Happy Thanksgiving!

On this Turkey Day 2006, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your continued support of the Big Red Network. We started this little experiment eight months ago, not knowing what to expect. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

happythanksgiving.jpg Thanks to our readers, our newsletter subscribers and most of all, fine folks like Scott, Josh, Red in Colorado, Katie, Bart, Grant and many others who leave comments and elevate the level of discussion every day.

Also, I'd personally like to send a big shout out to the BRN Team. Steve, Darren, Renny and Luke, thanks for all of your hard work that makes this site hum every single day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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No, Thank You Big Red Network Staff for the work you do and for your insight on every game. This is my go to site for everything that is Husker Football.

Thanks for the kind words.  One thing we can all be thankful for:  Maurice Purify came to Nebraska.

Thanks to the BRN staff for putting in countless hours into their website.  We are all better fans because of the work you do.

Thank you.

Ahh, jeez Jason. That’s very kind of you to post. I appreciate it. I’m very thankful for so many things this year, too. In the case of BRN, I’m thankful for…the opportunity. Jason - founder of this feast - gave me an outlet for my musings. I’m thankful for folks like Steve and Renny to collaborate with. I’m thankful for folks to read and react to what we write. And, I’m thankful for a solid, competitive team to follow.

I dig BRN. Your articles are well thought-out and conceived, yet you give a good fan slant, making the articles easily accessible and identifiable.

Jeremy in Minneapolis

Special thanks to the BRN staff and to all who participate in this to make it happen.

Thank you BRN staff.  This is one of the finest, if not the finest, website for Husker information.  And, I suspect, from personally knowing the website organizer and contributer’s that it will only get better.


Show your thanks by telling a friend or 10 about the website, and adopting a staff member by purchasing a Husker shirt from the BRN Store.

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