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While Nebraska is squarely in the  home stretch of recruiting season, it may be time to do some real recruiting of a player already on their team.  An Ohio TV station has reported that running back Braylon Heard will transfer closer to home.  Apparently, Heard never mentioned that to Pelini, which could leave the door open at least a crack for him to return.


Heard is going into his junior season at Nebraska but still has a redshirt year available, which he might use if he were to transfer to another FBS school.  While Heard was lightly used in his first two seasons in Lincoln, it seemed likely that his role was going to grow with the departure of Rex Burkhead.  He's shown a lot of ability both in high school (he was a four-star recruit) and college (his 6.7 yards per carry average last season was second only to Rex Burkhead's).   

Generally speaking, Nebraska has needed three running backs per season and generally used at least four.  The wear and tear of the position is so brutal that you need two in every game and you expect injuries to happen to where the third must be relied upon.  

Heard's departure would probably force Nebraska into using at least one of their standout true freshman recruits in Terrell Newby or Adam Taylor.   Should injuries happen to Ameer Abdullah or Imani Cross, then both freshmen would probably be called upon in their first year. 

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I never understood why Heard was not used more. No fumbles and always positive yards. I am really hoping for a big year from him and would consider it a huge blow to lose him. Say it ain’t so!

Not good.  After all he has gone through to get here and the fact that he has a VERY GOOD chance to be our starter.  Not making a bit of sense.  Got to be another reason.  I think he can be saved if they jump on it.

Huge blow if it ends up being true.  All those things said above deserve emphasis.  This guy has/had a real chance to be #1 or at least, co-#1 at RB.  He has all the tools and is a legit break-away threat.  I was anticipating a breakout year for him and think if someone else gets him, they will bear the fruit of his development.  I mean, I think Ameer is a really good back, but there are definitely things that Heard brings to the table that Ameer does not.  And we absolutely cannot afford the fumbles at RB…especially at critical moments in the game.  We already get enough of those from our QB.  I was really looking forward to seeing this guy play this year and get a shot at a much larger role in the offense.  I really hope he stays…one of my favorites on this team.

Howard CA…I’m with you.  Every time Heard got the ball, good things happened…also, no fumbles..  Reminded me of a guy we used to have named Castille…but,how can you blame the guy???  Our idiot coaching staff had him doing everything but filling the Gatorade buckets…HE’s a RUNNING BACK YOU DOLTS!!!  It’s bad enough seeing a ton of good recruits dissing NU for other programs, and infuriating when our “Commits” break their word, now, just when it looks like Heard will finally emerge, they want him at wide receiver???  Like the other 30 WR’ s we already have isn’t enough?  Why not just send him into the stands and sell hot dogs?  I need a bud…

From what I further understand, the coaching staff wanted to work him in as WR along with his RB duties, to get him on the field more.  If he wins the starting job at RB great.  If not then he can still get more playing time.  It wasn’t to change him positionally, but utilize him.  Isnt’ that what most everyone else on the team is asked to do?  Pitch in and help where asked?  Rex was QB from time to time.  TM is a wide out on occasion.  I understand it is play design but it is also where you line up.  As for BH, I would hope he would be thankful they see him as more versatile than “just” as a running back.  But I am one to believe thinking a glass half-full IS better than a glass half-empty.

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