Is Gurley the Best Back Nebraska’s Seen Yet?

For years, the Big Ten has had a reputation as a power rushing conference.  That seemed true again in 2013  as a Nebraska faced a number of outstanding running backs.  You might think that would make facing Georgia's Todd Gurley no big deal.  Upon closer inspection he might be the best NU sees all year.


Top Rushers
Within the conference the top rushers were Michigan State's Jeremy Langford, Minnesota's David Cobb, Penn State's Zach Zwinak, and Iowa's Mark Weisman all surpassed Gurley in terms of rushing yards for the season.  Wyoming's Shaun Wick and South Dakota State's Zach Zenner did as well.  But there's more to the story.  Gurley appeared in only 9 games.  In that time, he also managed to rack up more receiving yards than every one of those backs.

What to Make of Zenner
When you take into account the yards from scrimmage per game and touchdowns per game, only South Dakota State's Zach Zenner outproduced Gurley.  While Zenner did it by a considerable margin (over 2,000 rushing yards and 25 scores),it was against a lot of FCS competition - a far cry from the SEC.  So whether Gurley is tops depends on what you make of Zenner.  Danny Woodhead showed you can't completely dismiss the production of lower division players.

We're Talking About Practice
Of course, Nebraska may have faced a better running back in practice.  Ameer Abdullah averaged more yards per game than Gurley.  Gurley had more touchdowns but some of that might be attributable to the presence of Imani Cross on NU's roster.  Cross scored 7 touchdowns from tbe 2 yard line or closer.  Abdullah might just as easily have done so, but NU instead opted for the battering ram.  

If Gurley isn't the best back the Huskers have seen, he's not far from it.  His 6.3 yards per carry were tops for the group.  He was the most prolific receiver.  If his durability is a question mark, he's now had 4+ weeks of rest.  Gurley's perhaps the major reason that Georgia is favored in the game.  His 232 lbs. frame will make him more than a handful to bring down.  

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I think he spells trouble. Hopefully the Huskers figure out some way to stop him.

I think we saw him last year and did ok versus him…I think Nebraska will do fine this time around as well.

Last year their QB threw some incredible passes and their receivers made some incredible catches. He was red hot—hopefully that doesn’t happen this time around.

It was ridiculously frustrating last year to watch Georgia’s QB have one of his best games of the season.  Figures that would happen to NU, as it seems to happen more often than not.  This season’s QBs, Wyoming, UCLA, Michigan State, Minnesota all had above average days against NU.  Then you look at NU’s QB performances, and how many really great days behind center did TMart, TA and Special K have?  Offensive injuries and chaos hurt NU in that regard.

If the new QB at Georgia has some kind of unexpected miraculous game, I will be “you know what!”

Captain Bly,
How do you think the loss of Moss will impact the team? What super timing, Jesus… Makes you wonder about the IQ of some of these guys.

I’m not sure if Moss is back in Lincoln or not taking care of his 2 indecent exposure incidents (in one night) and failure to appear charges. I’m thinking it’s related and he might have been facing a bench warrant for the failure to appear, possibly.


Huskers, it will be much worse for you this year.  SEC, baby!


Red NEBRASKA has a lot of experience when it comes to the TOILET BOWL.  They have played in that for the last decade.

Atta boy, Admiral.
Yuk yuk…

Admiral, this game is going to be one of the better games slated if not the best. Too many lousy bowl games scheduled every year. I was sorry to hear the Martinez is done for his career. Would have been nice for him to show up the ‘fans’ who talk shit on him on a regular basis. That kid has probably played hurt more times than not and still holds all the QB records that matter at Nebraska. Nebraska is finding out now how valuable he was. When healthy he was by far the most consistent (best) of the 3 QB’s, he just didn’t get a lot of help from his defense.

I wonder if there will be any talk of firing Bob Stoops after BAMA destroys Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

No, there won’t be.

For one, Bob Stoops has proven that he can lose a game with class as well as win games with class. Therefore, he doesn’t say “FU” to the s ‘s fan base because the other team’s QB (braxton Miller) got gimpy and succumbed to inferior coaching (Fickle) like another coach we know.

Another reason is that the SEC recruiting is light years ahead of the Big 12 and the Big 10, to name two. That means no one expects OU to win the game but OU players and staff.

Ny, you should worry more about your ‘coach’ who is on life support and not worry about another team’s future College Hall of Fame coach.

Ask yourself this, are you keeping Pelini on life support for selfish reasons? I’m sure he would be better for all involved if you just ‘unplugged him’ and let him expire with what little dignity he has left.

That was stooopid.

Yea, Gurly be da bestest, though David Cobb might have something to say about that, that is, if Minny’s OC didnt have ‘Got Becked Syndrome’ and would give him the ball, you know, since he averages about 10 yds a pop—maybe they win that game last night.  Naw, let Nelson go 4 for 20 or whatever it was.

Interesting, some of these bowl sponsors, for e.g., “Belk:  Modern Southern Style”.  They must be referring to southern Indonesia where the shit is made at pennies on the dollar.  Murica, gotta love it.

That’s the difference between Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame.

Stoops ‘classy face’ after Johnny Football single handedly shreds his team:


I’m sure he’s good.
Nebraska’s collection of frosh and rsfrosh in the line and at ‘backer, will enthusiastically meet him in the hole.
I try not to remember much about this season’s run D. A queasy sense of horror and fascination intermingled, almost every game.
They’ve improved. They’re almost like sophs, now…

For me, this game is about Armstrong. This season’s been a sobering experience for him. Got a strong sense of that, this last interview. He’s got to find something to build on, from this game.
He’ll have fresh competition, shortly. Unlike what a frontline QB has faced, since the spring of ‘05.

You are a seriously confused individual, as well aa flip flopper. You can’t seem to decide whether you want what’s best for Nebraska or settle for what was once mediocrity. It’s worse now than ever before. Pick a stance and live with it. Everyone else has. I tried to give Pelini the benefit of the doubt at the beginning of the season, and challenged him to change my mind about how transparent his game plans were. Nope!! He’s even worse than I thought at the beginning of the season. The university shares in half the blame by shopping the Dollar Store for a head coach. Tight ass budget for a storied program. Unproven Pelini and extorting cash from the university like a gangster and now he calls the shots because he has NU by the balls.

Desperate coaches do desperate things, like fake punts deep in their own territory. That play getting ‘blown up’ by a Kirk Ferentz led team just shows how bad things are in NU’s football program.

As far as that picture of Coach Stoops? He doesn’t look like a rodent with flashing teeth like a clown I have seen. Face it, You’d kill for a coach like Bob Stoops.


I’m not ex-military. I am retired military. Yes I will receive a pension, just like a lot of other jobs offer for 20 or more years of service. It’s not a life for everyone. 14 hour work days some times in 120 degree heat or below zero temperatures,  getting fired at…it’s all part of the deal.

Not much for putting my life on hold for a good part of my life. I’m sorry you have a problem with that, T-Dogg.

I actually dont ‘flip flop’, I actually use my brain and adapt to new information, new data, a new situation—sorta of like that Darwin guy talked about back in the day.  If BOP is going to lose to Minny and have a #80th rated defense, then yea, I have a problem with BOP.  However, if he’s going to beat NW, PSU, and MI in the Big Haus with a RS frosh QB and the defense jumps to 31st(at that time), well, no more hot seat.  Have a problem with the Lolwa loss, but I’m letting that ride for now.

We beat Dem Dawgs and things are looking better as to my adaptive outlook for BOP.

See, this is how intelligence works, it THINKS, doesnt get stuck on stoopid, tripping over whats behind it, isnt a broken record, moves on, operates in present time.

No, not flip flopping, sorry.

Okay, it’s all about viewpoints. I respect everyone’s opinion, but we don’t have to like them.

I feel I had pegged Bo Pelini 4 years ago. I will still stand with my prediction.

I think if its a 70 to 6 blow out. BOP will be done. I do think that will happen. Nebraska can win this one.

I also think that Nebraska can win this one. If Murray was playing I would say no. It will depend on if the backup QB can hold it together and if Nebraska’s coaching staff doesn’t get in the way.

Should be a lot closer than 9 points, more like a coin flip. Whoever has the ball last wins the game.

Winning team wins it 30-28.

I’m going with 28-24

“I think we saw him last year and did ok versus him…I think Nebraska will do fine this time around as well.”

Uh, he had 125 yds on 23 carries, 5.4 average, 1 TD, long of 24 yds.

Uh…Burkhead had 140 vs them.  What’s your point?  We did fine.  We weren’t world beaters but we did just fine.

Giving up 125 yds to a back is normally not considered ‘doing fine’.

I have said on this site that the BIG is not the power house conference that it use to be, and that it will show when the bowl games start. So far the BIG is 0 and 2

Some of these bowl matchups are just wacky. Some matchups like NR Texas vs 10 Oregon are nuts.

That was a solid gameplan by Coach Snyder last night. Even in his 70’s the guy can still coach.

In my opinion, Snyder is the best coach in collage football. Has he won any national champions, no but look what he has had to work with. He develops players, and that is what good coaching is.

Giving up 125 yards to a back is not doing fine.  Georgia gave up 140 yards on 24 carries to Burkhead in the same game, averaging 5.8 yards.  Abdullah rushed for 48 yards on 7 carries for 6.9 yards per carry in the same game as well.

Abdullah is doing even better this year.  He also has Cross and Newby in the backfield as needed.  Armstrong has shown that he has the potential to be a very good option QB, and seeing as he is healthy now, the running threat has returned to the offense.

Beck had a great game plan against the number 1 defense this year, and gashed them for 392 yards.  If not for a couple of redshirt freshman making big mistakes and causing five turnovers, MSU would be 11-2 right now.

Avoiding turnovers will the key to success; if the Huskers can do that, they will win this game.

Snyder “the best coach in college football?”  No way.  He’s a good coach, no doubt about that.  It took him fifteen years to win his first conference championship at K-State, and he three losing seasons in his first four years, his first year achieving a 10 loss season.  He has two conference championships in 22 years at K-State.

Imagine if he coached at Nebraska.  He would have been fired after posting a 1-10 record in his first year.  It’s amazing how anyone can think he is the best coach in college football.

Snyder’s been there for about 25 yrs. Has never come close to a national championship and could’nt beat Pelini. Swab the deck admiral. The only thing snyder’s done is kick stooopids ass. Your opinion means nuth’n. FUou

admiral, Snyders signature win was the beheading of Eric Crouch. 1998 If he did’nt steal that one, k-st might still be to OU, what you and craptain are to ou. yuk yuk


Hey, did you notice how easily Snyder’s Wildcats beat Michigan last night? Yea, Bo struggled mightily against this same team, and their best QB played last night to boot!
The score is misleading, it wasn’t even that close.

First of all Red and NY I said (in my opinion) Snyder has got that program out of the cellar twice.

Shame on you for having an opinion!



Reading comments here is like seeing a conversation between 3 people with multiple personality disorder.  I’ve never seen more crazy comments on any one website in my entire life.


Michigans QB got his 1st start lastnight. Gardner did not play. ***

No sh**?
Well, That explains why the announcer said just before the game started that it was his first start.

If you had been peeping through the living room window instead *** last night you would have seen UM’s QB would have beaten Nebraska.

“Anybody that knows anything about college football” knows that Gardner was a liability all year.

***obscenities edited

Yea, I was wondering why all of the sudden Gardner was a white guy.

Congratulations dead guy.

My belated Christmas present to you is a new nickname.
You will now be known as ‘Stu’.

Stu= Someone who states the blatantly obvious.

No sh**, Stu!

Don’t do that ***. You’ll get me and stooopid mixed up. I don’t need you guys fluff’n me up. Dead guy is cool, and the only title all 3 (or 5) of ya can remember, and spell.

7, Time to put the admiral away and let craptain out for a while.


Yea, no xtra charge for ‘crazy’.

Snydypants no likey da Gatorade shower at the end, prolly got his adult diapy all soggied up…

I doubt it, Dogg,

He probably is just so used To it that he doesn’t want to be bothered with it.

You know, like when he was beating Texas. That just gets old after a while.


So, in your opinion, Coach Snyder is the best coach in college football today.  This is exactly what you wrote-“In my opinion, Snyder is the best coach in collage football.”

If you think he is the best, how can you be down on Coach Pelini? 

Coach Snyder took over K-State in 1989.  He did not win a conference championship until his 15th season, in 2008.  He had won only two in his 22 years as head coach of K-State.  His teams didn’t play in a bowl game until his fifth year as head coach, in 2003.  His bowl record is 7-8, and he had lost four straight until winning against a Michigan team that the Blackshirts completely dominated in the Big House, ending their 19 win home streak.

In his first six years as head coach, his record is 36-31-1.  Compare that to Coach Pelini’s 57-24 record.

His teams have played Coach Pelini’s Huskers three times, with the the following outcomes:

2008 - Nebraska 56 Kansas State 28;
2009 - Nebraska 17 Kansas State   3;
2010 - Nebraska 48 Kansas State 14;

Coach Pelini’s teams trounced Coach Snyder’s teams, never winning by less than two touchdowns and completely blowing them out in two of the three games played.

Yeah, if you think Coach Snyder is the best coach in college football, then you must think that Coach Pelini is the best coach on the planet.




***Personal attack deleted.



I stepped in some F’n democrat (obviously). Do you know how I can get it off my boot?

Maybe I’ll just DX them.  Haaaaa haaaaaaaa

***personal attack deleted.


I’m still laughing!!!!



Seriously, good luck fellow vet buddy.




Oh yea, Pelini is still a horrible coach.

Yuk yuk…



It all makes sense now!  You don’t like Coach Pelini because he scares you!  That big, bad coach yells and he’s scary!!  Well, it’s all too clear now!  Ha! 

Again, thanks for the laugh!  REMF!!

damn 7, you better call stooopid and tell him you already took an ass-whooop’n for the team. Save face, go AWOL, stay home. yuk yuk SOOOOOOOOOO funny dumbass


I hear Pelini’s clock ticking.

Tick, tick, tick…

Nebraska had the perfect opportunity to get Chip Kelly, but they blew it.


You’re going to talk about Coach Pelini?  ***

Too bad your boy Stoops is going to have another blow-out bowl game loss again this year.  He’ll be on ESPN with Mack Brown after next year as the has-beens.  But at least Stoops doesn’t scare you, like that big, bad Coach Pelini does!  ***

Pelini scares no one. Not even his players. They know he’s a chump too.

Pelini said a couple of years ago that ” Nebraska is back”.

So blame me if I hold him to it.

Stoops isn’t even in the conversation. His success speaks for itself, and you have a problem with that, obviously.

You should worry about Nebraska possibly losing to a team that has the flu. Yea, that won’t bode well for schnoz.



I see that you stole Coach Pelini’s line to describe Stoops’s success.  Well, don’t take it too hard when your Sooners get blown out.  ***









Great dialogue fellas!!!  Bottom line is:  OU has a better team than NU.  Thus, OU has bragging rights over NU this season.  Now, let’s read NY’s logic on how that isn’t the case!!!  Should be fun reading.

OU is playing one of the best teams in the country.  Who does NU get to play?  Pelini is here to stay for the 2014 season if he wins the Crocodile Bowl.  If BOP loses or should lose in a Georgia lopsided victory following reported Georgia suspensions, flu, etc., BOP may be coaching “toast” after the game.  Maybe he can replace Solich at Ohio.  Better yet, he can be a defensive assistant for Urban “The Slick” Meyer.


Read Sport commentator Runge’s comments on Pelini:

“The Iowa game played out almost identically to the Michigan State game, with the same result on the scoreboard. Add on top of that Pelini’s sideline, spittle-flecked hat-swipe which cost his team fifteen yards and himself an incalculable amount of dignity, and you get a really embarrassing picture of a man out of control of himself and his program.”
“The profanity in his post-game press conference masked what may have been the more disturbing things Pelini said, though. When asked about the hat-swipe—a juvenile and immature act unbefitting of a man in Pelini’s position of leadership—he responded by blaming the referee for a poor call and complaining that the opposing coach was also behaving badly.”

Since the messenger criticizing Pelini ‘is not yours truly’ go ahead and attack Runge, or the others who have some sport creds.  BOP needs to grow up.  For $3 million + per year, the State of Nebraska deserves better.  For NU fans who defend this immature emotional misfit, relying on his ‘stellar’ 4 loss season historical record, season after season after season, please tell Runge he too is wrong!!!

Since Nebraska wiffed on Chip Kelly, Bring back Solich. He has a lot less baggage. ‘They’ could kiss and make up. Solich’s recruiting seemed a lot better than what Pelini has brought in, and could probably get him at a bargain.

I think Chip Kelly will be named the new Texas coach. I do not think Mike Gundy would leave O-State, nor would T. Boone Pickens allow him to leave. $$$

OU7 ~ I suppose Gundy is too much of an OSU lover to leave his alma m. for dreaded Texas.  He reminds me of Swartz at Detroit who is losing his coaching job.  Same snarly smart ass attitude.  I like Stoops at OU.  OU is lucky to have him in my opinion.  If OU can whip arse holes Alabama, that would make my holiday season.  It is difficult to predict, it seems, who Texas will land as new HC.  Maybe former Tampa Bay HC?  Meez thinks Chip K. will stay in Phili for several more years. 

Frank Solich develped a drinking problem, evidenced by his DUI in Ohio several years ago.  If you get caught, that means, you’ve been driving drunk many times before and odds just finally catch up with you.  Plus, FS had a reputation in other areas as well.  Don’t want to embarrass the man further.  He needed tro leave NU for more than several reasons, quite “Frankly.”

NU is in a tough situation at the moment.  BOP’s fate hinges on his players’ ability to pull the game out for his own sake.  If NU wins, I assume BOP won’t be foolish enough to suggest NU is back, like he said after the AZ bowl game victory (his last bowl win) in 2009.

I support NU, but want and expect better from the University than Callahan and BOP.

It’s not pogue, it’s pog (People Other than Grunts), everyone on here ranting and raving about anything other than football needs to go to their doctor, get on some zanex, and chill out. This is supposed to be a football board, with good discussion and a lack of name calling. It’s sad how far things have fallen around here. You used to be able to read an article and there would be 20-30 people commenting with good discussion. Now it’s run by a few dysfunctional individuals and a few more trying to offset what they’re saying. Red, I get why you started commenting, but you’ve fallen to their level. Triumph, new york, Perry, you generally have insightful, intelligent things to say, so thank you. Nchusker, it is like watching a bad episode of jerry springer around here.

*Petey, not Perry, damn auto-correct.

NY, Snyder doesn’t get the talent to work with that UN does. Snyder has to develop his players and he does it with class. Something that BOP does not have. I don’t just look at the win loss records. I look at how players can respect and look up to there coach. If any of the UN players can say that they respect and believe in what BOP is doing then they have been brain washed.


Isn’t it?  I mean, these guys are talking about Kansas State’s coach on an article that is supposed to be about Georgia’s running back.  Talk about an off topic ranting!

Even worse, most of these people make comments that don’t make sense…they seem to have been typed by someone that skipped their medication!  They’re ranting, off-topic and incoherently slapped together clauses that don’t even make real sentences.

People post things thinking they’re funny but they’re not because the things they post don’t make sense!

It’s like crazy town around here…it’s no wonder that all of your comments were removed…I’d have banned you from my Husker blog if it were me.


That makes absolutely no sense, unless you mean to say that you are totally biased against Coach Pelini.  You did not support your statement as to why you think Coach Snyder is the best coach in college football, only that you like him.  It is a well established fact that the players who play for Coach Pelini love him, and you know this.  Because you know this, you claim they are “brainwashed.”  How do you support that statement?  How were they brainwashed?

Coach Snyder’s teams have won two conference championships in 22 years.  Look above for the rest of the stats I posted days ago.  Come up with something else than the old you “hate Coach Pelini” rants and support your statement as to why Coach Snyder is the best coach in college football today.  How is he better than Mack Brown?  Mack Brown is LOVED and ADORED in Texas, and he has a NC to boot.  How is he better than Urban Meyer?  Ohio State loves him there, and he is a winner.

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