How Important is the Sellout Streak?

Nebraska has a sellout streak in football going back more than half a century.  While it's a point of pride, how does that translate in terms of wins and losses?  We've seen the Huskers outdraw most every other school for the spring game and yet the team still finds itself perenially ranked outside the top 10.  Would an end to the streak make things worse or would there really be a difference?


The Money
Obviously, a sellout puts more dollars into the athletic department.  That money is often reinvested in ways to help the team be more competitive.  But when the streak ends, it might just be a few hundred tickets short.  That might amount to a few thousand dollars which is really just rounding error when it comes to an annual budget of tens of millions of dollars.  But you also have to consider it from another angle.  The sellout streak was not in jeopardy when tickets cost half what they do, but the difference in revenue with ticket increases is obviously substantial.  The optimum number to maximize revenue may not be a sellout.  You might be better off selling 70,000 seats at $100 each versus 100,000 seats at just $50.  As fans we may not want to accept that, but with scalpers in the mix, the price may get driven back up near $100 anyway.  Would you rather see the money help the University or a shady "entrepreneur"?

The Point of Pride
The streak has also been a big marketing point for recruits.  But how many kids do you think reached the tipping point because of the streak?  If it's more about the recruiting visit, would they even notice if a few hundred seats went unsold?  Isn't fan behavior equally important?  If a recruit shows up to see a sold-out stadium where fans boo the team and leave early (as we've sadly seen at times) isn't that worse than positive fans even if the stadium has a few empty seats?

The TV Experience Has Improved
It's also hard to ignore that the experience of watching games has gotten much better over the years.  Who doesn't love the yellow stripe to indicate where a first down is?  You get a lot more instant gratification with that than having to look at the scoreboard and waiting for them to update the down and distance.  When a play is under review by officials, you get a much better sense at home what the likely outcome will be.  With a DVR you can instant replay any play for that matter.  While it's cool to see an option pitch go 40 yards, it can be cooler still to go back and watch the play develop.  I don't know how much I would have enjoyed watching Nebraska play Wisconsin in Indianapolis a year and half ago, but I certainly liked rewinding and rewatching the play where Kenny Bell levelled the Badger defender ten times in a row.  Also, it can be an unexpected pleasure to start watching the game an hour after it's started and basically skip all of the ads and dead time between plays.  You can catch up by the end of the game (so you're not the last to know the outcome) and not spend near as much time waiting for things to happen.  And let's face it, a lot people enjoy the game in a condition where they shouldn't be attempting to drive somewhere afterwards.

Certainly, it would be a bit sad to see the sellout streak end.  But it's hardly the end of the world or the end of Nebraska football.  Bob Devaney didn't inherit such a streak and he still managed to build the best program in the country.  Heck, Alabama lost theirs last fall and they still seem to have a program  that's the envy of college football.  

Is the real point of the streak self-glorification?  Proof you can point to that the Huskers have the best fans?  I'd like to think we're better than that.  You don't tell people you're the best fans, you have to show them.

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It’s VERY important….only because the media, fans, and everyone else somehow associated with Nebraska football puts it out there. 

It only makes sense that when the streak is broken, that it too, will get as much media attention that the streak has gotten over its time period.

“You don’t tell people you’re the best fans, you have to show them.”

Doesn’t that answer the question?

I think the sellout streak is the most useless and bogus streak the Huskers have ever kept track of. It’s a well known fact that certain donors have stepped up to save the streak on numerous occasions. To me the important streaks are earned on the field—not by fans buying or not buying tickets.

Far more important than the streak is the eyeball test—how full are the stands? Callie flunked. But the streak lives on even though 1/2 the stadium was empty.

Not to worry, there are various ways to create the illusion of a soldout stadium should they come up short here and there.  Hollywood does it all the time.

What I dont get is how most of those bowl games keep going when the stands are more that 1/2 or 3/4 empty.  That is, the majority of bowl games.

I get the pride of the ‘sell out’ streak, and if OU had the sell out streak I could see the big deal.

Looking in, I just think that stadiums and facilities are always going to get bigger and better to keep up with the ‘Jones’ so, I just think that at some point it will end and then what? The world will still revolve and Nebraska will have the record and it will never be broken.

I have always thought that Nebraska having the streak really says a lot. Face it, Nebraska has embraced football because its a commonality with almost everyone in the state. It’s the same with Runza sandwiches.

The people of the state of Nebraska have just made the Nebraska football experience ‘the place to be’ on fall Saturday’s, kind of reminiscent of hamburger stands on Friday nights and drive-in movies on Saturday nights.

It’s just something thing that you do.
They hold on to something as long as possible. I really believe this.

I could really get behind a politician from the state of Nebraska who would make a run at the White House with those types of values.

The Whitehouse ‘sold out’ long ago.

In fact, the Whitehouse’s sellout streak may exceed Brasky’s.

I will gladly trade the sell out streak for some respectable wins ocer quality opponents on the big national stage. Im not talking a national championship. Just beating some top 10 teams on national tv. Instead of being embarrassed like the recent past has done to us.

Game Day in Lincoln is truly a sight to behold, last time I was there the parking lots were just full of people having a great time all dressed up in Husker gear.  I’ll never forget all those old local Farmers, many in wheel chairs, walking with canes, or being assisted by younger family members, who were also geared up in Red, sometimes it looked like two or three or more generations going to the game together.  Most had season tickets and had been passing them on from generation to generation like an inheritance.  It’s a great tradition and great to be a part of it.  GBR

I was traveling through Nebraska to Deadwood, SC a few years back. I pulled into a convenience store for gas when a car pulled up with 2 elderly couples in it. All 4 got out and they all had on their red NU shirts.

Pretty cool stuff.

Haa Haa. That should read Deadwood, South Dakota.


We all knew you were talking about SD. Fact is I didn’t even notice the SC. ha ha

I met one old codger hobbling along with a cane lookin’ like he was about to tip over with every step…thing was he had a Herbie Husker sticker on his cheeks and wore an old time Herbie Farmer hat.  I had a whole Press box to myself, (well, with my Bro and our wives) so we invited him to watch the game with us.  That old man kept us in stitches the whole game with his stories about NU Football, coaches, and players he’d known in his life.  We beat Kansas State that day as well… so it was a Great Husker Game Day for all of us.

You are right. The streak will never be broken. NU does have the best fan base in the country. T Bagg, you are such a moron. Please leave

Press ‘1’ for customer svc….

Dude, they already said the streak was broken back in the Cali days at least, but some rich guy bought up the unsold tickets to keep it going.  He gave them to charity but unfortunately by that time the gsme was already over.  :(

I think a more pressing issue is if Der Weiner Schlinger is going to be able to reach the nose bleed seats of the new eadt wing.  I have my doubts.

The Huskers might consider following the lead of the Sooners.  On the next stadium renovation they should focus more on fan comfort and fan experience than on stadium capacity.  The 87,091 capacity is nice, but in order to compete with TV, the overall game experience needs to improve.  Seating is only a fraction of that, but its a start.


There is a difference between Norman and Lincoln. Even in those bad Calli years when the stadium was 1/2 full it started out full and emptied out when the fans saw what was happening on the field. In Norman they probably do need to make things more comfortable because the fans aren’t quite as committed as they are in Lincoln. I know because I saw the Sooner fans abandon their team in the ‘90’s. I got to watch games in Norman with the stadium 1/2 full at the beginning of the game and plenty of seats for sale. In Norman they do need to focus more on fan comfort.

I was unaware of any reports of fan uncomfiness.

Theres probably as many FSU as OU fans in Oklahoma since about all the actual Seminoles live(were relocated) there back in the day.  And Osceola(Asi-yahola),  FSU’s ‘mascot’, well, A) he never rode a horse, and B) The White Man killed him after they stuck him in jail(2nd Seminole Wars).  Your mascot is a guy—a people—whose ass you kicked.  Why FSU retains the name ‘Seminoles’ is completely bonkers—file that under the category, ‘Inconvenient Sports Geopolitics’, I guess.  Yhe Seminoles(cimarrons, simano-lis) werent even the 1st peoples of FL, those folk got their butts kicked and moved relocated to Cuba.

Again, naming white owned Murican sports teams and institutions after defeated indigenous peoples is, for many reasons, bonkers.

I’m sure everyone here is aware of what the term ‘redskin’  refers to, right?  No?...oh well, look it up.

Sooners also refers to settlers that ‘got there 1st’ and then basically got kicked iff the land 1st during the depression.

At least ‘Cornhusker’ is a relatively benign name, I s’pose.

Thus concludes TDogg’s collateral sports history smack for the day.  Go ahead, you can attack me now.


I do agree, there was huge fan abandonment by OU fans in the 1990’s.

Fan abandonment was a way to say to the university, ‘Hey, this coach isn’t cutting it!’ Patience by our fans was, and is, short. As fans, we were used to winning championships and anything less just won’t work.

Gary Gibbs was just an average coach, at best. Howard Schnellenberger was a player abuser and was dealt with accordingly.
John Blake was not going to work. He ended up being a mess.

The University of Oklahoma is a great example of going from worst to first in a very short time.


I wonder if things in Norman would have turned around sooner if the OU fans had the fanaticism of NU fans. No doubt OU fans are fanatics but would you agree that NU fans are even more so? In days gone by the identity of 1/2 the people in the state was tied up in the performance of the football team. I don’t think football is as big as it used to be—probably because we’ve gotten used to mediocrity. Perhaps the 1/2 empty stadium in Norman spoke louder than today’s griping on internet forums. NU, even though they’ve basically been bad for about 12 years, never quite fell as far as OU did. If things got as bad here as they did in Norman in the late ‘90’s under Blake it’s possible the fans would quit showing up at the beginning of games. Hard to know how bad it would have to get for the streak to die.

Yes, OU is a great example and your AD should hopefully get part of the credit. He got rid of Blake, found your present guy and has found a way to keep him from leaving. Kudu’s

That is what I think is the fear for anyone who gets a new coach, no AD hires a coach and at the time thinks this guy is worthless and will never pan out.  And when you look at OU from 1988 to 1999 those were really tough years, only two years they got nine wins.  They were more in the 5-5 area and as low as 3-8.  So what if NU hires another coach and he is the next John Blake, and the next one is the next Gary Gibbs, Howard S.  Getting lucky and hitting the next up and coming gem is a scary process.  I wonder what the board would be like if we did get rid of Bo and the next guy went 3-9 or 6-6? I wonder what the ones that want Bo gone would be saying than. Maybe we would get lucky and hit the next gem we did with Miles so far but how many did we go through before him on the basketball team?  People reference him but they never mention the ones before him or the amount of them it took.  It is hard to give up the 9 or 10 win seasons and look at some of the great programs that fell pretty low when the new coach wasn’t all that was cracked up to be.  Would be a tough place to be for an AD his career depends on that hire working out really good or he to is gone.


I don’t think the AD that fired Blake was the one that hired him. The one that fired Blake came from Mo. And when Blake was hired he was the popular choice. Almost like hiring Turner Gill. He was the kid that played for OU and was replacing their version of Callie. But he burned his bridges with a complete lack of leadership ability. Great guy but not at leading or making decisions.

Well hindsight is 20/20. Nobody knows right now if BOP will ever get this program to ocassionally win a conference championship. It might be soon it might not. We might continue as is for 10 more years. We simply don’t know just like we didn’t know with TO.

Cage he may not have been, but some AD did and I am sure he thought he found the perfect guy.  Just like the AD that hired Gibbs, or Howard S., you think you have the right guy.  Kind of like Peterson I am sure thought about Callie,  9 & 4 or 10 & 4 may not be what everyone wants, but for an AD it would be a tuff situation to be in.  A couple of bad years and one of the last remaining records of sellout streaks is gone, you lose your job, family income.


The 100 million dollar question is—when do you decide to cut your losses and fire your HC. HC’s know the rules from the get go. Win or you are gone. High risk & high reward. I think the jury is still out on BOP.


Your initial post says it all.

Great post.

I think this matter is being brought up again in an effort to somehow force a HC change.  I disagree with it on its face.  Yes the sellout streak is important, but it as the article states is about the income.  If we lose the sellout streak because we take the ticket price from $50 to 100, well that’s on the AD not the head coach. 

As far as fans booing and leaving early, yes that is a problem but I believe BOP has already righteously chewed those fans backsides for doing it, then followed it up with the greatest come from behind victory in school history.

Is the sellout streak important?  Yes.  However, if the streak was lost during the Callie years as some seem to think, then that more than anything was a reason to let Callie go.  However, now that we are consistently winning 10 - 11 games a season much similar to where Osborne was at this point in his career, I think jacking the price of the tickets up is probably going to have more of an impact on fan behavior than anything our HC is doing.

Its one thing to spend 50 to see Nebraska beat McNeese State.  It’s quite another to spend 100 to see them get blown out by UCLA.  I would spend 60 on McNeese if I could spend 80 on UCLA.  You see how that works?  The ticket price should be more stable.  That way if we do have a bad outing against a team, then you can try and blame the coach.  But if your going to have such disparity in ticket prices from one game to the next, or from one year to the next, that has an affect on Fan behavior.  Well, not true fans of course, but you get the point.

Johnny_Nebraska said:

“now that we are consistently winning 10 -11 games a season…”

When did Bo Pelini win 11 games, let alone consistently?

You can’t be talking about the same Bo Pelini.

Tom Osborne was bringing the heat by this point of his career. Bo Pelini, not so much.

To Pelini’s credit, he did tell the University of Nebraska ‘F-you, I’m not going anywhere, make me’ and ‘Gimee a raise, bitches’.

He definitely gets an ‘A plus’ for his ‘Hell may care’ attitude.

To be fair, Pelini missed an 11 win season and a conference championship by 1 second.

Had he have not lost, we might be having different conversations about him.

He could honestly say ‘Been there, done that’.

@ 7turds>Hell may care, therefore we are confident, some good soul shoves an M80 up your ASS this holiday. You’ve prolly ‘been there, had that’. Yuk Yuk

BOP is averaging about 9.5 wins per.

Not only is Pelini averaging 9 or more wins a season, he is one of only three first-time head coaches to do this for six or more consecutive seasons - the other two are Barry Switzer at Oklahoma (8 consecutive seasons) and Tom Osborne at Nebraska (25 consecutive seasons). Pelini is the only one of the three to accomplish this after taking over a team with a losing record - the only one in the history of modern major college football. Others may consider this to be an insignificant accomplishment, but to date no other coach has been able to do it.

A glaring difference between the 3 coaches you have mentioned is that both Tom Osborne and Barry Switzer, almost without exception, had their players ready to battle when it was game time.

One Sooner game that I remember where this wasn’t the case was an Orange Bowl game where they lost to Arkansas 31-6, it was maybe the most glaring loss in his 16 year coaching career.

As far as Tom Osborne, his team was absolutely humiliated by UCLA in I think, 1988.

Anyway, in both of those coaches cases it was a rare occurrence.

Another glaring difference between the three coaches was the nature of the programs. Both Osborne’s and Pelini’s programs had/have fairly high ethical standards. Seem to recall an Athlon report a few years back on the ‘15 Most Unethical Programs in College Football History’, which included Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma squad. Believe it claimed that at OU, the players were in charge; that there was rampant drug use and gunplay in the dorms; and that the star quarterback was arrested for trying to sell cocaine to undercover FBI agents. Remember there was a SI magazine cover picturing the qb in handcuffs and prison garb. Know that Switzer resigned just as OU football was going on NCAA probation.  You certainly can’t claim Pelini is guilty of running that type of program.

If you want corrupt, put SMU, the Eric Dickerson, Craig James years at the top of the list.


Yea, and uh, tell us the story about Johnny Rodgers convicted of robbing a gas station and THEN winning the Heisman trophy.

Do you ever think before you spew?

Your shit is weak. Try to keep up here.

Did not result in Nebraska being included in any ‘Most Unethical Programs in College Football History’ report and certainly did not result in Osborne having to resign ahead of an NCAA probation.  HUA as usual, but keep on spewing - your drivel just makes you look more ridiculous. Sorry, but in your case it is impossible for me to be nice.

@ou7turds>is the 41-28 ‘humiliation’ worse than the ASS-WHOOP’N of 2005? ucla 41, stoopids sooners 24. you’re a dick

Turrettes actin’ up again?

Stoopid all the way to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Don’t worry, Bo Pelini will make it to the College Football Hall of Fame someday too.

Of course, he will have to pay admission to get in first.


Yukity yuk yuk…

7turds, I did’nt ask what your favorite gametime snack was.

@red’s - now that is funny!

How come no one is talking about the possibility of Ameer being Nebraska’s all time leaning rusher after this season?

Because it would happen under Pelinis watch and god forbide anyone give him credit for anything..  The fact that you guys are complaing about 9-10 win seasons again should be proof enough after suffering through Callahan years that Pelini is doing something right

If the 9-10 win seasons included a win or two each year over a marque team I think a lot of us would be happier. But no marque wins and one or two ugly losses each year leads to grumbling. And an out of control coach on the sideline doesn’t help.


Pelini is garbage for a head coach. I would be willing to bet we will not ever win a National Title under BOP. His attitude and demeanor is enough proof that we won’t.  He is nothing more than a straight embarrassment to the football program. Anyone who watches Nebraska football sees the same actions every Saturday as I do. And its straight sad. I still pray for the day when they finally shit can his sorry ass.

Eric is garbage for a fan. I would be willing to bet we will not ever be happy with the Cornhuskers. His attitude and demeanor is enough proof that he won’t.  He is nothing more than a straight embarrassment to the fans. Anyone who reads these blogs sees the same posts all the time. And its straight sad. I still pray for the day when he finally reconciles his perceptions with reality.

See how easy that was?  Tell me, which post has more to contribute?

Between GageCoHusker’s comment and Eric’s comments, that about covers it.

The only ‘up’ side to Pelini is that he gives some people the ‘warm fuzzies’ for winning 9-10 games per year.

- He is not a great ambassador for NU. (brings shame, not fame)
- He is not a coach that has won any “marquee” games (thanks     GageCoHusker)
- He hates the fans
- Gotten too comfortable in his position
- Can’t recruit with the big boys
- Can’t coach fundamentals (year after stinkin’ year)
- Media doesn’t respect him or take him serious

Only teams like Duke, Temple or Rice would think he is a step in the right direction. This is going to be the 7th year of this experiment, and were still waiting for the coach to get the turnover problem cleaned up!

Hey, but at least he wins 9 games every year.

Big deal.


You are living in a fantasy world. Do you have serious hopes of NU ever playing in the Rose Bowl, or beyond?

Congratulations Pelini lovers, here’s what I mean:

As I said earlier, the media has no respect for Bo Pelini.

I’ll reply simply.
>You are living in a fantasy world.
No.  Is Eric one of your other names now?
>Do you have serious hopes of NU ever playing in the Rose Bowl, or beyond?
Of course.  That comes quite natural to fans.

O, and the Bleacher Report coaches thing was actually pretty funny.

No, I don’t play that game. And I would appreciate the benefit of your doubt, because I said I don’t.

With so many negatives against him, I just don’t see any hope with him at the helm.

I respect your right to differ, but Nebraska is clearly getting away from what made it great.


I know you have your concerns about our coach.  Most of the time you express them here if not humorously, you do so respectfully.  However, I have to call BS on your post in which you have a URL about “Coaches who might actually kill you.”  In the same vein that the cowardly reporter sat on his profanity laced tirade during the home Ohio St game from 3 years ago, you really should bring only current arguments to bare here.  I mean the article you sighted is dated Sept 13, 2013.  Its not just yesterdays news, its yesterdays news for 330 days ago.

And what has Pelini done since then (330 days ago)?

A temper tantrum that equals his tantrum at Taylor Martinez a few years ago. Pelini is out of control. He has become the face of Nebraska.

This is who Nebraska football has become.

Sad days.

OU, I am not certain but I am guessing when a player does something good and Bo goes after him to congratulate him his veins in his neck pop out than because of his facial expressions.  I have seen some of the stoops brother look the same, maybe it is just the demeanor from where they grew up.  Nick Saban is know as a dictator from people from his past, Kelly has been know to get in your face with some nasty looking faces also.  I think if he was as pissed at Taylor as it looked, Drake would never have came here also.  And maybe Taylor deserved the but chewing, I think if people want to make any coach look like a raving idiot you can definitely find pictures of about anyone, some just have glaring stares that intimidate people.  Last year Olkahoma vs Alabama Saban threw his headset and was going ballistic and than ESPN cut away, Why?  Can’t have the beloved look like an idiot, yet they have at least one camera on Bo and other coaches just to catch that picture and than broadcast it like crazy.  The media likes to create, what they want about any coach.  Is Bo perfect, not even close and I am sure he would say the same.  Could he be more cordial to the media? sure and the media could get a little smarter and stop asking so many stupid questions after all the do have a college degree in the field so they should have some intelligent questions to ask.  Not making excuses for him or saying what he is doing is right, just don’t agree with you that this is what Nebraska football has become.  Were are just going through some growing pains right now.

First of all, we are talking about Bo Pelini. Not Saban, not Mike Stoops.

There is no excuses for bad behavior by the head coach.

Look! You are doing the same thing as Pelini does when he gets called out. He starts bringing up what OTHER people do and act like.

Stay focused here.

Have you ever watched Bob Stoops being asked stupid questions by the media?

He has a subtle way of sticking his foot in their asses, and he doesn’t make Sports Center highlight reels doing it.

Bo must go.

The Stoops’, Sabans’ dictate the mood of their press conferences and have thing well in control.

You don’t see this with Pelini. First of all, he knows he is running a fly by night operation as a head coach. He automatically shows his teeth at post-pressers to try to set a false scenario that he is in command. Uh, he isn’t.

He looks to jump down the throat of any reporter who asks a question that makes him uncomfortable. Swinging his head back and forth aggressivel. Like a caged animal.

Go to Youtube and pull up his post game interviews where he lost a game and compare to a post game interview after a win.

He wants to blame it on ‘stpid media questions’, but the fact is he cannot handle pressure.

He’s a mental case.

I am focused chill out a little, people don’t agree with you and you blow a gasket.  I am not saying it is right but they all do it, it is the pressure of the whole college football scene win at all cost but get us to the championship game or else.  Do you know Bo personally or just what the media feeds you?  Nice to pass judgment on someone you have never sat down with and got to know.

I can safely assume that if someone directed an ‘FU’ to me as a fan, I would be able to accurately judge his character and lack of integrity. And it wasn’t just a muttered F you. It was blatant and ongoing.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t take the time to get to know someone after they cussed me out like he did Husker Nation.

How do you not see that, Larr?

The University of Oklahoma found out that Bo Pelini was a smoke and mirrors operation. It didn’t take 6-7 years (and counting), and he got run immediately.

See from your post that you are trying to reason with that HUA SFB OU7. Forget it; just an impossible task. He is such a ludicrous, irrational Bo-hater that No amount of reasoning is going to sink through into that thick skull. Gave up trying long ago, and now always scroll on past any of his rants; just a waste of time to stop and read them. In the past, when I did read them, it was always the same old hate Bo BS. Suspect he/she/it may be just an OU troll trying to get a rise out of Husker fans.

I really think it’s hilarious that you would think that this guy is such a great person and that he will lead NU to anything more than 2nd place in the conference.

For craps sake, all he has done is look inept in big games.

BTW, if watching someone take all that money and can look himself in the mirror for what he has done and what he has said, then you deserve him.

Just get out of the way and let the real NCAA teams show you how it’s done.

No NAT Champ in sight with Pelini at the helm

OU seriously, lets see co-defensive coordinator for Oklahoma or defensive coordinator for LSU???  Lets see, what would you do?  Make more money and run your defense or compromise with someone else and work with them to run a defense.  “and he got run immediately”.  And I am sure you have a tape of Bob behind closed doors that said he got rid of that SOB because he was no good.  3 years later LSU wins national title, what’s up with that?  Just another rant, still hung over from all those whoopings of the 90’s.  I don’t think he told all the fans of Nebraska to “F” off just the fair weather fans that left the game, you know the ones that jump on band wagons when the team is doing good.  The real fans like me stick with them through the good and bad and always will.  If it bothers you so much life is to short to get so worked up over another team.  Go to the sooner website and talk about how great things are in sooner nation.  Will be just fine here at NU with or without you.

Well, first of all, Pelini didn’t have a choice to come back as coordinator at OU, especially after the crap he put up against USC in the title game. Mike Stoops had taken the Arizona job just before the beginning of bowl season.

Jeez,  Pelini was supposed to be a defensive guru, right?

Now, about Pelini’s rant tape. You need to clean your ears out and listen to the tape again. He said multiple times when referring to “ALL” of the fans. It would be bad enough if he were just talking about ‘fair weather fans’, but he included all fans. He was so sure he was going to be OSU’ next coach.

You see, Pelini’s teams are so predictable. His teams compete in the first half but opposing coaches make adjustments and end up winning. Pelini and his staff (body of work) consistently show the inability to make proper adjustments when needed.

As far as ass whoopings go, OU fans know a lot about that. They managed a 16 consecutive year winning streak against Nebraska in their series, so I don’t understand what your point is there.

It’s possible to love/like a university and quite another different thing to oppose rotten hirings, wouldn’t you say?

All of this Bullshit can be blamed on 1 man and that is Harvey Perlman. He has been present through all of this mess. He pulls the trigger on all of it.

It’s okay, you just stay seated on your train to nowhere.

OU I am not on here to go back and forth with you.  I agree with a lot of what you are saying and disagree on others.  When the AD at Oklahoma hired Gibbs do you think he thought he hit a homerun with him or a dud?  When the AD hired Howard S. do you think he thought he hit a homerun or dud?  When the AD hired Blake do you think he thought he hit a homerun or dud?  Is everyone totally satisfied with Bo and his behavior, I doubt it.  But the 9 wins are better than the 3-5 wins per year, and that is something that crosses the minds of people is it could be a lot worse.  If someone had a definite homerun I don’t think to many people would have a problem with Bo leaving, everyone likes a winner.  We have seen the bad with Callahan and not sure we want to go back.  Are we settling maybe a little, but my hope is we all grow into the program we all want it to be, the coach, the players, the fans, the media.  My other comment is if someone disrespects me and my family I have no problem doing the same to them.  People call them selves the best fans in the nation and than boo and walk out of a game.  These kids never gave up, fought back and won.  They deserved to have the stadium packed to witness that and be loud.  So yes I think the fans disrespected his “family” and after the game he was venting to some butt head he thought was a friend or someone he could trust to do that with, we all have.  People get on these sites and in the media and call themselves NU fans and call him an idiot, can’t coach, players aren’t good enough and so on, so if you are going to disrespect him & his “family” I don’t think he owes them any respect back I don’t care how much money he makes.  I believe that there would be a very small gap of what he would do for his players and his own kids if he could.  The man wears his emotions on his sleeves and sometimes it would be better if he had a jacket on to cover them up.

Just so you know, it’s possible to have a coach that represents your university well, wins championships and won’t call the fans out for the same money the university is paying Pelini.

Don’t put winning 9 games a year above your values.


I do have to point out that there is a difference in the press between Ne. and Ok. The OKC press is completely cowed to Stoops. They are scared silly of him and thus they don’t print the crap down there that the Omaha press prints on Pelini. I’ve seen evidence that the Lincoln press has gotten scared of getting cut off and are getting into the same cowing as the OKC press. Stoops is definitely smarter than Pelini when it comes to the press but in my opinion—they are peas in a pod. Comparing Pelini to Stoops on your part is not a good decision. Neither are bastions of brilliance in handling the press or their tempers.

Confidence levels between the two is the big difference.

That will always be an issue until Pelini stops losing games he should be winning.

That starts at re-teaching basic fundamentals. There seems to be some type of psych related issues with his teams.

These kids need to believe they can win all games, but going to be hard with a coach that is a distraction year after year.


I agree

Blah blah blah.

The Huskers will be the most talented team in the BIG this year, and should win the BIG but they wont cause Bo seems to find ways to loose. He also gets out coached and that is a fact.

At least 1/2 of Sooner Nacione has been wishing Stoopid would be sent packin’ over the last 1/2 dozen yrs or so since he aint won the biggun or even threatened to get in the biggun for the last 10 yrs or so, and if he hadnt won a TO asst’d game vs Bammer they’d still be whinin’.

Yeah, except for tOSU, MI, Wiscy, and Sparta, NU is clearly the most talented team in the B1G.  If we get lucky and get to the CCG, does anyone think TA is going to bring down Braxton Miller?  Really?  If so, I’m selling off shares in the Brooklyn Bridge, so y’all step right up.

T Bagg, TA is a player. I totally have faith in him. He can beat Miller. The only thing that is preventing this team to a NC is BOP and Beck. I know TA had a bad game against Sparta last year but he never gave up in that game. If not for all the turn overs in that game NU wins. The black eye of the 2013 season was the Iowa game. NU got there asses handed to them on both sides of the ball and in the coaching game.

Uhmmm…TA doesn’t need to beat Miller.  RG44 needs to beat Miller.  TA only needs to beat their D.

Clemson had to do everything in their power to beat Miller, with a big time seasoned QB in Boyd and a team w probably 2x the talent and speed and experience as Brasky.  Oh, and BTW, there was that guy named Sammy Watkins.  Still, they just barely beat tOSU and they really never did stop Miller.  And last time I looked tOSU has been un the top 5-10 in recruiting the last 3 yrs.

Also, our DL and LBs will still be mostly sophs.

To say that TA and Brasky are on that level is hardcore koolaid drinkin’.  TA will be only a soph so expect more ‘issues’.

The other black eye was the MN loss—that was stupid.  I almost threw in the towel after that one.

T-Dogg, Expecting excellence from your coaching staff is hardly whining.

No, they were actually whining that they wanted Stoops outta there.  Some probably still do.

Yup, stoopid has got to go.

The Clemson-tOSU game bears little relevance this year.
You do recall, Michigan, whom NU beat, dang near beat tOSU?
The list goes on.  “That’s why they play the games”.

<b>Nebraska Vs. Michigan 2011 - 2013<\b>
11/9/2013 @ *Michigan (7-6) W 17 13
10/27/2012 vs. *Michigan (8-5) W 23 9
11/19/2011 @ *Michigan (11-2) L 17 45

Nebraska Vs. Michigan St. 2011 - 2013
11/16/2013 vs. *Michigan State (13-1) L 28 41
11/3/2012 @ *Michigan State (7-6) W 28 24
10/29/2011 vs. *Michigan State (11-3) W 24 3

Nebraska Vs. Ohio St.
10/6/2012 @ *Ohio State (12-0) L 38 63
10/8/2011 vs. *Ohio State (6-7) W 34 27

Nebraska Vs. Wisconsin
9/29/2012 vs. *Wisconsin (8-6) W 30 27
12/1/2012 vs. *Wisconsin (8-6) L 31 70 @ IN Big Ten Championship
10/1/2011 @ *Wisconsin (11-3) L 17 48

<b>Nebraska vs. Iowa<\b>
11/29/2013 vs. *Iowa (8-5) L 17 38
11/23/2012 @ *Iowa (4-8) W 13 7
11/25/2011 vs. *Iowa (7-6) W 20 7

Nebraska vs Penn St.
11/23/2013 @ *Penn State (7-5) W 23 20
11/10/2012 vs. *Penn State (8-4) W 32 23
11/12/2011 @ *Penn State (9-4) W 17 14

But tOSU still won.  In the last 2 yrs Brax has lost 1 game in the B1G.  I rest my case.

In fact, if you axted me, Brax should be the front runner for El Heismano.

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