Huskers Gain Commitment from Defensive Lineman

Admittedly its no longer breaking news, but it's certainly welcome news that Nebraska gained a commitment from a defensive line recruit late last week.  Antoine Miles of Canton, Ohio gave a verbal commitment to NU on Friday.  The 6 foot 2 and 257 lbs. senior might play inside or outside for the Huskers.  Miles reportedly had offers from Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and several other schools. 


On paper, Miles looks like Thad Randle and Cole Pensick did when they were recruited four years ago.  Pensick has emerged as a key reserve and rotation player on the interior offensive line.  Randle has started a handful of games and appeared in most every game over the last three years when he wasn't battling injuries.  Like Pensick and Randle, you would anticipate a redshirt year for Miles to add weight.  

Miles played defensive end in high school which might indicate either a big-time program or a particularly nimble player.  Another indication that it may be the latter is that Miles also plays basketball.  

Miles seemed to appreciate the number of players and staff at Nebraska from Ohio.   Assuming the Buckeyes don't make a late push for him, you'd expect the Huskers to be able to hold him until signing day.  The Big Ten Championship game reminded everyone what a position of need the defensive line is for this team.  It's encouraging to see some progress in adding personnel for the future. 

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Like you said , not new news, but still great news.. Welcome to N! If we keep adding quality people and players like we are, were going to get there sooner than later.

We are still in desperate need of speed at the LB position, from what i’ve seen and heard about this kid they should consider converting him.

He wouldnt be a fast LB if thats what your looking for .. HE could be a decent speed DE , but more than likely he’ll be down inside.. The other LB we have on the list have significantly more speed then this guy and his first step on the line is whats important here. You want this guy in a downstance because he has good leverage and a nice first positioning step..

It appears that Miles has decommitted and will continue to take visits.  Most players who de-commit don’t then re-commit so unfortunately the Huskers are now down a D-lineman in the class.

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