Green’s Puzzling Transfer

It's not surprising to see a player or two transfer after the completion of spring football. Often, a player's rank in the pecking order becomes clear and it may become apparent that someone else is likely to get more playing time at their position. But if you were told a player was going to transfer and asked to predict which one, chances are you wouldn't have thought of Aaron Green. Comments made by Green's father do little to shed light on the reasons, other than "he's not happy".


The Near Term Future

Last season made it very clear that Rex Burkhead was going to get the lion share of the meaningful reps at running back this fall. If there was a clear #2 behind Burkhead, it was Ameer Abdullah. Abdullah had the next most carries behind Burkhead at running back in 2011. Of course, Taylor Martinez takes a lot of carries as well. So Green was looking at the being the likely fourth option in 2012 running the football. He was actually the fifth option in 2011, with Braylon Heard also getting one more carry than he did. It's possible that he also saw enough out of Mike Marrow in practice to believe that Marrow could steal a good amount of carries, though Husker fullbacks haven't gotten many touches in recent years. It's fair to say that Green didn't dream of being a fourth or fifth option out of high school, but with a transfer he spends a year as a non-option as he'll be required to redshirt.


2013 and Beyond

Rex Burkhead departs after the 2012 season which would free up about 20 carries a game for other players. Maybe Green saw most of those carries going to Abdullah, but does he really think he wouldn't have to compete for carries at another school? Green's father did mention that Aaron didn't think he fit in the system. Perhaps Green wasn't crazy about the zone read. Or maybe the talk about more passing by Nebraska was for real.

On Green's list of possible transfer destinations was Oklahoma, which already has a number of four-star options at running back. Ironically, they had a five-star runner of their own decide transfer to Texas A&M this offseason. Green would seem to be in a better position to compete at TCU, Baylor, or Houston, which were all schools he was said to be considering. Texas Tech was also on his list.


What's it Mean for Nebraska?

In 2012, you might hardly notice that Green's gone. In 2013, he might have risen to be the second option at running back (though still also behind Martinez for carries). In 2014, things might really have changed depending upon the running abilities of Martinez's successor at quarterback. But to young people sometimes, 2014 may as well be 2040. Green's father had said that Aaron's not a very patient person. One memorable highlight of the 2011 season, showed Green getting visibly upset when he was wide open on a pass route with no one behind him only to see Martinez hit Quincy Enunwa for a touchdown on the same play.

Braylon Heard may be asked to return to running back from cornerback. Imani Cross is probably that much more likely not to redshirt. Marrow may see more carries. And we might see a greater effort to recruit running backs this season. This might open the door for Nebraska to bring in their own transfer either from another major program or junior college.


It's easy to get high hopes when you see a five star player recruit come into your program.  In the end, mentality always seems to trump ability. Green clearly lacked the determination to make things work out at Nebraska.  He might well emerge as a standout at another program. But often the same kinds of perceived obstacles that were insurmountable in one place, appear at the new destination. You'd love to see Green tough it out at Nebraska. For his sake, you hope he comes to realize it will be worth doing at the next school.

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Green’s impatience shows in his running of the ball and more than likely why he was a fourth option ameer has great vision and patience like Rex.  Too bad so sad good luck green.

I was disappointed when they moved Heard to corner. He appeared to have a lot of potential as a RB and I hope they move him back, particularly if he’s down the depth chart at corner.  Green appeared to be undersized, and while fast, wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped, but the potential was there.  I wish him the best but I agree with your thoughts about running into the same roadblocks elsewhere.  In a way this reminds me of one T. Gabbert.  Whatever happened to him?  You know what they say….youth is wasted on the young!

This is to bad, I thought we would have a great pass catching option/screen master with him in the line up.  He reminds me of James out of Oregon.  I know he isn’t huge but he is big enough and I am sad to see him leave.  I would hope that a little peer presure could maybe sway him to stay.  I was dissapointed that we wasted a year for him here with the lack of using him in the offence.  I wish him good luck and I hope we don’t see him in a bowl game in the next few years.

Too bad. I was really looking forward to see what he could do. First 5 star we’ve had in here in a while. We probably won’t see him in any bowl games though. He and 2 other running backs had equal opportunities last season and he frankly did not make much out of the opportunities given him. A 3 star named Abdulla did however, and he’s the number 2 guy. I’d like to see Heard back frankly, but the best guys play. If the coaches say he’s not ready, he’s not ready. You earn it at a place like Nebraska.
Best of luck. Huge mistake, but best of luck.

This is clearly a case of an impulse decision by a young athlete.  If Green would have played well this year, he likely would have earned the starting RB position for the 2013 season.  In addition, football is a very unpredictable game.  Depth charts can change day-to-day during the season and you can be selected to start at any time (just ask Stanley Jean-Baptiste).  You never know, due to injuries or other unforeseen factors,  he may have been the starter by the end of this year. 

Instead, Green unfortunately convinced himself that by transferring and sitting out a year (NCAA mandate for transfers) it would be better for his football career.  He will now have to start all over at another program while his eligibility is waning.  I agree with the other posts that this move is a huge mistake.

The kid made a deciscion for himself, regardless of the outcome it was his deciscion to make.. I wish him Good Luck, and GBR!

Let’s see.  We have a QB who’s not that good and a backup who doesn’t know the offense well enough to get into games that are either blowout wins or blowout losses (to be fair, Carnes did see action against Minnesota and UT-C).  We have a RB who the staff admiited to using too much in 2011.  Instead of blaming Green for leaving, perhaps we should venture an idea that he doesn’t believe this staff will use him enough.  Given Pelini’s inability to play subs much over the last 4 years, I think Green is probably on to something.  Make no mistake about it… 2012 is a huge year for Pelini and where Nebraska football is headed.

While I agree that 2012 will be an important year for the Bo Pelini crew, I disagree that he is on any hot seat or anything like that. Now, after a few more years of nothing more than what we have now, ya maybe. But not now with so many things teetering on either total collapse or triumph.
This will be Bo’s 5th year. We’ve been very close. 4 points total in 2 championships. That close. We are trending well and it could easily be argued that if a few certain things suddenly got cleaned up, like the stupid penalties, turn over ratios, we’re looking at a much brighter picture than we are now.
I don’t think it was Bo at all. I think the kid didn’t see himself becoming a star here and wants to be. That look in his face in some of the pics I’ve seen of him tells a story…kinda spoiled almost. A pouter. Maybe he realized he isn’t as good as advertised, because as many have spoke of about him, after this year, he totally could have been the #1 or #2 back. Short sightedness. Maybe he just saw guys better than him ahead of him. Notice all the schools on his list aren’t anywhere near Nebraska except Oklahoma and I hear they’ve got a load of 4 and 5 star backs waiting in the wings. Aaron Green never wanted to pay his dues. He wanted to go straight to the front of the line and it doesn’t work that way and I’m sure Bo never promissed it either. The best guys play.
Notice all the guys that transfer go to lower schools….

You always hate to see young speedsters leave. They’re hard for Nebraska to come by and usually not the ones who go. Players who’ve leave recently, clearly weren’t as good as their competitors.

Like most players who transfer out, I think he made a good decision. He wants to play. College careers are over in a blink and you know he thinks he can be a pro. Must’ve been clear to him, that he isn’t beating out Abdullah. So, that’s that.
Speaking of transfers, I’ll have to keep up with Cody Green this year. He seems to have won the Tulsa QB job.

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