Giant Offensive Tackle Commit Offers Giant Potential

Football is a sport of big men, but NU just landed a commitment from player that makes your typical offensive tackles look short.  David Knevel is listed as 6'8" or 6'9" depending upon where you look.  That puts him in the territory of NFL greats like 11-time pro-bowler Jonathan Ogden and Dallas Cowboy legend Ed "Too Tall" Jones.  Certainly, not every player that tall has a career like Ogden or Jones, but the potential exists to be very special.


Nebraska is not the only school to take notice of Knevel's unique advantage.  Despite growing up in Canada, he still held offers from defending national champion Alabama, Big Ten champion Wisconsin and several other schools.  You can't coach height after all.  His frame might allow him to climb into the 330 to 350-pound range.    247Sports lists him as a four-star prospect.

As an offensive tackle, the range offered by such a long wingspan (his arms are nearly 3-feel long) allows him to be an outstanding pass protector.  Were he to consider defense he could be a nightmare for opposing offenses.  In fact, he could be the answer to NU's difficulty with dual-threat quarterbacks.  It's very difficult to get outside a player that can reach three feet laterally.  It's also difficult to throw over a player who's nearly ten feet tall with his arms extended.  

Both because of his Canadian upbringing and the challenge that all tall linemen have with leverage and pad level, you expect that Knevel could be a project.  Like most linemen, you'd also expect him to need to add strength and weight (he's listed between 285 and 305 lbs.)  But if he's a quick study he could see playing time early.  He's set to arrive on campus in January, allowing him a spring practice to learn the offense.  You could also see him contributing on special teams right away swatting down field goals, punts, and extra points.  

You have to wonder whether Husker basketball coach Tim Miles has taken notice of Knevel as well.  A player that big would help any college team even if he's just collecting rebounds, blocking shots, and setting screens.  

In any case, Knevel is a quality addition to the 2013 recruiting class.  It sounds as though academics may have played into his choice of Nebraska so don't be surprised to see him on some future Academic All-Conference or All-American teams.  The Huskers are a year away from losing the top four two-deep players at offensive tackle so his commitment is also timely.  Replacing them seemed like a tall order, but in this case not too tall.

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I think this is my favorite pick up so far.. Baring injuries i see a four year starter after a redshirt and an nfl career.. Not only does he,have tremendous upside on the field but off it.. Welcome to N!

If our two otherlineman stay on board we couldnt ask for a better o line class..

What other two linemen?
I think linemen and linebackers are by far the most important need on the team. We need beasts up front to compete and we need at least better linebackers than what we’ve had. Again, it’s either recruiting these great guys that are out there, and we all know how that turns out usually, or hope to get lucky and find diamonds in the ruff and develop them into beasts. Any way it happens doesn’t really matter as long as it happens.
I wonder if a better recruiter could be the guy who tips the scales more in our favor on some of these guys we seems to loose out on all the time. I guess everyone has these problems, but we never seem to land and keep 5 star type guys. Could it be that’s just how it’s going to be no matter who is doing the recruiting at Nebraska? I doubt it. It’s not like that in sales and there are many similarities between the two. I just wonder if a full time, real recruiter, someone who has a proven track record, would even be possible? Wouldn’t we have to give up a coach somewhere else? Something needs to change though. This class isn’t even in the top 25. We get whipped because we lack top talent…there are no more Davids or Cricks or Princes back there any more. This 6’8” guy is a great land I think. And probably the best guy we’ve got so far. Everyone is hyped up about Johnny Stanton, and so am I, but we have Armstrong. We have no great players on the D line, the O line, or the linebackers and that is where we need them the most. Without better recruiting or player development, or both, I’m afraid we’ll never break through this glass ceiling we seems to be under.

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