Husker Hopes Rest With Defense

The headline above could refer to football or basketball, but it's about hoops.  If the Huskers want to crack the Sweet 16, they'll do it with defense.  Ken Pomeroy credits Nebraska with having a top 30 defense.  Both Baylor and Creighton sit outside the top 100. 


Even during Baylor hot streak to end the season, they gave up an average of nearly 72 points per game.  Over NU's last five games, they've given up an average of just 61.  If both offenses are just held to their opponents' defensive averages, then Nebraska wins.

The same formula is true for Creighton.  The Bluejays gave up nearly 71 points a game in their last five outings.  And any team that relies so heavily on one player and the three-point shot could have an off game.  For that reason, you could even see Louisiana-Lafayette upset the 'Jays in the opener.  

Playing a quality team like Baylor in San Antonio or one that features a national player of the year in Doug McDermott is a daunting proposition.  While the odds may not lie with Nebraska, their defense will give them a chance.

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Terran is from Texas so I think he will have a big game in front of freinds and family, just needs to stay out of foul trouble.  Shavon will get to the hoop for 2 +1 alot from what I have heard they are an undisciplined defense.  Benny needs to shut down there 3 pt shooting gaurd, Pritchford has been overlooked by the media from what I have seen and he will prove to them that he is a top player.  Leslie is going to have a break out game and dominate inside, he has the talent this is where it all comes together for him.  Ray and Tai need to fill there rolls and not try to do to much and make the shots when they are there.  Mr. Rivers is going to disrupt them like they have never seen before.  GBR!!!!!

Larr, I really hope you are psychic.  I thoroughly believe they can surprise Baylor. Energizer Benny is a freak of nature. No one should be able to move that fast for that long on a basketball court. He is going to totally mess them up when he’s on defense.

And over in girl’s HS basketball, the Huskers are taking on the Bears with a halftime score of 29-16…

16 points!?!?  I guess it’s not going to be this year.

National player of the year is a white guy, in BASKETBALL.  I AM impressed!

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