Huskers Add a Commit, Lose a Commit

It was a hardly a surprise that cornerback Jonathan Cook decommitted from Nebraska after he'd remarked that he wanted to play in the SEC.  He accepted a scholarship to Alabama, the top program in his home state.  At the same time, the Huskers added a safety prospect that had been given a four-star rating for the class of 2013 in D.J. Singleton of Jersey City, NJ.  An added bonus is that Singleton had committed to Wisconsin last season.


Singleton needed an extra semester to qualify academically, but would still have five seasons to play four.  It appears that Singleton could join NU at the semester which would allow him to participate in spring practice.  Presumably, he could move onto the depth chart in time for the fall if he picked things up well enough.  That's something Cook would not have been in position for, given that he wouldn't begin school until the fall.

Nebraska is set to lose four of its top six safeties from the depth chart to graduation.  Only Harvey Jackson and Corey Cooper remain from the three-deep.  There are a number of cornerbacks that could bump over, but if they didn't then the Huskers would either need to find walk-ons or freshmen to contribute.  

LeRoy Alexander will be coming off of a redshirt year, but other than him the Huskers wouldn't have any scholarship freshmen that haven't previously been slated as cornerbacks.  In that sense, Singleton may be a more important addition than Cook.  Singleton's larger build (he's listed 10-15 pounds heavier than Cook) may be more important for a Big Ten safety.  As we saw against Wisconsin, safeties need to be able to come off of blocks and tackle big running backs.  

Even if it seemed like NU was treading water by losing one player and adding another, the roster may have improved in the process.

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Sounds like this may be for the best. (aside from having both.)

Thanks for the read.

Yes, and Cook wasn’t really a loss perse’.  He had made no bones about the fact that he wanted to go to Alabama, and was just picking us to get Bama to offer him.

Excited about this one, and even better he went to ‘Bama…We need players who “want” to be a Husker, and Rick is obviously correct with his statement above.

Any “New” News regarding the D-Line situation?  We need all the help we can get.  Its a bit frustrating to know that we do not have “1” youngster who has enough ability to step up and fill Bakers spot?!  I applaud Meredith regarding his attempt to slide inside, but he’s undersized and nowhere near strong enough to handle it.

I believe a couple JUCO D-Tackles are a “must have” at this point due to no young existing players being capable of stepping up and/or wanting too which is even more frustrating to fathom.

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