Kain Colter Out to Ruin College Football

Newsflash:  College football players are now the equivalent of factory workers in the 1890's, or so we might be led to believe.  Former Wildcat Kain Colter has led a charge for college football players to unionize.  According to Collegeboard.org, tuition, fees, and books at Northwestern cost over $47K.  On campus room and board about another $14K.  Those without athletic scholarships run then a four-year cost of over $240K.  Add in a fifth year and you're talking more than $300K.  However if you play football, you're given the equivalent of $60K a year not to mention an opportunity for millions in the NFL, personal tutoring and mentoring (gratis!) and the adoration of the rest of the student body.  Memo to college coaches:  if you wish to exploit my children in this manner please don't hesitate to call!  For that matter, I'd happily shell out the coin myself if my kid can get accepted to Northwestern.


Raise your hand if there was someone offering you $60K a year as an 18-year old.  Now compare it to your alternatives.  Minimum wage?  Maybe a construction job?  The Army?

Certainly, some of the arguments about the inequities in college football resonate.  The coaches can make $5 million a year.  They can leave at the drop of a hat.  A player that wishes to transfer must sit a year.  You've got guys making hand over fist in cushy bowl president jobs.  So it's easy to argument that some of the economics are flawed.  Players can walk away with lingering health issues from injuries that occurred on the field.

However that doesn't make college football players coal miners either.  You wonder if this sense of entitlement by the players would have been so strong if the Wildcats had performed like Florida State this year instead of missing out on all the bowl swag.  

The impact on the game could be devastating.  By turning the sport officially professional, the costs will skyrocket that much further.  That means more dollars flowing from the schools into the athletic programs and more fleecing of the fans.

When the topic of greed comes up in college football, we now know it's not just limited to the coaches and administrators.  Clearly, the players are guilty as well.

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Headline nailed it. Pay for play will not work. Too many options to consider. Who gets money, how much , how is it dispensed? Health coverage during and after their playing careers my need to be discussed, but that is as far as it should go.

Have the feds dug up Northwestern’s campus to locate Jimmy Hoffa’s remains?

Yep that’s what will happen

I assume this “union” will need to be formally chartered at every NCAA college?  Iota Delta Omega Mula?

So if they get paid does that mean teams can trade them, cut them at any given time, get fined for an illegal hit?  Most schools honor the scholarship for all 4-5 years so if they don’t pan out like the school thought they should have the right to just send them on there way than without any considerations.  I don’t know the exact numbers but a college graduate makes considerable more than an non graduate over there lifetime, I hope these student athletes are looking long term especially the ones that will not make it pro.  And long term health would have to go back to the High School, Club, and anywhere else they may have incurred a injury that was the cause of the long term health problem.

Larr, are you a lawyer? Thats friggin hilarious. This would ruin college athletics at every level as we know it. From my understanding, Mr northwestern has been talking with the ncpa prez for over a year now. Nothing against unions, but this is one place the usw should have never stuck it’s nose. Unless it’s a private school, the state’s have a say in whether or not players can unionize at their respective schools. Idk stats off the top of my head, but haven’t a lot of traditional pro-union states been taking aim at union power here recently? I get if they want to have a say in safety as they innocently say, but this is the wrong way to go about that issue.

A sucessful half swing at Northwestern.

I also really enjoyed the “fleecing of the fans” comment.

I don’t agree.

I see a kid who is doing what he thinks is the right thing to do. He has full support of his coach too.

If wanting compensation in money or insurance coverage is what they want, I’m all for it.
You don’t run into too many instances of concussions or broken legs writing for BRN, so considering the source there.

And how that’s got anything to do with bowl swag is ‘shithouse rat’ crazy.

As I said, I read a huge article on espn about it all.  He’s been thinking on this for over a year, I think the momentum finally got going enough that enough players felt comfortable putting their names’ on the line.  And why would fitz not go with it and risk alienating himself from what sounds like a majority of players on the team?

Kain Coulter can’t ruin something that was already ruined.  College Football was ruined the instant the people at Tostitos, Nokia, FedEx, and all these other sponsors decided to pay these bowls to sponsor the bowl games.  This has been a long time coming, and you can’t blame Coulter or NW for standing up to the NCAA.  Ask Ed O’Bannon, Sam Keller, and all those other guys that got their images “pimped” by the NCAA, and can’t get a share of the revenue.  I’m not that high and mighty to say if I was in their position, I wouldn’t want to get paid either.  The NCAA created this problem with their greedy ways, and now the chickens have come home to roost.  I mean, how long did they think that players were going to just sit back and watch these guys make money off of them?

This is a tough one for me because I see both sides of the story.  Lets look at corporate america, you have CEO’s that are making millions a year, plus stock options, vehicles, etc.  Now do we go to them and say this isn’t right you need to pay your employees a percentage off all products sold plus a decent wage(scholly)?  And like I said earlier if we do compensate them are the schools going to be more apt to not honor their scholarship and put them out the door with no option for a degree because they didn’t perform to a high enough level to warrant the pay?  Things like jersey’s with the number 80 but no name on it, is that for Bell or the kid before him that was a star?  How about if more than one person wears a number, one on offence one on defense who gets the royalties?  My next concern would be that the bigger schools would once again get all the talent because of the possiblilty of making more money than at a smaller school and there goes the parody in college football we see now.  Corruption is all over in Gov’t, Gov’t programs, corporations, I wish someon had the answer for it all, I guess this is the life we live in now.

You are right. There is no easy answer and I believe you are also correct that the wealthier schools would get the better athletes.

That kid of brings around the old topic of Div 1 schools staying with competing only within their division.

Better athletes need to compete amongst themselves. The playoff system will weed out the pretenders in the meantime. Especially if it expands to more than the current 4 team format.

Agree with Rob10.

In addition to crunching the numbers as to what the monetary value is realized by college student athletes, there are the intangibles that constitute a payback for the players.  Ego bustering adoration heaped upon football players; national TV coverage of the games they play in; “perks” I cannot describe received by players; opportunities to play in the NFL that can richly reward you for the time and effort spent in college preparing for the NFL.  The benefits bestowed upon high school, then college, then professional organizations from the players is a graduated process.  The direct and indirect rewards bestowed upon college players is significant directly and indirectly.  Many of them would not be in college if not for the opportunity to play a sport.  How many millions of college students wouldn’t give their right arm to be able to be a major college football player???  Instead, they get stuck with being bystanders saddled with huge student loans and zero meaningful job prospects.

Sympathy for the college players?  Nope.  They are well compensated for their athletic contributions to the university.  Unionizing is nonsensical thought.

Haha, when I brought up the idea of unionizing CFB players, oh, ‘bout 6 years ago, man, it was almost as bad as bringing up racial issues in sports, ah the backlash.  Anyway, I think something’s gotta be done, I mean, the Establishment is making gzillions off the by and large free labor of the by and large ghetto black athlete, so, well, everybody knows where I stand on this topic.  Hope they get it figured out before labor strikes begin to take over the scene…wouldnt want to miss a game or 2…or a season…

“an opportunity for millions in the NFL”, like Sir Charles has always said, the vast majority are NOT going to make the pros, so this is a strawman argument, red herring, whatever you wanna call it.  Most of the players aren’t on schollie either, at any one time, FTM.

I also think that whole EA Sports, using college players personages in video games for big profit, well, that ain’t right either, obviously.

“The Army?”  Uh, if y’all hadn’t noticed the latter part of the season El Militario started rolling out a new campaign to the effect of, “college grads join the army”, yada yada, cuz, you know, they’re about the only solid employer left out there.

Suffice it to say, the sport has gotten pretty well outta control.

Free labor.  Good for Kain Colter for pushing the issue to the fore, again.

“Have the feds dug up Northwestern’s campus to locate Jimmy Hoffa’s remains?”

Ok, now that’s funny!  ^5!

Viva La Revolucion’!

Yea, between TV contracts, merchandise (jerseys, T-shirts, cups and the NCAA themed games, etc… There is plenty of cash to go around.

So, since there would be no college football (as an example) without the players, why wouldn’t, and shouldn’t the players get a piece of the action?
I’m curious?

And the players are greedy?

If the players did get a union, they would strike over this issue.

That wouldn’t have to be a bad thing. Stop the flow of cash and see who blinks first.

That would screw up TV network deals made. re-negging on contracts would cost the universities millions and millions of dollars. That would force a compromise that both universities and players could live with, in my opinion.

I suppose too,  that they are always given the choice to go play football on scholarship and make others millions or not to play football and go to college and flip the bill on there own.  Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Doubt you get all the kids to strike, and I am sure the Universities could still field teams from kids that weren’t given that opportunity.  Teams wouldn’t be as good but you know watching college baseball is more fun than watching pro baseball.  Cuz you have kids playing it for the right reasons, love of the game.

In the Kain Colter story, the writer (Dodd) from Cbssports.com:

“Too much money in the system, too little attention paid to the unpaid labor pool”.

The whole concept of unions flows out of exploitation of workers - especially in the 19th century.  With EEOC, OSHA, Work Comp, labor laws, etc, etc, ad nauseum, I just find it odd that anyone wants to apply a 19th century concept to 2014 - and I find it ironic that those people call themselves “progressives.” 

Any big money system is going to have its casualties.  It’s a shame if a kid is tossed aside after getting injured while helping make the university millions, or has their scholarship taken away for reasons beyond their control.  These things can be addressed without a union tho.  A union would not work in CFB for a gazillion reasons, but if this proposal leads to some other way for these legitimate concerns to be addressed, then I guess it will be a good thing.

The free market is the best answer in the sense that kids have a choice where they sign a LOI or GIA.  Don’t sign with coaches/schools who throw away players.  Also, if it’s true that schools are using these kids, then the kids need to use the system in a way that benefits them - walk away with a degree and a career and you have walked away with a lot.  If you choose to not take school seriously, and you end up with no degree and an aching knee, well, you didn’t take advantage of every opportunity that an athletic scholarship provides.

Hmmmm… Interesting.

“I just find it odd that anyone wants to apply a 19th
century concept to 2014 - and I find it ironic that those people call
themselves “progressives.”

Yea, seriously, I mean unions, social movements, they’re SO “last century”.  Tell ya what, if you don’t want your social security checks when you’re old, you can surely sign them over to me.  And why give the workin’ man and woman, the people that do all the USEFUL in life things, farming, buildings, roads, etc, a chance for a decent living when you can have the ‘progressive 21st century thing” of 3rd world ‘Murica, race to the bottom, society full of software designers livin’ off the fat of the land and get your diamonds and iphones for a buck a day child slave labor in other countries.  Seriously, social programs, who needs ‘em?  Besides, I dont think Goldman Sachs and the rest of the corporate welfare establishment has enough bailout money left over no stinking social programs—let ‘em starve!  I suppose you’ll be paying all the medical expenses of your elderly parents cash outta pocket too, screw medicare…

Gotta love the ‘progressive’ thing…

“Free market”.  They ain’t no f’ing free market, never has been—at least for the corporatocracy.

One thing that needs to be changed for sure is the ability for kids to go straight to the NFL from highschool without having to go to college. Not everyone is cut out for college. Why should they have to go to college before they can play in the NFL or professional ball somewhere?

Evidently somebody forgot to remind Mr. Colter that he lives in a capitalistic country in a capitalistic world and, therefore, labor is supposed to be free—especially the “2014 progressive” version.  Players’ blood will have to spill before they can effect the Status Quo—just like any other populist movement at any other time in history.

Employees have the right to collective bargaining - not voluntary participants in school sports activities.  Kids attending college on an academic scholarship are free to walk away anytime they wish.  This is not involuntary servitude.  If you don’t want to play under the conditions provided, fine - don’t let the door hit you in your backside on your way out.  You don’t voluntarily walk into situations and then start bitching and moaning about it short of crimes being committed.

Those who claim college football players are “victims” of a corrupt system may be the same folks who assume people are incapable of making informed decisions for themselves in their own lives.  Godfather said, “Stand up and be a man!”  If you want to play football as a young man in college, go for it!!!  But don’t bitch and moan about being ‘used’ or ‘taken advantage of’ by the system.  Go tell that to the young man at the same college who works his butt off and is forced to borrow money he can’t afford just to attend classes.  Faceless persons who would sell their souls to have the perks and benefits the cherish colleged football athlete receives every day.  Give me a break!!!

“voluntary participants in school sports activities.”

Uh, this ain’t h.s. intramurals, dig?  This is a multibillion dollar INDUSTRY built off the backs of the athlete.  Bottom line:  if the athletes decide to ‘go on strike’ so to speak, they bring the thing to it’s knees.  I hope they do.

I don’t agree with athletes going pro straight out of high school.  For every Kevin Garnett & Kobe Bryant, you’ll have a Kwame Brown and Eddy Curry.  Plus, most, not all, high schoolers water down and weaken the game because they’re too raw and undisciplined.  That’s why MLB has farm leagues, the NBA has the developmental league, and the NFL has the NCAA…See how I did that? 

If you really want to see passion in college football, watch DII and DIII…my home state has the 3-time NCAA D-III champs, UW Whitewater.  Those boys, Mount Union, and all the other “small” guys in D-II/D-III play for what college sports used to be played for:  The chance to be part of something greater than yourself and to be part of a cohesive team, not draft statuses and money.

The fact that there are scholarships awarded to college athlete doesn’t excuse the fact that they are still used to bring in millions of revenue for schools.  Break down the percentage of what big time schools bring in for football and basketball, and compare it to other sports, you will see a lopsided number.  Revenue gained from the BCS bowls don’t go to just the football program, it goes to the athletic department.  Is that fair?  Does the Florida State men’s swim team deserve an equal cut of money as the FSU football team?
Scholarships are still based off of what was done, vice what you can do.  Scholarships cover the bare minimum for students AND athletes, and they can be taken away over a myriad of small infractions.  Meanwhile, a coach like Bobby Petrino can screw graduate assistants, get fired, and still get a couple of million dollars from the same school he quit on years earlier.  I can’t blame student athletes for trying to get their share while everyone else is.

Viva la Revolucion’ Deportes!

Well, supposedly we’re supposed to be a free country(even though we’re not and never have been)—the Republic around 1776 was a pretty good idea for a few years, though—BUT, if a guy is good enough to go straight from h.s. football to the pros I dont see any reason why he shouldn’t.  Not too many are in that category, but I DO agree that if you get too many of such rookies it does water down the game.  CFB, as is, has become watered down with so many frosh, rs frosh, and sophs on the field all over the place, as per the schollie limits, guys leaving early, and otherwise battlefield attrition.

But, as Rob10 shows there, CFB reflects the rest of the socio/economic world:  ‘socialism’ for the rich, capitalism for the poor, that is, ya get your labor for free, then spread the wealth around all over the place to those that can’t or dont produce anything on their own.

The topic of players getting paid, unionizing, and what not keeps coming up each year with increasing veracity, especially since the profits made off of them are going insane, as reflected, as one example, by the numerous Taj Mahal stadiums, sports complexes that are going up all over the place.  And the whole alt uni thing has really gotten ridiculous—alot of these teams dawn a different uni evry dadgum week!  Really?  I dont think thats necessary other than it keeps guys like Phil Knight big and fat.  Also, the Cancer Society pink gear has become an industry of it’s own accord, I mean, they started of with socks once a year, now they got friggin everything in pink, helmets, gloves, shoes, entire unis, like evry dang week somewhere.  Just remember, Merck has been around since 1698, American Cancer Society for about a century, have they cured anything, let alone cancer, hell no, in fact they keep fabricating new ‘diseases’ all the time:  there’s more $ in the disease that the cure, obviously, capisci?

Seriously, getting real ‘rad’ here, if the USSA just stopped bombing the rest of the world for even just 6 months or so, AND they got back to taxing the ‘1%’ back to like FDR’s New Deal thing(which actually was forced upon him by various socialist movements in this country) of taxing the very wealthy, “1%”, back up to around 90% instead of the current ~39%, ‘higher’ education could be provided throughout the country more or less for free, you know, like they do in other Western industrialized countries—even Mexico.  But there’re real reasons why they need to keep bombing the rest of the brown/black skinned world back into submission at the present time, so there you go.

Something’s gotta give.  Therefore, being a member and champion of the working man:

Viva la Revolucion’ Deportes!

Ask the people at Wallmart, McDonalds, Home Depot, or any other corporation what do they have after 4 or 5 years there?  Do they now have a degree that they can improve there quality of life or are they stuck working for corporate America.  No matter if you are working or playing a sport for a college you are going to be exploited to some degree so someone else can make money.  The people that don’t like it need to take a chance and start a business, so they can be in control.

A)  Walmart = biggest employer, by numbers, in the USSA.
B)  Big Box, corporate entities, as you list, well, they’ve kinda ruined alot of the small business in the USSA.  However, a person stands a decent chance in certain areas, say, ‘liquid drug distribution’, i.e. a bar, liquor store.

TDogg, I see your education has paid off.  Marx would be so proud.

Unions are a dying concept, and it’s hard for the left to let go of that because the basis of the philosophy is us vs. them: they are evil because they have money and we are exploited by them because we don’t have as much—> we are entitled to have has much as they do. We need to take what they have and that’s only fair. But until then, oh, the world is so unfair!

As for my social security check, give me everything I have paid in with modest interest, I will take that money, invest it, and live very, very comfortably.  So, no, I do not want my check if I can have my money.  Never wanted to be in the system, wasn’t asked, and never gave my permission.  Several hundred thousands of dollars have been confiscated from me by the government.  An employee pays about 7.5% in FICA.  A self-employed small business owner pays 15% - which is me. 

You see, they won’t give me my money back because there are people who did not get 2 degrees, take out business loans, assume the risk of starting a business, and work their tails off to make it profitable.  Those people need a check, and guess who provides it?  And there is the reality of the left’s concept of equality and fairness.

What do you call a guy who starts a business and has a bunch of employees?  A former progressive.

“Holy Moley!  Man, woman and child, did that put them in the aisles!”
Nebraksa basketball won again last night!!  I wonder if they feel exploited by the University right now???


I can see you are part of the pettite bourgeoisie, pip ip.  Actually, whats really going on in the world is Western imperialistic capitalism is falling apart at the seams, but I guess you would have to undertstand history and understand the real current socio/geo political situation, rather than watching Murican Idol, Family Guy and such.

The reason unionism has ‘died’, well, it was under direct and vicious attack by the capitalists—your buddies—since FDR’s New Deal, like, The Empire Strikes back kind of thing.  And, they pretty much succeeded in the USSA(corporate welfare state), but not in the rest of the world where revolutionary movements are growing by leaps and bounds.  So, the concept of unionism, socialism in the USSA may have been injured, but it is not dead by any means.

Anyway, I am happy that you might sign over your SS checks to me in the future, so lets stay in touch on that.

Nice try.

Your inability to actually address the idea of how socialism’s pursuit of fairness and equality results in unfairness and inequality is noted.  I understand.  It’s an unanswerable enigma if you come from that side of things.

Hey, I’m just a hillbilly from the Appalachian Kentucky mountains.  I understand having nothing and I understand having more than plenty.  I understand how you move from the one group to the other.  I lived in poverty and I was immersed in it.  I understand, as much as anyone, what generational welfare, food stamps, medicaid, and on and on does to people.  With few exceptions, it corrupts their souls, ruins their work ethic, and enslaves them in poverty.

Socialists and progressives love the idea of those programs because they like to think they are helping people (even tho they are destroying them) and they love to be generous with other people’s money. 

If my neighbor needs food, I go to the store and buy it for them.  If their kids need clothes, we take them shopping.  If they have no where to stay, we take them in.  Is that how we should help people, or do we do what the left does = “Oh, that’s the government’s responsibility.  I gave through my taxes.”  Hmmm.

Wrong again.  First of all, in spite of a few brief attempts, real socialism—i.e., the workers take over the means of production and distribute it equitably,  kick the capitist parasites to the curb, end the class system entirely—THAT has never occured on planet earth since the onset of so-called ‘civilization’.  What we’ve had since the onset of indusrrialism is capitalism and various forms of STATE capitalism.  The current USSA is more state capitalist than the former USSR.

Cleveland, Youngstown, those are in Ohio, right?  Well, you should be proud in your efforts that now, instead of a good union job w benes and pension at a steel plant, sent to China with USSA tax $, NOW working people can get a third world job at Walmart.  Thats what I call ‘progress’.

TD: “real socialism—i.e., the workers take over the means of production and distribute it equitably,”

That’s called communism - an advanced form of socialism.
You are correct, however, that true communism has not occurred.

Cultural Dictionary
socialism definition
An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods are controlled substantially by the government rather than by private enterprise, and in which cooperation rather than competition guides economic activity. There are many varieties of socialism. Some socialists tolerate capitalism, as long as the government maintains the dominant influence over the economy; others insist on an abolition of private enterprise. All communists are socialists, but not all socialists are communists.

“The current USSA is more state capitalist than the former USSR”
Hardly.  Certain aspects of our economy are socialist to a degree, and that has fluxuated back and forth some.  For instance, public utilities, education system, USPS, TVA, Obamacare.  In some areas the utilities can actually compete (not so much in TVA areas).  You can send your kid to private school.  You can use FedX or UPS for parcels (email for “letters”), and you don’t necessarily have to use the Obamacare system.

Change of pace here, when a Nebraska basketball player misses a free throw is the the coaches fault?

Dogg ~ who is forcing any H.S. kid to play college football?  Furthermore, who is in a better position when enterin college - a highly recruited athlete on scholarship, or some average Joe or Jill who has to borrow up the yazoo to pay for cost of college, work at Subway slapping bologna sandwiches together, and squeeze in the time to attend classes?  Ever since the NU training table at dinner time???  Average college Joe is thankful just for the scaps!!!  Do you know who is really exploited?  The average college Joe and Jill, who constitute 99.8% of the student body scammed into thinking they need to hock their lives for a college education so tenured professors can pontificate the meaning of life on the backs of 20,000 poor souls called students.
College football player exploitation?  Only fools believe that crap.  Even bigger fools think players need to be unionized.


Simple material relationships here:  Average Joe student isnt MAKING the university a gzillion bucks through his efforts, nobody’s buying tickets to watch him go to class, study, and get blasted on the weekends.  Nobody’s gonna care if he goes on strike.  The CFB player is the converse of that and therefore has the power, if he so choose to exercise it.

I tend to look at universities as owners. Similar to NFL owners.

Universities recruit the best players they can. NFL teams draft the best players they can.

Both make tons of money on the players efforts.

Of course, some college players get virtually zilch. Scholarship or not, they have rules set upon them (unlike the NFL) and are expected to perform at high levels (like the NFL) to make the university look good in the rankings (the very least of which) while maintaining grades.

Because the NFL has a union, I believe a college players union could happen, and it wouldn’t necessarily take a formal union to do it either.

I don’t claim to know anything about unions. I have no reason not to believe what you guys say about unions, so my opinion is not educated on that subject.

Unions sometimes work and sometimes not, but a union doesn’t do anything for free.  If these players become “employees of the University” will there scholarships now be taxable?  McDonalds employees went to the picket line thing, and rumor has it that McDonalds is talking about going to touch screen ordering, eliminating many of these jobs.  Replacements, for every 1 scholarship player there is probably 500 that don’t get one, same caliber of player, absolutely not.  You will still find alot of people that will say they shouldn’t get paid and still go to the games.  Northwestern can’t fill there own stadium with fans now so I don’t see why the University there would care if it was replacements or not.  Is it 100% fair, no, but really what is in corporate america.  Enrollment at UNL is 24,610 students, take lets say 150 off for football thats 24,460 @ $15,000 per student equals $366,900,000.00 so I would say they are making the University a little money.

Well, I suppose if you look at it that way, then students COULD organize themselves into unions and strike for better tuition rates, yada yada yada.  There certainly have been protests as such in the past and not so distant past(think, Montreal).

One thing that has happened since the bailouts of ‘08 onward is that the gov’t cutbacks in social services has included cutbacks in state colleges and universities, hence the increases in tuitions since that time.


But your numbers dont consider operating costs of the U.  The UT, for e.g.,  generates the most revenue from football, averaging around 100 mil per year profit after costs.  The other major Us average around 50 mil per profit.  As regards to the athletes, they then also have to consider all the other CFB related industries that profit off their efforts.  So, it’s all easily into the billions.

Osborne argued for a reasonable stipend, since at least the early ‘80’s.
Oh, well.
An amusing aside, is that, obviously, every other sport, male, female, will have to have representation from the same socialist unions. It’s only fair, that football player not get a nickel more.
Had to happen eventually, before football is banned altogether.
Or, they could just pull scholarships.

And Title IX would be applied so that a female rowing team member would have to receive the same benefits that Ameer Abdullah does.  And that’s one of the things that makes increasing benefits to athletes very difficult.  The math doesn’t work because the football and men’s hoops fund every other non-revenue sport, olympic sports in particular. Too many takers and not enough givers, and once the benefit is spread out to everyone, it won’t be much of a benefit.

If Abdullah’s jersey sells and makes the university several million dollars, and you want to give him a piece of that because he is the one generating the money, you have to give that rower part of that money.  And such is the world when you try to make unequal things equal.

The NCAA needs to update its definition of amateurism.  If I buy a scholarship football player a Big Mac, and I do that because he is a football player, that hamburger constitutes illegal benefits and the player has become a “professional” - which is ridiculous. As is the concept of creating rules that prevent an athlete from selling his own property.

If an engineering student at Nebraska comes up with a better light bulb, they can sell their invention and make millions while attending school.  If an athlete gets 10 bucks for an autograph, the howls of “Corruption!” echo from Indianapolis.  Just treat the student-athlete the same as the engineering student, and you get rid of these ridiculous situations.

Things work better when we try to create equality of opportunity, not equality.

I suppose the CFB players union—along with their pay and bene pkg—could work some kind of reparations deal in there to cover the last several decades.  I’m sure TO would sign off on it.

Viva La Revolucion’ Deportes!

The challenge with paying players for autographs and things.  You will have potential recruits being promised large payment for there autograph once they sing by a booster.  Sorta like when a player could have a job and make thousands without even showing up for work, corruption by wealthy boosters trying to buy a good team.  I still wonder at times if these players are so broke why so many of them dress real nice, seem to have lots of jewelry, and lots of tattoos, for example.  You will have corruption in this by the university, the boosters, players, possible union or whatever history has proven that in all aspects of government and corporate america

Yup.  I keep saying the system is based on corruption, but nobody ever listens…

Tdogg they may generate that amount but don’t forget they support the budget for most other sports at there universities.  So, I believe we would end up cutting other sports and than with title nine football could be the only men’s sport. If you pay one athlete you will have to pay all with the title nine again.  I don’t think there would be enough universities that could do that across the country to have football, yes some make large amounts but the majority don’t.  I think the cost for events, sports attire, memorabilia would go up.  You would than see ticket sales and merchandise sales go down at most universities.  This would turn college football into mini Nfl with 30 to 40 teams in div 1 the rest folding or going to div II.  Now how many scholarships could potentially be lost and kids not having the opportunity to go to college period.  These kids have a choice to go to college for free, or pay their way and get a job while at school.  Is it totally fair, no , but unless you own your own business I am sure there are people there that are making a lot of money off you.  Maybe than you and your fellow workers should walk out and ask for equal pay as high management.

Yea, spent most of my life making other folk rich—they’re all pretty much useless assholes too.  Such is the system.


Speaking of operating costs @ NU:

“The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will examine cutting roughly 1 percent of its total budget in the next fiscal year to offset a $4.65 million budget shortfall announced by Chancellor Harvey Perlman…”


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