Lloyd Carr is Delusional

Former Michigan head coach revealed that he's still bothered that Michigan had to share the national title with Nebraska in 1997.  Particularly eye-roll inducing was his remark that "Why would it bother you that someone else is out there claiming, inaccurately, that they had the best team?"  As a Husker fan, let's break down the accuracy of NU's claim to a title that year.


I present the following verifiable facts:

1.    Only one major college team won 13 games in 1997 - Nebraska.

2.    That 13-win Husker team trounced two teams that finished in the top 8 in the polls - Tennessee (42-17) led by Peyton Manning and Kansas State (56-26) whose only loss was to NU.  

3.    The highest ranked team that Michigan beat that year in the final rankings was #9 Washington State led by Ryan Leaf.  The victory was by a narrow margin (21-16).  Replays clearly show that Leaf clocked the ball on the Michigan 26 yard line with one or two seconds remaining but was denied the opportunity to run another play that could have given the Cougars the victory.

4.    The next highest ranked team beaten by the Wolverines was #12 Ohio State, by six points in Ann Arbor.

5.    Other close calls for Michigan included a touchdown victory over unranked Notre Dame and a four-point victory over ultimately unranked Iowa.

6.    Nebraska also trounced two other ranked teams they faced at Washington (27-14) and versus Texas A&M in San Antonio (54-15).  

7.    Las Vegas oddsmakers said they would make Nebraska a ten-point favorite over Michigan on a neutral field.  In fact, they said that 3rd ranked Florida State would also be favored on a neutral site over the Wolverines.  Most computer polls following the season told a similar story.

Michigan's strongest arguments were margin of victory over a couple of opponents.  Of course, the Wolverines faced the schools in Michigan while Nebraska faced those teams on their campuses.  Michigan also might get an edge if you look at where teams were ranked when games were played versus final rankings.  So was the Colorado team that Michigan faced really that much stronger because it was the opening game of the season and hadn't been exposed as a fraud by the time they played NU 3 months later?

Then there's the miracle at Missouri where NU won on what some would call an illegal play.  That one's in the eye of the beholder and therefore an argument neither side can win.  The officials ruled it legal, when perhaps they shouldn't (if they deemed Wiggins kick deliberate).  But for those who want to go too far down this road, I refer back to #3 above.  The Wolverines benefitted from a borderline call as well that could have changed the outcome of their game as well.  

Let's not forget Scott Frost's words following NU's Orange Bowl victory over Tennessee: "My plea is to the coaches," Frost said. "If your job depended on playing either Michigan or Nebraska, who would you rather play?"  Apparently, those coaches liked their changes of beating Michigan just a wee bit more.

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Let’s not forget that Michigan, had only the 44th-best total offense in the country…and the Huskers had seen offenses much more potent than Michigan.  However, Michigan had NOT seen an offense like Nebraska’s that year…in fact, not many had because The 1997 Huskers set an NCAA record that still stands by scoring an average of 5.5 rushing touchdowns per game

Another odd thing is that Michigan was ranked #5 in the power rankings of the top 5 ranked teams…that’s never happened before…where a #5 ranked team is vaulted up from being ranked number 4 to number 1 after both the 3 and 2 ranked teams win…but it happened after they beat an overranked Penn State.

Let’s also not forget that all the teams Michigan got credit for beating were 0-6 in their bowls.  Nebraska’s opponents were 2-2.

DK…excellent points!  Bottom line here is the simple fact, Mr. Carr is an example of “sour grapes”.  You probably remember his tirades when NU beat Michigan 32 to 28 in the Alamo Bowl a few years ago…his act that night would have made Bo look like a choir boy…

Well…in fairness to Mr Carr…I also thought it was outrageous that NU had to share the NC with Michigan…. who I believed was grossley overrated.

Carr’s full of poo.  And those in the know said Meechicken didnt even have the 2nd best team that year, so there you have it.

It aint ‘illegal’ if they dont call it, right?  That kinda stuff happens all the time anyway, so its a moot point and by and large to this day recognized as one of the best, most heads up plays in CFB history and Matt Davison hasnt had to buy a Runza since.  So, suck it critics.

Lloyd carr just goes to show you what a cry baby is all about!  You put those stats and numbers in carrs face and have him read them and then still say michigan would have won and   that would show his true colors cuz you know he would still say they would have won!  Punk-ass lying bitch is what he is!!!

Has anybody reminded Carr-nplainer that this was, like, 17 years ago, maybe need to, uh, get the frick over it, move on—like dat?  Meechicken needs to worry more about the fact we own a 3-1 service advantage over last 4 meetings, yea babay.

Lloyd Carr is delusional?  You guys in Nebraska just figuring that out? :)

I think the more important point here is that it reminds us of what a load of nonsense the bowl/poll system was, and that, for all its faults, the BCS did give us a #1 vs. #2 game.  Now 4 teams will get the chance to be an “undisputed” champion.  When that number gets to 8, I think it will be where it needs to be.  But at least we don’t have to hear much of the lobbying anymore.

NU only had two close games that year:  @ Mizzou and @ CO.  Otherwise, the entire season was a relatively dominant exercise by NU over its foes.  As to MI, their completed schedule was not as impressive.  Plus, NU made Peyton Manning look like a confused idiot when they played Tennessee.

DK is correct on all points.

Lloyd Carr is delusional?  You guys in Nebraska just figuring that out? :)


This story hasn’t been picked up on the Michigan boards I frequent. Although this topic usually gets a rise from UM fans, I guess they’re sleeping during the offseason, more worried about whether Brady Hoke is the solution as a FB coach, or thinking about their seeding in march Madness.
Hey, we’ve outperformed them the last 50 years, however you slice/dice it, including holding scoreboard over them and having a better conference/overall record in the B1G.

And how ‘bout Nebraskaball? GBR!

Speaking of “delusional”, Bobo gets a 1 year extension…and a raise!

You know what? Good for Bobo. He challenged the U of N and now he calls the shots.

I am laughing my ass off on that news.

Bo has survived some things like mutiny from former Husker greats, appearing to be out of control on occasion with players, and making disparaging comments about his own fanbase.  He even challenged the admin to fire him.  Normally, any one of those things could send a coach packing.

My conclusion?  Someone very powerful wants him there (Tom O?), so I think he is there for the forseeable future.  The only thing is - he needs to control his behavior and his tongue a little better.  I’m sure there is a limit to tolerance of that stuff.  I sense that Bo’s temper is like nitroglycerin.  It may appear calm, but you know something explosive and ugly can happen at anytime.


Bo has had every reason to be upset about these things.  Poor officiating cost him a B12 championship against Texas.  And though the officiating hasn’t been better in the B1G it doesn’t appear as if the Ref’s have it in for Nebraska like it did back in the final years in the B12.

Now take into consideration that some sniveling, whinny, lib, “journalist” hung on to an audio tape for two years and only came out with it after an embarrassing loss against UCLA and one can come to the conclusion that there are those who “THINK” they are powerfull trying to get rid of Bo.  Point blank and simple, they tried to railroad the guy and they failed.

I would like to hang on to Bo, because he still gets the kids to play beyond themselves in many respects.  Yeah, bad officiating is part of the game but it was amazing how often the outcome of the game relied upon it.  Especially when ANY team played Texas.

I know you all have Texas scheduled in your future OOC schedule.  May you be treated much better by their officiating crews than we were over the last 15 years we were in the B12.  Just know that you just might be shaking hands with the devil when you go down there.

Now as a disclaimer, Deloss Dodds has retired, so I do expect the bias to digress a great deal.  However, that will be something we will leave for you to evaluate, we are done believing in honesty when it comes to College Football at Austin.

The fact that that game was played 4 years ago and you still have not come to grips with what actually took place says lots.
You seriously need professional help, because you are just in plain denial about the facts.

Blaming the refs is clearly paranoia that ‘someone is out to get me’.

Gee, I dunno, I mean you could look at these statistics.

Nebraska’s ‘astounding’ 2009 Big 12 Championship Game facts::

- 39 passing yards
- 67 rushing yards
- 5 first downs
- 106 total yards
- 3 FG’s
- No touchdowns
= 12 points

No way, no how should any team even dare consider winning a first half, let alone a whole game with a ‘dud’ stat sheet final game tally.

This was a harbinger of things to come under Pelini, but you don’t and can’t see it. You are worrying about the refs? You should be worrying about all the insane lame-ass games since that night.

You say: ‘Hey, let’s blame the ref’s”!

I say: ‘Hey, score more points than your opponent’!

Everyone alrready knows that De loss Dodds has crazy power, otherwise his head coach wouldn’t have been able to lay claim to 8 of the last 17 Big 12 Championship Games ever played…

Ooops! My bad… That was Bob Stoops.

Johnny_Nebraska said:

“Now as a disclaimer, Deloss Dodds has retired, so I do expect the bias to digress a great deal.  However, that will be something we will leave for you to evaluate, we are done believing in honesty when it comes to College Football at Austin.”

If this is your way of starting the clock over on the Pelini experiment, I ain’t buyin’ it.

The fire needs to held to Pelini’s feet, not give him a year extension and a $100,000 per year raise.

That’s just rewarding bad behavior, plain and simple.

That should have read 4 FG’s.

Interesting to see Jamal Turner taking QB snaps in the first Spring practice,,,,what the heck happened to the other highly touted QBs like Stanton etc that are supposed to be able to complete passes as well as option plays?

Johnny N:
I agree that someone (actually quite a few people) was out to get him and failed - but the point is that he spoke in very derogatory terms about his own fan base!  I know he was mad, but you have to control yourself better than that.  Someone fired the gun, but Bo loaded it for them.  :)

As an old guy I’m going to give you an unsolicited, and totally ignorable, piece of advice about how to enjoy Nebraska and college football better.  It is this: there are 22 players on the field at any given time.  With special teams, each team will play 40-50 individuals. In today’s game there are as many as 160 or more plays/snaps of the ball.  The players collectively make thousands of decisions and take thousands of actions during a game.  There are two large coaching staffs at work making constant personell and strategy decisions, and so they make thousands of decisions collectively. 

Officials make, at most a few dozen calls per game.  Factor in the times when they make no call,and let’s assign a high estimate that they make 150 decisions during a game.  It’s just not possible that officials are determining the outcome of games.  The math doesn’t work.  Officials are making 150 decisions and coaches/players are making multiplied thousands. 

The players who play the best and the coaches who coach the best win the game.  The officials’ calls are, at worst, something a team has to overcome and adjust to.  The vast majority of the time, they make the right call.  When they don’t, if you are up 3 TD’s, their call doesn’t matter.  If you are not, well, you put yourself in a situation with what you can control (your play and coaching), where what you cannot control (the officials), can hurt you.

We tend to look at bad calls, especially at the end of games, in terms of that one play.  But if you put a bad call in the context of the whole game, you realize that one call did not determine the game.  There was a whole lot that happened before that bad call. 

If you can realize this truth, and accept it, it will allow you to enjoy the games a lot more.  I know, because I used to get my bloomers in a bunch over the refs, until someone shared this truth me - and it does make a great difference.  The game is composed of humans, and therefore, human error is always a small part of it.  But the next time Nebraska is driving for the winning TD and they get a devastating questionable holding call - or the other team is driving for the winning TD and gets aided by a phantom personal foul or PI, remember that the Nebraska players and coaches put them in the situation where that call could cost them the game.  You will be happier and live longer.  :)

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