Martinez Would Start Tomorrow. Duh.

This week, Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini went on ESPN's "College Football Live" program and discussed his team. Quarterback play was among the topics covered. Pelini indicated that Taylor Martinez would be the starter if NU played a game today. The fan and reaction to this rather obvious statement has me a bit confused. Was that ever in doubt?

Here is exactly what Pelini said.

“It’s always an ongoing competition. If we were to start a game today, Taylor Martinez would be our quarterback. We’d feel real comfortable with that.”

This is not shocking in the least when you consider Martinez's experience, the breadth and depth of spring practice and Pelini's desire for ongoing competition at all spots.

Experience Counts
Here's the most important fact to remember about Taylor Martinez - he started 12 games last year. Few things are as important to a team's overall offensive success as game experience at quarterback.  True, Pelini did not make such affirmative statements about last year's incumbent starter, Zac Lee, at this same time a year ago. But, was he ever asked the question point blank? I don't think he was. Keep in mind, Martinez's emergence really happened during the summer and during the fall camp leading up to the 2010 season.

Despite some rather ugly moments, Pelini's actions during the 2010 season showed just how willing he was to stick with Martinez, even though the injuries to his leg had made him a shadow of the explosive player fans saw early in the season. Clearly, Pelini thought Martinez gave his team the best opportunity to win. If he thought it then, during the throws of an offensive meltdown, then it's actually easier for him to think it now.

Spring Practice, Not Just Spring Game
Next, remember the Spring Game is just that, a game. It's far from a large body of work. Not only that, but it's a game where conditions are far from normal (or ideal) as they mix units, keep things rather simple and generally try not to get anybody hurt. It's a show. So, while backup quarterback Brion Carnes' numbers are fantastic (11-for-15 passing for 173 yards and a TD), they aren't entirely worth an early clamor for Carnes to be the starter this fall.

Remember that coaches see spring practice in a much different, broader perspective. They see dozens of practices and scores of meetings over the course of a month. Fans get to see one scrimmage. Coaches are considering a larger body of work by all the players.

Ongoing Competition
All of that being said, the competition is not over. Remember, Pelini's answer was if the Huskers had to play today. A lot can happen between now and when the Huskers open the season on September 3. But, the notion of Carnes fighting for the job is exactly what Pelini wants.

Clearly, Pelini's number one professional value is competition. No starting job is safe. The best player will play. Period. For evidence, look no further than Martinez passing Lee and Cody Green a year ago. So, Carnes is certainly not out of the mix.

Regarding Martinez specifically, I don't know if fan perception of him is getting better or not. Is he ready to be redeemed after the very high highs and very low lows of 2010? We'll see. But, I do know this - NU coaches have spoken several times about how he as a "competition talent", that he has an almost unwavering confidence in his ability and belief in his borderline right to play. (Sounds a bit like his head coach...). So, if he's truly this freakish competitor, then Carnes' emergence is the exact right thing for him to get better. Nothing drives a fierce competitor more than putting another horse on the track with them.

Martinez would start for NU tomorrow, of course. But the season doesn't start tomorrow. Only legit competition will make both he and Carnes better in September.

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I wish after Taylors injury they would have sat him out for the season. That would have been so much better for him. And now all the speculation is he just doesn’t really have it after all, in light of what he couldn’t do in games after the injury and now with the spring game especially. You don’t run a guy like that unless he’s 100%. Period. Call him a one trick pony if you must, but I think all this talk is unfair. After the injury, he was not even a shadow of his former self but either was the team. Before the injury, he was incredible. So was the team. A correlation there?
I think there are a LOT of teams out there that would love to have him. We are lucky to have him. The coaches know more than we do, that’s for sure, and they say they’d go with him.
Unwise to underestimate Bo Pelini. I have a feeling he has something up his sleeve.

100% agreed! In addition, ankle injuries need their time and it was foolish to keep him in the game, and to risk a lingering injury. Also, where were all the negative comments about his character and team leading abilities when he was still scoring?

Sorry folks but I still have reservations about Martinez.

Andylk - I would have my reservations about your reservations. I think we have to trust in the coaches decisions on who has the best chance to help the team win. They see these players every day during practice.  That said, I do not think we really had a viable back up in Green. He only averaged 2.4 yards per carry rushing and 5.6 yards per pass. It would appear that we have more than one good back up who would be able to jump into the game and carry the team forward if Taylor would go down to injury again. Also, if Taylor might need to sit out a series they would feel confident the back up QB could still be productive and so it would not be a waste of a series.

Andylk - go to you tube and watch the video’s of Taylor last season. There are some pretty good clips. I think a lot of people have flat out forgotten how good he was…he was scary good. He’s a huge advantage having him in the game even if he doesn’t do anything…he must be accounted for due to his ability to score on virtuly any play. Don’t look at the last half of the season, and don’t look at the spring game. Facts are we haven’t seen anything like his talent and ability playing for Nebraska for many years…since Eric Crouch really. We were watching him grow up right before our eyes last season. And I also don’t buy this stuff that he can’t throw…he threw for 1700 yards last season in basically 7 games…that’s 242 yards per game. He trew for 300 yards his senior year in HS too. That’s what he’s capable of, he’s proven that. It’s a matter of him being healthy and in a system that takes advantage of his talents. It should also be remembered that he has only been playing quarterback for a few years…he was brought up as a safety by his Dad.
If he totally fails and we never see the Magic again, I’ll be the first to say I’m wrong. But do go back and watch those You Tube clips.

PE Charleston
You make some great points.  In his senior year of high school he threw for 3,000 yards passing. Also remember in the OSU game I believe he set the record at Nebraska for a single game in passing.
He is very dependent on his feet and ankles to perform.
Everyone, I do not think it is fair to judge him when he was simply so injured. Kind of like judging a world class race horse with a bad leg.

Ok everyone here we go: Taylor is a decent QB at best. He doesn’t understand coverages, blitzes and sometimes doesn’t even understand his reads. I think it’s fair to judge his performance in the spring game which was 4 for 13 (spring game: “it’s a game where conditions are far from normal (or ideal) as they mix units, keep things rather simple and generally try not to get anybody hurt”) To say that green is not a capable QB is borderline ignorant. He makes better reads the Martinez, he runs a 4.56 40yd dash, and with a little support from his coaches (which he hasn’t received) he’d have more pop on his passes. Martinez can run and his ankle should be completely healed by now, so what do you make of his spring game? Stephen Johnson, everyone is entitled to one great game, i.e. Zac Lee in the 2009-2010 holiday bowl. Martinez throws behind his receivers on almost every throw (go back and look at it), and when it isn’t behind them it’s very short. Martinez needs to step up because I think that Carnes/Starling/Turner and even Green are the better QB’s. Oh, I can say we don’t need to trust that the coaches are always right, look at the offense the last 3 years and look what they have allowed shawn watson to do. I’ll trust them when they prove they know what’s going on with the offense.

DVD in Co: Having a good day in passing, and setting a historical record for passing are two different things. You do not set the all time single game passing record and cannot pass. I believe we have had a very serious problem with receivers being able to actually catch and hold on to passes. The number of dropped passes that were catchable is astounding. That said, the problem was last year and the year before. 2011 is a new season with new people and more work on understanding how to catch a pass. If you look at Taylor’s receivers at his high school you will see a whole different level of capability. That said, I do think he depended on them to fight and win the ball. Many of his passes in highschool were over the top high passes that required a receiver to beat out the defender, which they did. Can Taylor improve, sure he can, and he will over the next 3 years. Many people do not remember Scott Frost’s first year back at Nebraska. His passing and overall performance was Ok but not great. His senior year, showed what he could really do. I also believe that the offense last year was not set up well to take advantage of Taylor’s skills.  In the end my point is simply that we must trust the coaches decisions on who to play. This goes for me as well since I do not think Green belongs in the backfield since he is just not a quick starter even though he has a good 40 time. His speed builds. He is a great person and if he wants to play in the pros it will have to be at another position besides quarterback. Evey statistic cries out for a change. Sorry others do not see it.

“Throes”, not “throws”.

The offense wasnt set up for him?  He’s a 6’ qb who runs a 4.4 40 yard dash and he was running the zone read option.  If the zone read isnt made for a qb like that then what is? 

However i will agree i think he is still our starter as of today.  I think his throwing motion is pathetic and his pocket awareness is aweful, but i think its just what this article is about and that is experience and obviously he has some good ability running.  Although the reason his pocket awareness blows is because he has all that speed and he just wants to take off.  Carnes has great speed for a qb also(not game changing but good regardless) but the advantage he has over martinez is he stays in the pocket until open space appears in front of him, where martinez just takes off and tries to get the corner which is why he gets sacked so much because defenses are too fast for lateral running. 

I agree cody green needs to look at a position change.  He is a good athlete and a great team player.  He has size and blazing speed if he gets going, and there is no reason he cant find a place at reciever or a Kyler Reed role. 

Finally do i think martinez will be the starter when the season starts? yes i do unfortunately.  I like that he is a competitor, i like his size and speed(at reciever), and i think he handled so much shit last year and he handled it like a champ for his age.  But in the end there is just so much downside to him which is the reason i questioned last years decision to bench a 5th year senior, and proven winner(10 games) and put in a redshirt freshman with no experience just because he is faster.  third and longs arent converted by a fast qb they are converted by an experience qb who can throw.  Anyway martinez started and his flaws just scream out to me: terrible throwing motion-he got tons of balls batted down at the line, mediocre at best arm strength-all his long balls to kyler reed were underthrown it was just lucky that kyler was so open, pocket awareness-always getting sacked while trying to get the corner or holding the ball too long, and ball security-fumbles.  While some of you are reading this and saying no one needs these things to be a good qb i mean nebraska never has qbs who throw well but they get things done, well the 90’s are over folks im sry.  while these seem like little things, its the little things that seperate good players from great ones, and these little things are so hard to do because u dont just learn them over night.  its that “it” factor you read about and you dont just acquire these things over night, they are instilled in you through ur life.  martinez is a competitor and a great athlete,  but he doesnt have the mechanics or the pocket awareness that brion carnes was born with.  While brion might not be our starting qb ever in his career, someone will unseat martinez because either brion carnes, bubba starling, or yes ill say it ron kellog are guys that can equal martinez’s talent and then take over his job with their instincts and intangibles.

Mike, Zone read is a play. Not an offense. Essentially the quarterback stands up and looks around and hopes there is a crease so he can take off down field. Only someone with blinding speed could do this but it is by no means an offense.

Mike, Also I was referring to the passing offense as well. He is not designed as a drop back passer. Again looking at his high school performance he can pass on the run. When a quarterback is only 6 foot tall it is difficult to sit in the pocket and have a good vision of the field. So I did not think the offensive plan was designed to take advantage of his physical type and skills. The line has not been dominating at Nebraska for a while. During the 4 dark years they recruited pass protect linemen who were not picked for run blocking skills and body type. It takes years to change the line to what we need. That was always my concern with trying to run the West Coast offense. When you do decide to change to something else which is more run heavy or option where lineman need to be fleet of foot it takes a while to bring in new people. That is one of the reason the offensive line coach deserves to be cut some slack. I think this year should be really fun on both offense and defense. Yes, I am very hopeful.

To question the decision to start Taylor over Lee is absurd.  Proven winner?  If you were talking about the defense I would believe you.  The Blackshirts won those games in spite of Zac Lee.  The Lee-led offense was atrocious and could not put points on the board if it was the scoreboard operator.  Sounds like and blue hair who just hates Taylor.  Good job on losing credibility.

The interesting dilema that the coaches have is that they have various quarterbacks with different skill sets and how much heart and execution does each quarterback have when they get put into the fire.  So the questions become which quarterback best fits our system and which quarterback performs better in the heat of competition. Since we don’t really know what the system is than all we (the fans) know for today at least is Brion Carnes 1, Ron Kellogg 2, Taylor Martinez 3, and Cody Green 4.

That logic evades me. When did we see Carnes perform in the heat of competition? Please don’t tell me you are talking about last Saturday. In addition, I don’t think that someone as competitive and rather emotionless in front of the camera as Martinez would have actually cracked a smile when asked about a ‘vanilla offense’  if he had not performed according to the coaches expectations and screwed up. Which makes me think that Pelini might indeed have something ‘up his sleeve’ as PE put it.

Nationally, the perception of Martinez, is that he’s the key to Nebraska’s success.
Like what happened to Zach Lee, T-Magic will have to flat, straight up, get beaten out. By the way last early season’s playing time was meted out, there was no doubt who the starter was. There was no 1 and 1A. Sure, it could happen again. Carnes could leap ahead and show the same explosive play making ability, relative to Martinez, that Martinez must’ve clearly show’d, while separating from Lee and Green. I don’t think that can happen, based on relative athletic ability. Carnes probably isn’t a Denard Robinson. And from an athletic standpoint, that’s who it would take.
It’s just that, T-Magic had impressed the coaches all spring, and they’ve been very clear about that. They’ve implied his vocal leadership has improved, to go along with the physical examples he’s set, the fierce competitor stuff. Which seems to have been many.
Martinez won the spring.
Now, the legs get stronger, the heads gets stronger and they all move onto summer passing drills, to improve timing and rapport with the receivers.
Green isn’t beating anybody out. He still hasn’t shown he can do one thing better, than the others. Last I heard about Carnes, from Pelini, is that he was still “swimming” in it.
The major benefit of a “simpler” offense though, should mean your QBs especially, are full speed at the start of the season, not at some point during conference play, which was the case about every single year since the wco gurus and their “take what we want” offense. It should also mean you should have a backup entirely prepared to play and win.

I was not able to see the scrimmage live last week but from what I understand both Green and Taylor went against the best defensive units. When the other Quarterbacks rolled in they were operating against the number 2 and 3 defensive players which certainly makes a difference.  Also we all know that the defense is going to be operating at a higher level than an offense trying to implement a new simplified system. Had Taylor and Green blown away the defense’ I would have been truly amazed. My comments should not be seen as trying to take anything away from the performance of the other quarterbacks who did quite well in the spring game. The Spring game showed me that the defense from last year is still quite good and ready to shut down any offense this year, even our own.

Oh I have to get in on this one…you folks who are judging Taylor Martinez by his latter season performance simply don’t get it, and you are, simply, completely nuts. I don’t even know where to start. First off, if you judge Taylors performance based on anything but the first 7 or 8 games of last season, you’re simply not looking at it corrtectly, in my humble opinion. Would you judge Payton Mannings performance as negative if was out there with a broken arm? You’d of course be stupid to. This situation we have is very simular. That analogy, BTW, comes from a guy who knows a little about offense and quarterbacks…his name is Tom Osborne.
Why hasn’t Green been mentioned as a Heisman candidate? Because, as nice as he is, he sucks. Who cares if he’s a great athlete and a team player…that doesn’t win championships. Performance does. In 2 years I’ve been watching him, he still looks like a deer in the headlights. Zac Lee? The worst offense since WW2, no excuse me, just the last 50 years. Sorry. I’m glad Carnes had a great Spring game, he’s clearly the leading back up now, but do you really think that if they had wanted to, they couldn’t have played the new offense, with Martinez operating it, and really put on a show and blow everyone away? I think they could have. If you don’t think so, you don’t have faith in Bo Pelini. It’s brilliant planning on their part…they more than likely didn’t want Martinez to show anything ...of the new offense or what he could do in it, for strategic reasons. Read between the lines guys. If they did, to what gain? Much more to gain having everyone think he just can’t do it, never had it, it was a fluke and we have a quarterback “situation”. Bo and Co have something up their sleeve, mark my words. This Martinez thing is a ruse. I can show you tons of Martinez passes that were right on the money…how many touchdowns did he throw for? 10? Plus he ran for 12 too. And that’s through 7 games mind you. How many records did he set? Big 12 newcomer of the year? Heisman talk? Ya lets bench this kid. He won almost every game he was healthy in. The same guys who are talking trash about Martinez, probably don’t think Frazier was a good quarterback. He was the best college football player of all time according to a recent Bleacher Report article (from a UCLA author). Why? Because he was a winner. That’s all. A pure winner. Maybe that’s what Martinez is. Maybe some people can’t see that because they’ve never been one.

You so called HUSKER FANS/ Mostly Fairweather FANS ARE PATHETIC.. Im not saying all Husker fans, I love the skers my self,  JUST THE ONES , POINTING OUT ALL OF TAYLORS FLAWS, because more than likely you were the ones starting all the Heisman talk last year….  THE KID WAS A FRESHMAN LAST YEAR, Ive heard him compared to Tommie Frazier, Zach Taylor , and Joey Ganz… What I havent heard him compared to is the freshman season of those three QBS…........ TOMMIE couldnt throw a lick as a freshman ( or really for his entire career)  and the other two didnt become good till their senior year…  Give the kid a chance , If he still hasnt progressed after this year or the next then you can throw him under the bus.. But maybe, just maybe you should give the kid and the coaches the benefit of the doubt… AND IF HE IS THE BEST QB OF THE BUNCH WHICH HE CLEARLY WAS LAST YEAR, DONT BLAME HIM FOR LACK OF A CHALLENGER TO THE SPOT…


And to clarify things, I wasnt saying TOMMIE was a bad QB… His record speaks for itself.. HE WAS A WINNER, I was just comparing his freshman season to Taylors

Happy Easter husker fans.
Be careful of excuses for Martinez.  After reading your comments i’m hearing excuses of poor play do to these facts, he had alot of dropped passes, poor play only happened because he was hurt, coaches are purposely holding T-Mart back.  Although there is some truth to these statements the facts are that Taylor has lots of issues that also contribute to poor quarterbacking.  Poor mechanics especially with his feet when he throws, poor pocket awareness and feel, poor field awareness, poor reading of the defense, poor leadership, inconsistency on his passing accuracy on throws on the run and from the pocket.  Lots of examples of his flaws can be shown.  You have to look at both the good and the bad.

Coach ralph - Please explain how such a poor passing quarterback could throw for 3,000 yard his senior year in high school and set the single game passing record at Nebraska? Just had a good day against a bad defense? Nebr. has had a lot of good passing quarterbacks and Taylor exceeded all of them in the OSU game. As the team becomes better at running the ball again, the passing will fall into place. In decades gone by the team was so good at running that when they did pass it was usually a wide open receiver in the middle of the field.  Taylor will be there over the next 3 years. He does not need excuses from me or anyone else in Nebraska. The coaches are the ones who decide who is the right person to start. We will just have to depend on them and not all the faux arm chair coaches.

@ SJ, why do you keep referencing Taylor Martinez’s high school statistics as if they are relevant to the college game? Cody Green totaled over 3,200 passing yards his senior year in high school. So far, at NU he has totaled 657 passing yards. And yes, TM had a great game against Oklahoma State last year…one of the worst passing defenses in the Big 12. Refuting the argument that Taylor Martinez suffers from a poor passing motion and a lack of pocket presence by quoting his high school passing yardage is interesting but irrelevant. How many QBs have come out of high school with great passing statistics only to flop at the college level (a la Cody Green)?

TGreen - i think past history, even in high school is relevant in terms of capability.  I was unaware of Cody Green’s high school statistics. This tells me that he too may be suffering from wrong passing scheme as much as missed opportunities. (i.e. not enough playing time). Your point about college not being high school is certainly valid and OSU did have a bad defense statistically.  That said, he did set the all time single game passing record at Nebraska.  There have been a lot of husker quarterbacks and a lot of bad defenses yet Taylor hit the mark that day. The talent is there. That is my point. I also believe when a new offense is implemented for next year it will be more run based and be a more natural fit. If the new OC was implementing a pro pass offense I would be concerned as being not a good fit for Taylor. I think the offense will match our talent and be highly successful. Note the article on Michigan. The new coach has decided to implement a pro passing offense when he has one of the premier running quarterbacks in the country.  Square peg calling round hole. Thankfully I believe we have a much smarter set of coaches.


You so called HUSKER FANS/ Mostly Fairweather FANS ARE PATHETIC.. Im not saying all Husker fans, I love the skers my self,  JUST THE ONES , POINTING OUT ALL OF TAYLORS FLAWS…

So, are you saying anybody that critiques Taylor Martinez is a fair weather fan??  That does not make any sense.

Mr Johnson. FYI Joe Ganz holds the single game passing record with 510 yards. Taylor’s game against OSU puts him in 16th.  It is the best day by a freshman though.

Matt, thanks for the correction.  I stand corrected.

It should also be remembered that during most of the first half of last season, we were so good that we didn’t really NEED to pass that much…and when we did, Taylor threw for 5 touchdowns. He accounted for how many yards in that game against Oklahoma State? 323?
Looking at a players past history is of course relevant. The fact that he did set a freshman passing record is also relevant. Who cares if he has great motion and “pocket presence”...the guy’s a touchdown machine! The guy can flat out get it done. He’s proven himself. He just can’t play his game with a sprained ankle. Seems kinda obvious to me. In those instances where he seemed not to know what to do, it is simply because he DIDN’T…new ground for him I’m sure and that gets us back to the “he was just a freshman” argument. No one is saying he’s perfect.
I believe our new offense is being built specifically around his skill sets, that’s how much I think the coaches think of him. Total speculation on my part. They wouldn’t say that of course, but you don’t take a guy like him with his skill and talent and not use him to your best advantage. That would be horrible coaching. Gee, could it be they know something that we don’t?
Pelini has also said he could care less what the stats are in a spring game…it’s not really a chance for the proven athletes like Taylor to shine, it’s more a chance for the new guys to show what they can do. Taylor lit it up last year if I remember correctly. I just can’t believe anyone doesn’t think he’s not the best thing that has happened to our offense in about a decade. I do. Anyone that is put on the Heisman list as a red shirt freshman is OK with me. Also, if he is this good now, just think of how good he’s gonna be in the years to come? Nebraska is not a drop back passing team…we never have been and never will be. If that’s what you’re looking for, you are rooting for the wrong team.

im gonna clear up the air in this heated debate:

Cody green:
hes a great guy and great teammate but he will never be the starting qb for nebraska…he missed that boat last year when zac lee was out and tmart took his spot. the staff doesnt trust him his 40 time is not legit bc while he is 4.5-4.6 speed he needs alot of steps to get to that speed. cody will be the beloved back up qb everyone loves but its over for him. carnes has stepped up, turner showed he has tmart speed and more shake n bake than the usage by ricky bobby.  cody hasnt takn control and thats not all his fault but in the end it will be him that suffers

taylor martinez:
lets start by saying this the coaching staff lied….tmart injury was alot worse than the coaches said and they had reasons to. first if opponents knew how bad his injury was they load the box and set wave after wave of blitzes. second it also shows how far ahead tmart was from green/lee and how messed up shawn wats dumb offensive scheme was. tmart confidence comes in his ankle he has very average qb skills and wont look past his first two reads. so until hes fully healthy we gotta live with what we have in tmart. personally he needs to be off his ankle until october bc he keeps tweaking it but we know that wont happen. the reason tmart gets the edge his bc he fried the blackshirst in practice and bc with the speed around him and a better offensive coach he wont be the focus like how he was last year.

in conclusion tmart will only be passed by starling…..if starlings lives up to the bill but i have a feeling his raw passing wise to.

fall qb depth chart: taylor, carnes/starling and green third. green will be neb emergency qb aka game manager.

Gee thanks. If only you knew spelling and punctuation.

PE in Charleston - I understand your comment was directed at Jae, but speaking only for myself as I have gotten older I find the keyboard and my eyes betray me from time to time. Cut him some slack and focus on the intent of his message. We all want Nebraska to do well regardless who is at the helm. 

Personally, I am quite excited with what I saw at the spring game in new quarterbacks and doubly so with an 18 year old kid willing to give up a 5 million dollars baseball contract so he can play football at Nebraska. Add in all the new speed that has recently come to the state of Nebraska we should all be excited.

Why are so many people defending Martinez?  His throwing was horrendous and his attitude was terrible.  I must admit that even I was amazed with him at the beginning of the season.  His explosiveness is most definitely worthy of any accolades that came his way.  He is one heck of an athlete.  The problem is that he is NOT one heck of a QB.  Once defenses realized that he did not go through his progressions if he was confused, but instead,  made 1 to 2 reads before trying to run with it, they had his number.  He needs to be moved to WR where all that North South speed would pay off.  I understand…give him a chance for this year to improve.  No problem.  If he starts AND finishes this year then it was meant to be.  Carnes will pass him up by game 1.  Both will get playing time in the first few games.  One thing I should add is that I am not a hater of Martinez.  I just feel that he would be a better fit at WR.

HuskerFaithufl1 - So, even you were amazed with his performance at the beginning of the season huh. That is a pretty high standard to reach I guess. Over the four years of Darkness at Nebraska there was a split in the fan base. Some, really really wanted a pro style offense with 90% passing. Many, myself included wanted a more traditional Nebraska offense as we had under Osborne. I had hoped that controversy had ended but I see we are back to judging our quarterbacks by their passing mechanics again. If all they can do is run and score touchdowns and pass a little then put them at wide receiver. Gosh, who was the quarterback in the early 2000s that ran like crazy, but had poor throwing mechanics due to a repeated injury to his throwing arm? You remember, the Heisman trophy winner. The guy that carried the team on his back, but never got real approval from some fans because he was not a pro style passer. Anyone see an analogy?

For those interested I have attached a video of Abdulah and Davies. The Davies video is at the end of the Abdulah video. Watching the kind of breakaway performance is inspiring and shows the coaches are really doing their jobs in finding the next great players for the offense.

Stephen Johnson…my old eyes too…point taken. Toning it down.
I totally agree with your point as to the running QB as opposed to the pro style, passing QB. We have always had the dual threat type QB here for good reason…it works with our weather. And our tradition. We haven’t had a good pro style QB since Vince Faragammo. If we have a QB that is a great runner who can also throw a little, and I believe he can, then that’s what we need and your comparisons to Eric Crouch was spot on. Taylor can throw…maybe not the best but he’s learning. I still don’t think people understand that they are judging his throwing and QB ability from AFTER he got his ankle sprained…and he had turf toe on the other foot to boot, which is unfair. Joe Montana probably couldn’t have thrown well either under those conditions either. It’s funny how all those people weren’t complaining when he was tearing it up at the beginning of the season…and they seem to have forgotten he threw for almost as many touchdowns as he ran for. My whole point is look at the first 8 games ONLY. DO NOT look at his performance when he was all hobbled up.
Would someone please tell me why that is so hard to understand?

@Stephan Johnson…
“hat is a pretty high standard to reach I guess.”  Are you trying to slam me or are you always an ass.  My point was that his athletic ability amazed me, not his quarterbacking abilities.  No question that he is a stud on the field.  Just not at QB.  Also you are wrong for comparing him to Crouch.  Crouch knew when to run and when to pass.  If Martinez progresses to his number 2 receiver before he runs then he is lucky.  I could care less about having a pro style offense.  Like you I prefer old school Nebraska as I have been watching since 1971.  We were not running an old school offense last year however, were we?

HF - You are comparing Taylor a freshman to Crouch as a senior. Crouch was a great quarterback and a great runner. His passing ability was hampered by repeated injuries and surgeries to his throwing shoulder though he never complained or used it as an excuse. Many “fans” slammed him for his passing though. He won the Heisman because he contributed more to the team as a single player than any other player in the country. In other words, without Crouch the team would have had many more losses. The comparison to Crouch is very apt. I too have been watching and following Nebraska since the 60s and have a sense of perspective historically. As far as the offense last year, no it was not classic Nebraska, but I have hopes that we will move forward as an offense this next year.  One thing that was helpful to me was to watch the DVD 25 years of Osborne.  It showed how when he became head coach he converted the team to a mainly passing offense. For the next 6 years Nebraska lost to Oklahoma. They would also lose one or two other games they should not have lost because the QB had a bad day.  Starting around 1979 he implemented a more run based control offense and Nebraska beat OU for the first time in a while but lost in a replay in the Orange bowl. Each year after that with the controlling run based offense Nebraska started to win by big margins. In the 1983 season the offense came together with the right people and produced one of the best offenses in history. The defense though was still lacking and we lost to Miami in the orange Bowl.  But this controlling run based offense showed how to win games. That is what I am hoping for. There was a joke in the 90s that Coach Osborne missed Thanks giving dinner at a relatives house. He got behind a tractor on the road and he wouldn’t pass.

So much psuedo-analysis, so unfaithful to elementary logic.  NU’s offense will likely be no better this year.  Probably lose to Northwestern.

Not so smartNU -  Same line of negative BS spoken as a true Colorado Fan. Just go away and take your negativism with you.

Perhaps a nuance, but if I were a Colorado Fan (which I am not), I would most likely go by TheSmartCU.  Just saying.  I think the defense will be tremendous this year.

You are just a troll. Whether it is Colorado or some other team, you cannot and are not a Husker fan.

@Stephen Johnson
I can definitely see where you are coming from and obviously your passion for Nebraska Football is on par with mine.  As you do, I own that DVD and then some.  With that aside, in no way are Crouch and Martinez similar when it comes to passing.  You can’t teach accuracy and Martinez’s is barely serviceable.  His reads are on par with his accuracy.  As soon as he gets the ball he looks for a reason to run on passing plays.  No doubt that he has flat out speed and his North South running is fantastic but that does not make him a great QB.  If we had a serviceable QB last year Martinez would not have started.  The fact is he was our only real serviceable QB because he could run North South.  QB depth is about to change and Carnes can flat out run as well.  Carnes will be starting this Fall if Martinez’s passing does not improve.  Brion Carnes and Tommie Frazier have more in common than Martinez and Crouch.  No matter who starts this fall (as this all is just opinion because none of us really know what the plan on Offense are) I hope we look like an entirely different Offense that the last few years.  I hate that happy pass crap.  Let’s pound it at them and beat them down till teams don’t want to have a fourth quarter.

HuskerFAn4 Life…

So, are you saying anybody that critiques Taylor Martinez is a fair weather fan??  That does not make any sense. ???

Sorry HuskerFan4Life… I wasn’t saying that., and sorry if I mis spoke.. I was talking about a person above whom was saying that Taylor was a Heisman QB last year when he was doing good , and now is bashing him horribly… ( He knows who he is)

My whole point of the rant above was to say that people need to stop comparing Taylor as a freshman to other players as seniors… AS far as stats and skills go.. Taylor was still far above most Qbs we’ve ever had at NU as a Freshman.. ( He was right on par with what Tommy did as a freshman, looked horrible passing, looked like a stud running)..

I just believe people need to give him and the coaching staff a chance.. A freshman is a freshman ..That dosn’t mean he should be forgiven for some of his actions or bad play last year.. He messed up more than once , on and off the field .. but give him a chance to mature hes only 19 years old..

Well said. I second that motion. Lets wait and see how this season goes before passing judgement on a Freshman.  Frankly, I do not remember a Freshman at Nebraska being considered for Heisman talk before.  Certainly that was at the beginning of the year before the injury but I agree. Lets just call a truce and see how the year goes and put our faith in the coaches to make those starting decisions.

Critique done fairly is no problem. Criticizing a Freshman who was injured and not fully recovered is something else. I think we are suggestion people maintain a perspective and be constructive.  Who will start in the fall will be determined by the coaches and not the fans. That is why they get paid millions of dollars every year, to make those kind of decisions. Other people are welcome to have opinions of course but their opinion like mine really don’t amount to a bowl of spit in the end.

I agree with you.  Brion Carnes reminds me more of Turner Gill tho.

I think in either case it is a real compliment.  Both were outstanding quarterbacks.

No—Jammal Lord

And I believe Pelini once referred to JL as a “thoroughbred”

No—reminds me of Beau Davis.  That’s it.

The not so smart longhorn troll - No one is buying the manure you are shoveling. Get off the site.

To judge Taylors play after he got injured is not fair. Are any of you judging Martinez play by the first 8 games, or after? Because I didn’t see a lot of QB problems through the first 8 games. In fact just the opposite. That was all after he got hurt that he really stunk up the place with bad passes and poor decisions. And he admits it…he couldn’t do what he wanted to do, so he choked. He went in and tried anyway. I give him credit for that. He certainly couldn’t perform after he got hurt like he was previously. That’s a given. Otherwise he was golden in my book. Lots of his passes were right on. He did throw for 10 touchdowns last season.
After a rather down day against Texas, his best passing day came against Ok State where he passed for 323 yards, 5 TD’s and ran for 112 yards on top of that. Frazier, Crouch nor Gill never did that. Best by any freshman QB in Nebraska history, and you want him to move to receiver? Again, when he’s healthy, he’s a star. When he’s not, he really shouldn’t be in the game. And he’ll be healthy come game time. And with more experience, he’ll develop into a better all around QB.
As Tom Osborne said in the article found on (an interview with NSider called “Taylor made for this offense”) he didn’t think most people understand the nature of Taylors injury. He likened it to Payton manning with a broken arm. And he said he’s never seen a QB with the burst on his first three steps like Taylor has. Straight from the horses mouth guys.
Where else besides after the injury do you - husker faithful especially- see poor play?

Too bad we don’t have Lee for another year…look what he did on Pro day:

Lee was 28-for-30 throwing, ran the 40 in 4.59 and recorded a 36-inch vertical jump.

For all you Lee haters out there…dude is just as fast as anyone else.

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