Expect More From the Tight Ends in 2014

Last season will not go down in history as a great receiving year for tight ends at Nebraska.  In total, the whole group combined for just 23 catches for 279 yards and a touchdown.  Contrast that with 2012 where NU's tight ends tallied 48 catches for 651 yards and 5 scores and it becomes clearer how much drop-off occurred.


Whether the Huskers remain a balanced offense throwing the ball 30 times a game or dial it back to more like 15, you can expect greater production at the position.  In the option days, the tight ends were one of the primary receiving threats.  The run-heavy playcalling created many wide open opportunities for the tight ends to sneak behind defenses.  Players like Junior Miller, Johnny Mitchell, Sheldon Jackson, Tracey Wistrom, and Matt Herian made big plays in the passing game as part of a triple option offense.  Even with a more balanced offense, guys like Kyler Reed, Mike McNeil or Ben Cotton could do their share of damage.  

The 2013 group was afflicted by injury and inexperience.  Walk-on tight end Jake Long was the only veteran and he battled injuries.  The other three tight ends to catch passes were all freshmen.  Cethan Carter was a true freshman and still led the group in receptions.  

Minus Long, the group will return with more experience which should be particularly helpful to Carter.  It would not be surprising if he surpassed the output for the entire group from a year ago on his own.  The loss of Quincy Enunwa as a red zone threat will also make the team need to look to other targets.  

This year may not go down as a banner year for tight ends but it seems almost certain to be better than last year.

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Tight ends & fullbacks can & should play a bigger role in a more balanced offence. 

Two years ago our defence could not solve the problems created by the 6’7” tight end (Faria) who played for UCLA.

Back in the “glory” years of Nebraska football the fullback was an important part of the offense.

It seems Carter has some potential to contribute as he gains experience.  If NU is able to create a more run dominant offensive scheme, that should open up the TE as a more often used receiver.  It has been nice to think Nebraska could become a team with a wide receiver corps of superior dominant players, but that has been inconsistent at best due to QB problems and injuries.  After all these recent years, let’s tweak the passing game by more heavily utilizing TEs.  I loved Junior Miller from the years past.  He was one hell of a human speciman and quite an athlete.  TE receptions help prolong ball control more than WR involvement.

Carter was wide open the many times they tried that play action down the middle.  TA consistently overthrew him until they finally connected for about 20 vs GA in the bowl.

True, but remember the slot reciever reception against MSU this past year.  That was a classic case of using the play action to draw the attention of the defensive secondary and leave the safety out in a one-on-one with a fast reciever.  Result TOUCHDOWN!!!

The tripple option and quadruple option open up those lanes.  Besides, who says it has to be the quarterback who throws the ball?

Who is the TE coach?  HMMMM

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