAKING THE LAW. Examples include the “apartment incident” a few years back and, well… the NATIONAL NEWS STORY going on about the university right now.

Huskers… PSU is the red-headed stepchild of this conference. I hope for the best for the safety of your fans this weekend. Unfortunately I know Penn State and…THEY ARE… PENN STATE… What’s going on right now with the coaches and the cover-up of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY is nothing new in State College. Penn State is the Texas of the Big Ten… except they are not a very good football team… and the rest of the conference does our best to ignore them instead of appeasing them as the Big 12 does with the Longhorns.

Go NU!!! Even before the first snap of this season the Huskers were real Big Ten. Penn State?? ... not so much. Nor will Penn State ever be real Big Ten. We know Penn State values, and it is the complete opposite of the other 11 schools.

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