Nebraska a 3.5 Point Underdog to Baylor

As expected, the higher seeded Baylor team playing close to home is a favorite over Nebraska.  But a 3.5 point edge isn't huge in basketball.  In fact, you'd expect the underdog to win 38% of the time with a spread like that. 


An even more interesting nugget is that the underdog has covered the spread in the last five meetings between the schools.  Nebraska's only won a single game straight up in that span.  But when you consider the state of Nebraska basketball when they were still in the Big 12, that's not altogether surprising.  

The best victory by either school could be NU's win over Wisconsin in the regular season finale.  The best road victory might be Nebraska's win at Michigan State, especially considering that the Spartans are considered a slight favorite to make the Final Four in their region.  

Baylor certainly has its share of pelts though.  They downed Kentucky when the Wildcats were ranked third in the country (they've since fallen to an 8-seed).  They beat Colorado (8-seed), Louisiana-Lafayette (14 seed), Dayton (11 seed), Oklahoma State (8 seed ranked #8 nationally  the first time, and then a second time), Kansas State (9 seed - twice), Iowa State (3 seed ranked #16 nationally at the time), and Oklahoma (5 seed ranked #17 at the time).  

The Bears have earned their seed (or arguably even a better one).  Beating them would be a major achievement.  But it wouldn't be the first big win for Nebraska this year.  That's why the Huskers will have a fighting chance.

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