Georgia Opens As a Nine-Point Favorite in the Gator Bowl

It may not be surprising that when the betting lines opened for the Gator Bowl, that the Georgia Bulldogs were made a 9-point favorite over Nebraska.  Teams from the Southeastern Conference get enormous respect from the media and by extension the betting public.

National Championship Caliber?

The Bulldogs lost to Auburn on a freak play with under 30 seconds remaining.  The Tigers will be playing Florida State for the national championship.  That makes Georgia look like a team capable of playing at a very high level.  They beat South Carolina and LSU this season, two very good teams. 

The Setting

The Gator Bowl isn't in the state of Georgia, but it may as well be.  Bulldog fans travel to Jacksonville annually for the game against Florida.  Not only is it familiar territory, but it's a short drive from the peach state.


While Georgia hasn't been great in the turnover department, Nebraska has been almost comically bad.  Down the stretch in particular, you could count on the Huskers to have at least 3 giveaways.  That makes it tough to beat anyone, let alone a quality team like the Bulldogs.  NU could match up physically but still lose on miscues. 

Taking all of this into account, it's fair to give the edge to Georgia, that's what the betting public has done.

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Heal up guys.  Time to serve up some Crow.

Didnt somebody say Murray is out?  If so, game is even.

...unless the other guy’s as good or better…

Eh, I say we let the kids study for finals and have a good holiday.  Strech and stay loose.  Watch some game film.

We know NU turnovers and mistakes are on the players, and never on the coaching staff!!  Pelini does a fabulous job elevating the players’ performances on the field.  Pay no mind to Bo’s emotional outbursts.  All we care about is the fact Bo cares about his players, and they love him back.  It’s nice to see a coach stand up for what is right and give those gawd awful refs a piece of his mind.  If he doesn’t, who will?  If he can just grow into a Woody Hayes!  Now that would be football Shangri la in Lincoln, for sure.  I know Bo says his “Hail Mary’s” every day and it pays off.  We can hardly wait until next year.  Boy, watch out!!!  Here come the Huskers.  And how crazy is that?  Georgia a 9 point favorite?  You just wait until the Husker D smothers those Bulldogs.  You just wait!  Only fools bet their money in Vegas on Georgia.  How dare the polsters not rate NU in the Top 20.  Any of you who criticize the coaches or the team at NU are stupid, ignorant fools who need to shut up and let the rest of us enlightened fans discuss how we wish we could wipe Bo’s bum.  GBR!!!

Hanway is correct: “Down the stretch in particular, you could count on the Huskers to have at least 3 giveaways.  That makes it tough to beat anyone, let alone a quality team like the Bulldogs.  NU could match up physically but still lose on miscues.”  OMG!!!  Hanway sucks!!!

If Hanway sucks, go read articles elsewhere. Only a punk would say a stupid thing like that. Grow up.
Murray is out, but their total stats are still better than ours in most every category. They should win frankly…we’re on our 3rd string QB and dinged up more than anyone else in college football for Gods sake…but then again, I’ve heard GA is a little dinged up too…maybe they got it in them to beat GA…sure would be what Nebraska needs right about now. But this game will probably go to the coach who out coaches the other…which, frankly, if true, is not a good portent for us. This crack staff is not exactly noted as being outstanding tacticians.
What everyone wants to see around here is the return of good ole’ fashion Husker football. I do too. And I’ll even go so far as saying I don’t mind them loosing if they do it respectably. But by Good Ole’ Fashion Nebraska football, I mean football teams that don’t shoot themselves in the foot constantly, that didn’t commit stupid mistakes constantly, that showed up and wanted to play and played with aggression, discipline and pride and almost ALWAYS out physicalled their opponent. And speaking of exucusion, does anyone remember how they used to execute? With perfection. That’s why we were so feared…because everyone knew and respected Osborne as a great coach, a great mind, and Nebraska as a great team. And they knew if they played Nebraska, even if you did beat them, you were going to take a beating doing it. That’s why no one wanted to play us.
My how things have changed.

When are people going to get it into their heads that the Osborne era is over?  Nebraska isn’t as feared as it once was due to parity in college football.  Look at the Big 8 Conference.  The teams there cannot compare with the teams in the B1G.  For instance:

Colorado                 1 National Championship
Iowa State               0 National Championships
Kansas                   0 National Championships
Kansas State             0 National Championships
Missouri                   0 National Championships
Oklahoma                 7 National Championships
Oklahoma State         0 National Championships

Yeah, this was a really tough conference.  The only competition was Oklahoma, and they owned Nebraska in the 70’s during Coach Osborne’s time as Head Coach.

Here’s the B1G Conference that Coach Pelini’s team plays in:

Michigan                         11 National Championships
Ohio State                       7 National Championships
Minnesota                       7   National Championships
Michigan State                   6   National Championships
Illinois                           5   National Championships
Penn State                       2 National Championships
Iowa                             1 National Championships

Yeah, Coach Pelini is competing in a tougher conference than Coach Osborne did.  And unlike Coach Osborne, Coach Pelini has beaten every team in the B1G he has faced at least once in his three years in the conference.

So, good ole’ Nebraska football meant playing in a conference with only one other good team.  And Nebraska didn’t ALWAYS out physical their opponent:  Just ask the only other good team in the conference, Oklahoma.  They thumped Nebraska in blow out losses in the early years and owned them in the 70’s under Coach Osborne, as stated above.

I don’t really know why, but I think the Huskers win this game.  I really do.  GBR

PE, thanks for the trip down memory lane.  Every word, so very true.  The kool-aid drinkers who are satisfied with being irrelevant on the national scale and watching these ridiculous paradies of football simply do not understand, what you described is really what we would like to see resurrected.  It simply isn’t going to happen with this coaching staff, and, Bo’s refusal to see the deficiencies with senior members of his staff simply means year seven will be more of the same.  Wish I was wrong about that.

I wouldn’t exactly say a conference wasn’t tough just because a lot of the teams didn’t have national championships. Not sure that it really matters.

The Big 10 right now is going through an identity crisis when it comes to all the other 9 teams. Ohio St. and Wisconsin have been good for a while, and Michigan St. really came on this year while Wisconsn fell off a bit this year. The national media ranks the Big 12 as #3 best conference while the Big 10 is rated #4.
Admiral, I kinda think the Huskers might take this one from Georgia myself. Aaron Murray’s ACL is toast and he was a real nice QB, so that will make a difference. Hutson Mason is his replacement. He went 22-36 for 299 yds passed for 2 TD’s and 1 int against Georgia Tech in 2 overtimes.

Well, however YOU would say a conference is tough, the Big 8 wasn’t a tough conference to play in.  Look at the overall records of the schools, if the lack of any NC’s by any other teams than Nebraska and Oklahoma aren’t a good enough indicator when compared to the MANY NC’s in the B1G.

Many of these same teams play in the Big 12 now.  Hmmmmm.

Big Recruiting pick up today as we picked up a top JUco DL Keels to go with Clink! Best part we stole him from the Badgers// That’s two Juco guys with offers to BAMA that picked NU this year.. D Line is imperative to Pelinis defensive scheme.. This is what we were needing the last few years… Welcome to the Family

Well, if we are going to live in the past, how many national championships in football since 1968 (45 years) have the Big 10 won?
The answer is 6. The Big 8/12 has won 11. I don’t think the Big 8/12 conferences have been in existence nearly as long either. Since the inception of the Big 12 (1996), the Big 12 has 3 nattys to 2 for the Big 10.

If the Big 12 was such a weak conference, why di Nebraska only win 2 conference CC’s in the whole time they were a member?

My point is this, for the last 3 years the national media has said that thhe Big 10 as a whole, is down and voted it the 4th best (toughest) conference, just behind the Big 12.

ANd that’s the problem with the current system.. Perception is Sec is good = sec is good.. They keep saying they go off of a strength of schedule but what is the strength of schedule based on?? More perception.. If there are 9 SEC teams ranked in the top 25 to start the season, it makes it that much easier for 9 to be ranked at the end.. Some one was trying to claiming wins against a top 20 Ole Miss, Top 25 Miss State, Top 5 Georgia , Etc.. When we all know at the end of the year they were no were close to that.. WIN a top 25 team beats a top 25 team they are precieved good, but if they lose close its considered not a bad loss… So while Alabama is beating on a ( AT THE TIME ) a number #18 Ole Miss, or #8 A&M , or #5 LSU it makes them look better than they are.. Now when those teams continue to lose, they look worse.. But Alabama already has the title of being good.. ( THIS IS NOT SAYING ALABAMA IS NOT WORTHY, JUST USING THEM AS AN EXAMPLE) .. Who did the SEC play non conference other than Bama , LSU, or Georgia..?? The answer is no body good.. The truth of the matter is , if your top 3 or so teams are the only ones playing big non conference games, the chances of your conference looking good increase..

I really don’t think theres much difference between the PAc 14 , SEC, BIG ten , BIG Twelve.. Other than Alabama ... BAMA has been on fire and LSU is usually good but they’ve proven they can get beat by anyone too.. If the Mid to bottom teams all played eachother in one conference , the Mid to bottom teams in most conferences would stay the same.


I kind of got that gut feeling too.  If nothing else, statistical probability is perhaps in our favor—i.e., we’re ‘due’.

All you perpetual whiney whine whiners are totally awesome:  for me to POOP ON!  I keed, I keed…

I dont think we’re completely irrelephant on the national scene.  Maybe you heard, Coach Bo was all the news a few weeks back AND earlier this year for cussin’ out the ‘bestest fans’ behind closed doors.

I also don’t the ‘B1G sucks’ as a conference smack.  Lemme see, Sparta is #4, ‘Eyes have it at #7, Wiscy #19 and generally playing good ball.  WE have been in and out of the top 25 this year even with all the hullabaloo and if we exact revenge on Dem Dawgs, well, we’re back in there.  IA and Minny are playing solid ball too this year, you know, the 2 teams that beat us with the help of us beating ourselves.  NW is sort of like the ‘Vandy’ of the B1G. 

The SEC is still the conference that has separated from the pack, so to speak, but the rest are generally on about equal footing, that is, if you were to ask me, but since you didnt, I just said it anyway.

Oh, and how could I forget Mitten and State Penn, who generally put a competitive ‘product’ on the field.

Gentlemen, much has been written and said about the lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming Alligator Bowl.  I was really hoping we would play Kitty St. and not only because there was a slight chance of a win there, but it would be fun playing an old foe again…but, why not a better bowl you ask???  Read Chris Heady’s article in today’s Daily Nebraskan for the unvarnished truth of the matter.  You slosh-headed kool-aid drinkers be forewarned…it’s a solid dose of reality, and, well, we all know reality is a bitch. 

OU, man, Big Game Bob better work his butt off for this one…all I can say is:  good luck! 

Admiral…I hope you are right about this game.  Try as I might, I just can’t climb on board with you yet…maybe down the road if we hear about some of the injured warriors coming back in the fold…maybe.

We’ll never really know which conferences are the best because there isn’t enough cross conference games in neutral sites for statistical analysis to be valid. Like the Husker game with UGA. That’s a home game for them. The fact is the B1G has had an abysmal record in bowl games. Until that is rectified the B1G won’t garner much respect on the nat’l scene.

Maybe when we get a 16 team playoff where the games are played at neutral sites we’ll get some real answers.

Twuato, I posted a similar argument on a different thread and I looked at the ooc opponents for Bama, Lsu,  auburn and someone else. The teams they played were a joke. A 16 team playoff would be sweet but totally unfeasible. Think of all the injuries…

New Yorker

I am going to have to disagree with your assesment of Oklahoma thumping Nebraska in the “early years”  Nebraska not Oklahoma was the dominant team in the Big Eight up until WWII.  Prior to 1940, Nebraska was 12 - 3 - 2 all time against Oklahoma.  Oklahoma did not start playing football impressively until after the war.  The 1940s and 1950s are often considered the darkest times in Nebraska football.  If we were ever able to erase those two decades from history, Nebraska would undoubtedly be the most winningest football program in all of college football.

The following is the all time series W/L record between Nebraska and Oklahoma.  Where we respect Oklahoma and wish them well, you can clearly see that the decades of dominance associated with Oklahoma were the 1940s and 1950s.

12/4/2010 vs. *Oklahoma (12-2) L 20 23 @ Arlington, TX Big 12 Championship
11/7/2009 vs. *Oklahoma (8-5) W 10 3
11/1/2008 @ *Oklahoma (12-2) L 28 62
12/2/2006 vs. *Oklahoma (11-3) L 7 21 @ Kansas City, MO Big 12 Championship
10/29/2005 vs. *Oklahoma (8-4) L 24 31
11/13/2004 @ *Oklahoma (12-1) L 3 30
10/27/2001 vs. *Oklahoma (11-2) W 20 10
10/28/2000 @ *Oklahoma (13-0) L 14 31
11/1/1997 vs. *Oklahoma (4-8) W 69 7
11/2/1996 @ *Oklahoma (3-8) W 73 21
11/24/1995 vs. *Oklahoma (5-5-1) W 37 0
11/25/1994 @ *Oklahoma (6-6) W 13 3
11/26/1993 vs. *Oklahoma (9-3) W 21 7
11/27/1992 @ *Oklahoma (5-4-2) W 33 9
11/29/1991 vs. *Oklahoma (9-3) W 19 14
11/23/1990 @ *Oklahoma (8-3) L 10 45
11/18/1989 vs. *Oklahoma (7-4) W 42 25
11/19/1988 @ *Oklahoma (9-3) W 7 3
11/21/1987 vs. *Oklahoma (11-1) L 7 17
11/22/1986 vs. *Oklahoma (11-1) L 17 20
11/23/1985 @ *Oklahoma (11-1) L 7 27
11/17/1984 vs. *Oklahoma (9-2-1) L 7 17
11/26/1983 @ *Oklahoma (8-4) W 28 21
11/26/1982 vs. *Oklahoma (8-4) W 28 24
11/21/1981 @ *Oklahoma (7-4-1) W 37 14
11/22/1980 vs. *Oklahoma (10-2) L 17 21
11/24/1979 @ *Oklahoma (11-1) L 14 17
11/11/1978 vs. *Oklahoma (11-1) W 17 14
1/1/1979 vs. *Oklahoma (11-1) L 24 31 @ Miami, FL Orange Bowl
11/25/1977 @ *Oklahoma (10-2) L 7 38
11/26/1976 vs. *Oklahoma (9-2-1) L 17 20
11/22/1975 @ *Oklahoma (11-1) L 10 35
11/23/1974 vs. *Oklahoma (11-0) L 14 28
11/23/1973 @ *Oklahoma (10-0-1) L 0 27
11/23/1972 vs. *Oklahoma (11-1) L 14 17
11/25/1971 @ *Oklahoma (11-1) W 35 31
11/21/1970 vs. *Oklahoma (7-4-1) W 28 21
11/22/1969 @ *Oklahoma (6-4) W 44 14
11/23/1968 @ *Oklahoma (7-4) L 0 47
11/25/1967 vs. *Oklahoma (10-1) L 14 21
11/24/1966 @ *Oklahoma (6-4) L 9 10
11/25/1965 vs. *Oklahoma (3-7) W 21 9
11/21/1964 @ *Oklahoma (6-4-1) L 7 17
11/23/1963 vs. *Oklahoma (8-2) W 29 20
11/24/1962 @ *Oklahoma (8-3) L 6 34
11/25/1961 vs. *Oklahoma (5-5) L 14 21
11/19/1960 @ *Oklahoma (3-6-1) W 17 14
10/31/1959 vs. *Oklahoma (7-3) W 25 21
11/22/1958 @ *Oklahoma (10-1) L 7 40
11/23/1957 vs. *Oklahoma (10-1) L 7 32
11/24/1956 @ *Oklahoma (10-0) L 6 54
11/19/1955 vs. *Oklahoma (11-0) L 0 41
11/20/1954 @ *Oklahoma (10-0) L 7 55
11/21/1953 vs. *Oklahoma (9-1-1) L 7 30
11/22/1952 @ *Oklahoma (8-1-1) L 13 34
11/24/1951 vs. *Oklahoma (8-2) L 0 27
11/25/1950 @ *Oklahoma (10-1) L 35 49
10/22/1949 vs. *Oklahoma (11-0) L 0 48
11/13/1948 @ *Oklahoma (10-1) L 14 41
11/22/1947 vs. *Oklahoma (7-2-1) L 13 14
11/23/1946 @ *Oklahoma (8-3) L 6 27
9/29/1945 vs. *Oklahoma (5-5) L 0 20
12/2/1944 vs. *Oklahoma (6-3-1) L 12 31 @ Oklahoma City, OK
11/27/1943 vs. *Oklahoma (7-2) L 7 26
10/24/1942 @ *Oklahoma (3-5-2) W 7 0
11/29/1941 vs. *Oklahoma (6-3) W 7 6
11/2/1940 @ *Oklahoma (6-3) W 13 0
11/25/1939 vs. *Oklahoma (6-2-1) W 13 7
10/22/1938 @ *Oklahoma (10-1) L 0 14
10/16/1937 vs. *Oklahoma (5-2-2) T 0 0
10/24/1936 @ *Oklahoma (3-3-3) W 14 0
10/26/1935 vs. *Oklahoma (6-3) W 19 0
10/20/1934 @ *Oklahoma (3-4-2) W 6 0
10/28/1933 vs. *Oklahoma (4-4-1) W 16 7
11/19/1932 @ *Oklahoma (4-4-1) W 5 0
10/10/1931 vs. *Oklahoma (4-7-1) W 13 0
10/11/1930 @ *Oklahoma (4-3-1) L 7 20
11/16/1929 vs. *Oklahoma (3-3-2) T 13 13
11/10/1928 @ *Oklahoma (5-3) W 44 6
10/31/1925 vs. *Oklahoma (4-3-1) W 12 0
10/11/1924 @ *Oklahoma (2-5-1) L 7 14
10/13/1923 vs. *Oklahoma (3-5) W 24 0
10/28/1922 @ *Oklahoma (2-3-3) W 39 7
10/29/1921 vs. *Oklahoma (5-3) W 44 0
10/25/1919 vs. Oklahoma (5-2-3) T 7 7 @ Omaha, NE
11/23/1912 vs. Oklahoma (5-4) W 13 9

From 1890 to 1940 Nebraska was the 7th winningest football team in all of college football.  Oklahoma was ranked 40th.  The losses that Nebraska incurred in the two decades that followed had Nebraska slip from #7 to #35 and Oklahoma raised up to take the #8 slot by 1960.  Since 1960 Nebraska has been the most winningest football program, and after overcoming both the 1940s the 1950s and the Callahan era losses, Nebraska is now back to being the 7th winningest football team in all of college football history, and Oklahoma has respectfully gained to the #3 slot.

Captain Bly,

Mr. Heady is a SOPHOMORE Journalism major at the University of Nebraska.  Not exactly the best source for mature, ecletic, material or viewpoints on college football in general or even someone who could be reliably asked to know about Nebraska football history.  He is BARELY old enough to remember Osborne and probably someone who was hand picked by the liberal left to comment on the subject matter.

Truth is, Michigan is a draw.  We are competing in a conference with teams that have been playing football just as long or if not longer than we have.  They have a large fan base all over the country, just like we have.  Ultimately does the BWW bowl want to match up Kansas St with the same Nebraska University that is 77 - 15 - 3 against them?  Probably not.  We have only ever played Georgia twice before. 

1/1/2013 vs. Georgia (12-2) L 31 45 @ Orlando, FL Capital One Bowl
12/20/1969 vs. Georgia (5-5-1) W 45 6 @ El Paso, TX Sun Bowl

So I am thinking the BOWL selection committee members scored a little higher than 16 on their SATs.  Why don’t we ask Mr. Heady what he scored on his?  Probably wouldn’t have to look that up, he is so young he could probably tell you from memory.


I think the argument was in Osbornes first years not the programs.. I think Osborne lost the first 7 times against ou according to your numbers .. I think he started in 72ish I could be wrong but I believe that’s close..

Tom Osborne and Barry Switzer both started their historic careers in 1973.

I thank god I was old enough to enjoy every season that those 2 coaches led the teams on the field. That’s what Thanksgiving week was all about in our household in Wakita, OK. You would actually get goose bumps before the game. I kinda feel sorry for Ohio State and Michigan fans. Their rivalry couldn’t have been that special. haa haa…

Does any game make you do that anymore?

Boy’s, they don’t make rivalries like that anymore.

Does anyone here know if Jack Hoffman running play photos are available? I am interested in one that has T. Martinez included. I would like to get one blown up for the mancave.

Seems like a great x-mas gift but a little late.

I’m sure you are not aware of this, but the guy behind Murray is an nfl caliber gun slinger who many Georgia fans think is better than Murray.  And he probably is.  The Georgia team has national title caliber talent, but likely had more key injuries at more key positions than any other team in the country.  The only hope Nebraska has is if the Georgia lines don’t play up to par - they’ve been inconsistent, as has the defense.  You get good pressure on the QB, you could win.  If not, there is no chance - Georgia will score too many points.

Also - geography lesson: Jacksonville Florida is nowhere near Athens Georgia.  It is not a home game - Georgia fans will have to travel around 8 hours to get there by car and most will fly.  Is that closer than Nebraska?  Absolutely.  Is that anything approaching home game?  Not unless you consider playing in Colorado a “home game” for Nebraska.  Yes, Georgia plays in Jacksonville once a year… so I guess some Georgia players have been in this stadium a couple of times in their career… but they’ve also been in Tennessee’s stadium, South Carolina’s stadium, etc. yearly as well - doesn’t make those games home games.

Johnny Neb,
When I said the “early” years, I meant the early years of Coach Osborne’s stint as Head Coach.  And yes, Oklahoma did thump Nebraska then.

Let’s wait and see what percentage of the fans are yelling for UGA vs for the Huskers before we decide whose home game it is. Playing at K-State used to be a home game for the Huskers because there was more Huskers in the stands than K-State fans. So do you really think there will be more fans in the stands pulling for the Huskers than the Dawgs? I have a hard time believing there will be. If the game was played 8 hours drive from here I can guarantee you there would be a lot more Huskers in the stands than Dawgs. It would be a home game.

New Yorker, OU7, & Twauto22,


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