Huskers Bounce Back Against Arkansas State

The action on the field didn't get near the attention as what took place off the field.  Bo Pelini left the game in an ambulance and while indications are that he will be back to work, little has been said about why he needed medical care.

The Huskers got off to a quick start (even if their running game didn't) to lead 14-0 after one quarter and 28-3 at the half behind two touchdown catches by Kenny Bell and two Ameer Abdullah runs.  The defense gave up some yards to the Red Wolves in the first half but kep Arkansas State from getting points.

ASU made it a bit more interesting in the third quarter by recovering a Taylor Martinez fumble for a touchdown and adding a field goal to make it 28-13 going into the fourth period.

The running game and defense took over for Nebraska as the lead stretched to 42-13 behind an Imani Cross touchdown and a Taylor Martinez score.  Abdullah finished with 179 yards rushing on the day and Cross, Martinez, and Braylon Heard all topped the half century mark.  Martinez completed 13 of 14 passes for 179 yards and the two scores.  His two fumbles and two sacks the only real blemishes on his day.  The defense kept the Red Wolves out of the end zone and under 300 yards.  A welcome change from a week ago.

Maybe this game doesn't cure everything from a week ago, but it wasn't a bad way to respond.  Hopefully, Pelini is "fine" (in more than just words) and he and the team heal up well.

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Wow. Was I wrong. This is a time though where it’s good to be wrong, because it means that Bo and Co did their jobs and the team looked great. I’d rather be wrong.
I was very impressed all day with their play. Was it perfect? No. But pretty close. Close enough for the rest of the conference to have to say to themselves, “I guess it was a fluke”. We’re back in the hunt and I can tell you this…this is the year we better strike because no one looks all that good. But today, we were great. And what about that Ameer Abduhlla? Wow! I was very impressed. We got us a good back going into next year where we’ll be without Burkhead. PJ did good today as did Damian Stafford on the D. The O line won their battles all day…loved that. They were actually dominating at one point. Taylor actually had plenty of time and it showed. The runners had holes to run through. Man do we have a receiving corps and and great bunch of running backs or what? I think on our best days (totally excluding the UCLA game in another words) we’re the best team in the conference. I hope we face Wisconsin in the Championship game. If our line holds, we can not only get there, we can win.

Wheres all this talk about fireing bo??? One bad game and every one want his head. It’s u fans like that, that AlMOST makes me ashamed to be a husker fan. No wonder why the outside fan base hates our fans. And its not bc we are emotional,optimistic, or compassionate about the game its bc 90% of us husker fans are arrogant and cocky. Step into reality we are not Alabama and are far from it so dnt set ur expectations to that standard.

I don’t think it’s wrong to have Alabama expectations to start the season. But at this point I think expectations should be tempered for this D. Bend against speed, bit don’t break. And it was done to near perfection today.

I wish they would’ve put Zaire and Santos in the UCLA game with the adjustments we saw today. But they put them in a position where success was likely today in friendly confines. This D, after a week to bounce back, look at film, and prepare for the spread, succeeded at containing the spread with personnel that isn’t ideal against the spread. It will pay huge dividends going into Northwestern later in the season. Kudos to the coaching.

Now let’s hope we can adjust sooner on the road when the game is in doubt. Lumps notwithstanding, considering B1G struggles, this season looks awfully rosey.

Come on guys, Seriously,
Arkansas State is nowhere near the talent of a UCLA. After last weeks performance I am going to have to see a lot more than a win over a team that is no more than a Div 2 team. This game was also played in Lincoln and not on the road.
Pelini had another player quit yesterday too boot.
This guy is using smoke and mirrors and his coaching fate is sealed as far as I am concerned.
PE is right, though. The Huskers should win the conference and will have no excuse not to win the Big 10 this year (or Pelini should be gone). Ohio State is prohibited from playing in the champ game, Wisconsin is horrible this year, Ped State… Only Michigan State will challenge. Minnesota could be a dangerous team.
Besides, I saw the interview with Papuchis after the UCLA game and he looked like a deer in the headlights.
Sorry, but after beating lowly Arkie State I’m just not buying it.


Arkansas State put up 34 Points against Oregon, they are ranked 25th in passing….15th in rushing. I think they deserve a little more respect that you are giving.

I don’t think you’ll find anyone saying this win was the turning point or anything of that nature. But i’ll take the W and the effort no doubt about it.

Has anyone thought that Bo might be putting too much pressure on the players on the sideline? Papuchis coached with positive fire which is motivational. The players fear Pelini which leads to mistakes. Pelini coaches with fire towards everyone. Maybe he needs to coach encouragingly with passion. There seemed to be a different demeanor when Pelini was not on the sideline…


Howard in CA - You may be right. I do believe that earlier this year there was an article describing Pelini’s evolution as a coach. Something about how he doesn’t always respond with fire and knows the difference now and uses encouragement when it’s needed. I would link it but it’s buried in the fluff of five thousand pre season articles on Martinez’s passing mechanics.

OU - I’m with you on this one. They have to prove it against better competition. Yes ASU beat Memphis and hung some points on Oregon but Oregon’s D isn’t exactly suffocating nor was that game in any doubt going into the fourth quarter.

OU7times…no these guys were not on a div2 school level. Their total offense was 7th in the country? The other offensive stats are almost just as good. They do NOT have the talent of UCLA but they are legit and their coach is an offensive genious. They just didn’t have the talent on defense. So yes, it wasn’t ALabama our O line was pushing around, but at this point, I’ll take anything that looks like a positive! Plus it’s good for the morale. They played great!

For all the hooplah over a win, plenty of concerns still remain.  Too much penetration of our O line.  Good push at times, but AState missed plenty of tackles in our backfield.
Our D line still lacked any significant push.  We got off the field several times only because AState missed open recievers. Containment during the run is still a major challenge. Some good stops but the front seven were being handled by a conference USA team.  How will they handle B1G teams?
The offensive looked good if you takeaway the really dumb turnovers.  A fullback fumble!?!  Without the turnovers AState would not have gotten the scores they did.
The bend don’t break defense works for now, but it’s not a long term solution.

The D line played alot more 1 gap in this game and they were much closer to the line of scrimmage for most of it. The coaches decided to bring pressure and it worked much of the time. There was alot less cover 2 run in this game the safeties weren’t making all their tackles 10 or 15 yards down the field. Those are all encouraging signs. That being said there is still alot of room for improvement however it seems they have found the players they want on the field Santos and Anderson are huge upgrades over Whaley. The D line is playing alot of young guys and they will get better. There is no question that the speed on Defense was upgraded from the UCLA game to this one. It remains to be seen how much and how fast the defense improves but their potential just got a whole lot better. GBR!

Sure, it was positive. No doubt. but remeber, this ASU team allowed 28 points to Memphis. I can’t speak for Oregon’s defense so not sure about that.

To start quoting national statistics after only 2 games is not going to be very accurate (bearing) since it is the out of conference portion of the schedule usually loaded with weakling teams (allteams do it…ugh). Oregon not being a weakling but Memphis certainly is. First games of the season are for tuning up and I am sure that teams like Oregon and OU, for example (who struggled), are better teams than what they showed on week one.
Right, this game doesn’t hurt morale as you said, and the guys need something to build on.

Martinez performance is day and night difference from last season and receivers are catching balls better than in the past. As far as Martinez’ passing? I wouldn’t belive it if I didn’t witness it.

I will stand by an earlier statement made that the chemistry on this team (coaches) is highly questionable and will be the difference between what will be considered a successful season and not, I believe.

Sorry, huskermen,
Barring injury, Geno Smith wins the Heisman this year.
This guy is a stud.

Not saying Burkhead isn’t a stud because he is. Missing 2 games will hurt though.

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