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We've seen kickoff times announced for three games this season on Nebraska's schedule.  Two of them will be prime time games.  In the first, the Huskers will host Miami.  For the second, the Huskers will travel to face Michigan State.  The game against Fresno State won't kick off until 9:30 pm Central time, which means it won't end until after midnight for most NU fans watching at home.


There's no greater home field advantage than playing at night.  The fans have more time to tailgate and generally find the energy to get loud.  When the visiting team is well out of their own time zone, the advantage might be even greater as the players are taken out of their natural rhythms.  

Even the coaches may not be immune to the effects.  The 2006 Orange Bowl saw Florida State and Penn State play into triple overtime.  While it worked out, it seemed somewhat comical that Joe Paterno opted to kick a 29-yard field goal  on 2nd and 9 from the 12 yard line to win the game rather than run another play that might have made the attempt even easier.  It's as if he couldn't wait to go to bed.  He'd have gotten crucified for the decision if his kicker had missed, especially since he'd already missed one in overtime that would have won the game and an earlier one from 29 yards as well.  

For some of us NU fans from way back, partcularly those of us that now reside on the East coast and rise before the sun most days, these late games will be a bit of a challenge.  It's a good thing they play on Saturdays, because daddy's going to need to sleep in.

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Steve makes some interesting points.  NU Kool Aide drinkers beware!  All the elements of an upset may be in the making with this Fresno game.  People tend to look past Fresno in anticipation of the Miami game to follow.  Team respect will be earned for NU if they defeat Fresno convincingly.  If NU loses (how dare anyone even suggest such an outcome!) you can bet your pretty pussycat that BOP will likely have an emotional breakdown during the Miami game.  Team will need to put him in a straight-jacket tied to a wheel chair on the sidelines to keep him at bay.

Thus, most important game of the season may be the Fresno fight Pacific Time.

Drink the cool aide & keep the faith.  We may well see a steady dose of run, run & more run to keep Fresno State & their pass happy attack off the field.

You’ll think you’re looking at a Nebraska team of old.

NU Muddslingers beware, AA goes for over 100, Imani over 100, TA goes 12-15 for 195 2 TD’s 1 int, Bo calls a good game no emotional breakdown, defense plays great all nite, NU wins by 24 pts and yes it is an important game so the bandwaggon fans can now jump on board!!

N U wins if it avoids turnover problem that has plagued this team for quite some time.  Simple as that.  If BOP requires team to play within its known capabilities as he did with Georgia, non problem.  NU wins by 21.  If Fresno is playing above its norm and QB seems “on”, coupled with some NU mistakes, and you have a close game.

This will be a pivotal game for NU.  Scat cat.  Meow!!!

If they run, run, run, they can win, but we all know that might not happen. BECK

Admiral hits the nail on the head.  Have to half expect Beck to out-think himself and go away from what should work.  If we don’t pound the ball with all four tailbacks in this game, then Beck needs to turn full time play calling over to the cheerleaders.

Last year Fresno showed a potent offense and mediocre defense against a weak schedule.  I expect more of the same this year.  If you let their offense get rolling you may be in trouble.  However, I would be greatly surprised if NU doesn’t beat this team by 20.

Whats the point of you guys even writing these stories? You write a 6 paragraph story only for average joe fans to taje one or two sentances away fron it to get you guys youre website which is and nothing else a dump site. Js

The intelligence level on this site has taken a huge hit.
If you guys like realista and others are so down on Nebraska, why in the world are you fans? Get a life! Blind faith is the only kind of real faith. You don’t have that.

PE, maybe you need to remove the blinders.

I don’t have blinders on. I have faith it will all turn out well. YOu simply have no faith because you most likely don’t have faith in yourself.


Yeah, come and tell me that to my face, shithead.  How bout fuck yourself, end of story.

Seriously, you wanna get it on live and in person, put your money where your big fat mouth is, lets get it on.  Of course, I know you’re a pussy in real life.  Otherwise, STFU.

Need to change the name of this site to “The Real Bigred Housewives”  all this cat fighten, bitch slappen, name calling, negative BS.  Use to get alot of good informative comments now haven’t even played a down yet this year and 80% negative, will lose cause can’t hang onto the ball crap.  I know that the turnovers have been a trend but for heavens sake these guys know this and I am sure it is something they are working on and give them a chance to make the changes before you bag on them all off season!  If you can’t, then go find another team because you sure aren’t on board with this team.  GBR!!!!

I suspect NU will prevail over Fresno State, but they’re not a slam dunk by any means, they’re well coached and scrappy.  NU has always struggled against good passing, up-tempo, offenses like Fresno and I doubt this late nite game will be anything, but a nail biter.  I agree that an old fashioned NU clock eating ground game will be the winning formula, but if we fall behind we better have a viable plan B for putting some points on the board.  GBR

Too bad there wasn’t a way to get the rift raft out off this site. Larr is right…it used to be a LOT better here before the bashers showed up. To most on here anymore, and I think we all know who we are talking about, it’s all about bashing Pelini and the whole program in general. All negative. Very very negative. And Extremely rude. I don’t even come on this site anymore because of all the low life’s, scum bags and stupid people on here. Freaks really. Are people raised to be this way now? I guess this is what you get when guys aren’t raised by real men…because these guys are far from real men.

PE, I appreciate your sentiment, but lead by example.

” I don’t even come on this site anymore because of all the low life’s, scum bags and stupid people on here. Freaks really.”

All of your posts about (Wide receiver commits to Nebraska) were negative. Maybe there is a reason for all of this negativity. Did you watch the replay of the MState game yesterday. If you did, you got to watch a team score a td in the last few seconds before half time by simply running the ball against the so called Black Shirts in Lincoln, and yet many said (well, we hung in there against a team ranked 14). The one I love the most (Bo took his team to the BIG Champ in his 2nd year in the BIG) but yet they also gave up 70. The Huskers haven’t been able to slam the door on any team for more then a decade now. They could’ve last year against Purdue, but once again they let a team score in the final seconds. We jump up and down like they made it to the NC game, but all they did was escape a loss by an unranked Northwestern team, and then there is the Iowa game. There are still some of you that blame all of the programs problems on Callie. Some of you think that they will win 11 or 12 games this year. How are they going to do that win they cant accomplish that with the schedule they had last year. These are the reasons that Nebraska doesn’t get the top rated players anymore. PE it has nothing to do with location.

“These are the reasons that Nebraska doesn’t get the top rated players anymore. “
I guess current 2015 class ranking is a mirage.

All Nebraska has anymore is hype. They are no longer considered a legit contender. Am I glad that it has turned out that way, no, but it is what it is.

but it is what it is…
and it ain’t what it ain’t.
We shall see.
que sara sara.
a picture’s worth a thousand words.
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
a penny saved is a penny earned.
Seeing any relevance here in these deep, meaningful expressions?  if the shoe fits…


FYI, it’s “sera’ sera’”—“will be”—you know, future tense Espagnola.  Sara ain’t got nothin’ to do w this.


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