Nebraska Add Offensive Tackle to Class of 2015

Four-star offensive tackle Christian Gaylord of Kansas became the fourth player to commit to the recruiting class of 2015, which is now one year to the day away.  At 6'6" and 270 lbs. and with more than a year and a half to add weight, he'll arrive on campus already looking the part of a Big Ten tackle. 


It sounds as though Nebraska was his favorite team for some time, as his family includes fans and alumni.  

On film, he moves his feet well and seems to know how to use his hands.  You also see him finish blocks and stay active.  He plays a bit upright but you imagine he'll get better at getting lower.

His commitment is a bit of a milestone for NU.  The Huskers have never had so many players committed so early in the recruiting cycle.  Some of that may be due to the evolving nature of recruiting.  Schools seem to seek kids earlier and earlier.  Part of it may also signal a shift in strategy, like having a junior day event so early on the calendar.  In any case, it buys the team more time to recruit the remainder of the class over the next twelve months.

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What is coming in this year and now adding this kid, the o line is really starting to look like the pipeline of old.  Great job coaches in getting after the talent early.  Welcome aboard Christian!  GBR!

Keep on Rockin Pelini!
Keep on Rockin Pelini!
Keep on Rockin Pelini!
Keep on Rockin!!!

Welcome Christian.  GBR!!!

Welcome to the Family!

^ Amen to that! ^

And any of you that haven’t watched Kendall Bussey’s highlights tapes need to do so ASAP!

No haters, lately. Hmm!


2015 class is kickin ass right out the gate. 

@580, Realista and 7 aint got nothin to bitch about with the recruiting class, hence, on mute.

BOP til ya drop…

Triumph, 580, no need to entice them to come back thinking that maybe they were missed.  You know as well as I do that they’ll find something to bitch about sooner rather than later.  Things are looking great, that’s for sure! Welcome to the Family Christian, GBR!!!

T Dogg ~  No complaints about recruits.  Problem lies with how well coaches develop player talent.  One cannot suggest Pelini and crew have exactly excelled in that category through the first 6 years with only a few exceptions.  Qvayle and Rodriguez were both supposed to be exceptional and in the end turned out to be okay, but nothing outstanding.  The list goes on.

nu Realists -  Ameer anyone? SJB? Spencer Long ? You can’t pick two players and judge how well the coaches develop talent.. If that’s the case every coach is horrible at developing coaches likevSaban are actually worse because they start with more talent and not everyone succeds .And your two examples weren’t exactly busts they both were starters and sufficient at times ..they did start at a DI program not to shabby

I like what NU is doing with their 2015 class.  Can’t wait to see how these young men…. oh forget it.
Welcome aboard!

The cupboard hasn’t been bare with regard to Pelini’s past teams.

Just waiting to see him put it all together.

Josh Helmholdt… is a bona fide expert in the field. As the Midwest region guru for widely respected

“Of 50-some four- and five-star prospects in the Midwest, at least a dozen verbally committed to SEC schools.”

Rut roh :-0

All the black folk went back down south after the, as WinOSU would say, “unprogressive” union GM and Ford and steel industry jobs dried up and they were left with the ‘progressive’ opportunities @ Walmart and such.  Detroit, population down from ~2mil in the 70’s to about 700K today—oh yea, that doesnt count the 50k or so wild dogs running around cuz they cut back on city dog catchers.  Anyway, better to be poor down south where its warm than freezin yo ass off up north.  Rural farm USA is also declining big time as per the ‘progress’ of Monsanto.  So, in other words, we’re fucked.  Recruiting aint gonna get no easier unless we win the Big One.

The D Zone @TheD_Zone
Stoney Creek 2014 LB Jack Van Almen has accepted a preferred walk-on for the University of Nebraska.  #TheDZone

just tweeted here in Michigan on a site called the D Zone

Your right…recruiting isn’t going to get any easier until we start winning the big games.

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