Loss of Terry Joseph Will Not Be Crippling

With all due respect to a coach that's had some success at Nebraska, Terry Joseph's departure from Nebraska will not be debilitating.  In fact, it might not even be noticeable except perhaps to those within the program.  The pass defense statistics for Nebraska under his watch have been good, but under head coach Bo Pelini those statistics have always been good.  Let's review.


Bo's History of Good Pass Defense
Texas A&M who hired away Nebraska secondary coach Terry Joseph is no doubt pleased with Nebraska's top ten passing defense a year ago and above average pass defense this season.  Historically though, that's par for the course under Bo Pelini.  In 2003 and 2009, Nebraska led the nation in pass efficiency defense.  They were 3rd in 2010.  Those are all seasons where Marvin Sanders coached the secondary under Bo.  The 2011 unit took a step backward under Corey Raymond.  Raymond's unit was still better statistically than the most recent squad under Terry Joseph.

Good By Design
Most of the pain associated with Bo's defenses has had to do with its performance in the rushing department rather in the passing game.  That's not just some statistical fluke.  Bo did most of his coaching prior to arriving at Nebraska in 2003 in the pros.  Pro football is all about the passing game and  Bo's teams seek to deprive teams of the big play in the passing game.  He'd rather force teams to make several plays and several first downs to score rather than aggressively stuff the run and leave his secondary vulnerable over the top.  You'll seldom see Pelini madder than when his team gives up a big pass play.  

Front Four Versus Back Four
Beyond the emphasis on pass defense by Bo, how good the secondary looks usually has more to do with the pass rush than secondary play.  It's no coincidence that the pass defense was so good in 2009 and 2010 compared to other years.  Ndamukong Suh starred in 2009 and Jared Crick anchored the defensive line in 2010.  When you can get pressure in the face of the quarterback while only rushing four guys, completing passes becomes extremely difficult. 

If you watch the sack that Randy Gregory made in the Gator Bowl ask yourself what Hutson Mason could have done on that play.  Gregory was there in two seconds.  Give a quarterback four or five seconds without pressure by contrast and he'll pick you apart regardless of how good your secondary is.  Next year's pass defense will probably have more to do with the front four than which secondary coach comes in to implement a tried and true defensive scheme against the pass.

Joseph has gotten some credit as a recruiter.  Certainly, he's helped bring in some kids.  But the jury's still out on his pledges.  It's too soon to say whether those players will ultimately prove to be standouts.  Who's to say his replacement won't do as well or better in that department?

There are plenty of things that Husker fans can worry about, should they choose to.  The secondary, despite Joseph's departure and the mass graduations, shouldn't be one of them.

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Could someone please explain how Auburn could blow a 18 point lead and lose the NC and not drop a few spots?  MSU is getting robbed.  Oklahoma ran all over Alabama and passed eh, relatively well.  Do they even play defense in the SEC?

Through this period, I recall Corey Raymond, sometime around December ‘11, saying to the effect that he didn’t have enough talent to work with and you can see it on the field. He wasn’t talking about Dennard, of course, it was more about all the young players and players moved to corner. So, he soon leaves for lsu.
Interestingly, the talent hasn’t changed much. The Corners are always good, the concern is usually safety play and the nickel. Overall, the whole group is always good- not a weakness.
Now, secondary coaches may have a little more direct pressure from Pelini, since he’s a back 7 guy and they have to adjust to his system.

This time around, Pelini probably goes for a less established guy, who’s successful in a non bcs conference. Or, someone even fresher. A recent grad assistant. A coach who’s bright, motivated and malleable- who is himself, coachable.

Greg, couldn’t agree more with your assessment.  Given his track record and need to have his system in place, I think he goes with some fresh meat over an established coach, someone he can mold and coach.  Johnny, agreed, I love the hypocrisy in the polls.  Buncha’ bull spit! MSU gets no respect despite smashing Stanford.  I don’t care what the score was, the game was WAAAAAY more lopsided in favor of MSU.  I guess get used to the B1G getting the shaft, maybe let it play into our “us against the world” mentality we keep coming back to.  GBR!


joe ganz for secondary coach?

I think I would like someone that has some prior coaching experience in the DB’s.  Just a side note Winston celebrated his 20th birthday yesterday.  True Freshman?? my boy is a freshman and is 18 going on 19.  Winston more like a sophmore as far as growth and maturity.

Uh, didn’t Utah beat Stanford?  And USC?  Utah (5-7, not ranked); USC (10-4, #19)
And Auburn barely lost the game to FSU.
And Auburn beat multiple top 10 teams.  Only other loss to LSU (10-3, #14).
MSU beat that team from Ohio, and should have lost to NU (9-4, #25), and lost to Notre Dame (9-4, #20).
I have no issue with the ranking of Auburn and MSU.

Why does Joseph want to take the same job at aTm he had at NU—more $, warmer weather, easier recruiting?

I think Mizzou’s #5 ranking is a bit suspect, a couple of plays go differently and they are flipped with Okie Pokie @ #17.

C’mon, Sparty finished #3, why are you folks whining about it?  Auburn beat Bama, #1 at the time, and nearly beat FSU last night, also #1 at the time.  Auburn makes a great case for #2.  I think Sparty, no matter how you slice it, far exceeded expectations this year and should be thrilled with a #3 final ranking, I know I would be.

T-doggy….What’s up?  Anyway,  your rite bout the rankings!  Pretty close to being rite.  I think auburn is still the better team.  They gave that game away but seeing how their last three games whent I call that poetic justice!  Now,  I can say what I’m going to say cuz being of mixed blood I have all the rite and I tell the truth and most people don’t like the truth and hide from it.  I don’t care who doesn’t like it especially if its the truth!  I really think the reason he went to aTm was to work with another black coach.  Hear me out.  He gets to work with sumlin and aTm figures he can recruit these black kids because texas hired strong BECAUSE he’s black and texas is tying not to look predjudice and the best black recruits want to play for a black head coach!  I don’t care if strong was orange he is a top notch coach and will do good things in texas.  The rest of colledge football better get ready cuz texas will be a beast!  This is why aTm wanted joseph!  Anyone who doesn’t see that is in denial!


More $.. AM DB coach that just left made over $300,000 . He made like $240,000 a year at Nebraska,  that’s a nice little increase

T-doggy….  what do u think bout pelini looking to the pro ranks?  There is a lot of turnover in the pros rite now and a person would think there’s a good secondary coach looking for work

No loaylty in the sport anymore, it’s all about the bottom line.  Well, the next time one of these ass’ts comes in to NU and starts bitching about the ‘quality” of our athletes, whil he’s getting paid a healthy 6 fig income, which he will easily and rapidly relinquish as soon as someone else pimps him for more $, well, I think somebody should tell him to “F” himself and show him the door right then and there.

sweet T,

I think your hypothesis is probably sound.

sweet T,

Pro or no pro coach, as long as he can coach is the main thing.  There could be a hella h.s. coach out there, probably a ton of em.

I heard on Big Red Wrapup last night there is a good chance the Huskers get Marvin Sanders back. That would be sweet.

i’d go for marvin sanders back for sure!

Not particularly impressed with DB across the country this year anyway.  Half the time they get a PI called for not looking back and banging into the guy are tackling him before the ball is even within 5 yds of the play, and I guess CBs/safeties can just grab the hands of WRs these days as they never seem to call that one.

Hey, keep payin’ those coaches more and more though, bling bling bling…

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