Is it Time to Take Iowa Seriously?

Yesterday, Athlon published a piece where two out of the three sportswriters asked picked Iowa to finish above Nebraska in the Big Ten West this season.  The most compelling reason provided seemed to be the difference in schedules.  The Hawkeyes' schedule could hardly be more favorable and the Huskers is decidedly tougher.  Still, considering that NU has had a better win-loss record each of the past four seasons, is it time to start taking Iowa seriously?


Certainly, any team that beats you by three touchdowns in your building is going to get your full attention.  But that depends somewhat on whether you consider it a game that Nebraska squandered rather than one where they were truly bested.  Bo Pelini has a history of losing a game or two just about every year to an inferior opponent.  

In 2009, he dropped back-to-back games at home where his team was a double digit favorite (Texas Tech and Iowa State).  In 2010, he lost to unranked Texas, at a lower ranked Texas A&M team, and to an unranked Washington team he'd already clubbed in Seattle.  In 2011, he dropped a home game to unranked Northwestern.  In 2012, he lost to an unranked UCLA team and a rematch to a previously beaten and unranked Wisconsin team.  This past season, the losses came to unranked Minnesota and Iowa teams.  In that sense, every team should be taken seriously, but it also makes last year's win by Iowa seem more like a fluke than a true measure of the quality of each team.

One of the reasons Pelini has gotten away with losing so many games that he probably shouldn't have, is that he tends to bounce back well.  He seldom loses to the same team two times in a row.  Despite the lopsided final score, the Huskers actually outgained the Hawkeyes in 2013.  The minus three turnover ratio seemed to be NU's undoing.  Iowa also lost a fair amount to graduation this offseason including three standout linebackers who created all three turnovers and all seven tackles for losses along with tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz who gave the Hawkeyes their first lead.  The Huskers should have more than a fighting chance in a rematch, even on the road.

The schedule remains the top concern when it comes to Iowa.  Nebraska could beat the Hawkeyes and still fall behind them in the division standings, if the Huskers lose road trips to Michigan State and Wisconsin.  Even if you factor in a loss by Iowa or a win in one of those other road games by NU, chances are that Nebraska won't have the luxury of losing in Iowa City and still claiming the division.

Iowa probably isn't a team to fear like you might if you had a road trip to Alabama or Florida State on the schedule.  Still, expect a hard-fought four-quarter game at Iowa next November.  One that just might have some pretty important stakes attached.     

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I wouldn’t start taking Iowa serious yet. I’d wait till they beat your 4 or 5 times in a row.

I could understand an ego trip back in Tom Osborne’s day, but not under Pelini. No F’n way.

Good god, are you serious?

This is part of what’s wrong with Nebraska fans. They still want to be arrogant, but have not had any reason to be…for decades.

All anyone can talk about now has to do with the doofus cat stunt and not about Nebraska Football winning hardware. What is wrong with you guys?

Wake the hell up, people. All anyone can seem to focus on is winning 9 games. Haaaaa haaaaaa.

Big deal.

A team that won 9 games on pure luck. I don’t think that’s anything to be proud of. NU has to much talent to not produce. Bo has proved that any team can come into Lincoln and leave with a win.

Every year we’ve played them, we’ve been the far better. We gave them the game last year, same with Michigan State. We could have beat them too. If we can just stop beating ourselves, we can be a great team again. We’ve been extremely close since Pelini arrived. Not there yet, but close. You gotta take ‘em as they come, because we’re not getting any other coach any time soon. Lets hope this year will be a turning year, or at least take a major step in the right direction. We’re not known for anything now. We need to get at least known for our defense! Lets be known at least as gamers.

It would be nice to for the program to be known for something other then DRAMA.

DISCLOSURE:  I’m a long-time Hawkeye fan and season ticket holder.  In answer to the original question, yes, this is a year to take Iowa seriously.  They have 8 offensive starters returning from a team that put up 38pts at Lincoln, and our offense will be much improved…and deep.  Iowa’s defense will not be quite as strong as last year, but we did have one of the better rush defenses in the BTen last year and return all 4 salty D-linemen, so there won’t be a big drop-off there.  Iowa’s schedule is ridiculously soft.  The West Division has to be considered a toss-up between Wisconsin, NB, and the Hawkeyes—and if history is the best predictor of future results, I’d guess they will finish in that order.  I love watching NB’s offense, but PE is correct, until Big Red reduces the turnovers, it will be deja vu ad nauseum for the Huskers.

Nebraska is in the weaker of the two divisions.  It is embarassing for Nebraska that it cannot win the Western Division and play for the Big 10 title.  But then, leading the nation in turnover ratio and having a HC whose strategy it is to improve his own public image rather than coaching a team to relevancy seems problematic.

Let’s hope that whatever BOP is feeding the cat doesn’t show up on the athletic training table.

Another huge problem is that coaching staff doesn’t respect their opponents. I’ll guess that in turn, the players have been convinced that their opponents will just hold still while Nebraska kicks the shit out of them.

Now, Steve Hanway wants to know if Nebraska needs to take Iowa seriously. I would say that getting your teeth kicked in by a Ferentz led team is not only a warning in itself, but is really sad that yea, you should take them and FAU seriously. If you don’t take all of your opponents seriously, this is what you get.

Tom Osborne no longer had stomach for this mess and popped smoke.

We have NU, OU were just missing PU and than the comments on this site can really get to smelling like shit.  You guys must be bored and have nothing going on to go to other team sites and try to get us going.  I think most of us read about half of what you write and realize it is just the same junk as last week and the week before, and the week before, etc.  Enjoy yourselves.

Let me guess, you park in your yard, right?

Hey Larr,

When you see the screen name OU7times, don’t read my comments. My comments are for people who want quality football from quality coaches with quality results. Not faux football from a faux coach who brings pussy on his shoulder to a spring game.

Just keep sweating games that should be pushovers, because that’s what you’ve conditioned yourself to expect.

Last night on B1G Live, Denardo says the West is between Iowa and Nebraska.  Probably didn’t make the folks in Madison too happy.

Iowa is one of those programs that you always have to take seriously.  Every 5-10 years they seem to get the right guys together and make a lot of noise.  In between they might have a down year here or there but seem to always be one of those “on a given Saturday” teams.

I just watched the 2013 Iowa at Ohio State game.  Iowa controlled the clock in the first half, kept Braxton off the field, and was kicking the Buckeyes’ butt.  They couldn’t sustain it in the 2nd half, but I saw physical fronts, a good running game, and a QB that was playing well (until he started throwing picks late).  Ferentz employed a 3 TE set that gave Ohio State fits.  Ohio State escaped with a 7 point win when many Buck and Hawk fans expected it to be by 3 or 4 times that.

Iowa’s schedule is very manageable until the end.  Ferentz teams are known for getting better as the season goes along.  But part of that is they usually lose to a MAC school or someone like that in week 1 or 2.  Still, when you look at that schedule, the first 10 seem winnable.  The West will be really interesting if an undefeated or 1 loss Iowa meets up with an undefeated or 1 loss Nebraska.

So, yeah, I’m taking Iowa seriously, but no one else has to.

NU and OU if these are not the dumbest comments I have seen they are real close to it
“having a HC whose strategy it is to improve his own public image rather than coaching a team to relevancy seems problematic.

Let’s hope that whatever BOP is feeding the cat doesn’t show up on the athletic training table.”
“Another huge problem is that coaching staff doesn’t respect their opponents”
“Tom Osborne no longer had stomach for this mess and popped smoke.”
I mean seriously where do you two get this crap, and you want us to read your post??  Why I am responding I am not sure but no I do not park in my yard (boy that was a low blow) I leave that up to trailer trash like you to do that.


I thought i told you not to read my posts?

Right on Larr!
I rarely read their posts…same ole’ drivel.
Get LIVES !!!

So PE and Larr, is everyone on this site suppose to be positive. Its all sunshine and roses. For a program that was once considered a power house year after year, now bottom feeders. What sucks the most is, they have the talent, but lack the leadership. You say its the same ole’ drivel from some of us. Well that goes both ways. Maybe some of us aren’t willing to accept the fact that Iowa can come into Lincoln and dominate, or give up the big blow outs against Wissy and Ohio State. I don’t care if NU has beat them before. They still didn’t show up and gave up 70, and 63. Maybe we are tired of your positive BS. Nobody respects NU anymore.

Does it bother anyone that Nebraska football is, and has been, second fiddle to womens volleyball, lately?

Hell, womens volleyball, baseball and now even basketball are making positive strides.

Bo’s got his Nebraska football team down around the badmittin and
table tennis teams.

Times, they are a changin’.

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You’re almost as funny as your punctuation.

Admiral these are your words “Are you Nebraska’s fan base now a days, f*****g retards.”  So I guess that means you are on here trolling other wise you just called yourself a f*****g retard.

Gentlemen ~ let’s not get TOOOOOOOOO personal when discussing NU football mediocrity.  For those who hate the truth, breath deeply and take a chill pill.  There is plenty of room for criticism of the NU program and results obviously going back to the Solich era.  It went into free fall with Callie and BOP has stopped the bleeding.  What BOP has demonstrated is a lack of ability to elevate the program into relevancy.  The question is, how much longer will the University be willing to accept 4 loss seasons under BOP’s leadership before they decide to find someone who possibly can do better?

For the diehards, get real.  Accept the truth about the NU program being irrelevant for the most part in the national football scene, and be prepared to demand better.  Other football programs remain relevant.  Why not NU?

I am a fan of hard work, good sportsmanship, and pride. The 3 things Nebraska at one time was known for.

I would like to think if someone is taking the time to write on these post that they have the same goal.  We all want to be the best, unfortunately only one team from the conference and one team in the nation can claim that.  I am not satisfied with the 4 loss seasons by any means, but I also realize that things in football go in cycles.  You say other football programs remain relevant why not NU?  What about Texas, Notre Dame, Miami, USC, Florida, Michigan, Penn St. just a few are they still relevant in your mind?  They use to be the power teams.  I also realize that with a major sports network like ESPN having direct ties to the SEC, and major polls that can’t possibly view every game and rely on sports networks to get there information that the SEC is alot like the Big 8 of years ago.  That teams in that conference with 2-4 losses are still going to be ranked above alot of schools that have less losses just like Nebraska and Okalhoma of the glory years.  Things in football are way different now a days then back then and some people just have to let it go.  It was 23 years between National titles for us and thank goodness we didn’t demand that TO be fired because he couldn’t get us to the promised land quick enough.  You want me to take a chill pill, well I am not the one that has my panties all in a bunch worried about where this team is at, I am proud of the team, they work hard and they have been great sports,  especially when you think about all the bashing they get on these sites.  As always GBR!!!

You have some good points Larr

I understand the concept of not allowing, “Good to become the enemy of Perfect”, but unless we are constantly improving upwards,  that cliche’ soon deteriorates to not allowing,
” irrelavent to become the enemy mediocrity”.  I suspect we all want to see the same outcome in the end, we just disagree on the road to get there.  One thing’s for sure, we’ll find out what NU’s made of when the games are played,  until then we’ll all angst and gnash our teeth in anticipation hoping that 2014 will be the year of the Huskers…for a change, I might add.  If so. I’ll be the first one to admit the errors of my ways and jump on the proverbial (Bo) Bandwagon.

One of my gripes is the unrealistic expectations that annually get heaped on this team. Seems like to be considered a ‘real’ fan you have to go on record saying at least a minimum of 11 wins. So huge numbers of people say nothing and everybody else says 11-12 wins to be politically correct and so it’s established that anything less is failure. Then the season comes around and of course the losses pile up and there is much gnashing of teeth. Some of these ‘real’ fans eventually get disillusioned and quit spouting out the company line.

Optimistic balonnie can only take you so far. If we started with realistic expectations maybe there wouldn’t be so much gnashing of teeth. What are the real chances we end up with less than 3 losses in 2014? I’ve never seen it under Pelini so why should I think it will happen this year.

There is always to much hype on the team before the season starts. Mostly brought on by the media. Last year it was (the D is young, but they have a lot speed). Don’t matter how much speed there is if you cant tackle. This year the D should be stout, but with Bo you can never tell how its going to end up. Hopefully this year is different. Looking forward to it.

I agree, no matter what we THINK the team will shape up to be, we all look forward to the beginning of college football.

Phil Steele’s College Football magazine should be out by the 10th of June, i believe.

There are some really good posts and points made prior to mine.  It appears to be a fact that the pre-season hype has not matched the regular season team performance.  What then happens is, die-hard fans then rationalize why things didn’t turn out as predicted.  What if TMart had been healthy?  Too many injuries?  We can’t help it if players fumble?  Bad breaks!!!  This is what you hear if the hype gets out of control, and that is exactly what NU has suffered from under BOP’s command.

What the coaches should be doing is downplaying expectations, not overinflating the same.  Let’s face it—- the team BOP fields this fall will have some legitimate strengths in certain positions and certainly a number of question marks, starting with the most important position on the field—- QB.  I would even suggest an equally important question mark will be BOP himself.  There are enough uncertainties to make people wonder exactly how well the team will end up playing on a consistent basis.

A schedule analysis shows NU should be a favorite to some degree in at least half the games.  A few more will be more evenly matched, and the remaining 3, possibly 4 games, will be weighted in favor of our opponents.  Those being MS, Wisc, Iowa and perhaps NW or Miami.  If NU beats Fresno State conviningly in that away game, Miami will likely be the underdog.  Let’s hope that is the case.

So, it is about time the hype goes hopping away, the pussy cats go back to the pound, and folks in La La Lincoln Land begin to learn how to play the expectation game.

What I dislike about Bo the most is how he likes to pass the buck. Its always someone else’s fault. Many of the media problems he brings on himself. Then all the problems with injury’s and turn overs. If you want to see a team that had to over come some major issues, look at the 1994 team.

The odds and point spreads change as the season progresses, so do National rankings.  With NU’s schedule this year, (God willing… and the creek don’t rise), I suspect we could be ranked in the lower top 20 towards the end of the season.  A few convincing wins early on could do wonders for NU this season and if we can avoid playing “Whack a Mole” trying to fill voids in our skill positions because of injuries, schoolastics, or arrest warrants, good things may begin to gel for us.  I can abide with losing some games, but I really hate seeing NU take some of the whuppings we’ve taken over the last few years.

Admiral that is where I think the major problem lies is people comparing these teams to some of the best teams in college football ever.  Those types of teams come together so few times for all of college football let alone one school.  We need to quit comparing these teams to the 94-97 football teams, would we all like to see that again absolutely but don’t put that on these kids or the coaches to be at that caliber, please.  We need to relish that time but not still live in it.

Good points made above.  The NU psychology mode right now is interesting.  I can’t imagine Alabama or Ohio State thinking in terms of not winning every game this coming season.  There are other teams with high expectations, and deservedly so.  Bottom line is, NU is not in that category and has not been for how many years now?  One reason Solich lost his job is because people’s expectations had been elevated to a higher level.  When he had some blips on the screen, folks panicked.  With Callie, NU fans expectations began to wane and the program continued in decline.  BOP comes along and stops the proverbial bleeding.  However, he hasn’t proven the ability to regain ground lost over the past decade.  In the process, fans have been conditioned to accept less on an expectation basis. 

Notice that when BOP hit bottom at the end of the Iowa game, and there were legitimate calls for his firing, he responded, at least emotionally in a positive way.  Yes, I’ll forgive his ‘pussy cat’ routine as an act of immaturity.  Anyway, people mope around wishing and praying for fewer losses than four in one season, or this, or that better season result.  It is a fact at home and at work that if you signal people you don’t expect the very best out of them, the response will be less than the very best those folks are capable of delivering.  The same holds true for BOP and his players.  And we, as fans, are entitled to demand and push for better results.  If not, get used to mediocrity for the football program.  This, my blog posters, is the “bigotry of low expectations.”  You are living the lesson, and for some, you are contributing to the negative psychology that exists in Lincoln impacting on the program and player results.

This seventh season at NU for BOP as HC is pivotal for all concerned.  If he delivers another 8-4 season regular season outcome, or even a 9-3 record, how will he have shown he is capable of elevating the program to national relevancy after 7 frick’n years at the helm???  This year, BOP must produce at least a 10-2 record to show he deserve to keep his job.

NU are you saying that I have low expectations for this team becuse I don’t expect them to be as good as the 94-97 team?  If so there is only one team of Alabama that has come close to that reign of accomplishments in the history of college football ever.  And for people to expect that is riduculus, I do expect them to win more than they have, but until I strap on helmet and step on the field with them I don’t think I have the right to minimize their effort or their ability.  I have asked this question during the basketball season and now I will ask it directly of you, if a basketball player misses a free throw is it the coaches fault?

I wish the BIG network would stop replaying the 2012 BIG champ game. What a train wreck that was. That was a complete melt down. Its losses like that and last years Iowa loss, that makes me question the direction the program is going.

I use to feel the same way in the late 80’s early 90’s when we would go to the bowl game ranked in the top 10 and get thumped by a Florida team.  Those too were complete melt downs but look where the program went.  Not trying to put too much of a posistive swing on things but the power of positive thinking is better than the impact of negative thinking.

There are those who confuse “negative thinking” with honest assessments of where the NU football program is at, developmentally and competitively.  In the era larr refers to, when NU was not able to compete with the speed of the Florida teams, there was much criticism and guess what?  TO actually fixed the problem!  What are NU’s current problems that make it an irrelevant non-contender on the national scene following 6, and soon to be 7 years under BOP’s command?  Fans need to be asking and demanding answers.  I am afraid chanting “Hare Krishna, Be Happy!” won’t solve the problem.

Yes and telling the three star athletes that they are not good enough to compete with the likes of the schools that get the 5 star athletes will take us to the promised land.  Or telling them that their coach is not competent enough to teach them what they need to know will take them to the promised land.  It took TO from 1973 to 1994 to get us to the promised land but yet your coach should be able to do it in 3-4 years (because people have been calling for his head pretty much since he arrived here).  I am glad I never told my kids if they weren’t ranked number 1 in there class of 300+ that they were irrelevant.

larr ~ your problem is, you only assign excellence if NU achieves a national title.  Long before 1995 era, NU came awfully close to winning the big enchilada more than once.  Those who are honest and rational about the subject don’t necessarily expect NU to win consecutive national championships.  They do expect NU to be in the hunt most seasons, at least for a while.  TO’s worst record was 9-3 a few years.  Lots of 10-2, 11-1, several 12-1.  Larr, another correction.  BOP has been HC going on 7 straight years.  If he could demonstrate an ability to obtain gradual improvement after 6 or 7 years, even without a national title, that would be okay.  However, you can’t convince anyone he has demonstrated an ability to improve on 4-loss seasons, year after year after year.  TO never had 6 years in a row of 3 or 4 loss seasons.  So, your attempt to suggest TO was underachieving on a consistent basis like BOP has been is, once again, not facing reality.

Larr ~ the star rating system is flawed and I think you know it.  What BOP falls short on is consistent player development.  Don’t counter by saying, “look at Gregory!”  There are a few players BOP and his assistant succeed with, but there are a ton of players who seem to fizzle out.  More so than ever occurred with TO, and that, my friend, is a fact.  TO and his staff were masters at maximizing potential and player development.  They usually got the most out of what they had.  No one in his right mind can say the say for BOP.

NU the point I am trying to make is to many people want to compare things to the 90’s and that was a very special time in college football period, not just for the huskers.  I am like the rest and think Bo needs to make some changes, and I think we are seeing that.  If you go back to 2009 and look at the win loss record for him you will see we lost 3 games by a total of 4 pts.  In 2010 we lost 4 games by a combined 24 pts and one of those was 12pts so the other 3 losses were a total of 12 pts.  Had things gone just a little different we probably aren’t having these conversations.  People make it sound like every loss we have ever had under Bo was a complete blow out or against a team we shouldn’t have lost to.  Yes we lose to teams we shouldn’t, that is why they call them upsets and it happens every week during the season.  That even happens to the greatest coaches of the game.  You still haven’t answered my free throw question.

Enumwa, Bell, AA, Long, must I go on!

The other thing is if we must compare to TO is that we did not have a star rating at that time, no social media, so how do we know if a talented player fizzled out.  And we are also talking about one of the greatest coaches of all time, of course he was better than Bo at developing players.  This is what I am talking about we need to quit comparing everything Bo does to TO there is no one that is going to live up to those standards period!!

larr ~ you made some good points on your clarification.  I must suggest you were comparing TO to BOP in your earlier post, thus my need to respond.  Don’t forget the narrow victories that could have gone the other way.  Thus, narrow defeats are offset by narrow ‘Hail Mary’ last minute and last second victories.  BOP’s problem has been his lack of consistency as a HC.  He shines, then he doesn’t.  He’s up, then he’s down.  TO was much more even tempered.  Such control produces greater consistency for a team over time.  Despite his age, BOP gives the impression he needs to grow up emotionally.  The Iowa game last season is probably the most stark contrast we were allowed to witness of BOP and how he handles pressure and disappointment.  Not well, apparently.  If BOP shaves his head this year and carries a cat around, start looking for “Mini-Me” at his heels!!!

TO i believe was a physcology major and Bo was a business major so I would think that has a little to do with the temperment.  I don’t condone his behavior in the Iowa game but I sure can understand it.  With all the media blitz, social media, rumors of him losing his job, I may be crazy but I truly believe that blow up doesn’t happen had Shawn E. come out earlier and let Bo know where he stood.  It has to be very hard on him, the rest of the staff,  and the players to deal with all of that every week.

NU not sure if you are a golfer or not but here is a little scenario.  I play in 4 man scrambles from time to time, this is where all four players tee off and you go to the best shot and hit again from there.  Lets say we are putting on the green for birdie 15-20ft away, the first one misses goes by the hole by 6 inches the other team says no need to mark your in.  Golfer 2,3 & 4 now have there shot, it never fails that one or more says don’t leave it short we are already in.  2nd golfer leaves it 3 ft short (he can’t believe he left it short), 3rd golfer leaves it 2 ft short (very upset) 4th golfer goes past the hole by 4 ft (wasn’t about to leave it short).  This happens all the time.  Moral of the story, the more the media, fans talk about the turnover problems the more the players are thinking about it and not doing what they normally do and what they have been parcticing since 8 yrs old.  It is now a thought process rather than instincts.  Just a thought :)

There are coaches who have commented on fact players can be coached to do better at avoiding fumbling and stupid ball handling.  It is not merely bad luck or unavoidable fate as some might suggest.  Pressure is one of the variables players must learn how to cope with.  Keeping game plans and player responsibilities as simple as possible helps players handle the pressure and to avoid mistakes.  Practicing and executing more complicated schemes during practice is by no means an indicator of how well players will succeed in carrying out such schemes.  Game day pressure produces a whole different set of dynamics and pressures players are not necessarily equipped to handle.  I know Beck has even said his kids did well during practice on new schemes, etc., then fall flat on game day.  Well . . . . . . guess what?  Keep it simple, stupid, in order to minimize mistakes.

I played golf competively in HS and for two years in college.  I appreciate larr’s golf analogy.

Quote from Lincoln Journal Star Chistopherson:
“When the exit music played, Nebraska’s inability to protect its own turf in 2013 was perhaps the most disappointing aspect of all, with the Huskers going 5-3 in Lincoln and losing all those games by at least 13 points. It was a Hail Mary that saved NU from a .500 season at home after going 19-2 in its den the previous three seasons.”

This is a legitimate concern and BOP must not allow this to happen in 2014.  If he does, he is toast.

Pelini must not run his players through the ‘gauntlet’ drill regarding ball handling.

If he is, it’s not been working.

I would think that if a coach was plauged with this problem year after year, he would resort to telling these kids something that will straighten out that problem in a hurry.

Tell the player that NFL scouts are keeping score when it comes to carries vs fumbles. That will get their undevided attention and they will be staying up late figuring out how to hold onto the ball better.

I bet your fumbling problem would be half of what a normal year of fumbles under pelini would be.

You cant just go on fumbles that were recorded as ‘lost’. you have to count ALL of them because every fumble has the potential to be a ‘lost’ fumble.

Half is still too many, though.

If you take away the hail marry, and the dropped pass on the last play in the Gator Bowl, I think Bo would’ve been done with a 7-5 record.

“If you take away the hail marry, and the dropped pass on the last play in the Gator Bowl”

1.  No one got married that play.  The Mary who is normally hailed was already married to Joseph.
2.  The D earned that last drop.  That receiver dropped 2 passes the entire game, the last 2 thrown his way.  BUT, he’d been clobbered every time, and the second to last one was directly caused by being clobbered as he caught the ball.  On the last one, I’m sure he was anticipating.

Sorry BallField for the bad vocab. Didn’t think that stuff mattered (TDAWWG) Know what I sayn. You might want to watch that play again. It was a dropped pass. chigachigachiga, biaaaatch

Read the post again.  I said it was a dropped pass.  I said our D play caused the previous drop due to a forceful hit, and that was likely on his mind as he was dropping the last pass.

TDog uses bad vocab on purpose, lost cause there.

Why is it when some say things like, we would have beat michigan st if not for fumbles or injuries some “people” call them more excuses.  But yet admiral and others throws out if it weren’t, for the “hail marry” and dropped pass we are 7 & 5 and he he doesn’t look at that as an excuse for not losing.  Some people will never be happy as long as Bo or more than likely any coach is here.  If it wasn’t for a kicked pass and catch in 1997 nu is looking at 4 national championships instead of 5.  You can’t have it both ways.  I think a lot of teams have had a little luck in a season.

There is a reason that teams don’t throw ‘hail Mary’ passes every down. It’s because it has an extremely low pct. of working. Pure desperation, in other words.

The hail mary play was the ONLY reason Nebraska beat Northwestern last season. If you don’t believe it, look at Bo’s face when he realized it ws a touchdown. He went batshit bonkers like he’d never won a game before in his life. He also had a pant full of taters in the bowl game against Georgia when he was looking for a miracle.

Let’s see, first it was Taylor Martinez that kept Bo from being fired every year he was THE QB. Now it looks like Kellogg saved his neck last season. Who’s next?

No one saves his neck this year unless it’s because NU has money problems and can’t afford a coach who can take the program to the next level.

Larr, you’re a fine one to talk about excuses. You’ve been making excuses for Pelini for years now. The differences between our excuses and yours is that our excuses have facts to back them up. Your excuses have to do with ‘what Bo’s ‘gonna do’.

It’s really simple, if Westerkamp doesn’t catch the long pass, NU loses the game. That’s 5 losses.

I’ll make the statement now, IF (and that’s a big if) Pelini has this team playing for the conference championship (and he won’t), Nebraska gets schooled by the other team. It will boil down to being outcoached…again. That’s how Pelini rolls.

This argument can be solved once and for all.

Bo has had 6 full seasons to at least win a conference championship, and he hasn’t.

Without a gadget play he has 5 losses last year. That could very easily have been the case.

Has Pelini shown any sign after 6 years of Nebraska being headed in the right direction? NO!

Last year was set up perfectly (schedule wise) for them to win their division and play for the conference title. It didn’t happen because we are still dealing with the same fundamental mistakes since year one. Fundamentals is for high school coaches to teach, and college coaches should be DEVELOPING players.

If you have to teach a recruit how to hold on to the ball you have no time to develope that player. Were they or were they not a fumble machine in high school? If so, why did Nebraska recruit them? If they wer not fumbling in high school, why are they now?

Going into year 7 and still having to worry about this same problem with your team year after year after year is CRAZY!

My bad,

Pelini didn’t go batshit bonkers after winning the Northwestern game with the hail mary. It was RK3.

Pelini was trying to play it cool and stay downwind from the crowd so they wouldn’t smell that steaming pile in his shorts.

It isn’t fair for us to compare Bo to TO, but even in TO’s worst years, (1990-1992). TO still beat some good teams and NU was still considered a winning tradition program. You can however compare Bo to Callie. Sometimes Bo’s D looks much like Callie’s D. Bo has a hard time beating ranked teams, and his D usually will give up 40+ points to ranked teams, but when you give up 70 and 63 points, and struggle to win games at home. Then on top of all of that you have a HC that reacts like a deranged idiot because once again he didn’t have his team ready to play, (Hawkeye game), and yet he still creates drama. To me that is not a program that is going in the right direction, and there is proof of this because NU now sits in the ranks of the unranked. GBr?????

Ou. So than is it unlucky we had so many injuries or excuses?  I don’t think any where in my post that I said that the Hail Mary is a skilled play that should be run more often.  I know it is highly unlikely to have success with, we both call that luck.  People call NU injuries excuses, yet say Georgia was depleted with injuries is why NU won.  The receiver dropped the ball is why NU one, without giving any credit to the defense prior to that. I say you can’t have it both ways.  Some people come on these sites claiming to be dedicated husker fans, yet never and I repeat never have anything good to say.  I am not satisfied with where this team is at but will stand behind them and the staff until I am given (and that is a big given) the power to make any changes if needed.


I want to ask you some honest, non-loaded questions.

- Do you honestly think Pelini has brought the level of play of his players up in EVEN the last 3 years?

- Can you honestly say you agree that Pelini deserves his last 2 pay raises/contract extensions that Perlman has given him due to performance (no conference championships as well as getting beat like a drum in the one’s he has played in) or merit when he brings shame to a once proud program?

- Does it bother you that Pelini gladly accepts his raises and extensions while he blames everyone and everything that goes wrong on on his team?

- Can you really root for a coach (of your team) who takes a question from the media and throws the opposing coach under the bus for behavior not related to the reporters question, and then say “...I’ve acted worse before and never got flagged”?

Essentially, after the Iowa game what Pelini did was show the whole nation that he has very little if any integrity. He managed to call the flag a “chickenshit call”, bring the opposing coach in to knock his character and then try to say that his behavior was acceptable.

What the word is, is this. There’s no place like Nebraska…where you can coach a big name college football team and act like a jackass, blame everyone but yourself, tell the fanbase to fuck off and still get 2 raises and contract extensions.

Amazing stuff, this Pelini guy. He has nothing to show for his 6 years at Nebraska.

Being a fan of a team doesn’t mean you have to agree with the direction the current coach is driving the team to. There are several of us who refuse to be ‘yes’ men.

Please let me know if I was not clear with my views on Bo Pelini.

There is nothing I hate more than a coward, and Bo is exactly that. At least when Callie was confronted by the media, he took the players side and told the media, (my players are just kids and to back off). Bo will through everyone off the bus, but himself. He brings himself down to the level of his players by doing stupid shit like the tweeting and the fucking cat thing. This is NU’s leader? If any of you support this kind of crap then the program deserves to be in the unranked. Its only going to get worse.

admirala, I thought I told you to shut up. squawk’n about the cat in the spring game? The spring game, where coaches and trainers are on the field, along with cheerleaders calling plays. That game is for entertainment. Go to HELL ou7turds. OH, you and your pom-poms live there, bitch-troll.

You could just tell at the post game presser after the Iowa game that Pelini was itching to unload on the first person who asked a question.

Pelini’s head was on a swivel and then it happened. A reporter was blamed by Pelini for being part of the media that hurt his players game.

Pelini is absolutely correct in that the media HAS helped “bring the team down”. The thing is that Pelini has more than his share of the blame. If you don’t like what the media says, do something about it. It’s like he uses other people as a crutch.

Do you think that might be why he keeps some of his coaches around, to use as scape goats? I worked with a prick like that in the guard. It worked well for him till he was ‘exposed’.

It might just be that he never considered himself a great defensive mind. He might possibly know that he doesn’t posess grat defensive thinking and he’s just riding a wave (perceived guru) as long as he can till the gravy train derails?

We probably will never find out why he does what he does.

Relax red. When i used the word ‘exposed’I wasn’t speaking of you.

Should we get to where we need advice on a ‘good’ bail bondsman, we will let you know.

‘The guard’? No wonder admirala’s so upset over the cat. He’s worried about you, ‘PUSSY n BOOTS’. HAHAHAHA You and the admiral keep your perverted highjinx in the ‘NO-TELL MOTEL’, and you should’nt need a bondsman…........unless you killed the craptain.

yup, I can see it now. Pussy n boots caught WAC’n a WAV. Maybe the craptain got jealous and you WAC’d him for good. If you’re out there craptain, let us no u-b-ok.

Admiral you are so outdated, living in a time of leather helmets.  Twitter is new way of communicating that theses kids relate to. OU you are right on some of your points and I agree with some of them.  The difference between me and you I also look for the good points.  Kids are graduating on time, no real serious criminal violations, team jack run, he is one of very few who have won 9 games a season over that time frame and don’t throw the weak schedule people were talking when we moved to the big ten how they threw us under the bus the first two years.  No matter what you think if Bo was fired tomorrow he   would be hired within days.  He is well respected in the coaching community, and if you really think he is the only one who gets pissed on the sideline you are blind.  I wonder how you would handle it if everyday you went to work people came up to you and asked you “I hear you are getting fired”.


I’ve noticed something about you that is unique, on this site anyway.

You argue your point with passion and bring what you feel is relevant in the case of Bo Pelini as coach at Nebraska. We don’t agree, and that’s cool. I respect your right to your opinion. I do.

Of course you don’t park in your yard. I was wrong to joke about it.
Sorry, dude.

Yes Larr,
I am out dated, and proud of it. To be honest, I have know idea how to send a tweet. I do however know how to fix a well head in the cellar of a drilling rig, or how to pg a cow and pull a calf. I don’t really have time to learn how to tweet

I’m in the same boat, Admiral.

Pardon the pun.

Larr ~ if the team makes 69% of its free throws every year, the BB coach is not coaching his players correctly on how to make free throws.  At NU, if you lose 4 games per season and win 9, your winning percentage is 69%.  There is a coaching problem.  You can judge and evaluate results legitimately so, not based upon a single shot or a single play, but by results amassed over a season or several seasons.  Fumble once or throw an interception - you can’t judge competency of coaching.  Lead the nation in the negative turn over margin rate at the end of the season - yes, you can judge coaches and players’ competence.  Single free throw analogy seems inadequate for comparison purposes.

Also, people who are being told they should be fired either turn their performance around or they should quit.  Pelini didn’t have the class to quit, and he stood in front of the media after the Iowa game like a spoiled brat challenging the administration to fire him.  Simply expressing such a “chip on your shoulder” childish outburst would get him fired in any other profession.  Unfortunately, we tolerate such behavior in athletics.  Coaches who are paid millions of dollars need to be held to a higher standard.  Fans who accept or rationalize such behavior are part of the problem, not the solution.

NU I like your numbers but what is the right number when your coach is doing his job correctly in free throws?  584 carries 32 fumbles (16 lost) that equals about .06 (at 32).  94% free throws would be outstanding yet 94% of hanging on to the ball is horrible.  I think the problems is multiplied because when we fumble it is at the worst of times, near our own goal or near the opponents goal.  I am not disagreeing with you on that we fumble to much but I will disagree with you that it is totaly the coaches fault.  And if it is the coaches fault why are you not screaming and hollering for Ron Brown to resign or quit, after all he is the running back coach?  Bo knows if he was to get fired tomorrow he would not be out of a job for long, maybe alittle over arrogance on his part.  I am not a Bo hater or lover, I like alot of things he does and I also dislike some of the things he does.  I am not in a posistion to make a decision on his future so I side on the side of the team for the players sake.  It does absolutely no good to get on here do other wise in my opion.  If SE came out today and named Bob Stoops head coach at NU (that is for you OU) I would not be upset, But if SE came out and names someone that does not have a great pedigree I am upset and worried where this program goes next.  I would imagine that working at NU is alot different than working at Alabama, TX, LSU, USC, in the amount of time you have to put in especially recruiting.  And I think alot of the top names in college know that and that is what will make getting some top name in here.

Coaches, players, cheerleaders, band members, students, mascots, and fans alike should all be held to a higher standard, they all represent our Great University, it’s traditions, it’s sportsmanship, it’s academic achievements, and our Great state.  None of us are perfect, however, (except maybe the cheerleaders, those whom I had the pleasure of meeting at least back in the day), they were the best.
Sure, those of us who actually experienced the TO era yearn to see that winning style of football return to Huskerland, who doesn’t?  Are we fair and balanced towards coaches and players who are struggling to achieve those same goals under different circumstances?  Probably not.  Who’s John Galt?
A head Coach is like a CEO in that respect, he is responsible for the bottom line results of the entire Company and is held accountable for it’s success or failure.  It’s not a fair and balanced system, if you take over a Company or team that has been allowed to deteriorate into disrepair, you are still expected to turn that situation around in very short order, one year, two if you show a lot of improvement.  Three strikes, you’re out.

Good points mentioned above gentlemen.  I am not an Obama fan.  He has been given the proverbial pass politely for many years now under the pretense that he inherited a mess from Callahan.  How much of a mess, that is debatable, since a lot of Callie’s problem was coaching and attitude.  However, enough time has passed that the “blame Bush” mantra is rapidly disappearing and folks are beginning to realize that Honolulu born Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barrak Hussein Obama must take ownership of the country’s economy and foreign affairs mess. 

For NU’s HC “Barry Pelini”, the same reality now exists.  It is his program, his team and his record now.  No excuses.  Fans can rationalize and make excuses, but in the end BOP’s legacy, for better or worse.  BOP has a lot of good characteristics and strengths.  He also carries some baggage, including emotional immaturity he is perhaps finally having to address for the first time in his life.  Such has negatively impacted on the team’s performance during his tenure.  This coming season will likely tell us alot about BOP’s ability to really turn things around on all fronts, including smart coaching and if that is something he can consistently deliver on.  Let’s hope there are no more “Iowa” type games in the mix this fall.

NU, OU, Admiral we are like family and can all go to bed now not mad at each other.  I think we have hit a nuetral point where we agree on some items and probably never will on others but that is OK.  I hope the team plays well, plays hard, plays all four quarters and let the chips fall where they may.  GBR!!!

I’m with you on that score Larr, well said.

. . .  and wins more than 8 regular season games this fall season!!!  If not, Barry Soetoro Pelini a/k/a BOP and mini-me will be wondering how to retire as a multi-millionaire after his career ends at NU sooner rather than later.  This is the big league, with 92,000 seats to fill, millions to be paid out and earned, and championships to be won, at least I would hope within my remaining lifetime.

Only a few months left

Just showed this blog with 80+ comments to a guy here in Philly. “Ppffft, fu€#&%$ Husker fans….you mufu€#€as are crazy!! A lot like Phillies fans!” Too funny. We do love our Huskers. Born, bred and red.

Hello in Joisey!

Remember, history can repeat itself.  For the fans who resent OU7times, yours truly, or others who force die-hard fans to face the truth concerning the current NU state of affairs, lest we remind you that suggesting NU will never attain the degree of success it did in the 1990’s ever again and full of it.  I believe the program can excel again.  Rationalizing it cannot, and therefore accepting BOP’s limitations in defense of mediocrity is the problem at NU.


I, too, believe NU is capable of winning championships.
I also believe Bo can git ‘er done.
Until then, we should rejoice in all accomplishments, and hopefully learn from those attempts that do not achieve the level of success sought.

Nebraska can be dominant again. In my opinion, what’s going to be the keys to consistent championship caliber ball is this:

- Show Harvey Perlman the door. This guy was instrumental in all hires since 2002 and has no clue of what a talented coaching staff is. He has a history of signing off on contracts with no apparent thought process only to have to pay off several bogus contract hires. Examples being Solich, Pederson, Callahan… This way of doing business just has to stop. Sean Eichorst might be the latest.

- Lure a coach with a positive resum’e who gets the sub culture at Nebraska. One who won’t offend the very people who are responsible for paying his salary and pump the university with vital $$ that is used to feed the monster that is Nebraska football.

- I wouldn’t waste any time trying to see who is worthy of keeping from this coaching staff. I would have a severance package for all football staff and have a complete house cleaning. No need to risk anyone who would still have the Pelini way of doing things. A complete sanitization.

I could see a promotional campaign advertising that restoring the tradition is underway at Nebraska with new ‘gear’ T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, Husker hankies, the whole bit. Get the fans behind it and promote it.

Nebraska has been pretty quiet for the last 15 years or so. I wouldn’t waste another season after this 2014 season. If fireworks don’t start happening this year, boom! Start the process.

What’s been missing is great decision making, great coaching and the caliber of the great football product on the field. This could happen again if the change starts with the guy who approves all of these components and writes the checks.

Nebraska has 2 of the top 25 dynasties in college football. Why mess around any more with less than the best?

BallField78 ~  wise words.  I will tried to heed.


Just curious, guy. Would/could you agree that a change MIGHT be needed if another 4 loss season is had at Nebraska again after this season?

Losing to Minnesota and Iowa is just not progress in my mind. People can say what they want about Ferentz, but he’s not a mastermind at football. Jerry Kill wasn’t even the coach during the game against NU last year when NU was beaten.

Last year, the schedule was set for Nebraska to do their thing, but this year is going to be a tougher road.

OU7 ~ how dare you suggest NU might have another 4 loss season this fall!!!  What will the recruits and players think undercutting the team like that!!!  NU’s schedule, with the exception of MS is no tougher than Iowa’s.  Folks surmise Iowa has a “cush” schedule and could very be 10-2 or even 11-1 by end of regular season if they defeat NU ( a real possibility).  Fresno should be a win.  Miami tends to be out of sinc earlier in the regular season so more winnable shot for NU at home on that game.

If NU only wins 8 games this fall during regular season, that will only confirm that BOP is capable of 4 loss seasons and no better.  If that occurs,  the answer is obvious -  BO mus GO!!!

K-State beats Miami, so Nebraska should.

Miami is not the Miami of old.

NU had better not overlook any team this year, much less the Fresno bulldogs.  They took it to Wyoming 48-10 last year while NU barely got away with a win at 37-34.

Got to agree with DennisR. Fresno will be a tough one, and then to play Miami in Lincoln, were Home turf doesn’t seem to mean much anymore. Bo has his work cut out for him.

Not worried about Fresno, and won’t bother explaining, there’s enough info on them on the internet.

More concerned, with all the talk about Iowa’s easy schedule, is Wisconsin’s.  The only loss I see for them coming into the Nebraska game is possibly LSU.  Everyone else on their schedule until Nebraska is very beatable.  After NU is Iowa and Minnesota.

Iowa plays Wizz, Neb and NorW at Kinnick Stadium.  Big advantage for Iowa in that regard.  Rest of their B10 schedule is bottom of the lot.  Wizz and Iowa are a close 1-2 in division.  Neb will be 3rd place.  Likely losses to Wizz and MS, and to Iowa.  We will find out if BOP is capable of pulling off an above average coaching job this fall or not.  Even with a 10-2 season, either Iowa or Wizz is more likely to play in B10 Title.  Gee, not another Husker Bulldog bowl game on January 1st!!!

That would depend on some things, I am not so quick to throw everyone under the bus when we haven’t even played a game.  If we would lose to Miami, Wis, MS, by small margines and they all go on to be in the playoffs or end up in the top 8, and maybe the bowl loss to a top team how could you say that is not progress.  To just say 4 losses and we are rid of Bo is being a little overzealous to get rid of him in my opinion.  Now if we lose bad to a couple of them and lose some games we shouldn’t have than I would give serious consideration and would not be unhappy if they were able to bring in a coach we all went WOW!! about.

If SE is any kinda of athletic director I would hope right now he knows the fan base is getting nervous about the situation and has some feelers out or is gathering some data about the possibilility. If not and to get rid of Bo and not have some options in mind than I am getting very uneasy about the situation.  I am more on the positive side than some and will wait and see before I go getting ahead of the cart about this.  I agree and have said it before that I am not happy or satisfied with the blow out losses, the losses to teams we shouldn’t.  Last year with all the injuries (not an excuse) I thought the team fought hard, after the defense started to get more in sink with their assingments.  The offense was devasted with injuries and if not for AA would have been a real mess.  If our QB play is good (not great) I think this team looking at the roster has a lot of potential, if the QB play is great look out!  Not putting any blame any where but TM was a big part of us leading the nation in TO’s, and last year I will chalk that up to alot of inexperienced players that were put in some positions before they were probably ready.  That is do in part to recruiting misses in prior years which is on Bo and the University for not getting a recruiting team like most.

I’m not worried about Fresno, Ballfield, I’m worried about NU.  We had far too many squeakers last year and Fresno can score quickly if we turn the ball over in our end of the field (Naw, never happen, right!).  I don’t think they have much of a defense against the run, but they can certainly play picks when they come their way and their style of offense is always challenging for the Huskers.  I hope you’re right on this one though.  I did read somewhere that they have a new QB that appears to be pretty a good dual threat sort of player that knows how to play the spread.

Good analysis Larr!!!  You are correct Dennis that Fresno’s real weakness will be inability to stop the run game, neverthe less NU’s.  If NU does a running game brain fart, or OC decides he will try to pull a fast one and start throwing the ballk NU will be in trouble.  All indicators are, NU should have excellent success running the ball against Fresno.  That being the case, and hoping the team maintains a conservative ball control approach to the game, Fresno will lose, and possibly by 21 or more points.

Miami is usually not playing very well early in the season.  That is to NU’s advantage.  NU should win this game and should be favored if NU plays to it potential leading up to that game.  If NU makes bone-headed mistakes (like it has been capable of doing under BOP), Katie bar the door!!!

If NU is 4-0 going into the B10 season, BOP should have a mental advantage for himself.  If BOP loses either Fresno or Miami games, he will be under stress and we know how BOP handles stress, “Go ahead.  Fire me if the university wants to.”  Ugly memories the program hopefully will never see repeated from a multi-millionaire HC who should thank his lucky stars he got the job he did at NU!!!

BOP needs a “squeeze ball” for the sidelines and a mask like they wear in public over in Japan so he can handle the stress and not spit on any refs during the game!!!  Maybe some kitty cats roaming the sidelines???  I would like it if the crowd chanted, “Meow!  Meow!  Meow!”

They could give him one of those masks that they give convicts when they are spiting on the jailers. Red, you know what I’m talking about.

I don’t much care how Coach Bo acts on the sidelines, or if he has a spitting hissy fit with refs as long as the players don’t seem effected.  As far as the reporters are concerned, he can answer their loaded questions any way he pleases.  Hell, they can be really obnioxious at times and are often baiting him into some sort of reaction.  He is definitely not a Coach Osborne aficionado, but then again, nobody else is either, Dadgummit!

DennisR thankyou!  I looked up Brady Hoke record 11-2, 8-5, 7-6 and so I went to maize n brew website and to my amazement the fan base there talked about the article and never once did I see anything about his record or the fact they need to get rid of him.  Now that looks like a record that is going downward, we may not be seeing the progress we want right now but all good things come to those that wait.  How long, I don’t know the answer to that but I definitely don’t want to change systems and miss it again and be another 7 to 8 years finding out that we need to fire the next guy for only getting us 9 win seasons.  For all those that want to change coaches give us and SE the list of the right names of the coaches that will take us to where you will be able to right posts that are happy you have that coach please!  I would think that MU has way more money and a better recruiting base to draw from than here so if it was that easy I am sure they would be making the move, than we could hire Brady.

Well Larr, Bo is the coach we have, for this year, and as the old saying goes, ” You go home from the dance with the the one what brung ya”.

. . .  unless you are Carrie!!!

yeah admirala, I know. Very similar to that ‘full face condom’, 7turds, wears.

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