Ingredients are There for Mark Dantonio to Texas

Over the next few days and possibly weeks, we'll be hearing a lot about who might get the head coaching job at Texas.  A lot of names are being thrown around including Art Briles and Jimbo Fisher.  Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio might be considered a dark horse, but his name has come up.  There are a few reasons why that's not such a preposterous suggestion.


The Resume
Every program wants a head coach that can win 11-12 games a year and compete for conference championships.  Dantonio's won 11 or 12 games in three of the last four seasons, winning the Big Ten championship this year and nearly grabbing another win in 2011.  In the new four-team playoff world of the future, this year's Spartan team would likely be playing for the national championship.  He was also the defensive coordinator for Ohio State's national championship team in 2002.  That's the kind of performance any program could get behind.  

The Profile
While Zanesville, Ohio is considered the hometown for Dantonio, he was born in the Lone Star State.  He's five years younger than Mack Brown, which seems important to some.  More notably, you have to look at the school he's leaving.  Michigan State isn't the biggest brand name in college football, or even its own state.  He's had to make more with less.  His recruiting classes have been ranked somewhere between fourth and ninth each year in his own conference.  Texas is arguably the easiest place to recruit in the country.  Imagine what he can achieve with the best players in the Big 12 or perhaps anywhere.  

The Money
Mark Dantonio might be the most underpaid coach in all of college football at under $2 million per year.  That's in the bottom third of salaries in the Big Ten despite a performance over the past three years that's been arguably second to none.  Mack Brown has been making nearly $5.5 million with bonuses that can take him over $6 million.  That means Dantonio could potentially triple his income by moving.  MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis has pledged to give raises to both Dantonio and his defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi (who himself has become a hot property and at 47 would have a lot of years ahead of him).  While I'm sure the paychecks will grow if they remain at Michigan State, it seems doubtful that the Spartans can compete with what Texas will pay.  

That's not to say that Texas will hire Dantonio or Narduzzi.  A lot of these arguments apply to other candidates, like Briles.  Still, it might not be shocking to see Dantonio and/or Narduzzi lured away.  If Dantonio leaves, that would be the second straight year that a Big Ten championship head coach departed and would leave the conference without a head coach that had ever won a conference title in the Big Ten.  Only Urban Meyer and Bo Pelini would have even won division crowns.  Stay tuned, things could get interesting.   

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Mark Dantonio to Texas?  That is hilarious! 

I have no idea how anyone would think that Texas would hire a coach who averages 9 wins per year and 4.14 losses per year over the great coach they just dismissed (allowed to resign, sorry.)

Mark Dantonio has been at Michigan State for 7 seasons, starting in 2007.  While it is true that his teams have had two 11 win seasons and one 12 win season in the past four years, it is also true that last year (2012) he had a losing record in the B1G (3-5) and an overall record of 7-6.  Last year!!

It is also true that he had a losing season in his third year at Michigan State (2009), with a record of 6-7.

It’s also true that his Bowl record at MSU is 2-4.

It is also true that he nearly “grabbed” a B1G championship in 2011, the same year that his team was blown out by Nebraska and Notre Dame, and lost to Wisconsin in the B1G Championship.

It’s also true that he has had 7 blow out losses in his career at Michigan State.

Mark Dantonio is a good coach.  But he isn’t NEARLY as good a coach as Mack Brown.  Texas wants to move UP, not down, and hiring Mark Dantonio would not be the right move for that to happen.

To think that Dantonio will even be considered by Texas is funny.

Thanks for the laugh.

Texas could go after Urban Meyer, however.  Coach Meyer is a proven winner and has shown that he can turn a team around immediately.

Ohio State was 6-7 in 2011.  In 2012, they were 12-0.  The reason for the zero-to-hero turnaround? Coach Urban Meyer.

The following year brought another undefeated regular season and close loss to MSU in the B1G Championship game.  Another 12 wins.

Texas could easily buy-out Urban Meyer’s contract at OSU and lure him away.  The question is whether or not Urban Meyer would leave. 

He is definitely worth the money.  And Texas has plenty of money.  Let’s see what happens after the Bowl season.  I think Ohio State may need to raise some more revenue if it hopes to retain Coach Meyer.

So New Yorker, you say, “I have no idea how anyone would think that Texas would hire a coach who averages 9 wins per year and 4.14 losses per year over the great coach they just dismissed . . . ” 

And here sits NU willingly accepting the same results MS’s coach has produced.  Our version of Dantonio is good enough for NU, but not for Texas.  Soft bigotry of low expectations dragging NU down, it appears.


meyer is loyal to NO-ONE. The snake belongs in texass. Maybe he could stop and pick up our haters and take them with him. craptain could polish “longhorns”. yuk yuk… ou7 would need alota fluff’n with a yearly asswhoop’n at the hands of suburban meyer. He’d probably forget his k-st/ou and move with them. And leave HUSKER fans alone.


You prove time and again that you’re not that bright.  You certainly love that “soft bigotry” quote.  You must listen to Rush Limbaugh, and that explains a lot.

What’s sad is that you can’t understand what you read.  You really don’t understand my comment concerning replacing Mack Brown with Mark Dantonio?  It doesn’t surprise me.

Nebraska isn’t accepting the same results as Michigan State’s head coach.  Coach Pelini hasn’t had a losing season.  Mark Dantonio has.  Coach Pelini has never had a six loss season.  Mark Dantonio has two.  Coach Pelini has never had a seven loss season.  Mark Dantonio has one.

Perhaps you really don’t understand comparisons.  You certainly don’t seem to.


I understand a program that progresses to a higher level.  Such has been the case with MS under Dantonio.  Not with NU and Pelini.  If you deny that point, NY, you are blind, not I.  The fact I make a valid point illustrating the hypocrisy of your commentary is too bad for you, not me.  Pelini’s problem is, he doesn’t show steady improvement and progress in team development year after year.  Dantonio has.  Ding Dong, NY, nobodies home!!!

Some things I find extremely funny here:

- Someone who says that Mark Dantonio going to Texas as “hillarious”, when MD has the #1 defense in the country and yet still makes less money than BOzo the Pelini. I dunno, maybe because he has to prove he is a defensive guru to make big money where ‘some’ universities take a guys word for it…for 6 years.

- Mark Dantonio may not have had 9 wins every season, but he has shown major progress this season, whereas ‘somebody’ has regressed. So you know, let’s knock the coach that beat Nebraska so convincingly. That makes a lot of sense.

NY, do you really put any thought into what the hell you say?

- Another is a dead guy we all know calling others “haters”. He knows so much about loyalty.

Btw, dead guy needs to wipe the spit foam off his ‘Doesn’t play well with others’ sign around his neck.

I noticed that your ‘beloved’ Pelini has not been mentioned for the head coaching job at Texas.

Why do you think that is?

It’s propbably because Texas has a ‘No Insane Clowns Allowed’ sign at the state line…among other things.

New Yorker - when comparing Bo and Dantonio’s resumes you seemed to have left out one little detail…....BO’S ZERO Conference Championships!!  ZERO!!!!!!

Kelly D ~ what a great point!  I missed that one!  I couldn’t see the forrest for the trees.

Yes sir, good catch.

Well, let’s see.  Mark Dantonio’s program has progressed to a “higher level.”  So, that excuses his losing season, the blow-out losses, and a 7 loss and two 6 loss seasons in a 7 year period.  In three of his seven years, his teams did not even win 8 games.

Dantonio’s team won a share of the B1G in 2010, and then in 2012 had a losing record (3-5.)  Coach Pelini’s team blew out Coach Dantonio’s team in 2011, and beat them last year.  This year, Coach Pelini’s second string team gashed that #1 defense for 392 yards-if not for a freshman QB and freshman running back having five turnovers, Coach Pelini’s second string offense would have beaten Michigan State.

Amazing, isn’t it?  Coach Pelini’s second string offense put up more yards and more points against Michigan State than Ohio State’s first string did.

Coach Pelini’s teams are 2-1 against Dantonio.


Yes, I do put thought into what I say.  Perhaps you should try to put some thought into what you say.  Learn how to read, by the way.  The coaching comparison on this thread was comparing Dantonio to Brown.

Kelly D, the coaching comparison was between Brown and Dantonio, here.  You can read, right?  How many NC’s does Dantonio have?  Exactly.

It is hilarious to even consider replacing Coach Brown with Mark Dantonio.  If you can’t see that OU7, you’re not very bright.


You make no sense, once again.  Dantonio has shown steady progress every year?  You obviously don’t do your research. 

Dantonio’s bowl record is 2-4.  Is that steady progress?

In 2007 his record was 7-6.  In 2008, 9-4.  In 2009, 6-7.  Is that “steady” progress?

In 2010 his team won a share of the B1G, going 11-1, his only loss a blow-out by Iowa, 37-6.  He was then blown-out in the bowl game 49-7. Then, in 2011 his team went 11-3.  He was blown out by Coach Pelini’s Huskers and Notre Dame, and lost the B1G Championship game.  In 2012 his team went 7-6.  Is that steady progress?

Nebraska beat themselves this year against that #1 defense, and they still performed better against them than any other team in the B1G, using a second string freshman QB and backup line.  MSU is very lucky that Coach Pelini’s first string wasn’t playing.

You’re the hypocrite.  You complain of Coach Pelini having four loss seasons, but say it’s okay for Dantonio to have a 7 loss season and two 6 loss seasons.  According to your thinking, Dantonio shouldn’t have been around to win the B1G, he should have been fired after the 7 loss season.

Yeah, you’re just not that bright.

Yea okay,we all know I’m not bright by now.

Dantonio is trending upward, Bo is trending downward.
Dantonio is a viable candidate, Bo is not.

Okay, the kids say they love him. That’s great, but he’s an average coach who cannot win any big game. Now, give him 7 years and maybe he will, but there is nothing to make you feel that he will.

Name one other team wants to be associated with a teeth flashing sideline lunatic like a Pelini?
I have serious doubts that Nebraska does either, it’s just that they are ‘pot commited’ with him and cannot buy him out along with the other buyouts they are paying. There really cannot be any other realistic conclusion.

I think Pelini should try coaching from his own press box since Nebraska looks like they will have him for 6 more years.

The university should have suspended his ass after the Iowa game.

He’s annoying to listen to/look at, and he distracts his own players from being all they can be on the field.


To use some modern slang, “What, U Mad, Bro?”

Dantonio is “trending upward?”  You don’t do your research either, OU7!  Look at his record before making a comment like that.  It is highly unlikely he will win the B1G next year, and that means he will be “trending downward.” 

Coach Pelini has never had as horrible a season as Coach Dantonio has, losing 7 games.  Coach Pelini has never had a five loss season, let alone TWO 6 loss ones.

Coach Pelini’s team can compete and win the B1G next year,  His first string team would have won it this year.  Next year is Coach Pelini’s 7th season.  If he wins it, he will have done it without ever having a losing season or three out of four terrible seasons like Coach Dantonio has.

You can’t see that?  Doesn’t surprise me.


Let’s talk about your team, Oklahoma.  Talk about trending downward.  He won the NC in 2000, then didn’t get back there until 2008, where Urban Meyer and company beat him.  He’s 7-7 in Bowl games, and was blown out 41-13 by Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl last season.  More than likely his team will be blown out by Alabama, making that two straight bowl losses and a 7-8 bowl record.

Now that’s trending downward.  Perhaps he needs to be fired?

Dantonio might not win the Big 10 next year. Who knows?

Maybe he coaches Texas next year and wins the BIg 12? Who knows?

I do know this. He had a solid gameplan against Nebraska and against ‘all world’ tOSU.
He also proved he can play the big game and win it. His team knows how to ‘finish’ a game.

I know that Dantonio won’t be coaching at Texas next year.  Texas knows better than to “trade down.”

Coach Pelini had a solid game plan against Michigan State, as well.  There is no way MSU would have been able to compete against Coach Pelini’s team with the same amount of injuries that Nebraska had.  If not for the freshman mistakes, Nebraska would have beaten Coach Dantonio’s team.  The second string offense gashed them for 392 yards and Abdullah ran all over them for 123 rushing yards.

Yeah, Coach Pelini had a great game plan.  That’s easy to see.  It’s also easy to see that the five turnovers (all unforced) are what derailed his game plan.  In short, MSU was very lucky.


re: “The university should have suspended his ass after the Iowa game”. 

You mean kind of like the Chik-Fil-a commercial, where the cow is lowered onto the field?

OU7Times ~ people resist the truth with a vengance as evidenced by those who are truth deniers.  Unlike you, I have been a NU football fan for decades, but I know the truth, and you speak it concerning Pelini.  Your critics ignore the fact Dantonio has been on an upward path culminating in a conference championship this year.  Then there is NU who coasts along with 4 - loss seasons for how many years in a row, with some of those victories resulting from a Hail Mary, or an endzone interference call at the end of a game, or by whatever means good fortune seeks to hand out.  Pelini loses 3 out of every 10 B10 games his teams play.  Not bad, but not top 10 material.  In the end, OU7Times is right.  Like it or not.

You (attempt to) compare Pelini with Dantonio, and discredit Pelini for a hail Mary?
20011, MSU versus Wisconsin.  Look it up, since you apparently hadn’t started following B1G as of then, or you would have remembered that event.  Which prompts the question, what grade are you in now, since you have not yet had that statistics class yet where “trend” is defined.  1 or 2 data points do not a trend make—you cannot look at just this year’s improvement over last year and call it a trend.  Up down Up down actually reflects the same trend (do a least-squares fit you get a nearly flat line, with an admittedly very slight upward slope) as a consistent record, just with more variance.  Bo’s recent bowl losses do caus a very slight downward trend, but all indications are that 1) this year is an “outlier” due to injuries and a young defense and 2) next year will improve.


In psychology, there is a term called “projection.”  You claim others resist the truth, while you flat out stick your head in the sand like an ostrich.  Your saying that Dantonio has been on an upward path while having two 6 loss seasons and one 7 loss season in 7 year span simply does not make sense.  He has had an 11 win season one year and a 7 win season the very next.  Losing only two games one and 6 the next.  How can you keep a straight face when you applaud that and criticize Coach Pelini’s four losses?  NU is “coasting along” with 4 loss seasons, but Dantonio’s 7 loss losing season is “moving forward?”

Dantonio’s B1G victory this year is only due to the injury laden year Pelini’s team had.  Michigan State will not win the B1G next year, with a strong possibility of finishing 7-5.

You say that Nebraska needed a “Hail Mary” pass to win a game, yet fail to mention it was the 3rd String QB who threw it.  You neglect to mention that Western Michigan’s offense outscored Michigan State’s offense 13-12, and if not for MSU’s defense intercepting two passes for TD’s, 1-9 Western Michigan would have won the game.

Speaking of “resisting the truth,” you simply cannot admit that Coach Pelini’s banged up team using mostly back-up players on offense and relying on second and third string QB still did well.  I highly doubt that Michigan State would have won very many games under the same conditions.  You won’t admit that, though.

No, Coach Pelini’s team did an excellent job this year.  If his first string was healthy and playing the entire year, I have no doubt that the B1G trophy would be in Lincoln this year.  I am confident that it will be in Lincoln next year.

You say that losing 3 out of every 10 B1G games is not top ten material?  Well, Dantonio’s teams lose 3 out of every 10 they play as well.  And that’s after 7 years in the B1G, compared to Coach Pelini’s 3.

You’re wrong-again-and you simply don’t do your research before you post.  That’s why you look like an ignorant fool.

Oops on 20011.

And Coach Dantonio’s Bowl record is 2-4 compared to Coach Pelini’s 3-3.  Coach Pelini is 3-1 against MSU all time, with 2 of those victories against Coach Dantonio.

Oops…is that a new nickname for stoops. I like stooopid better. Wanna talk about suspending some ASSES, go straight to oklahomas penal colony (sorry craptain, not literally). 3 suspensions, 2 for illegal drugs and 1 for jacking off in public. That’s without even looking. That 3rd guy must have been a hoot in the locker room. YUK YUK

Checks the trends to truly evaluate effectiveness of coaches.  Dantonio’ record is:
2007   7–5
2008   9–4
2009   6-7
2010   11-2 B10 Co-Champion
2011   11-3
2012   7-6 rebuilding year
2013   11-1 B10 Champion

Pelini has no championships.  He has a “kiss your sister” consistent 4 loss season record for the past 6 years.  I would take winning two B10 Championships with average 4 loss seasons over Pelini’s no B10 Championships with 4 loss seasons during same time period.  NU could easily have added several more losses if it hadn’t been for pure luck on the field.  Yes, luck does exist.

As to injuries NU has suffered this past season, obviously that impacts.  However, students of the game look to historical results to judge overall performance and competence of coaches.  I am trying to recall when Dantonio threw childish fits on the field resulting in fines and hurting the team on the field.

New Yorker, sounds like you are one of those Obama supporters. Just like Johnny and his think green BS.  This country would be much better if it had a Rush or a Sean Hannity running it. Don’t want to get politics involved, but you did start it.


You sound like an idiot.  Where did I get politics involved?  I haven’t mentioned any politics or politicians.  When you say I must be one of “those” Obama supporters, are you saying that you’re not?  President Obama is the President of our country, and you would do well to remember that fact.  I support my president, regardless of which party he is a member of or what his ethnic and racial background is.  If you can’t do that, why not try moving to a different country.  Although you seem to know very little about football, try sticking to it and keep politics out of it.


Well, at least you admit that you don’t mind having a coach who is a loser.  You are wrong about the 2007 season.  Dantonio had six losses not five like you listed.  You also minimize his 2012 crashdive into a six loss season calling it a “rebuilding year.”  Sure is funny how you can accept a coach with a losing season and two six loss seasons to go along with his 7 loss one.

It’s quite clear that if Dantonio had been the coach here at Nebraska you would have screamed for him to be fired after his third year here.  After all, a four loss season, five loss season and seven loss season after three years is horrible.  But you can overlook that because you just don’t like Coach Pelini.

Coach Pelini is already doing better in his three years in the B1G.  Here are Coach Pelini has never had a losing season, and Coach Dantonio has had two losing B1G records, one of those two being last year.

When Coach Dantonio’s team has five losses next year, what excuse will you have?  You’ll probably say it’s okay because he is not Coach Pelini.  When Coach Pelini wins the B1G next year, what will you say?

You sure like to use the phrase “kiss your sister” also.  Perhaps you’re doing a little more projecting there as well.


By the way, if you are fine with Coach Dantonio’s 2-4 bowl record quit complaining about Coach Pelini’s 3-3 record.  At least Coach Pelini has taken his team to a bowl every year he has coached, unlike Coach Dantonio.  After Stanford beats MSU this year, Coach Dantonio’s record will be 2-5.  Yeah, that’s upward movement there.

New Yorker, it was you who said that NU must be a Rush listener, and that that would explain a lot. New Yorker when it comes to how this country is ran, you don’t know shit.


Perhaps you don’t know this, but Rush Limbaugh is a radio show talk host, not a politician.  You must be one of his listeners, and that explains a lot.  If you can listen to the sexist, racist crap that comes out of his mouth, then says a lot about your character.  When it comes to not knowing shit, you have a Ph.D in that.


By the way, I do support President Obama.  Just like I supported President Bush, and President Clinton, and President Bush before him, and President Reagan before him.  I am an American, and I support my president regardless of who is in office.  If you can’t understand that, then I wonder if you’re an American.

You dumb ass, I have done more for this country then you ever will.  If you want to support a President that is stealing from our children go ahead. As for me I just cant.

Oh, well hell. That figures…

It’s all making ‘sense’ now.


Did you ever run into any ‘brass’ in the military that had this same ‘driving square pegs into round holes’ syndrome?


You have no idea who I am.  Before calling someone a dumbass, why not think about that for a moment. If you actually spent any time serving your country, you would have learned a little something about loyalty and honor. Before you make any more disparaging remarks about the President, think about that.  You don’t have to vote for him, but once he is in office, he is your President.  If you can’t get understand this, then whatever branch of service you were kicked out of taught you nothing.


You would also do well to remember that this is a blog about Nebraska football.  If you would like to comment on any of my comments about the Huskers or Coach Pelini, that’s fine.  But I won’t continue any discussions with you if you are going to be disrespectful toward our President.  I told you-I’m an American;  I support my President regardless of who is in office, as an American should.  I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and respect the President.  If you can’t understand this or support this, just stop commenting.  I can listen to someone who wants Coach Pelini fired no matter how strongly I believe that person is wrong;  I cannot listen to someone disrespect or denigrate the President.  I won’t tolerate that and I won’t have anything to do with those who do.



You run your mouth because it is all you can do.  I’ve noticed that those who like to talk up their military service usually are the REMFs who saw little to no action.  I see that you’re an internet tough guy, too.  Been on high alert?  Ha, you don’t know the meaning of the word.  Let’s just say I did my time in the service and my son is following in my footsteps right now in the Rangers.

Drop the tough-guy act before you throw your back out, punk.  You’re not scaring anyone.

As for Oklahoma football, expect another disappointing year of getting blown out in the bowl game-just like last year.

How many coaches were fined by their college league this year besides Pelini?

Tough guy?
You, the one questioning people whether theiy’re americans? All because you are all butt-hurt by people telling you your coach is a fraud. I’d spit in your goddamn face if you told me that in person.

I don’t give a rats ass that your son is a ranger. We’re talking about you, not him. You say you did time in the service? I seriously doubt that. Anyone that’s willing to stand by and let a man ruin his country certainly would have no qualms in letting another man burn your football program to the ground.

NY,  Truth is that you deserve Pelini. Every fraudulent pennys worth.

Btw, you’ll be sitting on your couch not watching your team (again) play in a BCS bowl.

We’ll keep ringing the bell for change at Nebraska and you just keep your candy-ass out of the way.

see what you started kelly d. YUK YUK

Hang in there OU7Times!!!  I wish ignorance wasn’t bliss up here in Nebraska FANtasy land.  Pelini’s fan base is underwhelming, to say the least.

IMHO, things are getting way too personal here.
Thread is about Dantonio and Texas.
One thing for sure, no one on this site will be coaching Texas.
And we’re not helping out Nebraska much either.

Woohoo, if D’Antoine goes to Tejas that means we’ll finally be able to beat Tejas since, you know, Sparty has never beaten us and therefore, by the transvestite, correlative transitorial hypotenoose theorum…

Oh wait…

I bet Tejas goes after David Shaw, Art Briles,  yea, maybe Urbz.  I very much hope the latter, and I hope he says ‘yes’.

Oh wait, Shaw is, uhmmm, not white…

Scratch that.


Your reading comprehension is pitiful.  You don’t understand what “following in my footsteps” means.  I told you before, drop the tough guy act, you’re not scaring anyone; you’re just a punk who runs his mouth behind a computer.  As for spitting in my face, well if you were to do that, it’s a good thing you have some socialized healthcare (CHAMPVA).

You’re an idiot whom I will not waste another moment of my time on.  I will give you some parting advice though:  Stop.  Just stop being an idiot.  It’s not working for you, you make a fool of yourself, and you reveal to everyone who reads your posts what an insecure, little punk you are.  So, just stop.

I doubt that you will, though.  You’re not that bright.

Yuk yuk

Ballfield 78,

I agree that this thread is about “Dantonio and Texas.”  I still think it’s hilarious that anyone who knows anything about college football thinks that Dantonio is a viable option to replace the great Mack Brown.

In 16 seasons at Texas he has posted a 158-47 record.  His bowl record at Texas is 10-4, and he has played for the National Championship twice, winning once in 2005.  He has won three out of four BCS games he has coached in, and two of those games were for the NC. 

This year, his team very nearly won the Big 12 title, and finished tied for second place.  His team thumped #12 Oklahoma 36-20 in the Red River Shootout, and three of his four losses were to ranked teams: #25 Ole Miss; #12 Oklahoma State and #9 Baylor.

Although his team crash-dived with a 5-7 season in 2010, he has shown steady improvement each year since then, and winning every bowl game he’s played in since then as well.

Mack Brown has an amazing record.  By all accounts, he is a great person.  His team competed for the Big 12 Championship this year and only lost it to the #9 team in the country. 

The bottom line is that Mack Brown should not be fired (allowed to resign).  But, since that has already happened, a new coach must be hired.

There’s not way it will be Dantonio. 

Mark Dantonio has no national championships, has never played for one (as a head coach), and has had two six loss seasons and one 7 loss season in the past 7 years at MSU.  His teams are erratic-one year may be an 11 win 2 loss season, the next would be a 7 win 6 loss season.  If not for the catastrophe of injuries suffered by Nebraska this year, his team most likely would not have played in the B1G championship.

Mark Dantonio is a good coach.  But he’s no Mack Brown.  There is no way Texas trades down and removes a great coach in favor of a good one.

Triumph Dogg

I, too hope that Texas hires Urban Meyer.  Can you imagine the amount of havoc he will wreak in the Big 12?  Texas already has no problem recruiting, but with Urban Meyer running things they will have the number one recruiting class every year.  If Coach Meyer is hired, I imagine Coach Stoops will be looking for a job in a few years.  The Sooners would feel the pain of an annual stomping at the hands of the Longhorns.

Texas has the money, hopefully Coach Meyer will be lured away…


You are such an idiot.

By your thinking, Stoops has basically the same record as Mack Brown. And you yourself didn’t think Brown should have been forced out. Stoops has more hardware than Brown. Stoops has scoreboard over Brown. Stoops is also the winningest coach in Oklahoma football history.

Quote: “Anybody that knows anything about college football…” should know that Coach Stoops is on contract till 2020 at which point he said he plans to retire.

You’re just pissed because an OU fan said you are exposed for what you are. A fanatic who can’t use facts to see that your program is burning down under the clown, and you are a robot that cheers destructive beings doing devious shit.

T-Dogg, I knew it was only a matter of time before the ‘race card’ was thrown.



Reading comprehension is not your strength, that’s for sure.  You don’t understand sarcasm;  I doubt your reading reading comprehension level is above the 8th grade level.

You fail to see your hypocrisy.  You defend Coach Stoops’ record, even though his team has clearly declined (according to your standards).  According to your standards, Coach Stoops should be fired.  He has had plenty of time to “right the ship” and bring the NC trophy back to Norman, but alas his team was embarrassingly blown out by USC 55-19 in 2009.  In the following season, he had an 8-5 record.  Wow.  A 5 loss season.  This year, Mack Brown’s team whupped’ Bob’s team in the Red River Shootout.  I’ll bet that really bothers you, doesn’t it?

I don’t think Bob Stoops is a bad coach.  I think he is a great one.  But if I were to use your way of thinking, I would have to say that he needs to be fired.  He has had plenty of time to get back to the NC game.  He has been there four times, and has lost three out of four times. 

Yes, according to your standards, Oklahoma is “irrelevant” and “mediocre.”

Yeah, you make me laugh, that’s for sure.  smh

It would be good to avoid extreme personal attacks when discussing NU football.


It would be good to avoid all personal attacks.  Comments like “kiss your sister” are not needed either.  Personal attacks against Coach Pelini should be avoided as well.

Pelini= fraud, waste and abuse

Yea, irrelevant to the tune of 1 national championship and 8 conference championships.

You get what you pay for.


Just stop.  You’re embarrassing yourself.

But, if Urban Meyer is lured away by Texas that means Pelini will lose one of his crutches. Pretty evident by your statement that U.M. Is a direct threat to Pelini having any chance to win a CC game. I would agree with you on that.

So, you wish him on the Big 12. Ha, that’s a laugher. Not saying he wouldn’t come to the Big 12, but the fact that you want him gone from the Big 10 is actually very amusing and says a lot about your fears.

You only say that because of the years of feeding off of sub-standard former Big 12 North teams.

Dude, you have to take the training wheels off sometime and get with the program.


You continue to embarrass yourself.  When it comes to understanding what you read, you miss the mark every time.  At some point in time you may stop, but I doubt it.

However, you are very funny;  I can’t stop laughing at you.

NYorker~ sensitivity abounds among the faithful.  Any of you obsessed with the old saying that something is like “kissing your sister” and attempt to read more into that saying than is intended, are overreacting.  It is a common old addage and simply means whatever is being discussed, or reactions thereto, are “blah, uninspiring, and matter-of-fact.”

Okay to disagree.  Not okay to bring it down to a personal level that attempts to humiliate or embarrass.  That goes for you, NYorker and some others.  Rather than attacking OU7Times, take him on with the facts, not personal attacks.  The latter means nothing, the former means alot.  So, NYorker and some others, disagree with a cogent analysis and argument.  Give that a try for once.

Try practicing what you preach, hypocrite.

realista(can’t put NU with that), names and numbers and fact and figures abound. I’ve been reading craptains cuss’n tirades, admirals ignorant rants, realist bullshit, and worst of all a punk from oklahoma whose sole purpose is to talk shit, for a long time. When I could’nt stand it any more I jumped in. Shortly before the start of the season I began putting my say-so online. It does’nt matter how low it gets, 7 can go get lower. I had no clue you could lay so many obscenities and personal attacks on HUSKER fans, on a Husker blog. Personally…..SCREW ou7, and his band-a-haters and you have shown to be partial to these asinine bitches and belly-achers and trolls. I’d love for you guys to stagger into my tailgate.

Here’s a fact to chew on.

Other than Lavonte David, Bo Pelini has not had one recruited player drafted higher than the 4th round in the NFL draft.  That’s not a Nebraska-esque like statistic for a coach in his 6th year.

Even Rex Burkhead went in the 6th round.
A. Dennard - 7th round.

Don’t look for anyone to bail out Nebraska by ‘luring’ Pelini away to a head coaching gig.


What a meaningless stat!  Pelini has only had 1 or 2 graduating recruiting classes! (4th year and 5th year Seniors graduating), the first of which was put together in quite a hurry.


He sure is a great coach, though.  He coached greats like Ndamukong Suh and Prince Amukamara, both of them first round draft picks. 

You sure do hate Coach Pelini, don’t you?  Your hatred of him and the venom you spew in his directions speaks more about your shortcomings than it does of his.  You might want to seek some therapy.  Seriously, get help.

Something wrong with someone hating a coach who says ‘fuck all the fans’? There sure is where I live.

Probably not in NY where it’s probably considered ‘normal’ behavior.

I also hate people who support the BS in Washington, like yourself. You just sit by and let your freedoms erode into nothing. So your mindset is that your coach is dragging NU through the mud and you’re okay with it. It’s just ingrained in your brain. Typical ‘‘follower’ mentality. Just like sheep.

You say you were in the military, but you must have not paid attention to the big picture.

What idiot supports a coach who tells his true feelings towards the fans, gives you mediocre results on the field, can’t make second half adjustments, gets blown out in big games (and not so big games too), stands by lousy assistant coaches, holds the university of Nebraska hostage, he owns several of the largest point margins of defeat…. Do I need to go on? Greg Sharpe doesn’t respect him and even former players just want him gone.

He has made the University of Nebraska and their football program a JOKE!

It all makes perfect sense why Pelini went off the deep end on the sideline again. It’s because Tom Osborne is gone and now we are seeing the true maniac of Pelini again. If Pelini coaches this team next season, we will see a raging maniac lunatic that knows he has no one monitoring him, and he has Nebraska by the balls on a contract buyout. This should be a very entertaining 2014 season, I can’t wait!

Who’s embarrassing?

You are obviously an Iowa fan, or you like jokes.

When Pelini finally explodes and he causes the university more grief…don’t come back on this website complaining, because I will tell you exactly what Pelini told the fans…


You say that you were in the military, but you are so seriously unbalanced that I would never trust you around live ammunition.  You have serious self-control issues.

You also have serious loyalty issues.  To make the negative comments that you have made concerning our President and now “Washington” shows that whatever military service you’re so proud to shout about taught you nothing about loyalty.  You certainly know nothing about discretion.

You call Coach Pelini a “maniac.”  Well, if you believe him to be a maniac, then you have never seen one.  I’ve disarmed quite a few in my time, and if you think that Coach Pelini is a maniac, well then I guess you’re military time was spent playing Call of Duty, because you have obviously never seen a real maniac.

You talk a lot of crap about Coach Pelini, but are surprised when he privately says “F” all the fans?  You’re one of the fans he was talking about.  Considering all the horrible things you say about Coach Pelini on this public board, one can only imagine the truly horrible things you say when you think you’re not being recorded.

You’re the one who is in danger of exploding, not Coach Pelini.  I strongly suggest you get some help for your anger issues.  Your tirades about Coach Pelini are much worse than anything he has done.

Think about it.  Get some help.  Seriously.


Let’s drop this thing because it’s not educating either one of us.

I will not support him anymore. I only did my duty because I signed on the line under a different president and fell into it. I support my country, but not a crazy man. I didn’t sign on for that.

I’m pretty sure the colonists felt similar when they came to America to escape british rule. They knew what a bum deal was.

Like them, I don’t follow, I lead.


You can’t pick and choose who you support.  That’s not being an American.  Any good leader worth his salt knows that in order to be a good leader one needs to know how to follow orders first.  If you can’t follow, you can’t lead.

You can vote for whomever you like; once the person holds the office, it’s not up for debate whether you support him or not.  You don’t have to agree with anything, but the disloyal, disrespectful and hateful statements need to stop.  I can’t believe you spent any time in the military and don’t understand this.

You need a history lesson, by the way.  The colonists did not come to America to “escape British Rule.”  I suggest that you try taking a history class or two, and not just the survey courses “American History to 1877” and the like.  Many ancestors of Americans had no choice in how they were brought to this country.

You have a lot of hate in you.  You’re quick to point out Coach Pelini’s anger, but yours is much more intense.  You need to deal with your hatred and anger issues.  Seriously.

Maybe you don’t follow, but it is clear to anyone with any amount of sense that you’re no leader.  I know I wouldn’t follow you anywhere.  But I wouldn’t turn my back on you.  Anyone as disloyal and angry and as hate-filled as you are is someone to be avoided, but not without keeping an eye on him while moving away from him.

Are you really a psycologist, or did you just stay in a Holiday Inn express last night?

I’m really glad BRN has a resident expert on who is American and who isn’t.
Even Bo Pelini is American. He’s just a lousy coach, but that doesn’t make him not an American.

Whatever you say ‘Egbert’.
Keep paying for steak and enjoy your hamburger.


Why don’t you use your socialized medicine (CHAMPVA) and go talk to a counselor.  It’s okay, us taxpayers are paying for your healthcare, and I don’t mind that at all.  Please use it and get some help.

Egbert, you pay taxes?

People who usually make comments about paying their taxes, well…don’t pay their taxes.

Rat (OU7),

I sure do.  Now, are you going to use your socialized healthcare that us taxpayers are paying for to get some help?  It’s okay, I don’t mind.  Us taxpayers have to support people in need like yourself.  Now, get some help.

Now Egbert,

Drink your warm milk, take your meds go to bed and worry about your own life.


Alot of fans say they can tolerate the Coach and the team so far, if they could only eliminate the blowouts.  I agrre that the blowouts are a source of embarrassment for the entire Nacione’:

—‘03—7-35 KSU
—‘04—19—55 USC
—‘05—28-41 UCLA
—‘05—12’45 TX
—‘06—10-28 TX
—‘06—42-43 Rise of the Smurfs
—‘07—28-48 WVA
—‘08—35-45 TX
—‘09—13-41 TT
—‘10—19-33 aTm
—‘11—10-44 Pokes
—‘12—13-30 Domers
—‘12—13-41 Johnny Football
—‘13—20-36 TX
—‘13—12-41 Baylor

Oh wait, I guess we were s’posed to be talking about BOP, right?  My bad.

It’s okay Rat (OU7),

Be sure to make an appointment and use your socialized healthcare provided to you at no charge by us taxpayers.  I insist!  You need the help and that is why we provide it for you.

Good luck and have a nice day.

Apples and oranges comparison, T-Dogg.

Coach Stoops has all the hardware, Frank Solich had some, but Pelini has none.

Bob Stoops is 159-39 and a 87-5 home record in 16 years.

We could talk about 10-11-12-13 win seasons if you want to?

Btw, the 55-19 blowout loss to USC that you mentioed was the worst bowl loss for OU. That was a defensive nightmare orchestrated by none other than your boy Bo Pelini. He was let go shortly afterwards.

Let’s bring back Frank Solich, please. He’s a favorite with the fans and popular with the female students.

Apples?  Oranges?  I’m thinking more like mushed up sour grapes after Bama’s done stomping ‘em and the whine will be flowing once again in Soonerland, “Fire Stoops, fire Stoops!”, yada yada.

Last year vs aTm was probably the most inept I’ve ever seen an OU team in 50 yrs of watchin’ as they has no, nada, nunca, ZERO answer for Johnny Football.

Inept you say! Haaaa haaa.

Inept is a word that should be used in a sentence describing Pelini and his defensive guruism, so let’s don’t go there. Look, gain some hardware, then we’ll have something to talk about. Pelini routinely gets smoked like a cheap cigar.

2 mediocre coaches meet for the ‘heroes’ game and guess who didn’t win. Now Pelini is losing to the Iowa’s of the world.

Calling out the military and pulling out the race card, I just don’t know about you.

Weak stuff, Dogg

You’re right, Triumph Dogg;  Stoops % Co. had no answer for Johnny Football and A&M pounded the Sooners 41-13. 

That isn’t characteristic of a Stoops team.  Let’s see if Alabama pounds them like A&M did last year.  If so, it’ll be interesting if there are any discussions (rants) in the Oklahoma blogs about firing Stoops.

Anybody watch the WSU vs CSU game today?  If so, did you see the DL coach for CSU have a verbal altercation with WSU QB Connor Halliday after he threw a TD pass?  Dropped the F bomb and everything.  Let’s see if the media makes a big deal about this.

Halliday should have penalized, or tossed. CSU got the last laugh though. Imagine what would have happened if that was 2 of any of the florida teams. RIOT


If Bama shows up, which I suspect they will, they probably win by at least 3 TDs.  Sooners D might be able to hang for a few qtrs, but their rookie QB is going to get eaten alive.

Now, if they decide to go will Belldozer they might be able to to pound it out for awhile, but really, I dont see any answers for Stoops crew in this one and Saunders wont bail em out this time.

OU has fallen off some the last few yrs in terms of recruiting as far as I can tell, so they are somewhat gravitating toward ‘mediocrity’.  No big time star players like they usually have.  Who knows, maybe Knight will take em somewhere in a few years, but I’m not seeing it.

Well, if Wazzoo would’ve held on—i.e., not pulled a “Nebraska” in the last few minutes—I would’ve been 4-0 on my bowl picks today.  Turnovers, they’ll kill ya.

Leach is same deal, pass happy, no rushing game and mediocre defense, therefore you will never see Wazzoo knocking down any championships doors anytime soon.

It is true Coach Dantonio does not belong in Texas.  He is a Spartan and knows his work is not done until the team delivers a national championship.  He will win a national championship as a Spartan.

It’s not easy being green and it will be even harder today…if ya know what I’m sayin’.

I think Dantonio is an excellent coach and easily worthy of Texas interest. He proved it yesterday by winning a Rose Bowl title. Hopefully MSU can hold on to him should Texas come knocking.

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