Goals for 2013 Offense

With eight to eleven starters returning for Nebraska's offense (depending on how you count them), the Huskers can aim high when setting goals for the coming year.  Here are some benchmarks for the Huskers to aim for.


NU was tied for 118 out of 120 teams in turnovers lost in 2012, with 35 in fourteen games.  If they eliminate one turnover per game, they'd climb to the middle of the pack.  Since regression to the mean (where statistical outliers move toward the center) is a common and expected phenomenon, this might happen without much effort.  Needless to say, it would certainly help the team.  Having a senior quarterback should help the cause as well.

Tackles for Loss
Another area where the Huskers lagged in 2012 was in the number of tackles for loss they allowed.  Considering the experience on the offensive line (and in the backfield), it simply shouldn't happen six times a game.  The 2.5 sacks allowed per game also seems high for a team that doesn't throw the ball a ton.  

Experience should help the Huskers play the right way and with composure.  That should translate to crawling out of the bottom half nationally in penalties.  Offensive penalties are drive-killers and a veteran group should know how to avoid them.

Building/Maintaining Areas of Strength
Nebraska was good in a number of areas a year ago and with so much talent back the Huskers could become even better.  That includes a rushing offense, pass efficiency, total offense, and third down conversion percentage that were already tops for the Big Ten.  NU was second in the conference to Ohio State in scoring offense, third in fourth down conversion percentage (behind OSU and Michigan) and fourth in red zone offense (behind OSU, Michigan, and Northwestern).  

Scoring 40 points a game would seem like a genuine possibility for this team.  Particularly if the tempo increases.  The would put Nebraska in territory not seen since 2000.  That year may not go down as the best in Husker history, but it did see NU finish in the top ten nationally.  That's a goal that the whole team and the whole state should embrace. 

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Cleaning up the turnovers, and drive killers like TFL and Penalties will have significant benefits for the defense as well.  This is particularly important if as you suggest we increase the tempo.

I don’t think becks offense will reach its full potential until Taylor Martinez graduates he does not throw a good ball and misses a lot of open receivers great talent but just a certain package QB

John, first of all, that’s a bunch of BS. He does throw a good ball. It may not be the best looking, but it gets there…he scored 23 TD’s last year throwing the ball in a run first offense. He is a complete dual threat QB and a threat to go the distance on any play, and the driving force on your team. And he will head up one of the most potent offenses in college football this year. He may miss sometimes but what QB doesn’t? He completes a pass 62% of the time he throws. That’s not bad at all for a QB in a run first offense. He’s so good the whole country knows about him, and is and has been a Heisman dark horse. What more do you want?

Attaboy PE…nail him.  You are right on every point.  Think back for a moment about those sacks…then count how many times he was only given about one and a half seconds to find a receiver and escape with his life…here’s the biggest thing to watch this year…..the offensive line.  Yeah, I know, the prevailing attitude is the fact we have more DEPTH…..if that translates to better produ ction, T-Mart may hit his 70% and 40 per game could become a reality.  Also, (and you have to respect him for this) the time he spent with his personal QB GURU is bound to make him even better as a thrower…I hope he literally destroys the BIG this year.  On that thought, I’m going to have a cold one.

PE and Captain you are spot on. I know T and he has HIGH expectations for himself and this offense in general this season. The prospect of hanging 30 plus on everybody is very realistic. The critical factor this yr again will be defense, particularly the linebackers, looking at a whole new crew, but the talent level is their. The D simply must find several pups willing to step up and create the new identity of the blackshirts. Here is my prediction. NU beats the bucknuts in the B1G and beats Bammer in the big one. SEC is done. Don’t anybody give me shit about the schedule, it is what it is. Last yr. Bama played nobody of much concern. Brent Mushberger won’t like it but I will.

Actually I was thinking NU would be playing Johnny Football and TAM.

I think T-Magic has the potential to be GREAT! 

What i think is holding him back is his indecisiveness on dropbacks that are starting to collapse around him.  He seems panicked and incapable of deeciding to throw or scramble while leaving the ball loose in his grasp.

I would estimate 2/3 of his turnovers came from this part of his game!  If he can better handle this situation and be decisive to throw away or scramble, i think he can be outstanding!

The offense should be killer, no doubt about it. They’re going to increase tempo and attack wherever they want. Even against the best Ds they’ll face, they won’t concede play calls- runs up the middle, for example.
The huge factor in that, is an experienced 5th year QB. By far, the most since the Crouch meister. Beck, can fulfill his wildest OC ambitions, with a player who’s had that much game experience. It’s on Beck, to have improved his system and selection, just as much as it is on T-Magic.
The obvious concern, is getting bum rushed at the line, especially at the weakside. Nebraska is going with wider splits, at least early on.
This offense, by its nature, is up and down. Still, such a vast improvement over previous interpretations of hand me down versions of a NFL wco that successful pros (don’t even run anymore).

“Since regression to the mean (where statistical outliers move toward the center) is a common and expected phenomenon,”?!

See, that’s why I don’t even bother with other Husker specific fan pages.
Why, when Steve and crew care enough to bring their very best.

Well said, PE. Well said…...

And…he has broken all those records without having a decent line to protect him! And…remember he was hurt for a season and a half. And…he had several different offensive schemes with different coordinators.
This is his year says I. He’s back working with Steve Calhoun so who knows what’s going to happen this year. We have a great stable of running backs (can’t wait to see the new guys in action), and the best receiving corps in the B1G. Should be good!

Hey…have you guys read this? Got this off another site…kinda long but gives me a lot of hope for our recruiting.

“Here’s a post from a guy called N2FL on another board. He’s not a Husker fan, just a recruiting guru:”

  “I must admit I am a bit surprised to see Husker fans nitpicking their current recruiting class ranking on ESPN and Rivals. I don’t see the point of even looking at rankings in June. Kids who are ‘committed’ to teams whose classes are allegedly ranked higher than Nebraska’s will inevitably decommit and Nebraska fans should still have memories of ‘commits’ like Marcus McWilson, Dominic Walker, Jonathan Cook, Christian Lacouture and Dan Samuelson fresh in their minds.

  My point is that Husker fans should feel very excited about the direction the recruiting has gone the past few classes, and is continuing to go. In less than a weeks time, Nebraska picked up commitments from their #1 QB target, #1 OL target, #1 slot-WR target, the #1 K in the ‘14 class, and IMPO a 4* talent in Tanner Farmer. What is there to be questioning?

  Bo Pelini is starting to get the ‘father figure’ reputation in recruiting circles - and that is a great reputation to have, trust me. Coordinators Tim Beck and John Papuchis are in the elite category of recruiting and Beck in particular is gaining a reputation similar to guys like Gus Malzahn in terms of offensive creativity. Recruits want to play in an offense like Beck’s. Terry Joseph is arguably the best recruiter on the staff and among the best in the conference, while guys like Rick Kaczenski and John Garrison are starting to make names for themselves on the recruiting front as well.

  IMPO, since the 2011 class, Nebraska is second to none when it comes to QB, RB and LB recruiting. If I were a Husker fan, I would feel very confident that Pelini and staff will compile another Top 25-caliber class come February. And I’ll tell you what, IMPO the 2015 class is shaping up to be spectacular. The Huskers are in early with some of the countries best juniors-to-be. TE Alize Jones, OG Martez Ivey, DE Adam McLean, LB Ricky DeBerry, RB Calvin Strong, DE Hale Hentges and CB Eric Lee currently have Nebraska on their short lists and are among the best at their positions for 2015. Since the Pelini-era, I cannot remember Nebraska being in on so many elite juniors this early in the process. If Nebraska can have a BCS Bowl-caliber season on the field come this fall, their efforts in finishing the 2014 and building their 2015 classes will reap the benefits.”

Pretty cool man. What does IMPO stand for? I can’t keep up with all the abbreviations…

No doubt about it that Bo & staff recruiting has been improving the last several years.

In My Personal Opinion - Bo & Co. are doing all the right things, following the plan, working the process. Results will come. Maybe no Nat. Champ. this year but the B1G Champ is possible. PE - thanks for keeping the faith! GBR!

How do I get ahold of some of the drugs you guys are on.

sometimes i read these things and wonder if some of these people know the difference between a g-string and a jock?
just who would you take over taylor martinez to run this offense this fall?

tommy armstrong gives me flash backs of tommy fraiser and i’m damn glad to know he’s in the mix, but this team has been built around taylor and i’m confident to say, that they’re going to average at least 38 points a game this fall.

it’s funny how the coaches rated taylor martinez over braxton miller at ohio st. but our own fans can’t see it?

it’s our team…. start supporting what we have! the national reporters do enough damage beating the “HUSKERS” down or not even acknowledging there exsistence, we don’t need more garbage piled on top.

it was a big hole we had to dirt our selves out of after callahan! i for one am very proud of where this team is today because of mr. T.

Mr. T is good, but not great. Get any pressure on him and he will make mistakes. The Callahan days were bad. There has been some improvement, but I don’t see much difference between our D now compared to Callahan’s, and how about all the stupid mistakes, turnovers, and breakdowns that Bo’s team consistently makes. Not to much different compared to the Callahan days. Did some one actually say that the Huskers will beat Bama in the big one. I’m hoping to go to the SDSU game to watch a close game in Lincoln. Alabama, you cant be serious.

I’m as amped as most people on this sight for the start of the season and to see the juggernaut that is our offense unleash itself upon teams. While I didn’t expect to see any NC talk yet, save for the whispers you here coming from the dark corners of Husker nation, I can’t help but get caught up in it all too. Get that D halfway respectable and you’ve got a serious contender. Admiral, if you want good drugs, go talk to some of the latter posters on the article about the 2009 D, woooooooow….. Anyways, Pe, Captain, keep the faith, its refreshing to say the least with all the bitching and bashing the team takes.

“Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling, aim for the ceiling and you’ll reach the floor” -Bill Shankly.

Admiral, have you watched football? Get pressure on any QB and they make mistakes. That’s like saying put ice cream outside and it melts on a 100 degree day

Making mistakes on the field that cause negative consequences which lead to losing the game can be very demoralizing to the players. Last year we saw the Huskers come back many times after digging themselves in a hole because of mistakes. If they minimize the mistakes this year (off. & def.), the Huskers will be unstoppable! Overcoming mistakes is their biggest hurdle. If they achieve that goal, they can certainly play with anyone in the nation including Bama. The Huskers themselves are their biggest opponent. Mental toughness, paying close attention to detail, and a winning attitude are the keys to their success. If the Huskers get on board that train, they can’t be stopped.

NodakHuskerFan is 100% on the money.

“Any” qb who gets heavy pressure makes mistakes. Admiral must not have noticed our frequent “ole!” pass blocking by our tackles last year. I’m sure he’ll figure that out someday.

Huskerjunkie, you can’t possibly be serious. Our defense got totally cremated several times last year in true-blue COZ style. In total contrast, the fewest points our offense racked up in a loss was 30 points.

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