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After a tough opening-round loss and some questionable officiating against Baylor, it would be easy for Husker fans to be discouraged in the basketball department.  But take one look at the roster and all of a sudden things look much better.  The only player of note to graduate is Ray Gallegos.  Other than that, the entire group returns.


NU  brings back their top 4 scorers, their top 7 rebounders, their top 4 passers, their top 6 players in steals, their top 6 shot blockers, and top pair of three-point shooters and free throw shooters.  Virtually all of their production from the past season is set to return.  

Big guard Nick Fuller (6'7") will be coming off of a redshirt year.  The Huskers won a faceoff with Minnesota to secure his services a year ago.  He was considered a 3-star recruit by  Fuller redshirted at his own option, otherwise Miles was leaning toward using the freshman this past year.

Nebraska also has a signed letter of intent from freshman-to-be Jacob Hammond (6'10") of Oklahoma.  He had offers from the Sooners, Texas Tech, and TCU and was rated a 3-star recruit by

Just this past week, they added a commitment from New Jersey point guard Tarin Smith.  Smith is also a three-star recruit and had offers from a number of teams including Delaware and St. Joseph's.  

So while Huskers can be grateful to Gallegos for contributing at guard over the past few years, there are clearly even brighter days ahead (at least in terms of the roster).  This year's tournament outing might have been a forgettable experience, but this group of players may yet  become one to remember.

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I don’t look at this years tournament as a forgettable experience!  I think when you haven’t been there in 16 years, and look what Baylor did to Creighton, 48 free throw attempts, 38 points off of free throws, half of a game without head coach for letting the officials know the clock wasn’t running, I think it is something to remember along time.  I hope the players remember all off season, that they were real close and use it as motivation.  I hope they learn that they need to adjust on the run to the officials how they are calling a game.  I couldn’t be more proud of this group of young men for how they battled back after starting the Big 0-4, we need for Fuller and Hammond to step up and fill a couple voids and the future looks bright for this team.  GBR

Baylor took down both the NE schools.

I fully expect NU to compete for the B1G championship in a few years.  Their 2013-14 accomplishments have been significant.  They bought a fine coach in Tim Miles, and their on/off campus facilities are unmatched in B1G—this will boost recruiting. 

Cannot imagine any Nebrasketball fan being disappointed in this season, since NU had not even been to The Dance in 16 years.  Losing to Baylor is also likely to be depressingly common among Big 12 teams; they have really picked themselves up from the mat after a terrible scandal.

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