Legal Troubles to Impact Big Ten Rosters

Philip Nelson, a transfer at quarterback from Minnesota to Rutgers, was dismissed from the Scarlet Knights due to serious assault charges left a man in critical condition.  Josh Banderas, a contributor at linebacker for Nebraska, is charged with felony theft for stealing bikes.  "Bad news season" has arrived.


College football has entered the spot on the calendar where most of the meaningful college football news tends to be negative.  Sure, there can be positive recruiting developments, but with little real action for the players you often see indiscretions lead to bad press.

Nelson accounted for three touchdowns in Minnesota's upset over Nebraska a year ago.  He was set to compete with Gary Nova at quarterback for Rutgers, who lost his starting job in 2013 due to poor play.  Nova is not the kind of dual-threat player that's been so troubling to Bo Pelini defenses over the years.  So the absence of Nelson probably benefits Nebraska. 

Banderas was the fifth most productive linebacker in 2013.  The top four producers all return, though Nate Gerry has moved to safety.  Additional competition comes from Trevor Roach, who appeared likely to be a major contributor before losing last season to injury.  Courtney Love and Marcus Newby both come off of redshirt seasons.  Newby may be used in packages as a rush end (like Demorrio Williams in the past).  Love showed well in spring and appeared likely to be in the mix for playing time at linebacker as well.

While NU had the depth to continue without Banderas, it doesn't take much for depth to vanish.  With important conference games against running teams like Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Iowa, the Huskers are going to need good healthy linebackers.   

No word has been given yet on the status of Banderas with the team going forward.  You'd imagine he could be suspended a game or dismissed from the team.  Like defensive end Avery Moss, he might have to sit out a year before he's allowed to return (if at all). 

It's always troubling to see young men make bad decisions.  Hopefully, Banderas and Nelson don't repeat these mistakes as they'll quickly find themselves running out of second chances.

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Policies for young men who commit sex offenses and theft should be to go play football somewhere else.

Sex, drugs, violence.
If you repeatedly violate team rules, even if no one else gets hurt, you get sent packing.
If you beat the crap out of someone ‘till they’re unconscious you’re OK, we like the aggressive attitude.
If you drag your roommate’s girlfriend down the stairs by the hair you get suspended a few games, but play in the NC
If you steal from a convenience store you get the Heisman.
Where am I going with this?  I have no idea.  Just some things to ponder.

BallField78 ~ your real life examples are well taken.  College football players are given second chances no other students on campus would be afforded.  They are fed like cattle, tutored for free, worshipped by 90,000 plus on Saturdays and on TV, provided a college education worth bucko bucks while the peon regular student is borrowing his ass off and working part time jobs just to stay enrolled.  In the end, some of these athletes gets a shot at the NFL draft brass ring.  TO should have never brought Phillips back.  A big mistake on his part.  Johnny Rogers skirted the law because of his college celebrity.  Etc.  Etc.  Etc.

Since BOP isn’t fielding a NC team these days, what will be his excuse for allowing Moss or Banderas back on the team sometime in the future.  He has a Colorado lineman being jailed in Colorado for assault, yet this excuse of a man is welcomed onto the team for playing time this fall???

We don’t yet know the ultimate disposition of Moss or Banderas, and don’t have any of the history of Banderas (is it a first offense?).  Alex I can kind of understand - fist offense (oops, “first”), he technically wasn’t NU yet at the time, he will serve his time, and he’s probably got a very short leash.  Osborne was the epitome of giving second changes, provided conditions were met (short leash).  Castille, while not a threat of physical harm to anyone, was apparently a repeat offender.  Moss, his threat is probably more emotional than physical (if you’re a lady), and again he’s paying his dues.  I’m not sure there’s a policy regarding stupidity.  The only case I can think of remotely similar were the guys (I forget who, but there were 2 in the last few years) caught urinating in public.  Slap on hand, move on.  I think one couldn’t participate in the pro days or something like that.
And I forget what Cognito did to have Callahan boot him.

Banderas made a very stupid move!  I think his family, especially his father who used to play at NE will be especially mad.

We also have to consider what he did.  It was just bikes, but what about some of those college kids who lost a bike and can’t afford a new one?  Did he ever consider that, how he hurt fellow students.  It was stupid and inconsiderate for a few dollars.  No prediction here on what Bo will do?

RE: Banderas, I predict Bo will wait until either the legal process or Josh himself provides him with enough information to determine the appropriate action.  If he’s not booted within the next couple weeks, he’s probably getting a second chance.

One similarity between Moss and Banderas cases are they directly affected NU students.  So, the University might be the ones making the decision, rather than Bo.  I don’t know the “official” rules for that.

Only ‘rule’ I am certain of is, if you are an NU football player, second chances will come your way while for non-athletes, that is usually never the case.  As to the transfer lineman from Colorado who is about to serve time for criminal assault back in Colorado, I would never accept someone like that, regardless of the fract his serious crime occurred out-of-state. 

If you are a college athlete and you commit crimes, there should be a zero tolerance policy.  I don’t care if it is shoplifting, DUI, assault, indecent exposure, stealing bikes, or whatever.  “Son, take your crap somewhere else.”

RE: Moss—are we just higher animals, or are we God’s creation, instilled with morals?

If the former, all Moss did was to expose part of his human body to another human.  Some people should be banned for exposing their face to the public.

If the latter, does not God himself preach forgiveness?  Not 7 times, but 7 x 70!  Moss did no physical harm, he was just plain stupid.  Twice, at least. 

Maybe Banderas took the scripture, “and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either”, and since he was going to take one, he might as well take 7.

Personally, I think football players who make wise choices have a better chance of success on the field.  But now that’s rather Darwinian, isn’t it?

Is there a coherent point to this post?  Not really, just more food for thought.  Personally, I have not convicted Banderas (yet) in my mind because I don’t know that I have all the pertinent facts.  Personally, I think Moss’ actions were stupid and offensive but really harmless, so if stupid and offensive requires punishment, there should be more lawyers and judges than there are fast food workers.
Of course, stupid and offensive might cause one to have to sell a $1B asset.  For some, though, stealing a bike is like horse thievery, and Banderas should be hung from the highest goal post.  At least in effigy?  I’m pretty sure he’s already lost the trust of his teammates.  He should transfer.

How about we let the letter of the law and the justice system run their course, and if they pay their dues, let them be people again.  Don’t make them team captain, though.

I think I’ve rambled enough without saying anything that will affect any final outcome.

Let the due process system run its course.  Moss has been found guilty.  Let him go on his way.  As to Banderas, if he is found guilty or pleads guilty, boot him off the team too.  There are too many law abiding athletes looking for a chance to play big league college football to suggest the University ought to cut such criminal offenders a break.  If you expose yourself in public to women on campus, #1 - you are stupid, immature and foolish; #2 - you’re apparently not drunk or under the influence at the time, so what’s the excuse? ; #3 - this man has no respect for women; #4 - he committed a sexual offense.  If I’m the HC, if I can’t compete for the B10 Title, I will at least have non-criminals playing on my team.

It is not that complicated.

In other Husker football news today:

Put up or shut up. The man has spoken. Enough said!

What else is AD going to say after adding a whopping one year extension to BOP contract!!!  BOP’s retention will live or die on this fall season’s results, regardless of the current Kumbayah Slim Pickens Blazing Saddles Campfire scene the public is being fed.

BOP’s okay, but he has not demonstrated an ability to consistently elevate the team’s performance and results to the next level of relevancy.  He’ll be lucky to keep his job if he loses another 4 games this fall.  We all hope he wins at least 10 out of 12.  That would be a good start for a turn around in the program.

So, it is reported that Banderas said the following about he and his track buddy’s bike stealing:
“Officer Aaron Pemberton wrote Banderas “stated they took the bikes because he saw signs posted on the racks that UNL would cut the bikes after a certain date and take them as abandoned property.” Banderas said the plan was to sell the seven bikes over the Internet.

If what Banderas says is true, he is either a frick’n idiot or he knew he was stealing the bikes.  The fact a sign is on the rack telling bike owners that just leave the bike on the rack forever, doesn’t mean any of the bikes Banderas stole were “abandoned”.  There was simply a warning sign you commonly find on all the racks around campus.

Banderas knew what was going on.  This is no defense for his alleged acts of stealing.  If I am the coach, Banderas is “toast” and never to be seen again on his team.

If that’s all there is to it, I agree, he should go.

The difference between genius and stupidity is there is a limit to genius. (Think Einstein said that.)

I like that.

“Put up or shut up”

We non-Bo-lievers have been saying that for years.
‘More like ‘Put up or hit the road’.

BTW, let’s make sure that by asking a coach to ‘put up’, we mean win a meaningful game, get the Husker football team in the news for the RIGHT reasons, and win hardware other than ‘Hey, we suck less than everyone else in our conference (and even that has been awhile, too).

I’m NOT saying that Shawn Eichorst is NOT part of the problem, either.
I assure you, I couldn’t give a rats ass what Shawn Eichorst endorses.

NU you want us to win championships, you say the average student doesn’t get the same considerations as football players, and you say this ” I don’t care if it is shoplifting, DUI, assault, indecent exposure, stealing bikes, or whatever.  “Son, take your crap somewhere else.”  So if Jameis Winston wanted to transfer here you wouldl feel the same way? (shoplifting).  How many students at this university or any other get kicked out of school for most of what you have listed above?  If you want the same treatment for football players as students I am aftraid the university would be asking alot of students to transfer.  I think at times when a football player gets picked up for some of these offenses he actually pays a higher price than the average student.  The average student pays the fine and does the civil punishment but the player now has to additionally do the punishment of the coach.  I doubt most of us on the outside know what those team punishments consist of.

larr ~ since when doesn’t a student get the boot from campus if he/she commits serious property crimes in violation of Nebraska laws on campus property?  Furthermore, with Moss and Banderas, these idiots are committing serious crimes against other students and campus employees.  Finally, higher returns in life require higher risks to be taken.  If you choose to play football on scholarship, and elevate your profile and existence accordingly, don’t complain about taking a harder fall than what some non-descript student would otherwise experience.  In the end, if you put yourself in a high-profile position, be smart enough not to blow it by stealing other people’s property or or intentionally exposing your privates in public.  Demanding that athletes also NOT be criminals is really not asking too much of these “I’m entitled” narcissistic personalities.

Like I said “How many students at this university or any other get kicked out of school for most of what you have listed above?”  Most of what you have listed DUI, shoplifting, or what ever is not reason for any student to be sent packing yet if a football player does any of these you want them to “take their crap somewhere else” zero tolerence.  If those bikes were so important to the students that vacated the University on the 10th why did they leave them.  I am not condoning his actions and we have people on here calling him stupid an idiot, but how many students pack up for the summer and leave their bikes paddalocked to the bike rack for the summer.  How many “normal” students get picked up for stealing, shoplifting, DUI and go through the publicity that these guys go through.  If my son gets a Regents scholarship that pays tuition and gets picked up for DUI, stealing he is not pasted all over the paper, TV, blogs getting scrutinized like this having things like this being said ““NOT be criminals is really not asking too much of these “I’m entitled” narcissistic personalities”.  The only thing yet for you to comment on is that this is “BOP’s” fault.  I am not in favor of ruining a young man’s life for doing a stupid act, and thank you for second chances because I am sure that everyone on here has had that given to them at somepoint in some degree.

Driving to graduation ceremonies last Saturday in Linc I saw the ‘larr’ personalized license plate on a car driving north on 10th street about 8:15 in the morning. Was that you? Belonged to a Larry I believe since his name was on a sticker on the car door.

Larr~ you rationalize in order to minimize the seriousness of theft.  Crimes occurring on campus are more aggregious than off campus.  Direct disrespect being paid to the University that feeds and educates you.  When I played ball in HS, the coach explained that if we did cigs or booze, we were off the team.  No second chances.  I can assure you that if any of the HS players had flashed the cheerleaders or stolen bikes from the school, that player was toast.  That is the way it should have been.

Banderas is a young man who believes he can take property that does not belong to him.  The fact he can play college football should not factor into it.  NU banned Moss from campus and he decides to violate the ban, claiming ignorance.  When is enough, enough?  Moss got his second chance bleeding hearts suggest should have been the case.  He blew it!!!  He is either stupid or playing games.  In either case, the NU FB program does not need either attribute on the field.

TO made his mistake with Phillips because he felt sorry for him.  You cut your losses and move on as a HC.  We’ll get a measure of BOP on the Banderas and Moss situations, if they are allowed to return in the future to play more football.

As society’s tolerance for wrongdoers grows under the guise of “second chances” and the need for “understanding”, we only see the same society going down the proverbial tube of deterioration and decline.  It is time people in power stop the freefall, sooner rather than later.

On Banderas, how do we know it wasn’t just a college prank?

How do you know Moss wasn’t at the store jawing a little with the girl, having some sexy talk like we all tried to do when we were young, she said “oh ya, well take and out and show me big boy”, and he did, and all of a sudden she’s horrified and calls the police?

There are extenuating circumstances to most things in life. We are a nation of second chances. I know I’ve needed them.

NU so in your thinking than, if a person does a crime and goes to jail for that crime no parole?  If a person commits a crime a pays the price to society that they are given, no second chance?  Than you are also saying that Jamies Winston should be kicked off FS football team (shoplifting not to mention the allegatons of rape). If NU student at a NU football game gets busted for intoxication dismiss him or her from the school for direct disrespect for the school that educates you?  Or are you once again putting the expectations of these football players at such a high level of being perfect that it is inevitable that they will fail in some form or another.  I have said before that I don’t condone what he did, it was a stupid act on his part.  I don’t think getting on sites like this calling him a “frickin idiot” and some of the other comments shows much class.  I will give the benefit of the doubt until the courts and the school that have more information than I before I judge him (innocent until proven guilty in court).  On the Moss incident, until I read the paper work that tells him what the guidelines were, and if it is in lawyer talk which I would not blame him for not totally understanding what they meant exactly. End of year, end of school year, after semester, IDK but until I have all the facts I will refrain from using phrases like “He is either stupid or playing games”.  Yes these kids that are on scholarship are given alot by the University, but don’t lose sight also that they give alot back of there time, abilities, so we can either go or watch on TV a game that to many people get to upset about if they are not up to their standards.  Young men make a mistake, I don’t think that gives you any right to call them names or categorize them.  I wonder how many players over the championship years would have been shown the door under your guidelines.  And yet you savor those days and yearn for them to come back so your life is happy.

Cage you should of honked and said Hi, not saying it was or wasn’t me people just need to say Hi and good morning more often makes you feel good relieves some stress.

Every summer - and I mean EVERY summer - Ohio State has several players, usually starters, suspended for the first few games.  One year Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort peed behind a tree at the Memorial golf tournament and ran from police.  Last year, Carlos Hyde was in a club at 1 AM, a girl slapped him, he slapped back at her (but missed), no charges, but he lost 3 games.  Also Brad Roby decided to get into it with a bouncer in an Indiana bar and lost a few games.

Who is it going to be this year?  IDK, but some dumbass will come through.

If it’s fights with no serious injuries, alcohol related stuff, etc., I’m inclined to see if kids will learn their lesson and stay out of trouble.  If they do, it’s just a matter of them growing up.  If we are talking about robbery, assault with serious injury, rape, etc. I don’t know if a CFB program is the right place to rehabilitate a young man with those kinds of problems.

Larr, from my understand those bikes could have been left there that day.  The sign said if the bikes are left there too long they would be impounded.  It didn’t mean that all those bikes were abandoned. These bikes were stolen, plain and simple.

I don’t care when or why the bikes were there.  They did not belong to the two students who used bolt cutters to take them.  Taking something that belongs to someone else, without permission, is stealing, by definition.  Not judging, discerning.

But I agree with due process, understanding the circumstances, and, I’m OK with, if warranted, giving second chances.  My concern stated earlier is loss of trust with the teammates, that makes it very difficult for the team to work together.  Therefore, in this case, I think the “second chance” should be given by another school.  But if NU and Bo decide to give him a second chance, based on whatever information they have that I don’t, I’m OK with it.

Note that the University would not be “stealing” the bikes, because they are left on “U” property, and due notice is given, therefore as of the date given by notice, permission for the “U” to take them is implicit.  Anyone who disagrees with that is welcome to park their Ferrari in my garage for a couple weeks, I’ll have a sign posted.  And yes, you may come back to recover your vehicle, but it may have a few extra miles on it :-))

steal [steel]
verb (used with object), stole, sto·len, steal·ing. 
1.  to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force: A pickpocket stole his watch. 
2.  to appropriate (ideas, credit, words, etc.) without right or acknowledgment.
3.  to take, get, or win insidiously, surreptitiously, subtly, or by chance: He stole my girlfriend. 
4.  to move, bring, convey, or put secretly or quietly; smuggle (usually followed by away, from, in, into,  etc.): They stole the bicycle into the bedroom to surprise the child. 
5.  Baseball.  (of a base runner) to gain (a base) without the help of a walk or batted ball, as by running to it during the delivery of a pitch.

FL Husker I have never said he didn’t steal them, he admits to that.  What I am having a problem with is people getting on here and calling him stupid, frickin idiot, things like this.  The kid used very poor judgement in stealing the bikes, and I am not justifying this but they had to be out by the 10th, who goes home for the summer and leaves their bike paddalocked to a bike rack if it was so valuable to you.  That doesn’t give him the right to take them, but that is poor judgement on the students who left them also.  These are young people that don’t always think things through.  I have two of them this age and sometimes it blows my mind what they are thinking.  I just don’t think we have the right to to call him these names and say the bad things about him just because he is on the football team.  There are students every week in this school that do something illegal and yet no one is bringing them up every week on here in the front pages of papers, TV.  He didn’t steal the bikes at gun point, knock someone off the bike to get it,  he wasn’t intoxicated, or on drugs when he did it, he saw an opportunity to make some money and now he will pay for that dearly. If the University and the football team decide to give him another chance I hope he becomes a better person and learns from this.

Larr, I agree, name calling has no place here!  There is a difference between making a stupid move vs. calling him stupid.  He is a student who used bad judgement, and it will be dealt with by the University and Bo. The more I think about it, he should be given a second chance. kids do things that don’t make sense; they hopefully learn something from this and go on.  It is a felony, but he didn’t physically hurt anyone and if he did, thats a whole other thing.  I hope he gets to stay on the team with maybe a suspension of a game or two, plus whatever the judge orders which I hope is probation and community service.

Larr, thank you for your opinion…we are all here for the same cause!! GBR

FL, you are correct in describing bike rack situation.  Banderas should be toast, along with his weenie track and field wuss.  Rehabilitation does not occur in an idol worship atmosphere of big time college football.  Thus, the belief that keeping these guys within the team structure will somehow turn them mentally and in their hearts into law abiding citizens is flawed.  By this age, people are who they are, absent some sort of epiphany or life changing experience.  Heisting some bikes or flashing a young woman on campus and getting caught are not “life changing” events.  They are simply a screw up in these men’s minds.

For larr and FL ~ my boys are 21 and 23.  I know they would never go over to a bike rack and take someone else’s bike, nevertheless SEVEN bikes!!!  Nor would they dare expose themselves in public like Moss admits he did.  The question is, what should the punishment be beyonod what the criminal law imposes as fines, penalties and conditions of release?  Crimes committed against the institution you are representing and the university, tax-payers, season ticket holders, and the student body, who collectively are providing you with all the privileges it does for “student-athletes” is entitled to a higher standard of behavior from such “student athletes.”  This reminds me of Billy Clinton who was getting Lewinskies in the oval office and folks rationalizing that he should lose his job because it was a private sexual matter.  BC trashed the office, he lied under oath causing him to lose his lawyer’s license in Arkansas, but “hey” what does that have to do with his public office???  Well, just about everything if you respect the office he held.  Obviously, Clinton didn’t give a damn about the office.  Obviously Banderas and Moss don’t give a damn about their status as a “student athlete” at NU.  They embarrass themselves, but more importantly, they have trashed everyone one else is a “student athlete” at NU.  Be a man, quit out of respect for the team, and get your life together!!! It is no more complicated than that.

excuse me, “and folks rationlizing that he should NOT lose his job” is what I intended on saying above.

I have yet to hear any other student athlete say they have been trashed by this.  You are now speaking for people you have no right to.  You are on another bash of the football program in any means you see fit.  Please don’t put words in other peoples mouths because that is how you feel it just shows the low class you will stoop to to bash this program.

If the University says he can come back than it is up to Bo and the rest of the team to decide.  If the team votes him out I am all for that, if they say he can stay I will accept that.  And if you think less of any other athlete for the University of any sport because of this decision feel free wouldn’t want you to be rooting for a bunch of “trashy athletes” to find another team you can transfer to.  But I will back this school under any decision they make.  GBR!!!

In some cases you just can’t figure what in the heck these college kids are thinking, if thinking at all.

Especially with the Jameis Winston crab caper just happening and seeing all the negative media. You just wouldn’t think these guys would chance it.

I believe in giving second chances, especially to young people. But, there are some really famous ‘incidents’ where I do not think a second chance should be given…at ALL!

Let’s see, OU’s Dusty Dvorachek beat one of his ‘friends’ nearly to death when Dusty was drunk (and anger issues, obviously). Bob Stoops kicked him off the team but let him come back the following season. I thought that was a bad move. As far as I know, he never acted up again.
That’s going a bit far in putting your neck out for a kid with such problems. That could have cost ‘Riverboat Bob’ his job.

Another is Johnny Rogers. I was too young at the time to form any realistic opinion on that one. A kid is an accomplice to an armed robbery and you let him back on the team? Not a fan of that call either. Bob Devaney could have easily lost his job over that call.

OU star receiver Broyles used a gas card that belonged to someone else a few times and was allowed to stay with the team. He owns every receiving record at OU.

1987 OU defensive back Jerry Parks shoots another team member over a CASSETTE tape (of all things). No chance for King Switzer to make a wrong call with that kid because he went straight to the slammer for that one.

Yea, if you are a star, you get treated differently on a lot of college football teams. It can’t be easy being a head coach and having to deal with ALL of these kids especially who come from morally bankrupt households.

larr ~ setting high and consistent standards is not “bashing” the program.  Lowering standards is what gets programs and society into deterioration mode.  Despite NU’s winning ways at the time, TO’s decision to bring Phillips back at the end of the season was a big mistake.  That decision also hurt TO’s credibility in that folks around the country believed he did so to increase NU’s chances of winning.  While that may not have been true, perception counts.

The fact I am a former student and at some point in time am allowed back on campus to attend classes, does not mean the young man should automatically be allowed to play football or any other sport at NU.  The two situat ions are mutually exclusive.

Attending classes and playing sports are mutually exclusive?

No.  The fact a person is allowed to return to school and attend classes at the university does not mean they are necessarily entitled to also play football following an incident.

!= exclusive

Never, I mean NEVER underestimate the abject stupidity of a college fuhball player.  Banderas, I never would’ve thought, but then again, somehow I always forget they are football players.  All the hype and effort that was put behind Bando getting him to NU, all the accolades and he proved himself pretty worthy on the field.  Seems like a real good kid and stealing some bikes doesnt necessarily detract from that, but how f’ing STUPID can you be?

WOW, and they do the deed @ 5 p.m. in the afternoon, broad daylight, in a pick ‘em truck, ‘gonna sell them via Facebook’ or something.  Ya just cant make this stuff up.  “Hey, I just traded a full ride schollie for some extra spending $ that, you know, I got from stealing some bikes.’

They’re living like kings(or queens, maybe) in the Taj Mahal country club that is the ridiculously over priced, over pampered, ATH dpt/lockerroom facilities—hardwood, oak finished, ipad in the f’ing shower, blah blah blah, special ‘fuhball’ tutors, and cooks, and etc waiting on them hand and foot,  I mean, even the local bike theft racketeers here in this small town are WAY smarter than that, but I guess they make their living at it.

Can’t his dad give him some fricking spending money for god’s sake?  Yeah, ruin your daddy’s good name while you’re at it, Bando.

If you are going to premeditatedly steal something, rob a fricking bank—get PAID, skip town, Alcapulco here we come, like that—at least justify the effort, risk/gain factors, dont they teach these kids economics 101 anymore?

Guess fuhball players, they think they’re ‘above it all’.  Never, NEVER underestimate the stupidity of a football player.  F’ing grow the F up!

Ain’t no real Fan got no time for this bush league b.s.

DOG-GONNIT?I knew you would’nt be gone for long.

riled up,

figured i couldnt find any white corn nation sites that werent cornpletely racist—been on all of ‘em—so might as well stay here, i ‘spose.

but bando, the only good thing i can say about that is at least he and his cohort didnt use guns in their theft, which is more than i can say about the cops.

Thus T Dogg~ perhaps players with that little common sense really should not be playing football at NU?  Just a thot!

Looks like Banderas is going to get a walk with a few hours of Community Service and no charges filed..Who says life ain’t fair…. when you can play football.  Coach will probably make him run a few extra laps and call it good.  So all will be well.

If you are right the fact it was done in broad daylight probably helped his case. Better to be known as an innocent fool then a guilty genius I guess.

First, criminals get caught all the time because they are stupid.
Second, if Mr. Banderas and his genius buddy got caught stealing bikes, I can assure you this is not their first offense.
Third, they came prepared with bolt cutters.
Fourth, they were stealing their fellow students’ bikes.  That’s really an honorable thing to do!
Lastly, Banderas is a thief.  The University should ban him from the campus; but we’re an undersanding society.  The yound lad made a simple “mistake”.  He wasn’t really committing a crime.  I’m already feeling sorry for the bloke.  I am sure his folks are really proud!!!!

Get real, folks!  Have some standards!  Banderas is a thief.  This isn’t his first time doing this.  And if he doesn’t go pro, he’ll be out there stealing again.

In football related news…I see where Craig Bohl (Wyoming head coach) plans to recruit the state of Nebraska heavily.

If he out-recruits Pelini and has more wins, we may be seeing the early stages of Craig Bohl becoming Nebraska football’s next head coach.

He just might fit the budget that Nebraska can afford.

18 days till Phil Steele’s lollapalooza College Football magazine hits the newsstands.


Did you really say, ‘thot’?  No really, it’s cool, if you need to simplify the language for yourself, by all means, nobody’s judging around here. 

I’m not sure I see your point, though.  In your world, BOP be ‘bad’, therefore in Bando be ‘bad’ too, well, he fits right in, right?  I’m trying to keep these concepts simple for you.

Frankie has been picking up many of the ‘leftover’ recruits—which is most of them—form NE, the ones that cant or dont want to walk on @ NU.  So, good luck to Bohl, knock yourself out.

NE state only produces about 3 players a year that could get a schollie and play on a big boy team.  Most the walk ons never see the light of day.

That being said, I think playing under Frankie or Bohl would be an excellent choice for any NE recruit and at least you’d probably get to see the field.

“Looks like Banderas is going to get a walk with a few hours of Community Service and no charges filed..Who says life ain’t fair…”

I dunno, maybe we could ask Avery Moss if he has opinion on that one…

Moss violated his agreement, that’s why he got the severe penalty.
If Banderas violates his diversion agreement, he’ll have a felony charge, with jail time etc.

Pre-trial diversion for felony theft?  Who says Nebraska is a conservative state!!!  After finally getting caught stealing other people’s property (this is likely not his first time stealing), he deserves a second chance?  More like a second chance to keep stealing until he is caught again.  He’s like Gonzalez.  Not his first murder, ya know.  He just finally got caught.  Not your first DUI.  The person just finally got caught. 
Appreciating the practical unspoken truth about Banderas’s ways, it is hard to take this young man back onto the football team.  “Hey, who took my jock strap!!!”

TDogg ~ who ever said BOP is a criminal like apparently some of his players are?  “Not I,” said the little mouse.

Any man who loves his pussy like BOP apparently does is probably very understanding and empathetic!

I dunno, T Dawg, but I expect that if Banderas gets to play on the NU team for his “little lapse in judgement”, than I suspect Moss will be given his new opportunity to play as well and they will both feel that life is fair indeed…(when you’re a football player).  If not, then not so much.

“After finally getting caught stealing other people’s property (this is likely not his first time stealing), ...”
Most people don’t get in trouble for stealing their own property.

BarfField78 ~ Are you suggesting I implied Banderas could have been stealing his own property?  My post didn’t suggest that.  Only your distorted reading of the passage reaches such a conclusion.

If you really wish to get technical, criminal theft is defined as a criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person’s consent.  Thus, my reference to stealing other peoople’s property is technically correct.  You, however, out of ignorance for the law, attempt to make a meaningless point in error.

Do your homework first before trying to lash out at a blogger you don’t like.  Your point is Barfless.


Unreal, lighten up, I was poking fun of your choice of words.
“After finally getting caught stealing OTHER people’s property “
What other property WOULD he steal?

“...criminal theft is defined as a criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person’s consent.”

Yes, I used that very definition in an earlier post, thank you.  Now look up the word “redundant”, and “circular logic” and note that “theft” = “stealing”.  i.e., do your own homework.

NU After finally getting caught misspelling some words(this is likely not your first time), you deserve a second chance?  More like a second chance to keep misspelling until you are caught again.  Your like Gonzalez.  Not his first murder, ya know.  He just finally got caught.  Not your first DUI.  The person just finally got caught.  Hey there is some misspelled words in this here newspaper I am reading NU Realista!!!!!!!
So I guess beings you can’t spell that means we will be providing you with welfare and foodstamps the rest of your life, you must be a worthless human being with no value to society whats so ever.  I hate jumgemental people don’t you??

“...criminal theft is defined as a criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person’s consent.”

Yeah, it’s like when The Man sends his armed thugs to take your house—against your consent one would think—because you didnt consent to Him robbing you the 1st go ‘round(t@xes).

Its all about 2nd chances.

Excuse me ‘larr’——you write “I hate jumgemental people don’t you??”  Typos are par for the course.  Some folks hurry up and don’t proof read.  I will assume you are trying to be humorous in your own unfunny way.  Nice try ‘larry’.  Oops!  another mispelled word!

TDogg ~ so people steal until they get caught.  Then, we are expected to give the thief a second chance?  A second chance to keep stealing until her is caught again.  Steal 100 times, finally get caught.  We give the thief a second chance to steal a 100 times more???  This Realistah ain’t naive.  R U?

NU my point is you expect everyone around you to meet your standards and don’t accept others for who or what they are.  You are a very judgemental and assuming person with very low class for making your idiotic statements that you know this was not his first time of stealing, let him go so he can steal again.  You really seem to think so little of a football players IQ and yet you want them to be perfect on and off the field.  I was just pointing out that even the people that think they are perfect have imperfections.  Using an excuse like hurrying and not proof reading are just that, an excuse.  I make mistakes all the time so therefore I don’t hold people to a standard so high they can’t possibly meet that so I than can belittle them to make myself feel better, unlike you.

larrista ~ unfortunately, using spelling erros (if there is such a thing anymore) to illustrate a point that people aren’t perfect doesn’t really fit into the legitimate debate about how many “second chances” a thief deserves to get.  Anyone in law enforcement, like the police and prosecutors, will assure you that people who are caught stealing simply let the odds catch up with them.  Rarely is a thief caught by the authorities having committed hisher very first theft.  Yet, society plays out a fiction suggesting a “first offense” deserves probation or deferred prosecution.  A thief who is caught by the police for the first time is normally committing his/her 20th or 50th offense, whatever the case may be.

Are we really supposed to believe Banderas has only stolen property this one time?  The bold and brazen manner by which he committed this particular theft is simply indicative of the fact he has become more flippant about the act of stealing.  The more you do something in defiance of the law, the greater the risks you end up taking to complete the improper deed.

Bottom line: anyone with commons sense knows Banderas is a thief, not a person who simply made an error in judgment on a particular day in Lincoln.  He can still turn his life around and I hope he does.  He is not, however, deserving of playing football at NU going forward.  Pelini, like the rest of us, know Banderas is a thief.  Thieves may get second chances to avoid jail, but they don’t deserve the honor and privilege of playing college football at NU.  There must be real consequences to committing crimes.

Maybe the NU “Man”, or Coach, won’t allow either one of them back on the Team because of their nefarious deeds, then what?  I guess they’ll both have to look into the mirror and say, “You Stupid A**hole…look at what you did to yourself ! “....Naw…not gonna happen, not when it’s so much easier to point a finger at someone else and say, “Look at what “They” did to me!”.  Just Sayin’!  C’est La Vie.

Very fortunate to be able to scroll through unrealistics repeated rants and typos. Imagine what it would be like hearing that shit straight out of her gash.

Get over yourself Perry Mason.  Yer boys The Po Po get away with armed robbery 1000s of times a day on streets and highways across the land.  The “law” supports them as such, in fact “the law” couldnt exist if they didnt, as per nobody in their right mind would voluntarily pay them for their “services”.

You’re one of those “presumed guilt” type of guys, I can see, and hence Un’Murican.  Have you considered a relocation to a foreign land where your viewpoint may be more acceptable, say N. Korea?

Uh, most regular people ‘steal’ because they ‘po’(vernacular for ‘poor’), gotta eat, pay off the slumlords, stuff like that.
Oft times your more privileged kids ‘steal’ for shits and giggles, a dare, a thrill or because daddy didnt give them they allowance that week.
But, I can see your grave concern on the subject of ‘theft’, so why dont you direct your dog and pony Perry Mason routine where it the real thieves are, like Goldman Sachs or the cops or the IRS, you know, the big time repeat offenders and get off small timers like Bandito’s back.  This ‘holier than thou’ stuff stinks to high heaven.
I am the only one that’s perfect here and dont nobody forget it!  Lemme tell yas, perfection is not w/o its trials, namely the boredom, but somebody’s gotta do it, be it…

Glad to see you all support the President’s release of 36,000 convicted illegal alien criminals involving crimes from murder, to rape, assault, theft (Oooops!), DUI’s, etc.  After all, people deserve a second chance, right?  If you don’t like the laws as written, repeal them.  Otherwise, enforce the laws against those who choose to violate them.  I know - that’s an outdated notion suggesting there be immediate consequences for committing crimes.

Boy, you guys sure set me straight!  Football is more important than law and order, and laws are meant NOT to be enforced under the unwritten rule of second chances.

Society decay starts from within, and works its way out.  Some of you folks are victims of the rot.

T-Dawg,  You must have accidently overlooked naming Charlie Rangel, the Rev Al Sharpton, the entire Black Caucus, and the President who only knows what he reads in the newspapers, for all their contributions to the betterment of the Po’ folks, you know who I mean, Charlie R, the infamous Slumlord (with a Capital S) who lived in luxury across the street while watching his tenents suffer in poverty and pay rent in in his own bldgs deemed unfit for human habitation that he refuses to repair.  Great reason for him to push through more Welfare and subsidies for those Po folks ain’t it, so he can make more money off them?  At least give credit to Jimmy Carter who founded Houses for Humanity, a Charity Organization that has spread Nationwide building homes and giving them to those very people.  How much time or effort has Obama spent in the Slums of Chicago, other than listening to the hate mongering Rev Wright and his hateful speech (sermons), I’d bet Obama has spent more of his time on the various Golf Courses around the Country than he has in Chicago in the past 6 years.  How about you, how much effort have you spent donating time, money, or energy helping those Po people?  I do.  Surely you’re aware that Blacks or other minorities don’t own the Franchise on poverty, I know plenty of families even in this small town that struggle every day with the very same circumstances and they don’t even have the dubious benefits of the excuse that they were forced into their situations because of their Race.  Wake Up, Get Up, and Wise up, People get what they get,,, Because they do what they do.  Poor decisions beget Poor results.


I already covered the racism issue at length, but Obomber, Rangle, Sharpton, they are what used to be called ‘House Negroes’, and now guys like that function as ‘White Power in a Black Face’.  Black slumlords, however, are very few and far between.

Also, I never said only black people can be poor, obviously that would be an untruth.  There was also White Slavery back in the day, Irish, Sottish, but paled compared to African slavery of which there were definite strategic reasons for, namely, hard for them to organize and run away, etc…

And slavery is still alive and well in Africa,  even today there are more than 30 Million black slaves, but I venture to say none are being held in slavery in this Country, though the effects are still being felt as a direct result of our dubious past.  An interesting read on the subject overall is “Guns, Germs, and Steel”, also “The Coming Plague” which study some of the reasons, (but, by no means all), behind the success of some Countries and peoples and the failure of others.  I tend to agree with you on the idea however, that a Nation that requires special laws in order to create equality, or even Freedom,  probably is not as great as we sometimes like to think it is, but wish it was.

I agree with NU Realista…believe it or not.
How could they vote if they were in prison? Those are the standards now of left wing democrats. That decay…or blood as I call it…is squarely in the hands of the democrats.
In 1965, Teddy Kennedy lead an act that essentially allowed illegal aliens into this country…so they could vote democratic. The democrats could not win elections on their own merits so they found a way to cheat. They literally changed the demographics of this country…on purpose mind you. Not caring a twit about what it might do to this country. Now, over a million illegal aliens enter this country a year, all from third worlds, 90% of which end up on welfare, most of which are not wanted in their own countries. Not exactly the cream of the crop thatare going to contribute in meaningful ways. In Mexico, they teach in schools to just keep coming here, no matter how. The left wing democrats have done this, just so they could get their vote, if you can even imagine that. Which way do you think someone who has no stake in America or it’s greatness or founding vote? Any way in which they could get a free check baby.
In 1980 when Reagan won in a land slide, the country was 90% white. As it should be. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY after all. Whites have made it what it is, 100%. Now however, we are only 63% white. If the demographics were the same as in 1980, Romney would have won in a bigger landslide than Reagan won with. He had 20% of the young black male vote, which is incredible if you think about it. Good for those 20%. We’ll let them live.
Go to California and see what illegal immigration is doing there…the good people are absolutely screaming for something to be done. They are absolutely over run with illegals. Complete trash people. Takers. The rest of this country is next folks. We’d better wake the hell up or we’ll wake up someday and we won’t have our country anymore. It’s happened many many many times throughout world history. That’s what the democrats have done to this country. And I think lots of them deserve nothing short of an ice pick to the back of the skull for it. All wrapped up in a tidy package called “tolerance”. And they try to make us feel guilty for being white.
There is a revolution coming my friends.
Republicans are Americas last hope. If we don’t repeal some of the diabolical plots of the democrats, our great nation will be nothing more than a third world shithole in 20 or so years, if not sooner.
Only some in the black community have the brains to realize without whites that created all of this in the first place, you can’t possibly maintain a system you didn’t create. That’s our left wing government for you…who cares what condition it leaves this country in…just as long as we win elections!
We ought to let in only the cream of the crop to try to up the average intelligence, not the other way know, kinda like a football team does? Get the best so you can win?
It hurts the weakest among us most, the hispanics and blacks mainly, but also working class whites…they are competing for jobs with people who just set foot in this country.
Boy, aren’t we smart to allow the greatest nation ever conceived by the minds of men to be taken from within. By people who only want power.

We haven’t seen anything yet!  Wait until Obama declares the New NM Monument Park along the Border a National treasure that will be blocked to all local law enforcement and vehicular traffic, but will be wide open to Illegals, drug cartels, murderers, rapists, racists, criminals, terrorists, thieves,  scalawags, and Mountebanks, etc, and any and all other nefarious characters, (in other words Democratic voters) to use as they please.  And all brought to you and enforced by our infamous DHS, BLM, and beloved Dear Leader.  Be sure to go down to NM and take a long hike in support of this stupid idea all you Obama supporter freaks, I’m sure you’ll be welcomed with open arms. ( and I don’t mean the kind attached to your body).

PE ~ you speak the truth on some points.  However, the plan and design to allow illegal immigration into the United States is also championed by the Republican business community, most noticeably represented by the US Chamber of Commerce.  Cheap labor for the robber barons!!!  Notice that illegal immigrant cheap labor also allows the business community to avoid developing manufacturing technologies to overcome labor shortages.  A lot of the agricultural labor activities could be replaced with machines and technology if business was forced to figure out ways to pick the crops without cheap and abundant illegals eager to fill such labor needs.

Our society is soft and in some ways, that is reflected in our big time football programs.  Players who are recruited to play football and compensated quite well for the privilege should not be given second chances when felonies or sexual offenses are committed.  Unfortunately, our society nowadays tolerates such crimes with “second chances” and sympathies for young adults.  This same attitude permeates our nation’s sympathies for illegal immigrants.  Even Obama’s amnesty for children of adult illegals is wrong.  Blame the parents, my sweet illegal alien children, for having placed you in a country where you are not legally allowed to be in.  And if you were born here but your folks are illegal, you may have to go back with your illegal immigrant parents to their country of origin because they are responsible for you—or should be.  The concept of “anchor babies” is a perversion of the law and is wrong.  If you don’t have secure borders and enforcement of the immigration laws, you have anarchy and the “United States of Nothing”.

Associated Press:
“Banderas told police he and Keifer planned to sell the bikes. Each was charged with felony theft. The charge against Banderas can be reinstated if he fails to complete his diversion program. Keifer’s case remains open.”

Gee, Keifer should have been an NU football player instead of track and field!!!

I am sure the AD will be sending the County Attorney a thank you card!

of course, the County Attorney attended UNL for undergrad and law school.  grease’n dem wheels!!!

The simple truth is that there is no way to determine how many undocumented immigrants there are in this country since it is illegal to ask for documents….. plus the fact that those who claim to be of Mexican, Hispanic, or Latino ancestry can also legally claim to be White, Native American, Spanish etc, which they do interchangeably depending on whether they’re trying to get Welfare Bennies, jobs, avoid arrests, or vote. since none of the other options are races.  I guess that means that Whites can’t legally be called Racist for discriminating actions towards Mexicans who are actually White, you know, like asking them for Drivers Licenses, or other IDs, etc.  Of course we all know better than that.  Best data from the Census Bureau or Pew is about 12 Million here illegally, but there could realistically be twice that number given the inaccuracy of the system.  At any rate they’re sure doing a ton of damage to the efforts to boost the other true racial minorities out of their state of Poverty.

Ok, feudal Europe was a real sh@thole for the masses of serfs.  What got Europe from that into the capitalist industrial era was colonialization and theft of resource rich Africa, otherwise Europe is still a sh@thole most likely.
America was 1st built on genocide and theft if land from Native Peoples, then wealth accumulation from 4-500 yrs African slave labor, by and large.  Just the facts.
There are still various forms of indentured servitude contracts in the USA—check out IBP the last few decades and Mexican labor.  Migrant farm labor, still Jamaicans Ive seen around here in NY State, and the south, FL, etc.  Sex trafficing’s big too.

Gosh that’s swell!

As a native American, I would say all of this ‘slavery’ talk makes me laugh. How ignorant, when you think about it, really.

Don’t forget the red man and his struggles to be free and how he was ‘rounded up’ and made to live on a reservation (undesirable lands) that the white man wouldn’t possibly live on.

Ever heard of the ‘Trail of tears’?

On second thought, forget that question. I refuse to discuss it with anyone who obviously does not, and cannot understand it.

If you know your history, it is the fact the abolishionest movement pre-civil war, was the driving force in the end for Aba Lincoln’s decision to defeat the Confederacy and to “free the salves”, rather than settle the war without defeat, as was advocated by Lincoln’s opponent, Gen. McClellan, in the 1864 election.  Attempting to ‘right the wrongs’ of your forefathers is honorable, however imperfect that effort may be going forward.  It has been a rocky road since then as our country continues to ‘right those wrongs’.  However, significant progress has been made since then and will continue to be achieved as our nation evolves.  The past is the past.  It achieves nothing by bitching about what was the fact.

Football is about channeling individual effort into a team sport to move a ball up and down a field.  Let’s hope that liberal politicians, and some bloggers on this post who avoid the aspect of individual responsibility and focus mearly on the team concept, will someday understand that without focus on the individual, you will never have a team worth a damn.

‘Free the SALVES!’  You gotta itch, Senhor Realistinha?  Yeah, ‘progress’, just ask Marcus Garvey, Huey P Newton, Fred Hampton, MLK, Malcolm ‘Bugaha’ X, Geronimo Pratt, Assata Shakur, Rodney King and Avery Moss about ‘progress’.  Good thing the latter didnt steal some bikes—they’d slap 10-20 on him.

Just ask the 1 of 4 male black teenagers and 1 of 10 male black adults in the U(po po)SA who will due time on the neo slave labor plantations called ‘prison’ about ‘progress’.  Or how about an 11 year old Sierra Leone diamond ‘extractor’?

‘Honest’ Abe was as racist as they come, but one would have to venture beyond 5th grade publix skool social studies and delve into his memoirs to know that Abe, God bless ‘em, could care less about freeing slaves.  They call it ‘propaganda’.  ‘Our Father’ Thom J, slave owner and rapist is the White Man’s logical choice as an ‘authority’ on ‘freedom’.  The only thing he ever founded was a some biracial, nappy haired kids on the side—such was the practice of those of his ilk at the time. Speaking of ‘founding fathers’ was it Yale or Harvard that got more slave tradin’ start up $?  Hmm, it’s close.  They have honored Phil Livingstons former slave tradin family estate just down the road apiece here in downstate NY just so all the white folk can stop by and pay homage, literally—still making $ off it.

I guess France should have turned the other cheek instead of extorting a centuries + reparations from those unruly slaves of Algeria and Haiti that kicked Frenchy’s pampered azz TF outta there oh so long ago.  But, no, they did, and thats where the African Man got the idea.  Haiti used to be a prosperous, rich place for its original inhabitants before hack Italiano navigator Colon and his merry band o killers and thieves showed up on the scene.

Ya cant use Brain Gumbel and the like as an example of ‘progress’ for the Black Man, that is, if you want any informed person to listen to you. 

Fact is, they aint been much progress and things are getting back to the ‘good ol dayss’ in many places round the globe.  Just ask the Nazi Party of Greece about ‘progress’.

Trumprumppuppy…always blaming others and circumstance. Here’s a concept…your circumstances don’t make you, they reveal you. Get next to that one.
If you are so fed up with the America and all it’s injustices, why don’t you get the hell out? The world is your oyster baby, your free!
How typical…you bitch and bitch and bitch, all the while enjoying the benefits of what others have provided. Standing on the shoulders of giants that propped you up in the first place, all the while forgetting if you weren’t here, you’d be living in a mud hut, out looking on the ground for cow dung to fuel your fire tonight, fearful of catching malaria at any minute. You couldn’t do anything with your own country, never have in thousands of years, yet you’ve got the nerve to tear down what others have built. That doesn’t hit you as strange? Maybe that’s why you haven’t gone further. You wouldn’t see us in that condition, I wonder why? More enterprising maybe? More ambitious? More colonizing maybe? But if it makes you feel better, blame it on someone else instead of taking responsibility for yourself. There isn’t one black nation on Earth that has their poop in a group. Not one. Oh, and I love it how you take one of your own that happens to not look at themselves as black, who actually gets along with white people, and tear them down. Oh you’re a peach alright, so glad you’re here! Got a written history yet? Or have you not even figured that one out. Here is a clue…birth certificates! If you want to be mad at someone, why don’t you try being mad at the Belgium’s…they’re the ones who rounded you up in the first place. And then you come up with all this crap trying to sound intellectual. Your not fooling anyone.
I think we’ve beat this Banderas/Moss thing into the ground…can we debate something else for a while?

This was quite entertaining to read I have to admit. Excellent forum they have created for us here to speak our minds. Breath of fresh air listening to this instead of the politically correct speach we have to listen to in the real world. I love it!

I’d have to agree with NU when he says

“Attempting to ‘right the wrongs’ of your forefathers is honorable, however imperfect that effort may be going forward ... The past is the past.  It achieves nothing by bitching about what was the fact”.

Not one racial group mentioned in this discussion is innocent. We know whites aren’t. I’ve lived in Africa and African tribalism is as bad as racism. Here in North America, the native American tribes treated each just as badly and would again given a chance and who knows who they overtook to take over this continent so the term “native” is bogus. Living in the past does no one any good. We need to remember the past so we don’t repeat it but living in it and using it as a fuel to fan the flames of more racial and tribal angst is counter productive.

@ ou7turds~For the record, I hated your punkass when you were a bootlicker. And now that your GI joeronimo, even more.

7turds was a whitey on 5/11, Avery Moss article. Native American/ White Man. k-st/ oklahomo. Only thing fur sure is he’s Chiefly full-a-shit. YUK YUK

Is ‘tribalism’ an African word?  Is it a Native American word?  No, it is an English word—from England.  Who drew up the borders and gave English, Spanish, French, and Portugues names to regions og Africa?  Imperialist Europe did that, not the Yorubans.
Any evaluation of Africa for the past 1000+ years has to be an evaluation of western European, US, and now Chinese imperialism/colonialism in Africa.  Who do you think has set up and funded various African ‘tribes’ against each other over thelast millenium?  It’s called ‘proxy warfarr’ just like they doing in the mideast, Sur America and evrywhere else White imperialist power has set its exploitative foot in. 

Like the Native ‘Americans’, African culture traditionally has been one more based in cooperation and actual real democracy, not the phoney ‘democracy’ of the capitalist/imperialist.  When USA Inc.wants to go destroy a People and take over their land and resources do they ‘check in’ with GageCo or T Dogg or Realistinha and his side kick OUSiete or Admirala or Johnny De Heysus?  No, they do not.  When they build the NSA surveillance or DHS police state to ‘help us’ did any of us get a vote?  Do we get a say in anything other than the mostly rigged dog and pony shows they call ‘elections’?  Do you have the ‘freedom’ to not pay property or income taxes?

Anyway, any warring amongst ‘tribal’ groups in Africa had White Euro/Amero/Chinese/Russian etc power behind it, pulling the strings, supplying the guns and %, obviously, since they own the place.

And whoever said up yonder there that Jimmah Carter was ‘good guy’, musta been Realistinha, is a dadgum foo’.  Peanuts, plantations, hello?  Where did the White man learn about peanuts?  Uh, Africa, India, like that.  To use the example of Habitat for Humanity as proof of the benevolence of Jimmah Carter or any other pale skin is absurd at best.  Habita for Humanity is tokenism at its finest and who runs the banks that fund the thing?  Thats right, Al Sharpton.  No, its not Al Sharpton or Wrangly Rangle or Barry Obomber or Bill Cosby or even the Frito Bandito or anyone of the darker skin variety.

Be real, somebody, plz.


To claim the Native Americans treated each other as brutally and genocidally as tje White Man has and does is categorically false.  Not even close to being an informed opinion.

And maybe you and Realistinha have heard, you study history, the real history not that fairy tale bogus bag o lies they teach you in school, to learn from it and hopefully change for the better.  Unfortunately things aint changed much, the war on the Black Man and Indigenous Man and brown and yellow skinned Man anywhere rages on, just like yesterday.

T Dogg

It’s obvious you don’t have any knowledge concerning African culture. I believe that, under the skin, humans are all the same. Selfish and terminally independent. Africans were fighting each other at the same time Europeans were fighting themselves before either knew the other existed. And Europeans didn’t even know what scalping was until they came to the new world. There is no race or tribe that is superior morally or ethically to any other. All are bankrupt.


Wow, ok, tell me who Xango is?  Obatala?

Nevermind, you’re just another equivocating clueless white boy…  seriously.  You and thosw just like you are the reason racism persists.

Those Dirty Rats!  Imagine Jimmah trying to cover over his guilt of being a Peanut Farmer by building a few token houses for all those poor folks.  Has he no shame?  At least Oprah (the pooh little Billionaire) doesn’t bother with such stuff, Barak Affodable don’t neither.  Gotta give them credit for that.  Doin’ nuttin, that is.

football, anyone?

I got news for you Trump puppy. You and your race are the real racists. People aren’t born racists, they are created.
Listen to Dr Benjamin Carson. He’s the head of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins. He has 38 honorary doctors degrees. He gets what America is all about, taking care of all of our people, and tells the truth. He does not buy into this culture that the blacks have embraced of entitlement and victim hood that your leaders espouse and the black race wholeheartedly follows. He encourages folks from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds to think for themselves and not fall victim to being a victim, and thereby enslaven yourselves. He tells the real truth about political correctness and how stifling it is. He is wise beyond belief and reminds me of another great American, Dr Benjamin Franklin. I’ll be voting for him I can tell you that. And he’s a black man, and one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever been exposed to. One of your own. But do you, as a black person want to follow someone that is actually telling you the truth? Will he be embraced like Obama was? Not hardly. He’s already being called an uncle tom by your people, just for getting up and telling the truth and espousing correct American values. We are a great nation because of these values sir, not yours. Why would you not support someone from your race who has achieved so much and done so many great things? Because you want nothing more than division. You want to be racists. You don’t want to work hard and achieve, you want it all given to you. You don’t want to do it the hard way, you want everything the easy way…taken from someone else. You don’t want to earn it, you want it given to you.
Carson embraces the American way, where we tell the truth and work through our problems to come to equitable solutions - you know, what’s best for the majority, regardless of race creed or color. That’s what being an American is all about.
A nation divided will fall from within. The Roman empire did and that’s exactly where we’re heading now. The democrats and left wingers cannot be trusted with the stewardship of this country…if we left it to you, this nation would become just another third world crapper like that of all those illegal aliens that pour over our border every month, 99% of which end up on welfare or in the penal system. You can’t trust a pinnacle nation like ours to people who don’t care about it. If the democrats and left wingers really cared, they wouldn’t import brown skinned people of the lowest rungs in their own societies to come here just to get their vote, deliberately changing the demographics of our country, just to win elections, not caring about the immense problems it’s created, which are some of the biggest and most important in our great nations history. The whole countries future and nothing short of it lies in the balance folks. Now is NOT the time for political correctness! That is another thing Dr Carson criticizes and gets attacked for - by his own race.
You and your party and fellow white haters are diabolical at the very least. You are doing irreparable damage at best and will reap the harvest of your actions and will not get away with it. You are NOT going to change our country and if we have to fight for it, we will. And because of the left wing attack machine diversionary tactics, you want division more than anything else. So tell me genius, what’s going to happen to all these black and brown skinned folks who hate America and white people so much when when this nation falls? Where will you all be then?
Our forefathers warned of this…pinnacle nations have fallen before…always destroyed from the inside out. That is exactly what’s happening now folks.
“We the People…for the people, by the people”. That’s us, and all those who believe in these sacred principles, anyone, and I mean ANYONE, from any race, creed or color.

How many days until kickoff, Ballfield?  Looks like about 95 to me, but who’s counting?

There must be some re-run games on ESPN, ESPN2, 3, 4 or something better than this.

Gage Co Husker…you are right. We all originated out of Africa frankly. And it was some of those brave individuals who left and ended up creating all peoples from all over the world. Some came to have paler skin quite frankly because of where they were geographically. Isolation is what changes organisms, and when you are not outside all the time in the sun, your skin will not evolve melanin - Gods version of sunscreen.
I used to think some races were just smarter than others, and it’s hard not to think that way when you see what these people think like, or what they’ve achieved as a nation, most of which is pretty sad at best. But now I think it is either particular traits or how a culture brings up it’s children and how and what they’re taught. It is not that white people made this nation great, it’s that it is based on certain principles and are outlined in important documents like the Constitution, and Bill of Rights. But the fact remains, it’s been white people all over the globe, and in all of history that have created the things that have shaped how we live or how we’ve advanced. Hard not to think whites are just plain smarter, but I digress. We may not follow it all the time, and God knows we are not perfect, but it’s as perfect of a system as there has ever been in the history of the Earth.
I don’t fully agree with the author of Guns, Germs and Steel that it is all just luck of geography. That doesn’t answer some glaring questions, but he is right to one extent…you can find equally intelligent people from all races. Of course the opposite is true too.

The blacks have been brutalizing each other for centuries, the North American Indians brutalized each other as well. The whites cut down all of the trees where ever they’ve been, and other heinous things too. No one is perfect. But the United States of America is close to perfection as humans have ever achieved in the history of this wonderful, beautiful planet of ours, and the principles and values that built this particular country, because of great men like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and others, have proven their worth over the test of time. In fact, many have fought and died defending these principles, like fairness and freedom for all.

I never, or seldom, agree totally with any Scientific studies, but many of the facts presented by that Author are very “Truthy” at least, such as it’s a whole lot easier to grow crops when there are no Elephants around to take them away from you, or tigers, or tyrants, or whatever, hell, even flies,  mosquitos, or plagues, diseases, etc can determine a Nations future and Religion plays a huge part as well.  Science isn’t perfect by any stretch, just the other day they figured out that the lab tests they use for medicical studies for years have all been using mostly male rats which react differently than female rats to the same serums.  Go figure.  Regular bunch of geniuses, ain’t they?

Yeah, racism is manufactured as exemplified by its continuation by the White Man vs everybody else.  Racism is a subset if classism which is the main part of capitalism.  I never said YOU were born a racist but its clear youve done next to nothing to overcome the conditioning.

Still awaiting Gage’s dissertion on traditional African culture.  Hey Gage, whats the difference between maracatu and, say, candomble?

T Dogg,
I have no clue what the difference is if there is one and I’m not going to spend the time to google them to try and find out. I’d say traditional (or most common) African culture is basic dictatorship by a chief with the cooperation of witch Dr. I doubt a single tribe was ever ruled by a democracy or republic in all of Africa. We all know that the best form of government is a benevolent dictator so some of these tribes probably at times were pretty good but at other times were tyranical.

I’m not one that believes Africa was the cradle of civilization. I believe it was the mid-east - Iraq/Iran. Original humans had all the genes. The races didn’t become evident until humans dispersed and were separated by language and geography.

I don’t think we learn racism—we are born it—with a bent to take care of ourselves first and to mistrust anyone that is different. We have to learn and believe that our instincts are false. We have to learn and believe that in God’s eyes everyone is equal before we can treat everyone equal.

Now your liking racism with capitolism? Come on dude, your way off the charts now.
Gage Co Husker…very insightful! Wow. Good on ya mate! Very interesting. I did watch a video on You Tube recently where a geneticist traced the original tribe out of Africa and through DNA markers and basically confirmed (if I perceived it right) they first traveled out of Africa and into Australia and then the middle East, Siberia and on over to the Americas. I really don’t know, but it said we are all basically related and started in Africa and some of us developed paler skin due to not being out in the sun as much - being isolated. Very Interesting.
I saw a Hannity program last night of a panel of conservative blacks, and it was amazing…same higher values us and basic beliefs the same. They were all raised by 2 parent families, and taught to be responsible and not play the victim role and ALL of them had been attacked for being Uncle Toms. If all people felt that way, no matter what color they were, we wouldn’t have the problems we do. So, I guess one can say, racism, or more accurately reverse racism in this case, is one of the most important issues of our time. It’s led to the ghastly illegal alien problem we now have and it’s essentially dividing this nation. I firmly believe the left has basically imported, through illegal aliens and other routes, people of dark skin color, primarily from Mexico, to get votes. That is heinous.

A good example of ” African Traditional Cultures” are the Historic and Modern Day Genocides of the Tutsis and Hutus which has been going on for about a thousand years in one form or another in nearly every African Nation for more than a thousand years.

Look at the Arabs—the only thing that unites them is hatred of Israel and when they aren’t fighting Israel they are busy fighting among themselves.

I can’t believe I’m jumping into this pile of crap.

PE, racism does NOT lead to illegal immigration.  They become “illegal” aliens in the U.S. for economic reasons, not because of racism.  Racism occurs AFTER they arrive, and perceived to be different.  The PROBLEM is not that they are Mexican, but that they are here disregarding the immigration laws of the U.S.  MOST of the Mexicans in the U.S. are here LEGALLY.

“Leftists” are NOT importing Mexicans for votes.  However, now that there are so many illegal aliens, they have proposed to nationalize them (yeah, probably to get more votes.).  Cause and effect are out of order in your statement, even if the end result might be the same.

TDogg, I can’t even respond to your garbage—I can’t breathe for all the stench, it is clear you enjoy posting for provocation.  Feed off it, there’s a buffet of easily provoked bloggers out there.

PE and Gage - there’s a big diff between “human race” and “civilization.”  Yes, out of Africa.  Yes, civilization began in the Middle East, as best as we can determine.  And for all I know, Africa = Garden of Eden. 

C’mon people now…

Yup Gage, That’s an example of “Traditional Arab Cultures” and yet another Can o Worms they been kicking down the road since Christ was a Child.  Ain’t Traditional Cultures great?  They also believe that Whites are responsible for all their evil ways and have learned to say “Death to America” in more ways and languages than you can count.  Never mind we’ve only been a Nation for about 300 years or so and spent most of our time persecuting Indians.  Being White is a tough job.

It’s easy to get dragged into this stuff. Isn’t it fun? I would be in the camp that doesn’t believe humans evolved from monkeys and therefore have been civilized right from the very beginning. I would consider anyone calling any group of humans “uncivilized” to be a racist unless they were able to define exactly what they meant by the term in a way that indicated they understood the people involved were not less inteligent or of some kind of lower genetic makeup. It was racist for Europeans to refer to part of the world as “uncivilized” unless they were simply talking plumbing and not using that to mean “lower”. If to be “civilized” means indoor plumbing then humans may not have been civilized until the time of the Romans.

So in my mind the original humans were vastly superior to any humans walking the earth today. They were much stronger genetically. Who knows what genes we have lost.

I also believe in Creation/Intelligent Design, but I don’t worry too much about the details of how it all came about.  I don’t think Adam and Eve were “civilized”, at least their son Cain certainly wasn’t.  Even in the days of Noah the world wasn’t too civilized.  We saw the beginnings of civilization perhaps in Babylon (or Sumeria).  Then we were scattered.

I am of the camp that understands scientific discovery and believe the archeological/paleontological facts uncovered do tell a story (but we often have to change the details as new facts are discovered), but I believe God was the orchestrator nonetheless.

civ·i·lized [siv-uh-lahyzd] adjective 1.having an advanced or humane culture, society, etc.

Not Adam and Eve.  Noah may have been getting some concepts, but societies are made of groups of people, so one family doesn’t count - IMO.  I don’t think there was a written language at the time.  And no rule, other than family rules.

So, “advanced” thus “civilized” is a matter of degree, and yes can be subjective.

And I certainly agree that “civilized” has nothing to do with intelligence.  Congress being a prime example.

T Dogg
Silence at this stage in the discussion on your part is brilliant. Because in the discussion on “slavery” and “traditional African culture” it is very difficult to miss the role of women. You do know that in a great many of these cultures women are regarded to be little more than possesions and have as many rights as slaves. These cultures appear to be patterned after lion culture where the women do all the work and the men eat the choicest bits of the kill first. The man’s role is almost entirely “protection”. While the women do all the work the men lay around drinking beer from sunup to sundown. In many African cultures women have almost no rights and there is no other word than “lazy” to describe the men.

The extent of these rights is flabbergasting. In the early ‘70’s, not the 1870’s, our African landlord in southern Ethiopia lived a couple hundred yards up the hill from our house. He had 5 wives each living in their own hut. One day one of these wives contracted rabies after being bitten by a rabid animal. My Dad offered to drive her to the nearest hospital 2 hours drive away for treatment. The husband refused. Instead he locked her in her house and allowed her to die.  It took a number of days and my parents were tormented during that time by her screams that could be heard from our house. Dying of rabies is a horrible way to die. Fortunately I was away at boarding school and didn’t have to witness this. But—this is perfectly normal in African culture. No charges of any kind were brought against this man. How is this not slavery?

If “having an advanced or humane culture” is the definition of “civilized” I’m wondering where we fit in. Let’s see—our women are allowed to kill their babies before they are born (for whatever selfish reason suits them) and we have so many nutcases walking around that one needs to carry their own gun to protect themselves from them. Murder is everywhere.

Gage, good points on “civilized”.  Indeed, there are so many examples of how we are NOT “civilized” available…

Realistinha and OUSiete clearly disprove any theories of ‘Intelligent Design’.  In fact I heard thru the grapevine that photos of the ‘dynamic’ duo appear in Encyclopedia Britanica’s section on ‘the missing link’.

Ooo, ouch!

Poor Dogg,

I used to really enjoy his comments, quite a while ago. Not now.

He’s just a miserable person now.

Okay, a day later now.

T-Dogg and company, how about we just put our differences (and our struggles/frustrations) aside.

Here we are on the eve of the Phil Steele Annual and our teams are a few days away from the start of what COULD great seasons.

Seriously, just chill a bit.

Yeah, ‘great season’, they say Oklahoma has a real good shot @ the Duat Bowl this year:


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