Nebraska and Georgia Stats Comparison

At the end of a full regular season, there is little question as to what makes a team succeed and where the weaknesses lie.  Although the teams still have to play the game, there are some tendencies that can help predict what may happen.

Nebraska   Georgia
Stat Rank Value   Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 59 421.2   Total Defense T-47 381.3
Rushing Offense 19 221.7   Rushing Defense 42 148.5
Passing Offense 93 199.5   Passing Yards Allowed 67 232.8
Team Passing Efficiency 67 128.45   Team Passing Efficiency Defense 84 133.99
Scoring Offense 45 32.6   Scoring Defense 81 29.4
Total Defense 36 367   Total Offense 17 489.8
Rushing Defense 61 161.2 Push Rushing Offense 57 176.1
Passing Yards Allowed 22 205.8 Push Passing Offense 16 313.8
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 40 121.28   Team Passing Efficiency 12 158.4
Scoring Defense 54 25.3   Scoring Offense 20 38.2
Turnover Margin T-118 -1 Push Turnover Margin T-97 -0.5
3rd Down Conversion Pct 66 0.399 Push 3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense 73 0.406
4th Down Conversion Pct T-10 0.667   4th Down Conversion Pct Defense 102 0.636
3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense 6 0.302   3rd Down Conversion Pct 48 0.425
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense T-15 0.353 Push 4th Down Conversion Pct T-23 0.611
Red Zone Offense 32 0.875   Red Zone Defense T-84 0.848
Red Zone Defense T-117 0.921   Red Zone Offense 28 0.881
Net Punting 33 38.11   Punt Returns 119 3.17
Punt Returns 121 3.04   Net Punting 16 39.35
Kickoff Returns 24 23.44   Kickoff Returns 119 16.91
First Downs Offense 43 275 Push First Downs Defense T-41 238
First Downs Defense T-43 239   First Downs Offense 16 302
Fewest Penalties Per Game 76 5.83 Push Fewest Penalties Per Game T-88 6.33
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game 82 51.25 Push Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game 71 47.92
Time of Possession 68 29:33:00 Push Time of Possession 82 29:02:00

At first glance, it is easy to see the areas where each team is probably going to see their game plans come to fruition.  Nebraska is going to try to run the ball and Georgia is going to try to throw.  Significant planning is going to help the Huskers stop this Bulldog passing attack.  The Huskers are holding teams to 205 yards in the air while the Bulldogs are putting up 313.  Where the passing will go, so the end result of the game likely will be.

Both teams have a propensity for turning the ball over and making mistakes in the penalty department.  An untimely turnover or costly penalty could completely swing the game around.  With two teams who make these kinds of mistakes, the 9 point line in favor of Georgia could be for suckers.

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Thanks Tom, I’ve been pulling stats here and there when I have time, but to have them all layed out together is awesome!  I wouldn’t count out Georgia’s run game just yet.  With Aaron Murray out and a newer QB in, they may depend heavily on the run to grind out a win.  Next up, see who all is healthy enough to play for Georgia.  A lot of people I know are putting their money on the Big Red, and they are not Husker fans.

Hmmm, Dawgz D appears rather weakish by comparison to what they put on the field last year—must be since about half those guys went to the NFL.  We all can whine and cornplain about ‘Got Becked’—much of the ‘lack of identity’ critique being true—but none among us can show where ANY D anywhere has been able to stop us much from racking up yards, points, and multiple 1000+ yard rushers.  TO’s and penalties make us our own worst enemy, but BOP keeps saying he’s gonna ‘fix us’ and I, for one, bolieve him, even after 6 years him sayin’ it.

Anyway, what else we got up in here, hmmm, THIS: 

Turnover Margin   US:  T-118   -1   Push   Turnover Margin   Them:  T-97   -0.5

Could it be Dem Dawgz is near as good as us at not holding onto the pigskin?!  I take exception to their attempt to usurp us from that throne, however, if, say, they really want the gold medal there, far be it from us to be in, un, non generous in that regard, especially in said upcoming game. 

I like our chances even more now because of these particular stats:  D and TOs.  We’re going to need a few breaks.

Funny how 221 yds per, rushing O, gets ya in the top 20 these days, as we used to average about 400 back in the day.

Nobody wants to run the ball anymore in these days of pass happy ‘multiple’.

I think you should throw out the stats and the results from the season and treat this game like it’s the first game of the season.  30 days of rest for either team will negate any advantage for either side.  Both teams have the same time frame to study film and get healthy.  That’s one of the things I don’t like about bowl season…too long.

With a running back like Gurley in their lineup, there is no way that Georgia will rely on the pass as heavily this article suggests.

Gurley is currently at 903 yards rushing.  Georgia wants another 1000 yard rusher (who doesn’t?) and is sure to give him the ball.  Often.  If they want to open their passing attack, they’ll need to get the ground game going.

Until we can field a QB that can throw a decent pass we’ll most likely always be an 8-4, 9-4 football team.  Our running talents should open up opportunities for some serious passing yards, but it requires a cool General at the helm that can make crucial decisions on the fly.  Hopefully, TA will be improving in that regard, I certainly hope so and am looking forward to watching this game.  A rattled and pressured QB, especially an inexperienced one, can committ some catostrophic situations.  I expect NU will prevail this go-round.  GBR

T Dogg, you say, “TO’s and penalties make us our own worst enemy, but BOP keeps saying he’s gonna ‘fix us’ and I, for one, bolieve him, even after 6 years him sayin’ it.”  There lies the proverbial ‘rub’ T Dogg.  If BOP has failed so far to “fix us”, is it simply blind faith that gives you hope BOP will succeed in that regard and especially in time for the Georgia game?

I am not convinced NU plays well in bowl games (with a few exceptions, of course) due to the layoff time.  Yes, injuries can mend, but execution and timing in bowl game conditions suffers because of time off.  That is where influence of competent coaching comes into play.  Remember the first game of the year when we were not injured up like we were later in the season.  Wyoming moved the ball with relative ease and NU was fortunate to win the game, even at home.  At that time, no one could use the excuse that NU excessive injuries was the reason for such a close game.

This has really been my first glance at what Georgia has done this season.  I’m seeing now that the stats are skewed for the Bulldogs towards the pass considering how much Aaron Murray did before the injury.  They will have to hand the ball off to win.  The way our front 7 on defense has improved over the season, I have higher hopes than I was initially feeling.

There’s a larger stat library that the NCAA keeps that I’m looking into a bit more to see if any other non-QB specific trends emerge.  Might post some of that data next week.

Unfortunately even near the end and at the end of the season teams were able to run the ball successfully on the Huskers. Run defense stunk all year long with the exception of the UM game. It’s reasonable for me to assume that GA will look at all the film and come out rushing the ball just like everybody else did. And when the rush works so does the pass.

NU have you ever found anything positive to remark about?  You must live in a black hole because if the sun comes out tomorrow you still will find something negative to write about that.  What a lonely life it must be to be so down on a bunch of 18 - 20 year old kids.  The defense was playing their first game and alot of them had not even played any or very little college ball for heavens sake!  Give it a rest already and eat a piece of candy and cheer yourself up

realisa, that hate still growing in ya. Game 1 ? Seriously ?

Isn’t it amazing that some people still bring up the first game of the year against Wyoming? 

In the first game of the year against Western Michigan, Michigan State’s offense scored 12 points.  Western Michigan’s scored 13 points.  Western Michigan’s offense out-performed Michigan State’s offense.  Western Michigan put up 193 yards of pass offense and 204 yards of total offense.  Western Michigan has four turnovers, two of which were returned for touchdowns. If not for the turnovers, Western Michigan would have won that game.  Western Michigan went on to post a 1-9 record. 

What excuse does Michigan State have for such lousy performance?  Western Michigan ended up with a 1-9 record. Their QB, Zach Terrell, ended up with 1,602 yards and 8 TD’s.

Wyoming ended up with a 5-7 record.  Their QB threw for 3,375 yards and 29 TD’s.  He’s ranked 17th in the nation.  Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg is the highest ranked B1G QB at 29th, and Brett Smith had 420 more yards and 9 more touchdowns than Hackenberg.

So, if we are to use the first game of the season as a comparison, the B1G champ looks pretty bad.

Stop using the Wyoming game, a game played nearly four months ago on August 31, as an evaluation of the team’s overall performance.

Look how bad Michigan State’s offense was in their first game.  Only able to put up 12 points on a Western Michigan team that finished 1-9?  Pathetic.

It sure is exciting knowing that the Huskers are playing in a game where almost the entire team will be healthy.  The exception being all-conference QB Taylor Martinez and OL Spencer Long.

Imagine how many yards Abdullah will have with a healthy offensive line blocking for him.

Tommy Armstrong looked very good running the option this year.  Imagine what a healthy TA brings to the table in this game.

A healthy Kenny Bell, Quincy Enunwa and Jamal Turner?  Should be some great catches in this game as well.

Stanley Jean-Baptiste and Ciante Evans are looking for INT’s this game.  Randy Gregory is looking to introduce himself to Mr. Hutson Mason.  Santos and Rose have come along nicely and I expect they will do well.

Yes, this game could end very nicely for Nebraska.  I am looking forward to it.


Didnt we play WYO the 1st game?  Maybe we treat it like the 2nd game, eh?

@ Realista,

Only a fool trips over whats behind him, dagnabbit!

Don’t understand why you guys can’t absorb the points being made by some.  My comment about “layoff” time was in reference to such layoffs making it more difficult to execute and play well because of the layoff.  Thus, an extended layoff period running from final regular season game to bowl game can be problematic.  Thus, you have a healthier team come bowl game time, but layoff can offset that positive aspect.  Thus, my longer layoff analogy in mentioning Wyoming.

I thought Pelini had a chip on his shoulder!!!  Some of you folks are really carrying a 2x4 on yours.  Chill and enjoy the fact not everyone is a Holly Go Lightly fantasy land fair weather fan.

Reality sucks for some.

sounds more like you are the one with the 2 x 4 on your shoulder you just won’t give it a break.  Bo is here for now so just try to learn to deal with it until you have some other coach to rag about.  I dought if we brought in a new coach it would make you any happier, seem to be a person that looks only at the faults and about nothing good.  Could he do a better job of coaching yes most coaches could.  Do are kids graduate, and stay out of trouble yes Are we settling for something, no we just understand in this day and age of football the playing field has evened out with the number of scholarships, the kids don’t want to sit on the bench and wait there turn, so they go somewhere they can play sooner.  Didn’t use to be that way, things change except your hate for this staff, which is part of this program.  I will support the program and whatever coach the people making the decisions put out there.  I would be willing to bet that as soon as SE was hired by the school to be the new AD he had a list of Bo replacements he wanted in the event Bo was gone by Bo’s choice or the schools choice.  My guess is none of those are showing much interest coming to a school that fires coaches with these records (solich, Bo)  Would we like to win them all and be National champs sure but only one can be and we just need to have patience.

I suspect it would be a lot more effective for folks on this board to simply post their intuitions regarding various aspects of the NU program, players, coaches, ADs past and present without prefacing the comments with invective remarks regarding the oinios of those who may have differing opinions or thoughts.  Just sayin’


Not everyone is a delusional negative thinker who says it’s okay for one coach to have two 6 loss and one 7 loss season in a seven year span while decrying another coach who has never had more than four losses in a six year span.  You must be an unhappy person.  I feel sorry for you.

well said DennisR!

New Yorker ~ you conveniently overlook two B10 Championships for MS in 2010 and 2013 in your personal attack and criticism.  Understandable, since acknowledging those inconvenient truths would rip your irrational thought process to shreads!  I am actually a very happy person, with a few exceptions.  One exception is watching a national football program like NU flounder in consistent underachievement year after year.  NU should be doing better by now. 

New Yorker, you probably mean well in a a narcissistic way, so I’ll take your comments accordingly.

There once was a guy named named triump                         who sat all day on his big rump                                     thinking that he is a poet                                           butt really he has no wit                                           and red’s riled up knows he’s a chump

You know what?
I think (FWIW) that Brown is a good coach.
I think Dantonio is a good coach.
I think Pelini is a good coach.
I think Stoops is a good coach.
Stoops and Brown had their day in the sun.
The earth rotates.

And I could post on the right thread, but it seems the banter is basically all the same now anyway.

Mack Brown is a great coach, and Texas may be sorry they let him go.

Unless they hire Urban Meyer.  Or Nick Saban.  Texas has enough money to buyout either of their contracts.

It’ll be interesting to see who the HC of the Longhorns is.  I’d like to see Urban Meyer go there.  He’s a great coach and it would be nice to see him dominate a third conference.

Reading down through all these comments it sounds like the majority thinks the bowl game is going to be walk in the park. That is sweet!

I think when you look at the stats things have changed alot for both teams.  Them losing there stating QB at the end of the season changes what there offensive stats would look like for this game.  Yea we don’t have Taylor but he has been gone for most of the season so our offensive stats should be close to what we are about.  On the defensive side they I believe were young also so they may have given up more yards at the beginning than towards the end also.  I really hope the team plays well and we don’t overcoach for this game and try to get to cute.  This program really needs this game to get us going for next year with alot of confidence, and after all the turmoil it has been through this year.  Kinda like a soap opera with all the crap that has taken place from every angle, one true part is the players continued to get stronger and playing together as a team.  I think that is what puts us on top at the end of the game, unity.  GBR


Oh, I don’t think you’re a happy person.  You have a very negative outlook.  The fact that you can’t see that also points to a negative personality.  You certainly do project a lot.  Irrational thought processes?  Well, you certainly have the market cornered in that area.

You say that a “four loss” season isn’t acceptable, yet you excuse Dantonio’s two 6 loss seasons and one 7 loss season.  You excuse Dantonio’s losing season, and his two losing seasons in B1G play, praising that program, yet say that Coach Pelini’s program is “flounder[ing] in consistent underachievement year after year.”

To have won more games than Coach Osborne and Coach Devaney in his first six years is not a program that is “floundering”

To take a losing program and turn it into a consistent winner is not floundering.

You just can’t admit that you’re wrong about Coach Pelini.  I’ll bet that you hope Nebraska doesn’t do well next year, and that if they do, that would bother you greatly.  After all, it’s more important for you to believe that you’re right, isn’t it?

While your posts are amusing, your dark, negative outlook is not.  It’s sad.  It’s Pathetic.

I do feel sorry for you.

New Yorker ~ interesting that you mentioned everything negative about Dantonio’s MS record EXCEPT for two B10 Championship titles, and the fact that his record for the past 4 seasons, excluding one year, is far superior to Pelini’s.  While I will not attack you personally as you choose to do against others, cherrypicking to make a point is engaging in fact avoidance.  I do think you are capable of rising above the level you currently communicate at with others on this blog site, and we’ll be anxious to watch you mature in that regard.
As to my negativity, you confuse legitimate criticism you do not agree with by labeling the same as negative.  It is what it is.  Some of you slap a badge of honor onto Pelini’s Iowa game and post game antics which resulted in $10K fine, a 15 yard penalty, and a post-game attitude any respectable observer of the game described as “negative” and “self-destructive” behavior.  I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Just recognize that Pelini’s “beauty” is seen as an ugly duckling by not only me, but by many many other NU fans who do not see his coaching leadership as the complete package NU wants and deserves in a HC.

$3 million plus a year ain’t chicken feed and Pelini isn’t supposed to be a rooster clucking around like a chicken with his head cut off.

New Yorker, please govern yourself accordingly.



You do realize that you’re projecting again, don’t you?  Probably not. You only point out the negative about Coach Pelini, but then say that I am doing that very thing about Coach Dantonio.  Interesting.

What is very interesting is that you never mention the positive things Coach Pelini has done.  The great things he had done and is doing for this program far outweigh any of the negatives you bring up.

It is clear to me that you are too far gone.  You will continue to be negative, and narcissism will not allow you to change.  It’s too bad. It’s a sad world when viewed through a dark glass, and yours is as dark as they come.

I know that you can’t stop the personal attacks toward Coach Pelini.  You feel compelled, and no matter how many times your hypocrisy is pointed out, you just can’t see it.

Good luck.  I’m sorry you’re such an unhappy person.

There was a head coach at Michigan State whose record was 34-24-1 over a five year span (1995-1999).  He had TEN blow-out losses in those five years, and he had two 6 loss seasons and two 5 loss seasons.  He was blown-out in the three bowls he coached in, and was not invited to a bowl game after the 98 season.  He did not coach in the bowl game of his final season.

What a horrible coach, right?  I mean, come on!!  He had five years to turn that team around, and he had TEN BLOW OUT losses, never won any kind of championship, lost every bowl game he coached in, and had two 5 loss seasons and two 6 loss seasons in five years!!!!!  HORRIBLE! It’s a good thing he resigned after the 1999 season, right?  Can you imagine if this guy had been the head coach at Nebraska?  The fans would have tarred and feathered him and ran him out of Lincoln on a rail!!

The coach’s name?  Nick Saban.

Good start New Yorker.  A bit more toned down, so there is hope.  You must understand that in order to focus on the good, AND that which needs improvement concerning Pelini, it is necessary to start with creating opposite ends of the spectrum.  Those fans, and I include you in that reference, who merely acknowledge only what is good, and shy away from admitting important flaws and problems with the HC that must be fixed in order to reach the next level of excellence NU deserves, have to face the critics.  You can call it ‘negativity’ while others refer to the same as adding more truth, by opinion and fact, in the dialogue so that a more complete and accurate picture of what the current situation is NU faces as an institution is painted in trying to elevate its football program.  I don’t fault fans such you yourself from being all positive and accentuating the plus side, however, you and some others have refused to address what are legitimate concerns regarding Pelini and his ability to reach that next level after 6 years.  No one is suggesting you and some others abandon your support of Pelini, just don’t be so radical in becoming offended if other fans do lay some blame on the man.  No truly objective fan can say Pelini’s attitude and actions during and after the Iowa game were worthy of his position and salary.  Just read McKewon and Shatel, and some others.  They support the program but raise at the same time some legitimate criticism of Pelini. 
Noting that both Dantonio and Pelini have roughly the same W-L record in the B10 league, winning 7 out of 10 games on average creates some parity.  What is a difference maker is how many B10 Championships Dantonio has won versus Pelini during the same time period.  I personally would take a 7-6 season and then have a B10 Championship under NU’s belt the next year over two consecutive 4 loss seasons. 
NY ~ such talk is not negativity, per se, just analyzing the facts.  Part of the fun of blogging on NU football is speculating what went right and wrong.  You all love to post what went right, but there is room for trying to pinpoint what also went wrong.  Lord knows plenty went wrong with UCLA, Minnesota, MS, and Iowa.  That being said, this is not a ‘blame game’ per say, but it sure would be nice to have some of the ‘loyal fans’ who appear to be wearing blinders, simply admit that Pelini, after 6 years, may not have sealed the deal as the long term heir apparent to a resurching NU football dynasty we all want in the end.  Even the so-called experts wonder how a man, like Pelini, with the ‘negative’ state of mind he is immersed in at this time can really be effective going forward for the program and the University.  That’s a good question and it deserves airing out as a discussion point rather than trying to intimidate and silence those fans who suggest real concerns for the situation.



It is negativity, no matter how you try to paint it, it still is.  The only “facts” you present are the ones that support your negative view of Coach Pelini.  Have you ever asked yourself why you are so negative?  Why you take his behavior so personally?

You accuse others of “cherry picking to make a point as engaging in fact avoidance,” while you do the very same thing. 

You say that you would accept a 7-6 season as long as you have a B1G championship, but you fail to mention the 6-7 season and that the there was more than on 7-6 season.  If you are shouting for Coach Pelini’s head after four loss seasons yet say you wouldn’t have done the same to Coach Dantonio after a losing 7 loss season and two 6 loss seasons, then you are either a hypocrite or simply have negative personal feelings toward Coach Pelini.

No truly objective fan would only bring up negative behavior or losses; no, the truly objective fan would weigh the wins and losses and look at the coach’s behavior and the behavior of those interacting with the coach.

Hopefully you’ll realize how biased you are, and will question that bias.  I doubt it, though.  I do hope that you become less negative in the future, but you cannot fix the problem if you don’t realize you have the problem in the first place.  I am sorry that you are so unhappy.  Anyone with such a predominately negative outlook always is.


Here’s a little exercise for you:  I want you to think of all the reasons why Nebraska will win the Gator Bowl.  Look at all of the positive aspects of the team and coaching staff and tell me why the Huskers will beat the Bulldogs.

Can you do that?

I think I will change my name to oregonhusker/ New Yorker.  Well said Sir, in every response.  A bit of logic and sanity on this site - I hope you last longer posting than I did.  GO BIG RED!

Sure, N Yorker.  As I have previously posted, NU can clearly win game if following occurs: 1) few, if any, turnovers; 2) exercise some ball control so D can rest ; 3) have some success with filed position; and 4) be run dominant and stay with run game as much as possible.  Players and coaches are fully capable of executing a solid game plan.

NU…atta boy!  Nail those kool-aid slosh-thinking morons who love mediocrity and being irrelevant on the national stage…here’s a thought for you:  suggest your New Yuck adversary read the article posted yesterday on Cornnation regarding the CHANGES THEY WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN 2014…see,here’s the thing…these guys know more about Husker football than the jerk you’re hasseling with and, more importantly, they are saying the same things you have been saying all along…so, have your know-it-all slurp-head take up the fight against those guys…guess who wins that battle…I admire your tenacity NU, I also recognize your entire focus is on somehow, finding a way to help the players get what they deserve…a solid, experienced head coach who has the balls to make painful decisions with his sub-par assistants and clearly understand, average is never going to be acceptable.  One last thought for you if I may…you seem to be out there on your own, fighting the good fight, if you will…where is OU, Admiral, Capt. Bly, etc…?  I honestly think much of the air went out of their balloon when, after being trashed by sports writers and talking heads after Bo’s latest debacle, our brave and dedicated AD basically said:  “Who gives a shit”?  It was like someone throwing a life preserver to a drowning victim that had a leak in it…good luck my man…


“filed position”?  Like Flying Dutchman type thing, you mean?  Not sure that will ‘get legs’...



No problem.  There’s no problem “lasting” on this site.  It may be frustrating to deal with some of the stupidity, but just remember that the idiots posting the hate and venom about Coach Pelini have absolutely no say in whether or not he is the Coach of Nebraska football.  All they can do is gnash their teeth and cry like the little babies they are.  It is interesting to note the things they say about him are much worse than anything that he has said.  They say that he doesn’t represent “Nebraska Football” while they say things much more extreme than he has ever said.  They are the one who don’t represent Nebraska Football well.  They are the fans that are an embarrassment to the state.

They use the words “irrelevant” and “mediocre” yet have no idea what these words actually mean.  They don’t realize that they are the one who are “irrelevant.”  Coach Pelini is here and doing great things with a losing program he inherited; they are in the stands booing and hissing at him and judging him for losing his temper on the field.  Isn’t that ironic?  They do much worse than he ever has and berate him for being a passionate coach who isn’t afraid to stand up to them, or the media, or anyone else that runs their mouth to him or about him.

Yeah, they sure are a funny bunch.  Let them run their mouths.  It’s all they can do.  I’ll be watching Nebraska Football in the bowl game this year and in the 2014 season, and Coach Pelini will be there as the head coach.

I’m sure the idiots will be running their mouths about that.

Let them.

Ahhh…Sarcasm…..the lowest form of wit.  The banter is entertaining though, at least until it becomes personal, then it becomes somewhat boorish.  There’s lots of reasons to believe NU will prevail this go-round…and perversly, lotsd of reasons we may fail.  I’m absolutely positive NUrealist hopes we win, as do all NU fans and supporters.  Our Defense is beginning to gel, hopefully our key Offensive players are healthy enough and not too rusty and the creek don’t rise.  If we do play well and win, I suspect we just may be able to retain some of the brighter recruits we’ve got lined up.  I suspect that alone will propel NU into a much season next year.  Well, I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night, so I guess that qualifies me as an expert…doesn’t it? GBR

Dennis R,

Nice sarcasm there.

You do like to get in the last word, don’t you Yorkie.  BTW does New York actualy have a football team?  Last I heard they called themselves the New York Violets.  Good Grief.  l

That’s a lot of baloney. I’ve never posted hate and venom, I don’t gnash my teeth or cry like a baby, I’ve never said anything about him that is worse than what he has said to officials or the press. I have said that he doesn’t adequately represent Nebraska football because he can’t control his temper. I’m not an embarrassment to this state but I have used the word “irrelevant” because on the nat’l stage we are irrelevant—we aren’t ranked and are not mentioned in any conversations as being a team of any importance. I certainly am irrelevant. I’ve never booed or hissed at him or judged him for lacking control. I don’t mind his passion. But I do think he needs to be replaced.

Go ahead and laugh.

There’s that sarcasm again, Dennie.  If you’re talking about the reigning Superbowl Champion Giants, the answer to your question is we a great many football teams up there.  Both in college and in the pros.

How many do you have in Montana?  I haven’t heard of any from up there, Dennie-boy.

But that sure was some nice sarcasm you had there.  Ha!


You’re certainly defensive. You say that you “. . . certainly are irrelevant.”  Well, I won’t argue with that.

You’re welcome to think whatever you like, and to speak your mind.  I have no idea if you’re one of the fans who embarrass the state with their hate-filled drivel or not.  I just know that I’ve read and heard much worse things about Coach Pelini from these very same fans who say he is embarrassing the state with his behavior.  They do worse, then criticize him.  That’s embarrassing.

It’s also embarrassing that they tie their identity into a college football program.  They need to get a life.  To get that angry over a football game or coach as to believe that he is an embarrassment to an entire state is ludicrous.  He’s a football coach, not a senator.

There are other things in life than college football.  If their entire identity is tied to the football program at Nebraska when they are ONLY fans, well, then they should get some hobbies.

You’re right Gage, I too feel some resentment that Husker Football has become irrelevant to the pont of being practically ignored Nationally.  It’s becoming difficult to even find a televised Husker football game these days and we;re even ignored during half time update shows and their games are even hard to find in the small print in the local paper.  Biggest thing we’ve done is the Run Jack Run TD play that went viral and of which, I might add, I was very Proud of our team.  I suspect that BO is very disappointed that his team suffered so many devastating injuries that severely hampered his game strategy and I’ll leave it to those in charge to determine his future with the Huskers.  Either way the mop flops I’ll still be a Husker Fan

I apologize to all the ‘real’ NU fans who have been offended by my mistaken criticism of Pelini and the program he runs at NU.  I have learned my lesson.  I now stand up for a coach who has the guts to express his feelings, because he really cares.  I’ll ignore the penalties, fines and childish behavior because, by God, he’s our coach and he cares.  Right or wrong coach Pelini, I’m behind you 100%.  You’re the best there is.  Some folks just don’t know it.  I’m confused about one thing, however.  If you are so wonderful, and your team keeps making all these mistakes, I must assume the players are to blame and not you.  Such being the case, maybe the university should dismiss some of the players, but not you.  I love how much you support the university and how you stand up for the players.  You’re the greatest.  The players are swell, and in year 7, we’ll be sure to enjoy that B10 title.  Congrats!  We’re excited!

You come across just as obnoxiosly as the guys you are bashing. Why should I think you are any different? Since you showed up on here a week or two ago I’ve heard nothing but venom come out of your month.

Bo Pelini is an embarrassment to this state. You may not be able to notice it because you aren’t from this state. I am—my ancestors settled here in the 1870’s so even though I didn’t grow up here I am from here. I grew up in Africa and even that far away the 1st thing people ask when they find out you are from Nebraska is about the football team. It is relevant that we have a coach that reflects what is good and positive to the world because football is what our state is known for. Nothing else with the possible exception of cool tiger beetles and corn.

I’m fortunale in living inside the BTN area and having ESPN available on my TV. I lived in Ok in the early ‘90s when the Huskers briefly slipped into obscurity. The Huskers haven’t really been relevant since 62-36. It’s time we got back.


Just because your ancestors are from Nebraska doesn’t mean that you are.  Just because you live here now doesn’t mean you are from here.  My ancestors are from Sicily.  That doesn’t mean I’m from Sicily.  They are.

Back in NY, we only thought that pig farmers and corn came from Nebraska.  We certainly weren’t interested in a college football team from Nebraska, we had three pro teams in the state and back then our university system had 64 colleges, unlike the three Nebraska has.

Living in Nebraska as long as I have, I’ve noticed that when it comes to the football team, there seems to be a love-hate relationship from the fans.  Especially toward the coaches.  Coach Osborne experienced it, when he couldn’t beat Oklahoma in the Seventies.  Coach Solich was here briefly, and saw some of it too.  Coach Callahan destroyed the team in such a short time and was gone as quickly-but he had a lot of hate directed at him too.

I see you’re quick to comment on my “obnoxiousness” but not too quick to comment on the guys you say who are just as obnoxious.  You seem to be one of these fans.  You want to criticize, but can’t take it when the criticism comes back at you.

Coach Pelini is not an embarrassment to the state.  My family and friends back home don’t even know who he is.  They don’t know who Mack Brown or Coach Stoops is either;  Nebraska fans who think that Coach Pelini is an embarrassment to the entire state are arrogant in thinking that the rest of the country thinks as much about Nebraska football as they do.  Newsflash:  The rest of the country doesn’t care about Nebraska football, win or lose.

If Nebraska were to win a National Championship next year, the rest of the country would still be fans of Alabama, Texas, Florida State, Auburn, Ohio State, etc. 

Nebraska football is fun to watch.  It’s not fun to listen to these fans treat a head coach with such hatred.  I have seen it directed at pro players and coaches while growing up and living in NY.  Some of the things I heard fans shout at Reggie Jackson as he walked out to right field in Yankee Stadium were horrible.  How different their tune was later in the year during the Series when he hit three back to back home runs.

Fans like them we don’t need.  The front-runners.

One thing about those fans that is different about Nebraska fans is that they weren’t surprised when a head coach gave back as good as he was getting.  Cuss out Bill Parcell, he would let you know what time it was.  That goes for media or fan.

I thought Nebraska fans wouldn’t be so hypocritical.  I figured that if they ran their mouths, they could take it when someone talked back.  If they threw a punch, they wouldn’t be surprised when someone swung back.

Yeah, those type of fans aren’t needed either.


Your apology is accepted.  That is very big of you to admit you were mistaken and that you have learned your lesson.  Good job on climbing out of your dark hole into the light.

The thought of next year is exciting, isn’t it?  A B1G championship in his seventh year with no losing seasons before that would be great, wouldn’t it?

NY ~ just checking to see how gullible you are.  Question answered.  Thx!

Have a merry Xmas!



You mean you were lying?  Why, how dishonest of you!

Your distain for our state is evident.

My Dad is from Toronto so I’ve had my foot in quite a few places. One of the big differences today between Canada and the US is nationalism. We have it and they don’t. A lot of Americans are still proud of their country (even though our country has blown it internationally recently) while Canadians are not. I’m one of the guys that is quite proud of being from Nebraska. I think we have a great state with a lot of great people. I’m proud to be a Nebraskan. I’m not from Ontario. I want our state to project positively on the world. Our HC may not be a Nebraskan but we’ve adopted him and part of his job is representing us to the world. Perhaps this is a foreign concept to you.

I’m from planet Earf, yippie yippie, I is global, I can go anywhere and be whoever I want to be, yippieee!


So, you’re not from Nebraska, yet you’re proud of being from Nebraska.  You’re not from Ontario, you say.  You don’t make much sense.  Have you been drinking?

You certainly don’t make any sense.


So, when you say you’re “.  .  . one of the guys that is quite proud of being from Nebraska,” but you’re not from here, do you mean you’re a Canadian who’s proud of being from Nebraska?  Your writing isn’t very clear, and you don’t make much sense.  Perhaps you have been drinking.  Is that it?  Are you drunk?

I’ll tell you whose been drinking. craptain!! Check his post 1/2 mile back.“If you will… where is ou, Admiral, Capt.Bly”...? This jerk gets his rant going and forgets who’s who, and where they’re at. Or is it these guys are but 1 or 2 and they forgot the plan? ou and realist are obviously the same chick. craptain, admiral, realista? yeah

Yea, Husker Nation is insane and can be real stupid, but it’s like little league stuff compared to the state of TX or OH or FL or Bama and maybe MI.

Also, part of the reason we are ‘irrelevant’ is the national media, ESPN in particular has key sports journalists from the above listed states with the obvious bias toward reporting about their teams.  It’s a good ol boy network and we aint in it.

Haha, just noticed:  ‘ Gator Bowl.’  Ah, times they is a changin’.  Next it will be the ‘Mortgage Foreclosure Rose Bowl’.

I remember back in the early 90s or so when they 1st started rolling out the ‘got credit problems’ ads on late night TV and that was unusual.  After 2 decades, well, it’s back taxes ads(sponsors of our illustrious bowl), foreclosure ‘help stop’, ‘bad credit score’, clas action lawsuits ads vs big pharma, and the endless ambulance chaser ads.  The ‘prepper channel’ is even mainstream now.

Like I keep saying, we gotta get this NC thing done by 2020 before the full blown apocalypse hits.

Bowl games in China after that…“TSING TAO!”

You’re correct NY, our local College lost in the semi-final game this year, but we have won 6 or7 National Championships in the last 10 years.  Of course I wouldn’t expect someone from New York to take any notice of facts of anywhere else in the Country, or the World for that matter. I’m sort of glad that NU doesn’t pay any attention to Coaches or players from our great state, if they did they’d realize what a great coach we have here and try to recruit him for NU.  Many of our local players are now playing for some of the best NCAA teams in the country. The U of Montana Field goal kicker 2 years ago never missed a field goal in 4 seaesons, from any distance, weather, or field position.  He’s now kicking 3 pointers for the Pros.  I’d tell you who those people are, but I figured it would be therapeutic for you to actually do some meaningful research in the real world of sports.  Believe it or not, there are truly great Players and Coaches all over the Country and many of them are producing great teams, atheletes, scholars,etc tear after year for a hell of a lot less than 3 Mil a season.  You really do need to get out more often, you know, learn how to have a normal conversation, stop being so defensive.  It isn’t all about you, lot’s of other people have differing opinions regarding NU football… Past, Present, and Future, and they all make a pretty good case for their way of looking at things.  We all are aware that BO has had an 8-4 season, but half of those wins were sheer luck, last minute Hail Mary’s etc, that finally overcame sloppy team play.  Nothing to write home about, that’s for sure.  How any NU fan can be satisified with an un-ranked, un-known, and dis-regarded NU football team after 6 years is beyond my ken.  We are, in fact, or used to be, a major University with a long and proud Football tradition, highly regarded, Nationally known and respected, you can’t fault anyone for wanting that back.  GBR


Wow, talk about being defensive.  You certainly project a lot, too.  So, you have great local college up there, eh?  Who are they?  You aren’t sure if they’ve won 6 or 7 NC’s in the past 10 years?  Is this an FBS team you’re talking about?  I doubt it. Seems like you’re the one who needs to get out once in a while.  How many pro football teams do you have in Montana?  Answer: Zero.

Seems like your little shot at a NY team backfired on you, eh? 

You say that Coach Pelini’s wins were sheer luck, and you point out an 8-4 season, but fail to mention that there aren’t too many coaches out there who could have pulled off an 8-4 season after their team sustained the number of injuries his did, to include the loss of an all-conference quarterback early in the season.

You didn’t mention that Coach Pelini’s banged up, mostly backup players on the offensive line lead by a red-shirt freshman second string QB put up more yards and the most points on the #1 defense in the country, and if not for two freshman making mistakes to the tune of 5 turnovers, would have won that game.

No, you don’t mention that.  You’re another one of “those” fans.

Stick to your team in Montana, whatever team that it is.  I know you’re not sure how many NC’s they have won in their minor league, which shows just how much of a fan you are.


By the way, if you want to run your mouth on here, as you have been doing, go ahead.  Just don’t be surprised that I don’t back down from you or anybody.  You seem to be one of the fans who likes to run his mouth about Coach Pelini and criticize his actions while expecting your actions to go uncriticized and unchallenged.  Coach Pelini and I have something in common:  we don’t take crap from the likes of you.  I learned that at an early age growing up in NY, and it served me well there and throughout the world.

Yeah, you and a few others on here like to run your mouths and when others and myself don’t tolerate it, don’t back down and let you know that we’re not going to back down, you don’t like it.

Coach Pelini and I have something else in common:  we don’t back down.  Don’t like it?  Too bad.  Get over it.

Tom, you didn’t mention strength of schedule.
Can’t concede the future to the SEC, but obviously, they own the recent past, if not the very moment.
Going into the game with South Carolina, I thought Nebraska would win. Turned out, they couldn’t sustain winning intensity, the whole game.
Same deal last year.
Looks wise, this game’s a tough matchup. That’s okay, since tough matchups are good for teams struggling to reach the next level.
Tough kids, tough staffs, welcome that.
Nebraska’s got a good run game. The run D, is uh, improved and the 1st year players are like vets, now.
It’s just that SEC style, that can make it tough. His guy running 40 yards downfield and out jumping your guy, for the pointy ball…

NY… What makes you imagine that I don’t like a good argument? Hell man, I thrive on good arguments, I even deliberately instigate arguments just to keep from being bored.  I also like to give people cheap shot opportunities as I did in my previous posts just to establish the ground rules.  Some folks are very thoughtful in their answers, others just can’t control their compulsion to be nasty and sarcastic , I love the predictability of it all.  The thin skinners are so obviously full of resentment that all they can do is rant and make personal attacks.  I wonder if they make fierce looking faces like Bo does while they’re posting, or if they laugh out loud and enjoy the fray and banter like I do?  There’s no offense intended in any of this stuff, nor should there be and there are some very football savvy posters on this site and as some famous person once quipped, “Like minds think alike…..and FOOLS seldom differ”.  Go figure…and GBR

Since you’ve been on here I think I’ve read almost every thing you’ve written and try to keep that information in my mind every time I address you. A few comments before I told you that my Dad was from Toronto I told you that my ancestors (obviously my Mom’s) settled in Nebraska in the 1870’s and that I was from Nebraska even though I grew up in Africa. The point of my writing was that I consider Nebraska to be where I’m from even though I’ve lived in many other places. This is home and where I’m proud of. Perhaps you are like many Canadians and have no nationalism are are not proud of anywhere. You seemed to have struggled grasping these concepts. 

In regards to your outlook I see there being 3 major views with infinite degrees between them in regards to Husker football.

1) Extreme optimism (otherwise known as Kool-aid drinking). Extreme optimists focus on the excellent accomplishments of the team and expect the team to perform at those levels on every play. Future games are judged based on the best the team has accomplished so extreme optimists expect the Huskers to win every game. The faults of the team are glossed over.

2) Realists seek to weigh the excellent and ugly plays equally. They expect games to unravel as they have in the past - some ugly plays and some excellent plays. They expect the Huskers to win some games and lose some games. 

3) Extreme pessimism is the opposite of extreme optimism where the worst plays are the focus and the expectation is that the team performs at it’s worst most of the time so pessimists tend to pick the Huskers to lose most games. The accomplishments of the team are glossed over.

It seems to me that you have been trying to fit yourself into and legitimize the 1st view. That’s fine but your tough guy bullying attitude is not going to keep me from presenting my opinions which obviously are different than yours. Have a nice day!


Do you always speak badly of Canadians?  It’s not hard to grasp concepts, but you certainly struggle in getting your point across.  It’s clear now that you believe yourself to originate or be “from” Nebraska, even though you clearly stated that you were not.  You said that your ancestors settled here in the 1870’s, but that you did not grow up here.  Yet you are “from” here.  You aren’t very clear, or maybe you just don’t know what it means to be “from” somewhere.  Probably the latter.

You’re wrong in your assessments, again.  You must have been bullied often in your life if you view anyone with a strong opinion that differs from yours.  Your weak and sniveling attitude won’t prevent me from presenting my opinions, which you are correct (for once) in saying that they differ from yours.

To say that a realist"expects games to unravel” isn’t being a realist.  It’s being a pessimist.  To think that the game might unravel is one thing;  to expect it to is clearly pessimism. 

A realist also looks at the loss of the starting players.  Does a realist believe that Michigan State would be where they are today with their third string quarterback starting, almost the entire first and most of the second string of the O-Line banged up, and three wide receivers hurt (one of them sidelined for games because of injury)?  No, a realist would expect them to lose.

Coach Pelini’s team did an excellent job, better than most teams could ever do after suffering the amount of injuries it did.  A realist would see this.

A pessimist or someone biased against Coach Pelini would not.

Which one are you?  Because you certainly are no realist.

You have a nice day too.


If you “deliberately instigate arguments just to keep from getting bored” as you say you do, you have waaaay too much time on your hands!

It’s nice to see there is no animosity in the posts and I now have a clear understanding of what you like to do: You like to “start things.”  LOL.  However, even though you like to “dish it out,” you can take it when it comes back.  I like that.

Have a good one, Dennie.

Please educate me on what it means to be “from” somewhere? I was born in Sioux City, Ia to a mother that grew up in Nebraska but whose parents moved to Ia. during the depression. They moved back to Nebraska in 1959. My Canadian friends decry the lack of nationalism in Canada.

I don’t mind strong opinions but I dislike it when people like you have no tolerance for opinions other than their own. I love your intimate knowledge of my ‘weak sniveling attitude’.

For someone that purports to be optimistic you are amazingly negative to people you disagree with. I haven’t read one decent thing that you’ve written on here to another person. You seem to treat everyone like they are dirt. So adios and enjoy your miserable life.

“How many pro football teams do you have in Montana?  Answer: Zero.”

Idaho dont have no pro fuhball team neither, but golldangit, they gots the world’s biggest dadgum potater, I just seen it on the teevee…

“...Coach Pelini’s wins were sheer luck.”

Hey, it works for Auburn, we’ll take it.

P.S., thanks for the Maisel reference, NY….  We’re #24 on Rivals as per star rating average—which is the important thing.


Okay, I’ll educate you.  I was born and raised in NY.  That means I am from there.  To be “from” somewhere, you need to have at least lived there, wouldn’t you agree?  Sure, you could have moved to Nebraska, and it may be your home now, but that does not that mean you are “from” there.  Do you get it now?

You say you don’t mind strong opinions, but I think you do.  You also like to get your shots in, and don’t like it when someone responds in kind.  You’re sarcastic and run your mouth, and don’t like it when you get it back.

Don’t confuse my being an optimist as being one who lets people walk over them. 

I don’t care whether you agree with my opinions or not.  But if you want to run your mouth and get your little shots in, don’t be surprised when I answer you in kind.

Don’t like it?  Don’t do it then.  You don’t need to address me on here.  But if you do, and I feel like replying, don’t be surprised when I do.

Got a birth certificate gageco? I’ve heard this line before. Not trying to instigate any or get political. jussax’n Ever been to Hawaii?

why cannot receive at this time

Try one more time - again
ENOUGH!! – Finally find it necessary to comment on negative drivel in some of these sports blogs and accompanying comments.  Was born and raised in Nebraska, and have been a ‘Husker fan since my undergraduate days at NU in the early 1950’s. Since I am currently overseas, can only follow the ‘Huskers is by going on-line and reading the various sports articles and football blogs and reader comments.  Am thoroughly disgusted by all the negativity directed at coach Pelini by a small minority of SFB motor-mouths who repeat the same old drivel over and over.  As for their assertions that Pelini cannot coach, suggest they read Randy York’s ‘Nsider article posted a couple of days ago.  Some of the points raised by Randy:
-  In the history of college football, only seven BCS conference coaches have posted at least nine wins in each of their first six seasons as a head coach at that school. If Bo Pelini can lead Nebraska to an upset win over Georgia in their Jacksonville rematch, he can add his name to the list.


Would like to see more of this type of positive reporting/comments in the future.

Ouch| Youse guys can be hard on a simple rancher feller just tryin’ to stay up until the sun goes down.  You’re correct on one thing anyway, NY & T Dogg, “Montany ain’t got no Pro teams”, but we sure as hell have a lot of our small unknown College players actively playing in the Pros at the moment, including your beloved Jets, Dolphins. Eagles, Titans, and Cowboys just to name a few.  You really do need to get out of yourselves a bit and pay attention to the real world.  You should be aware of, at least, a kicker named Dan Carpenter, if not, he’s the Kicker for the Buffalo Bills (wherever in hell that is).  I used to watch him kick field goals and win games right here in Montany, for free, I might add.  There’s a lot more, look ‘em up, try Lex Hilliard for another example, do you good, you may even learn something if only that your ignorance is indeed your bliss.

Well Dennie, seems like your comment about one of the pro teams in NY backfired on you, didn’t it?  You know what a backfire is, don’t you?  Being a rancher like you are I’m sure you’ve had some old trucks in your time.

Maybe you don’t get out of Montana very often, and if you don’t, I certainly understand why you don’t.  It’s a beautiful state. 

Seems like you know a great deal about ignorance.  You must be truly blissful.

I hope you enjoyed watching your community college teams or whatever they have in Montana that passes for football.

Yup do have a birth certificate, never been to Hawaii but did have two years of highschool in Kenya along with one in Nebraska. I know of one guy who was born in Kenya and not Hawaii and has never shown any of us a birth certificate. Ha ha! I can tell you this—I’m not from Africa.

I smile’n, bad grammar and all.

I never intentionally leave Montany anymore, been nearly everywhere in the world over the years and always kiss the ground when I get back to the Last Best place.  Don’t know why you seem to find that so offensive, but I expect it probably has something to do with your being raised in the Murder Capital of the World.  I on the other hand, have traveled extensively, all over Europe, including a year in Italy and Sicily.  All over the middle East as well working for Litton Industries, been there, done most of whatever is out there, but choose to live in Montana, USA. ( told you that so you’d know there’s lots of other states out here.)  Yes, I indeed do watch Frontier League Football, they have a great playoff system where the tp teams play each other in elimination games.  I like HS football as well, and I watch Pro games every Sunday, same as you Tornado and Hurricane dodgers.  I can’t imagine any Pro team ever coming to Montany, hell, they’re not stupid you know, we got more wolves, bears, Elk, and deer per acre than we have people.  That’s why I live here.

Hell man, I still have an old truck, if you consider a 1988 an old truck, now my 1953 Willys CJ3B, that’s truly an old truck even in my estimation.  Probably older than you NY, still runs though and I seldom discard things that work. Exactly where do you think my pro teams players post had a backfire, Carpenter does indeed play for Buffalo and the rest are also still active active though Lex has an injury at the moment.  Your posts on the other hand are always what we Montanans call, ” A mile wide and 1” deep” you need to work on that in the off season.


Do you know why you don’t know that I’ve been all over the world?  I don’t tell everybody about it.  I don’t suffer from low self-esteem like you do.  If it makes you feel better (and is cheaper than paying a therapist) to talk about it on here-by all means go right ahead.

Maybe you’re impressed with what you wrote above; I am not.  You would need to do much more than that.  Clearly you’re impressed by it.  Doesn’t take much to impress you, I see.

Not surprising.  Not surprising in the least.  smh

I’ve found in life that when you share personal information (like where you’ve been) with people they tend to open up and become personal with you. Doors are broken down and relationships formed. That’s how we do it out here.

Boy have you guys gotten way off the subject hope you all have a Merry Christmas.  GBR


One shouldn’t share personal information anonymously with people over the internet.  People they don’t know personally. That’s called stupidity.  That’s how YOU do it out here.

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