Focus on Recruiting as Five Weeks Remain Until Signing Day

As the classic tune played throughout Smokey and the Bandit said, "We've got a long way to go, and a short time to get there".  That sort of sums up what remains between now and February 5th (the day that high school recruits can sign their letters of intent) for Nebraska in recruiting. 


The math says that the Huskers could sign up to another 7 players beyond the 19 commitments that they already have.  Five players are set to visit, so ideally you'd want that number to grow.  There will also be a lot of in-home visits for coaches to make in the closing weeks of recruiting season.

Among the scheduled visitors in January is smallish New Orleans cornerback Glenn Irons.  The only real competition appears to be Louisiana-Lafayette for this under-the-radar defensive back.  You'd imagine that once he experiences a campus visit he'll feel a strong pull to Lincoln.  Only the proximity to home gives LA-Lafayette any chance for his commitment.  

Running Back
The competition is substantially greater for Dallas running back Corey Avery.  He has offers from Baylor, Ohio State, and Texas Tech to name a few.  His official visit to Lincoln is the only one known so far, so that could help substantially.

Offensive Tackle
A pair of offensive tackles are set to visit but each player has a long list of suitors, including Oklahoma and Arizona State in both cases.  If you needed a reason to root against the Sooners tonight, that might be it.  Though the idea of rooting for Nick Saban makes the skin crawl.  Denzel Ward hails from Chicago and Kenyon Frison from Utah.  Either or both would be  nice additions to the o-line.

Defensive End
While Florida defensive end Kevin Bronson has a lot of interest in the Southeast including offers from South Carolina, Florida, Central Florida, Virginia Tech and Arkansas, he's leaned to Rutgers so far in the process.  Clearly, he's had an open mind to playing in the Big Ten.  The Huskers have addressed this position fairly well in the 2014 class, but there's always room for another quality prospect on the defensive line.  He'll be a late visitor so NU will have to work hard to stay in the hunt with earlier visits with the Gamecocks and Hokies to happen.

Even if the Huskers go 5-5 with this group, that still leaves a pair of openings.  The major needs have been addressed so you could see Nebraska simply look to add quality depth wherever they find it.  That could mean another quarterback (beyond the early arriving Zack Darlington), another defensive tackle, an interior offensive lineman, linebacker, or receiver.  There's plenty of work to hold the existing commitments as well.  

Stay tuned, there's sure to be plenty of recruiting news over the next 35 days.       

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Let’s not pass up a great special teams player.  Either a punt returner or even an outstanding kicker.

Special Teams is a big part of the game.


Excellent point.  Special teams does need some work.  Nebraska has been well known for producing some of the best kickers and punters in CFB.  That edge has seemed to have been blunted of late.  Definately something to look for.

And since I can not leave a comment on the Mack Brown article I will simply say this.  Mack Brown is a class act.  He didn’t kill Nebraska football.  Steve Pedersen did.  Bo brought it back.

I think our main concern on special teams is coaching the players up on this.  We need someone that would maybe have more time to dedicate to this area.  As far as the punter goes I think he will be fine he is a true freshman I believe.  It doesn’t matter how good the returner is if there are 5-7 opponents waiting for you to catch the ball, need a different approach to this.  We need a TE that can catch the ball and block, not sure if that is why we don’t throw to them much.  I hope this game shows some of the recruites that we can play with the SEC and that we are willing to use young players if the talent is there.

We definately need a couple of very large tight ends!  We never could solve the problems created by the 6’7” tight end for UCLA 2 years ago.  See that he is playing on Sunday now.

We could use that RB from Dallass, me thinks, though we have the scat back kid from Klein and AT will be rockin’ it along with Newby next year.

Pray to Allah that Abdullah comes back for his final year, though.  I think he should.  But this has become a tough thing for teams now who are seeking championships and such:  all their best players declare early and dont seem to give a crap about helping the team get said championship, whether that be conference or national.  Case in point:  Clowney, Manziel(if he goes), Bridgewater, Bortles(?).  I think these kids should stick around and help their college teams more, see it thru.

We’re currently #26 on Rivals as per average star rating.

Great end to the season:  a win over Georgia and the longest pass play in the history of college football.  BUT NU still has some problems to address.  On the def side of the ball, LB’s are still the weakest link.  They supported the run better yesterday, but they still couldn’t cover the receivers doing the drag routes across the middle.  Has to be addressed during the off season.  Secondly, we still have a coach who is one bad call away from going postal.  (Settle down Red, I’m still supporting Bo) We could hire a huge grad. ass’t who would be Pelini’s shadow and when he started to loose it, this guy would simply bear hug Pelini and carry him away until he regained his composure.  I really don’t want to change Pelini (as if someone could). We need to use his mindset as a recruiting advantage in that some high school players and juco boys would love to play for a coach like Bo, and I’m not being sarcastic.  NU needs to find a recruiting niche and Bo’s mental health is it.  We need to recruit the Richie Incognito’s of the world.  We could have a therapist on staff to work with them, make sure they take their meds six days a week and then turn them loose on Saturdays.  Nothing is more scarier than a crazy.  Have 5 or 6 of them on each side of the ball and we would win the national championship.  After Richie is done with the NFL, could be very soon, he could be our recruiting coordinator.  Think about it, we need a niche, and this could be it.  The possibilities are endless. . .

Remember I stated the possibilities of the new recruiting niche are endless?  Here’s an example.  Some colleges recruit heavily in certain geographical regions of the country, but there is one section that I bet no one recruits in and that’s the nation’s prison systems.
Back in the 70’s I was a cop in Omaha.  There were many decent kids who simply made some bad decisions and were sent off to prison.  In prison, they got their GED’s and pumped weights.  Very impressive.  We need to find these kids, especially the ones who are ‘off a little’ recruit them and get them playing ball.  I remember one big kid we called Big Tuna.  He was about 6’ 8,” 300 lbs. and had a nasty disposition, but I don’t think he was certifiable.  Picked up my 225 lb. partner and threw him over the cruiser.  He would have made a heck of a def. tackle.  These kids should be our recruiting targets.  Remember, the possibilities are endless!!!

We wouldn’t have lost to Minni with those guys Petey.

Petey husker….was that suppose to be funny?  95 percent cops are pussies with badges and 50 percent are bigger crooks than the crooks!  U can get mad and defensive if u want   but a lot of law abiding citizens feel that way!  This is bout football man!

swee “t”,  I can’t speak to the type of police officers we have now, but always remember there are good and bad in every profession.  But I do know back in he 70’s, they were not pussies.  Let me see you serve a no knock warrant on a crack house, and we’ll see if you go through the door first.  And I am talking football in that this segment of our society is forgotten in reference to the recruiting wars.  I think the age limit for college football is still 25.  Find some young man 23 or 24 yrs old that has served a couple of years and you might find a diamond in the rough.

“..we still have a coach who is one bad call away from going postal.”

Hold it, yer kiddin’ me, dont tell me, we hired Saban, OMFG, no way, wooohooo, NC here we come!

No, we didnt hire Stoopid did we, but he’s in the twilight of his career, this cant be:

Stoopid’s bro’?:

No way we got Kelly from the Domers:

BOP til ya drop in the Big Cit-eh.

“...but there is one section that I bet no one recruits in and that’s the nation’s prison systems.”

BRILLIANT!  Oh wait, would never work, The Man is making too much money off the cheap prison slave labor.  For realz…

sweet T,

u da man, ^5.

Petey husker….  I   will give u that bout cops in the 70s and I was a professional fighter and would like to think that I   would have been the first through that door!!!  Now about football,  there is no reason the big red isn’t a top fifteen or even a top ten team next season. I would think that would be a dissapointment if their not!  Still nnot sold on armstrong yet.  Let’s hope stanton or even darlington make a competition out of it.  Two good quarterbacks and beck can call more plays for qb runs and if one gets dinged he would have a capable backup!  He needs two qb ready to go anyway!

I don’t think that bringing convicted felons to UN would be a good idea. If anyone thinks that that would be a good idea then you must believe that diversity is an old wooden ship.  Maybe try recruiting some of the farm and ranch areas. Find some kids with some type of a work ethic. Kids that don’t spend there off time playing video games.

“T”  agree with you on the top 10 or 15, but NU needs to address the LB situation.  And, seriously, I think BO will be fine, but his emotional status does make him unique and we need to exploit that.  Any improvement in the OL will also pay off big as the way I see college football today, that group is the most important.  If you want to have a great team, you must have a great OL.

Admiral,  have to disagree with you.  I use to chase bank robbers (Omaha led the nation in bank robberies when I was there), and some of them were ok, just needed to get money to feed their wife and kids or get medicine.  Some of them were really desperate (often thought by the grace of God, there go I).  And in many ways they were more honest than the stock brokers, financial experts or politicians that are stealing more money now that a bank robber ever thought of stealing (how come every rep that goes to Washington ends up being a millionaire with a very fat retirement package).  And I agree we need to find those ranch and farm kids,  get those kids back who are now going to Wyoming, ND, and other western colleges.  Build that offensive line and the backs will come.

Yes politicians are crooks, and a lot of the wealthy got there by lying and stealing, but some did it with the sweat of there brow. I got there by working up in the derricks stabbing casing. So if they didn’t have any money for there family, instead of robbing a bank why didn’t they just get a job.

No jobs in the ghetto, especially since they sent all the manufacturing to China(which we paid for, BTW).  Also, look up the ‘red lining’.

Something like 80+% of people in prison are there for victimless ‘crimes’.  Prisons are now mostly privatized and they use the inmates for cheap slave labor for various corporacrats. And, it’s still an attack of black and latino folk by and large.

Prison and the legal system on the whole is an extortion racket, big time.  Thats the bottom line.  Cops are s’posed to ‘protect and serve’ but who have they ever protected except the vested interests of the rich and the only thing they serve the common man is a warrant or sopoena.

Formula for success is to stay with Pelini and have him continue his excellent player development which has to end in a NC really soon!!!  He’s on the verge.  Pelini’s the man!!!  If it wasn’t for mistakes, we would have beaten Rose Bowl winner MS.  And for Iowa - they just caught NU on a bad day.  Minnesota?  Fluke but don’t blame the coaches.  UCLA and the second half meltdown?  Players’ fault, never the coaches.  Pelini’s the man.  Wyoming amassing 600+ yards in offense?  Let’s string those players up.  Coaches would never be the cause of that.  Lousy players/greating coaches.

Another thing!  Who’s to believe that our weight and conditioning program is top notch anymore?  It used to be.  Since our offense can’t achieve ball control to keep the poor defense off the field long enought to catch their collective breadth, maybe NU needs to have D players spend 24/7 time in the conditioning program so they can withstand the riggers of NU offensive non-ball control football.

Well today there is no reason why any willing guy of any race who can pass a drug test shouldn’t be working. All they have to do is go to North Dakota, work for an oil field company and they will have no problem taking care of there family. NU I agree with you on the strength and conditioning. That may have been the reason for all the injury’s


Haha, so you are saying the Tarsan/Keystone pipeline can employ how many MILLIONS of poor folk, again?  P.S, biggest environmental destruction project in world history, nothing even close.

No TDogg. I’m not talking about the Keystone pipeline. I’m talking about all the drilling company’s. The Keystone pipeline has nothing to do with drilling. I’m talking about Nabors, Patterson, Halliburton, Schlumber J, Stallion, and more.

Admiral,  I don’t know how old you are, but back in the 70’s it was tough to find a good job.  Inflation was going nuts and people were being laid off by the l000’s.  Also we didn’t have the safety nets that are available now.  If I was out of work, didn’t have any money coming in, and my wife needed medicine, I would do anything I needed to do to get it.  By the way,  Reagan’s policies pulled us out of that recession.  In short let me state my position and then we need to get back to football.  I would rather be govern by 100 randomly selected felons that the liars and cheats we have now in the U.S. Senate.  And TD is right in that our legal and penal system is a mess.  People need to make restitution to the people they have wronged especially in the non-violent crimes category.  Don’t have the time to go on about this, but the court/penal system is a travesty.  Good people are being locked up and/or given excessive sentences and thieves and liars are being compensated for doing it so well.

Good points Petey Husker. We all still live in the best country in the world (USA) don’t forget that.  GBR


Well, what I’m talking about and listen real closely here:  they aint enough JOBS in the drilling/pipeline/oil industry to employ the MILLIONS of poor folk in Murica, not that all of em would want to do that kind of brutal slave work anyway, and I am sure most of it is non union.  How about get all the crimal banksters and politicians who are currently actively looting the country and getting outta Dodge to do that shit and The People take the land and the country back?

No, here’s reality:  big time industrial/capitalistic Murica—IT’S OVER.  It’s been over since about 1970 onward as they moved all the shit to China, Indonesia, Ecuador, Mexico, and on and on, k?  Current Murican GNP is like 40% all that b.s. financial machinations that sent us down the tube in ‘08.  I.E, we dont MAKE anything anymore.  Our main export is DEBT and war and more debt.

Union jobs in Murica, it’s OVER, except if you want to be some vapid gov’t bureaucrat and even those parasites are getting laid off.  The only job your kids are going to be able to get in Murica is with the military, gov’t, and/or surveillance state.  However, the good news, is there is a bit of a ground swelling, grassroots movement toward The People taking the country back from the global bankster looters, but may be too little too late.

Big, global investor $ is by and large NOT coming into the USSA anymore, it’s going to, you guessed it, China, India, Brasil, etc.  It’s real simple:  the slaves are much much cheaper there.  And then alot of that is going to go robotic, so the majority of the human species is rapidly becoming shit outta luck, if they had a pot to piss in the 1st place.  Did you know that over 1/3, like 2.5+ BILLION, of the global population has neither access to decent water, food or even a decent place to defecate?

So, to say something like, ‘they should all go work on the pipeline’ is incredibly, incredibly ignorant and probably willfully so.

Nothing personal, but get real, wake up and smell the coffee.


NAFTA in the 90s sent the thing over the cliff.

And here’s another gross insanity about all whats going on in China:  ghost cities.

If you want it bad enough you will do it, no matter how hard the work is. You say (maybe they don’t want to do that kind of slave work) A real man does what ever it takes. T Dogg you go moisturize your soft hands and put this to bed.

Admiral,  I suspect that you are a hard working, good man and I respect that.  I would have agreed with you 20/30 years ago that this was the best nation on earth, but now I can’t honestly say that.  The leadership that we have in Washington has all but gutted the U.S. Constitution, and they are actually making a mockery of it (both parties are responsible for this).  Our leaders are now creating a profile of what is an acceptable person and it does not include gun owners, old people (obamacare will deny them treatment), or true Christians (if you’re a fan of Miley Cyrus you’ll be approved).  I really think that sometime soon we’ll see a real attempt at gun confiscation.  My position is never, never, give up your firearms.  Every culture/civilization that has done that has suffered greatly.  It’s coming, and it may be sooner than we think.

Petey Husker, I couldn’t agree more with you. The American people who voted for Obama will regret it. Many people who voted for him just wanted to be a part of history. They didn’t really think about the future with him as our president. There are still some things that he doesn’t have control over and that is the oil and gas industry

Admiral,  I just hope and pray people wake up before it’s too late.


You’re right on. I think we need to secede and form a new country.

We may have to move to those states who proclaim their independency from Washington when this oppression really gets cranked up.  I’m thinking of ND, SD, Wyoming, Montana, etc. . .

Wtf… thought this was a husker fan site. Ive been gone for while but didnt know ot turned all political. Steve hanaway, u should set rules to this site, no politics no religion just husker football.

Jeffer,  I apologize and you’re absolutely right.  And I hope you realize we’ll have plenty of time to discuss NU football when us old geezers are being bussed off to the FEMA camps.  By the way, did you know that many of the nations’ stadiums have signed agreements with Homeland Security to be ‘housing’ centers in the event of a national emergency.  See you there.

Yes i am aware. Although nfl, but saints dome was during catrina. I fullly agree w that. But all iam gna say on that. If u have more about husker football then we can talk

Admiral, t doggy,  petey husker….good stuff guys and the sad thing is almost all the stuff u gentelmen brought up is right on!  This country is so f…cked right now. Jeffers is rite though,  I like to read ur talk bout football more….

This may be my imagination, but I really thought that the Stanford players and now the Alabama boys as I’m watching their game really try to intimate now only their opposition, but the officials too.  Their body posturing and threatening looks are unreal.  Like if you don’t call it my way, I’m going to smack you.  Again, could be just my imagination.

I don’t think you are going to need any new freshman phenom for next year at QB. I’m loving this 31-17 at the half. I hope the 2nd half goes as well as the 1st. We might get ESPN to lay off on the SEC for next year especially if FSU knocks off Auburn.

Not counting the kicker, Nebraska’s got 5 listed recruits who weigh under 175. The most in years. An emphasis on quicks, in other words. Situational quicks, especially.
3 players are listed at over 300. The most since ‘07. All three are highly rated, as well.
You nail the speed and quality size, THAT’S a winning recipe.
As Steve alludes to, the staff can now swing for the fences for who’s left.
Btw, Nebraska’s gotten a quality QB prospect, 3 years in a row now.
For Nebraska, that’s unusual.
Fairly unfair, that Martinez had about 0 competition, the minute he finished his redshirt year. An Armstrong Jr. and Stanton, in ‘10 and ‘11, would’ve been good for him and the team.

Nhuskers have great yrs ahead. I think 2015 is the yr where we make national noise. Our defense gna be top in nation with lighys out offense. Iam already counting down the days till we see miami n fresno st.. let alone mich st at lincoln!!!!

Jeffer, I agree with your 2015 prediction.  I think next year will be the springboard year leading up to a dominant 2015 season and a dark horse run at a NC.  OU7, I don’t agree with you, well, hardly at all, but man did your boys play last night.  The look on the defenses faces after the first couple of TDs was priceless, so was the entire crowds. HAHAHA.  Welcome back to reality.  So, Nick Satan tucks tale and goes where now?

Now about recruiting, I think Pelini has found his niche.  With the exception of this past year, I believe they had been moving up pretty regularly in the rankings.  It was known upon his hiring that there would be growing pains and everyone has been so quick to point out his recruiting faults, but I think he’s got it now.  I can’t wait to see who they land between now and signing day.

We finished #17 Rivals last year, class ‘13, we still have a ways to go this year, but I actually think we have more potential studs in the ‘14 class so far.

Oh, my bad, for some reason I thought we finished further back than that.

Fun game to watch last night, and ou7 congrats to the OU players annnnddd coaches it is a team game and great job buy both.  Nice to see them complete so many long (hail mary) passes that kept them in and won the game for them.  Alabama line was so much bigger than OU d-line but goes to show that speed kills size.  If Alabama gets a 14 point lead I do think that they run all over that defense though just because of the size and the running backs are beast.  Maybe now that IA played LSU close, Wiscy played South Carolina close, NU beat GA, and OU beat AL we can get off this how thought thou are the SEC.  Maybe just a little overated, not saying they maybe the best conference overall but by no means are they light years above all else.  All things go in cycles and maybe this is the beginning of the end to their run.

Did anyone else see Saban lose it on the sideline, the guy is a monster and should be fired!!  I mean he had an angry face and threw his headset on the ground, totally unacceptable.  It was nice though that the only camera angle ESPN used had the players blocking his rant.

Speaking of camera guys, uh, when you see too football players running as fast as they can right straight at ya, uhm, wouldnt it be wise to sort of, you know, step to the side a few steps, El Torro like?  Guess that would make too much sense or the cam guy in the endzone last night just felt he needed to take one for the team. 


Saban’s face is boring compared to Pelini’s. Pelini’s is one in billion.

Saban’s rant was horrible.  Just horrible.  Can’t believe they can’t find anyone better down there in Alabama to coach that team.  What an embarrassment to such a fine University.  I demand to see the owners….<snicker>

Seriously though.  Hats off to Oklahoma.  Great game.  They overcame and adapted.  Even though the SEC is way overrated still doesn’t detract from Oklahoma overcoming that big bama D. 

Hey Alabama, not as easy at it looks is it?

Boomer Sooner baby!

Recruiting? Yes, it’s a good thing.

I busted on my Chip Kelly prediction for Texas’s newest coach. After last night, I wouldn’t quite count out Saban yet.

He got his feelings hurt bad last night. He’s older, he is probably seeing that Texas has just had Coach Mora decline the job.

Perfect opportunity for one last job move and fleece a couple of million more out of Texas while plans of retiring in Austin, Tx. He gets even more money, pets his ego and comes out a winner.

In my mind, I think the real kicker is that he already said ‘No, he would not take the job’. We all saw what he did with the Dolphins.

I grew up and went to school in Nebraska. Played NU sports and lived and worked in Nebraska before moving to the East Coast. I am a Husker to the bone. However, until you leave Nebraska and “Petey Huskers” just us white people states of ND, SD, Wyoming, Montana, etc., you do not realize how racist our comments and discussions are and can be.
And don’t call me a flaming liberal, commie , etc. I was just like you until I got in environments in which everybody was not echoing and reaffirming my comments, thought s and behavior.
The Black athletes hearing some of the stuff said on this site would run for the hills. You love my speed, skills, size, etc., but you refer to my racial group in negative, racist ways.

I’ve never met Petey so have no idea if he is a racist but your comments strike me as being racist because your assumption that he picked those states because there was few blacks in them. How is that not a slanted view of him? When I read his commentary above it appears to me that he selected those states because of their position on gun control. Nothing to do with race.


Well, if no one has noticed yet, 90% or so of the players are, uh, black(and ghetto) and 90% of the audience and probably near 100% of commercial media and product ownership is, uh, white(middle class and above).  So there you have it.  Check out Chris Rock’s take on this subject of college roundball/sports:

“So I’m watching the Kansas North Carolina game on tv .And I notice there are 9 Black players and 1 White player btw the White player is amazing. Anyway I look in the stands and everybody is White. Since its known that college sports is big money, one could come to the conclusion that the nine Black and one White player are playing to put 100 thousand White kids though college. I know no one is getting whipped or beaten but economically college sports are no different than slavery. I know a lot of Black intellectuals will say we can do so much more than play ball and we can .But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reap the benefits from sports, White kids that go to Syracuse and Georgetown do. These kids should be paid and allowed to get an education for themselves and their families for the rest of there lives. Black people not making money from college sports is like Arabs not making money from oil insane. We have our reparations lottery ticket right in our pocket and were not smart enough to cash it in.”

When the system started there was very few black atheletes. I have a difficult time believing it started using race as the motivation. The elephant is big money in amature athletics—are you going to use the race card to try and fix it?

Why, some of my favorite athletes are white folks.

I guess the other question is:  what happened to the white athlete?

Who he?

Now, Joe Mixon, he’s a stud.

Welp, let’s see here, there still seems to be some opportunity for the white football player @ the OL position—don’t have to run and jump too much.  Aaaand, then some of ‘em make a decent POSESSION ONLY WR here and there.  Pro style QB, still mostly white guys, but dual threat, mostly brothas dominate, cuz you know, need to run fast and have moves and stuff.  Uh, BLOCKING ONLY FB still has some openings for the white guy, it appears.  Daz about it.  And, when’s the last time you saw a white cornerback?  I can’t think of any, don’t have the swivel hips for that, cuz, not only can’t white guys jump, but they can’t dance either.

Some opportunity left @ NDSU and SDSU and maybe Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, well, for obvious demographic and conference level considerations.

Dog, Jimmy the Greek was canned for uttering less drivel.

Truth hurts—sometimes.

Other football positions still open for white dudes:  Punter, kicker, holder, long snapper.

There ARE specific reasons—historic, anatomic/genetic, socio/economic, cultural—that the black athlete dominates football, basketball, track and it’s not ‘racist’ to discuss them however much middle class white folk may feel uncomfortable in so doing.  One might also consider why it’s mainly middle class white folk that still dominate golf(exception Tiger Woods) and tennis(exception Venus and Sabrina W) but that’s pretty obviously socioeconomic, right?

T Dogg
I really don’t care about the race of Husker players but one thing you need to know is that I lived in Africa for 18 years and I’ve seen real black people. These superior athletes you speak of have a lot of white genes in them. Genetically it’s a good idea to mix things up.


Uh, I’m not so sure about your theory there.  Check this out, when the various Euros went to Africa to ‘pick out workers’ for The New World, uh, they werent going for the small, weak ones—capisci?

T Dogg
Now a couple hundred years later those big strong ones they picked out have gotten all mixed up with white people and you have these wonderful athletes.

T Dogg
It’s just a theory that will never be tested and most likely best not to test because it could lead in the wrong direction. Knowing humans it would go in the wrong direction.

Gage, I guess I must have missed the mixed white/black “mixing” thing as part of US history, but I’m sure there is some of it going on—behind closed doors, apparently.  I don’t think it is as prevelant as, say, the Mestizo thing in South America.  Would have to see some kind of formal study on the topic I guess.  I DO know that Thomas Jefferson got one of his “workers” preggy and then there was that senator for South Carolina or wherever, a few years back, haha.

T Dogg
Most of the time it only takes a glance to determine whether a black man is African or American once you’ve been to Africa. Africans most of the time are easy to spot here in America. Noticeable differences. Almost like the difference between Hispanics and Europeans. Not always the case. I don’t think it was good in most cases how it happened but it happened and the history books shouldn’t erase it to try and be politically correct. More recently it’s happened for the right reasons. My point is a great many American blacks have some white genes. The shame is that we can’t just be humans and not see with racial eyes.

When it comes to recruiting we should go for the best man and skin color should not be part of the equation. I for one am proud of NU for being one of the 1st major universities to stand up to the racism of the time and by that standing up for what was right.


Africa is a huge continent with multitude variety of “Africans”.  An Ethiopian is generally significantly different looking than a Nigerian, etc.  The “workers” that were brought over to the New World were mainly from what is now called Nigeria, Kongo, and Angola for probably the obvious reasons. 

The basis of your argument appears to be, “there are no pure races” and that is true and thus the idea of “race” is in itself a myth, when it comes right down to it—there are no “pure Irish, English, Italians, Americans” etc etc.  Nationality is also a myth.

So, regarding my argument here regarding football, roundball, and, say, track, it is apparent that the very much darker complected athletes, that are generally of African and not European heritage have taken over said sports.  I think it is mainly a matter of “anatomical mechanics” as said athletes of said heritage tend to be born with bigger quads and glutes which, you know, are really good for running fast and jumping high.  I also think there are cultural differences is said group(s) as they are still to this day by and large segregated from those of Anglo/euro heritage.

I know, it all sounds rather tacky, but nobody else has offered up any other viable explanation but the phenomenon still stands.

T Dogg
I don’t disagree with the crux of your argument but there is anomalies to every rule.

“are”...“are” anomalies…

Well, when I look at “the brothas” on the football field it’s pretty amazing the size of most those guy’s quads.  Pretty straightforward.

It’s like Brasilian babes and ‘bundas’, if yer feelin’ me here.  Differn’t than, say, French gals…

Don’t even bring up Brazil—genes are probably more mixed up there that anywhere else on earth. I think in Brazil you can have two white people marry and have a black kid and vice versa. In one sense it’s really cool.

Samba samba!  Hey, guess who’s an expert in Brasilian percussion, yea, the guy you’re talking to:

Anyway, do you think samba dancing has anything to do with the Brasilian expertise in futbol?  I kinda think it does, the hips, the feets, check it out:

Also, I lived in inner city Paterson, NJ for a few years, essentially more of a Puerto Rican barrio than the USA—‘little Rico’.  Anyway, one couldnt help but notice many VERY large male human being amongst that community—very large, and strong.  I always thought if the Ricans took more of an interest in football than futbol, well, you see where I’m going here.  Conversely, I always thought if say guys like Shaq and Ricky Williams and Bo Jackson and Lebron, etc had grown up playing futbol, well U S A, U S A, #1 babay…futbol.  Shaq as goalie, of course.

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