Huskers Getting Attention on National Scale

The Huskers made a statement in Seattle this weekend, and it's paying dividends in attention across the country.  From a bump in the polls to talk across the nation in college football media, Nebraska is getting much more focus from pundits as a top tier program in the Big 12 this season.  Fans can expect the Big Red to be a team in the National Title murmur that happens all year.

"Nebraska's sheer dominance at a stadium that can be inhospitable means the Huskers' last season in the Big 12 Conference may be special for more than sentimental reasons." -ESPN on Nebraska this season

ESPN has clearly jumped on the Husker bandwagon, even riding around calling Taylor Martinez a dark horse Heisman contender.  On a day when most of the Big 12 looked fairly unimpressive, even against perceived lesser opponents, Nebraska's impressive rushing attack garnered this positive look from SI.  Coupled with the polls putting NU back to where they were after the first week of the season, 6 in the AP and 7 in the Coaches, it clearly seems to point to Nebraska being "back"; at the very least being back in the spotlight.

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From the Washington side of things, it would appear that Nebraska's efforts may have cost their touted QB a run at the Heisman trophy this year.  The Huskies head coach, Steve Sarkisian, and quarterback Jake Locker both indicated that Nebraska might have the best passing defense in the country.  The secondary carried the load this Saturday and will have other opportunities to do so in the still somewhat pass-centric Big 12.

On the local front, Nebraska should clearly move upward in any Big 12 power rankings as the Huskers are the only team to dominate every single one of their games so far.  No other Big 12 team has put together three solid performances without showing at least one major issue in the process.  The largest part of the rise is the running game.  While not quite a true power running attack, the Huskers shotgun read allows them to just sprint right past their opponents.  Their nation-leading 8.06 yards/carry is 1 more than any other team.

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Calm down people…...They have only played against 3 cupcakes

no don’t calm down. washington was pure proof, that the huskers can contend with any team. the first 2 games may have been more of a scrimage for the huskers, but putting washington to the ground, proves the huskers are on a roll, and only get’s better from here on out. huskers will win the national championship, with the talent they share….

Why be calm?  It is an exciting time of the year!  Though there have been a few problems along the way with either the Defense or the Offense, the talent of this team really shows with our ability to make adjustments so quickly.  True, we have not played a top 10 team but we have beat all these “cupcakes” soundly.  No other big 12 team can say that.  I for one will celebrate until it is clear that there is no reason to.  I don’t see that coming.

The huskers do not have any weaknesses, there is no one in the country that wants to play Nu right now.  I believe the Huskers will win the National Championship.  I would love to see them play Ohio State, wouldn’t that be sweet, going from the big 12 to big ten.  Kicking Oklahoma, Texas and Ohio State


Perk up!  The sky is no longer falling.  The Huskers are good again.  Funny things happen when a competent AD hires a good coach.

Go BIG Red!!!

We can’t think we have it made.  Look what SDSU did 2 weeks ago!  The conference teams are going to make sure we can live up to our new respect, they may not play nice.

wasn’t Washing 0-12 in 2008?

Are they that much better now because they can market their QB well?

I think it all needs to be tempered a bit—HOWEVER—Idaho is going to end up better than people think.  Given their next four opponents, they have a chance to roll in to Honolulu for a date with Hawaii at 6-1.  Win there, and there will be some pretty big match-ups with Nevada and Boise State on the schedule. 

We’ll see what Washington does from here on out, but I’m not so sure Idaho isn’t the better team of the two.

Be careful…oh so careful of Thursday night in Manhattan…I just have
an uneasy feeling about that game…K-State will not allow 25,000
Nebraska fans in the gate…and with Snyder around he is capable of
finding a way…I will hold judgment until after that game.

I agree with Steve…Be careful of those Cats…

Hey what’s with those ugly…and I mean ugly black socks…those are dumb…whose idea is that?  We don’t wear black…just plain dumb.
I am also very concerned about the game at K-State…

Personally, I look at it from two angles.
One, we (as Husker fans), should take the games so far with a healthy amount of salt.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy seeing this electric, dynamic group of kids have fun out there on the football field.  There was no way these non-conference teams could prepare for what we had in store for them, and I have been really excited about watching Nebraska play.
Point Two, much of the hype has been from national pundits where the local guys will contain a healthy amount of skepticism in their works.  I will want to see how a Big 12 team will key in on stopping the three-headed monster of our running game before I pass judgment on where we lie in the national landscape.

I also agree with Steve. We know Nebraska can shut down a passing game, but are they capable of stopping a big, physical running attack like K-States. NU offense can’t score if they are not on the field. This will be a huge test. I’m sure Bo & Carl, given a week and a half to prepare will come up with something. GO BIG RED!!!

BPete,  You should probably consider getting passed Mr. Snyder first!!  Then you can go to sleep and dream.

It’s ok to be excited and it’s ok to be nervous, call it being nervously excited. At least we as fans have something to be emotional about. And, for the first time, you can sense that our team is playing with some real emotion as well.

I’m ok with the black socks, they could be yellow socks for all I care, maybe they’re the reason why we’ve been winning? ;)

JOHN:  I ain’t afraid of no wildkitty, are you serious ? Texas & Okie will be tough though.  Wildcats, hahahahah… good one !
MEL:  different coach, different players in 08.  they beat USC last year, they will do well in the pac.
MARK:  T.O. didn’t hire Pelini… Coach Solich did, we have him to thank and thank God Steve Pedersen is gone, what an arrogant idiot.

The Huskers biggest asset is a team of coaches, that train their players to believe they are champions,  They will do everything in their powers to make it happen. there is NO Whining in Husker Football!  GBR!!!

We are NEBRASKA…!!! Always been a top tier football program, always has top of the line athlete’s. Whats the big deal on us being good?? We are not some team that is good for one or two years, then dissappear…We are NEBRASKA…!!!!!

We should be concerned with every game. Okay. Not SDSU. What did they do a couple weeks ago? They are 0-2. You are thinking of SD. Or NDSU. We will take all our road games seriously and we are a great travel team. KSU on a Thursday will be good but we will win (with no mistakes by 21). ISU in in for trouble - continue to enjoy last year Cyclones. Okie St. and Texas A&M will be great games. It will be a fun last year in the Big 12.

BTW, we started the season at #8/9. Not #6/7. We were #6/7 after week 1. Then Oklahoma and Oregon looked good and went ahead of us after week 2. After week 3 we are back to where we were after week 1. Letting Oregon ahead of us was unfortunate.

I seem to remember a press conference with TO introducing our new head coach Bo Pelini.  Must have been on drugs i guess.  I also seem to remember Frank hiring Bo as the defensive co-ordinator not head coach.  At any rate, enjoy the Huskers they are good again.

The two bigger colleges in South Dakota are:
SDSU…South Dakota State University &
USD…University of South Dakota

USD is the one who dismantled Minnesota in Minnesota’s brand new stadium.  I would be a little nervous playing this team.

SDSU is the one we will be playing this weekend.  They have nothing to lose and everything to win, so even this team needs to be respected.

Stevie Steve, thanks.  I just looked at week one polls, not pre-season.  Changed the statement accordingly.
And yes, Frank initially brought Bo Pelini into the program, but after he left for OU, then LSU, it was Dr. Tom Osborne that brought him in as Head Coach.

remember USD played against Kevin Cosgroves Defense ! lol without Frank plucking Green Bays LB coach as DC. T.O. wouldn’t even know who he is !

One Game at a Time here folks. Let’s just prepare for SDSU.  Anyone watch them play Minnesota? Slow down with your predictions and judgements. Enjoy Big Red Football!!! Do your pregame rituals, enjoy the company of like minded family and friends. Rejoice in how much fun this has become for us. We have created a rich culture over the many years of College Football. One game at a time.

I don’t think anyone watched them play Minnesota.  That was the South Dakota University Coyotes.  Nebraska plays the South Dakota State University Jackrabbits.

We have blown out 3 bad teams, which means nothing.  However, T-Magic and the zone read, big play offense is something that’s been missing for a long time around here.  Will it hold up against real competition?  Who knows, but after watching KSU against ISU this weekend, I really doubt they have any chance of beating the Big Red.  The cats couldn’t stop Arnaud and Robinson on the zone read plays consistently, but those plays didn’t break for huge runs.  Against TM, they are touchdowns.  Once KSU is down, they can run Thomas all they want and burn the clock out on themselves.  Bigger tests lie ahead…TX, OSU, etc.

I watched the Texas, Texas Tech game after Nebraska’s and have full confidence that they do not stand a chance. They are such a mess with too many inexperienced players not hitting their marks on both sides of the ball. I have been reading the long horn news wires and they are extremely concerned about having to play in Memorial stadium with shape they are in right now and how they may be when they arrive. To add, they are even saying that they are fearing the OU game. Even chatter about this year might be the end of the red river rivalry streak.

No matter where Texas is now, they will be in a different place when they get to Lincoln.  They will absolutely be ready for us.  I am confident; however, that all the prep in the world won’t help them leave with a win!!  GBR!!

It’s clear the zone read is working well and caused the Dawgs some serious problems…conference play will be tougher though.  NU’s destiny is in its own hands but the key will be consistent execution.  Biggest hurdles this year will be OU and TX.  Also, OSU always plays tough against the Huskers.  It will be fun to watch how the season plays out. BGR!

I’m a lifelong Husker Fan.  I’ve lived in Washington State for the last 12 years.  I kept telling my family back in the midwest why all the hype over Washington?  I’m sorry folks I went to the game and Nebraska played well, but Washington is no power house.  They’ve been at the bottom of the PAC 10 for years.  Lets stop the national title talk and take it one game at a time.  The Huskers have several things to fix.  Run defense really needs to improve, along with stupid penalties and turnovers.  Trust me I live in Pac 10 country they’re Not that respected.

I realize I’m a day late on this post, but someone may still be reading… My messege is this: Be cautious!  Look at our offensive scores for our first 3 games.  Now look at the scores of our first 3 games last year not counting VT.  I’m as excited as anyone about this season, and I truly believe that this years offense is a lot better than last year (thanks to better play from the QB and offensive tackles), but let’s stay humble.

Washington was an imposter, and our run defense needs work.

Your correct Jim, its hard to tell how good, or bad, a team is, this early in the season. I think it takes at least 5 games into the season to get a feel for how good a team really is. I think beating Washington in Seattle was a good win for the Huskers, that is a tough place to play, just ask USC, Cal, & UofA from last year, plus it was the way they beat the Huskies. Other than maybe Oregon, I don’t see too many teams putting up 56 points on them & shutting down Locker the way they did.  With that said, the Blackshirts haven’t been tested against the run. Thats where K-State comes in. If the Blackshirts can handle their running attack, I think it will speak volumes as to how the Huskers do the rest of the season.

I hear NU is great and I hear NU has not beat anybody so we do not know how good the Huskers are! Well lets look at one thing we do know! We have a great coaching staff and we have great athletes. Because of those two factors we finally have an offense that can run the ball with a very improved line and a quarterback that can burn any team. We have a defense that is very good and getting better. This team has the atheletes, the coaches and most importantly the condidence. I do not care who they are playing Idaho or Washington to Texas or Oklahoma. The only way the Huskers lose is if and only if they beat themselves through turnovers or drive stalling penalties. And please do not get to nervous over K-State. Iowa State gave them all they wanted for crying out loud. K-State just do not have the athletes across the board to match up with the Huskers! I for one am not worried! GO BIG RED!!!!!!

You guys crack me up.  They’ve played 3 sub par opponents.  The only thing about Washington that made them a ‘tough opponent’ was that they had an overhyped quarterback.

Let’s reserve judgement until we get into conference play in a couple of weeks.  THEN we’ll see if the team is worky of the hype.

Go Big Red!

John, do you really not know the difference between “past” and “passed”

Hey Alex. Get it right! The Huskers played and killed 2 sub par opponents and one worthy opponent. If the Huskers had a couple of close games with these sub par opponents like Oklahoma did then we would be concerned. The Huskers are good even if you do not want to admit it!

The Huskers played and beat a bottom of the barrel Sun Belt team in their first game. Idaho won 8 games last year and had a bowl victory in 2009. They lost to the Huskers but beat UNLV by a margin more than a #11 ranked Wisconsin team and 5 less point than a #22 ranked Utah team. Idaho is a solid middle to upper middle team in the WAC and my challenge Nevada and Boise St. to put a 1 in the loss column. Washington will be an upper middle team in the Pac-10 this year. Washington Huskies were jacked for this game and so were their fans. We have a freshman quarterback and all he did was everything right (Mike Gundy, haha). That is a great indication because it just proves Martinez can handle a tough environment. Make no mistakes, the Huskers have all the tools for a National Championship run so start sipping the Husker Koolaid….
  PS. I love how Husker fans (we) complain how we never get any respect Nationally but when the Huskers get some respect its a farce.

Bo is good. Carl is good. Watson has the offense rolling with his personnel. We have great coaches all around. Please drink the Koolaid and back up the Huskers but be real about it. This is the only year in recent memory where they are living up to their hype IMO. GBR!

you actually think pelini will have a let down against kstate wspecially they ran the score up on us cpl yeas back, when pelini was def coordinator,,remember when he met snyder at mid field?  as for the black socks gripe, really?

Hey Florida Frenchie…
Which team was the worthy opponent?

Calm down you have played NOBODY! This week you play South Dakota Jackrabbits? Didn’t UNO beat them last year?

Black Socks Rock

Look, the Huskers have beaten all three teams easily. They have a ton of talent and although they will not win every game by 40 pts, K-State,Missouri and the rest of the North won’t offer any problems. If you are afraid of K-state, you havent been paying attention this dimensional team with no defense and special teams are in shambles…as far as Husker fans showing up in the thousands at Manhattan..mark my words at least 20,000….

  Go away! You dont have anything legit to say and how are you gonna feel when Washington handles you (again) but at home this time. Keep sneaking by bottom feeders while you continue to slip out of the top 25 and then top 50.

I wonder what the odds are for the Huskers to win the NC ? 15-1 before the season started, when we beat Texas, probably go down to 5-1.  I’ve never seen a QB be able to hold the ball in their so long on the fake, J C Whatts was pretty good at it, but this Martinez kid is the best Freshman I’ve seen fake like that, he plays like a senior.  It just feels GREAT to be back, huh ?

Isn’t College Football Great?  All the trash talking, all the loaded opinions and more smack than a junkie could handle…..Awwwwww, Fall, Love It, Love It, Love It…..  but all that aside, if your not a Husker Fan, your opine means jack diddly doo… and also, as far as the upcoming K-St. game, DO NOT be suprised when the BIG RED hangs 50+ on the kittens in Manhattan…..  final score….. Nebraska - 52 vs.  Kansas State - 16   as always   GO BIG RED!!!

I’m also concerned about KSU’s big back but I don’t think they have the complete team to beat us. I actually hope KSU plays tough defense so we’ll be prepared for UT’s D. Horns’ offense is struggling for an identity but their D is solid and Muschamp will dial up pressure on Martinez to make him win with his arm (that’s the smart play against a stud frosh running QB). As a Husker fan in Dallas I have never wanted a win over UT more (unless we play again in Dec!). Go Big Red!

I had to chuckle when I read Dave’s comment.  Knowing his Pelini’s personality, it does not seem like he is going to underestimate/overlook K-State after the Snyder incident.  Also, I remember when Pelini said prior to the Texas game, to paraphrase, “The team will be ready.  I can promise you that”.  He said the same thing prior to Washington game.  Pelini gained a lot of credibility after the Texas game and the domination of Arizona.  The guy knows how to coach.  There might be a couple of losses this year.  Perhaps 3.  But Pelini is a darn good coach.  Husker football is fun again because the players and fans can see the possibilities. As we saw last year, anything is possible with a top rated defense.  And with an improved offense, who knows.  We as fans are realistically talking about winning a B12 championship. Just like old times.

Wow. There are two Bills.
That sucks.

I think we will at least put 38 on Kstate. The only reason why I figure the point total to be so low is because they will try to control the game by running the ball and time of possession. This will keep the ball out of T-Magic’s hands and the Husker offense and try to wear down our defense. It wont happen though because all they have is the running game and we will be able to stop it. Im going to that game with 9 other guys so we are well on our way to 20,000 invading Manhattan.
  One thing I do know for sure is we would/could put up 620 yrds of offense and 60+ plus points on the powder cake trojan. When trojan gets exposed for paying players their winning goes away…..

Geez, what did Callahan do to the Big Red faithful? Some can’t even enjoy good wins anymore? Let’s remember here that these are NATIONAL sports folks talking about our Huskers this way. If they can jump on board, why can’t the fans? If it doesn’t end with a national championship, it’s not the end of the world. If it does…AWESOME! I say get on and enjoy the ride.

  You hit the nail on the head! I think fans are so quick to question the win because of Callahan era. Bo is not Callahan and he has proven he knows how to win and will coach the team to win big games. The National medial all year last year doubted the Huskers and now they finally jump on board….lets roll with it because you know Bo will have the players ready when it comes gameday. There is alot in the team this year due to the fact they know they could be the team who brings Nebraska back to the National stage and back to National championship talk. GBR

Disappointed, I think it is really hard to get the bad taste Texas Tech and Iowa State left last year, so we are all a little gun shy, of course this isn’t the same team and we should dominate most games, I just think it will take a little longer to get our swagger back before we start “blowin” . GBR

I’ll get excited about championship talk if we make it through October undefeated.

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