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Yesterday, we learned about a few more decisions by young people with regard to the their collegiate future and beyond.  Tampa defensive end recruit Ernest Suttles chose Nebraska over Iowa State, Kentucky, and Missouri.  Quarterback  Bronson Marsh heading into his sophomore year has opted to transfer to the University of Nebraska-Kearney.  Buck linebacker Sean Fisher has opted for medical school over a sixth year of football. 


At 6'5", Suttles has the frame you look for at end.  You'd imagine that he'd redshirt to add weight.  He only played two years of high school football, so no doubt he'd benefit from the additional coaching that an extra year of development would provide.  He's a self-described verbal leader.  When done the right way, that could be invaluable down the road.

It sounds like NU's 2011 scout team player of the year will have an excellent chance to start at Nebraska-Kearney.  That probably wasn't in the cards in Lincoln.  Both Taylor Martinez and Ron Kellogg return at the top of the depth chart at quarterback.  Four-star recruits Brion Carnes and Tommy Armstrong are also still on the roster.  Armstrong will be coming off of his redshirt year as will walk-on Ryker Fyfe.  Four-star prospect Johnny Stanton is also set to come aboard.  Even with some graduations and maybe a transfer, that's a tough crowd to beat out for playing time.  If Marsh wants to get on the field as a quarterback, Kearney is probably his best bet.

With the other two starting linebackers set to depart, it would have been nice for the Huskers to have Fisher back . At the same time, when you hear about Fisher's stellar academics and opportunities, you realize we all might be better off if the guy puts his mind to helping beat cancer or Alzheimer's rather than Big Ten tight ends. 

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Welcome aboard Mr suttles! As for both bronson and sean thank you both and good luck with your future endeavours!

Where are these comments today?

Ca;ptain Bly
GOOD RIDDANCE!  The guy has no honor!  Sorry, but I was raised like many Americans to believe, when you tell someone you are going to do something, by god, you did it…Period.  My dad told me that if I ever shook a man’s hand it became a contract that had better be honored or else I would hear from him big time.  And for the bleeding hearts out there, don’t give me that crap about “Golly geez, he’s only a kid”.  We ALL make decisions at that age.  Sure there are instances where we may find out later a mistake has been made, however, based on our understanding of the word honor, we learned to live and learn from them and simply went on.  It will be interesting to see how long this guy lasts at Michigan.  Brady Hoke will not put up with any crap from him, and he will probably be screaming for his mama before spring practice has finished.

Bill, it’s quite simple, really.

1.  Any recruit opting for Nebraska is the best recruit ever, regardless of ratings, and

2.  Any recruit selecting another school is a loser, lacks good judgment, is too wimpy to survive the NU training, etc., and

3.  Therefore, any recruit changing schools to NU has obviously had an epiphany, and any recruit decommitting from NU has lost his mind or was never going to succeed here anyway.

In the end, these guys all have some I never had - tremendous athletic ability and a free education.  Best wishes to all recruits, regardless of school and career.

I thought I read somewhere that fisher wanted to be a plastic surgeon

Why bring back someone else’s stupid comment???

These are kids, Schools can change their minds, so can they.. Its best for them to realize now that the school is not what they want then to show up and its a lose-lose situation for all involved.I just hope they all go on to get an education where they best see fit.. Good Luck to MR. Samuelson and good luck to all the kids trying to make these important deciscions..

Why bring back someone else’s stupid comment?
You just answered your own question, Twauto22.

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