Early Lines Imply 9-3 Regular Season for Nebraska

The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas has released betting lines for 200 college football games this season.  Among them are six games that the Huskers will participate in.  Presumably, the Huskers would be favorites in their other six games (all home games) against Florida Atlantic, McNeese State, Illinois, Rutgers, Purdue, and Minnesota.  They have the Huskers a favorite in just half of the remaining games.


The Huskers open as a four-point favorite at Fresno State and a three-point favorite hosting Miami.  That would have the Huskers sitting at 5-0 as they travel to Michigan State where the Spartans open as an 8-point favorite.  Nebraska would be favored to bounce back and win the next three including a game at Northwestern where they have just a two and a half point advantage.  NU would then be 8-1 as they head to Wisconsin where they would be a touchdown underdog.  The 8-2 Huskers would then pick up a win at home over Minnesota before closing at Iowa, where the Hawkeyes get a one-point edge.

That would leave the Huskers at 9-3.  The point spread math also seems to indicate that Wisconsin would be 11-1 and headed to the conference championship game in Indianapolis, with their only loss to LSU.   The Badgers to face an 11-1 Michigan State team who's only loss would be early to Oregon.  Despite a 12-1 record, the Big Ten champion might be shut out of the college football playoff as Florida State, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Oregon are all favored in every game.  

That would likely send a Big Ten champion to the Orange Bowl.  Ohio State might sneak into a major bowl like the Fiesta or Chick-fil-A.  The loser of the conference title game might head to the Capital One Bowl or could fall to the Outback, with Iowa going to the other.  Michigan or Nebraska would head to the Holiday Bowl with the other headed to the Gator.  Though you could see the Gator passing on Nebraska which could mean a Music City or Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl for NU.  Hardly the kind of season Husker fans are hoping for.  

No one expects a season without upsets though.  Just because a team is favored doesn't mean they'll win.  In fact teams favored by 3 points or less lose nearly half the time.  That's good news at Iowa but bad news against Miami and Northwestern.  Teams favored by 3.5 to 7 points lose more than a third of the time which is bad news against Fresno State but provides some hope at Wisconsin.  A 7.5 to 10-point favorite loses more than a quarter of the time.  That leaves the door open at Michigan State.  

The season is sure to have its share of surprises.  Hopefully, this year they are pleasant ones for Nebraska. 

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What is good for NU is, the team should be capable of winning every game on the schedule.  NU doesn’t have to play MI and OSU.  Folks will accept close losses to WI and MS, begrudgingly, although NU can win those games, barring a rash of injuries and no-brainers.  I sense the team will be extraordinarily focused to defeat Iowa in Kinnick Stadium because of last year’s melt down, coach included.  If NU goes 10-2, I will be okay.  NU can go 12-0 just as easily.

We gotta win one or two of those in which we are ‘disfavored’.  Would be nice to make a statement against Miami too.

Many NU fans despise Miami from the years past.  Warren Sapp is a Sapp!!!! That game is a “must win” leading into the B10 schedule.

I’m thinking the first 5 games are must wins. If the game with Fresno State is close it will be viewed as a loss and if the Huskers then go on to lose to Miami there will be serious grumbling just like last year with Wy & UCLA. It would be really sweet to start the season with a nice win over Fresno State and then even if it’s close, a solid clean win over Miami. It’s been so many years since this program got off to good start. Of course if they win the first 5 we need to temper the rest with reality. A 10-2 season would be viewed as solid improvement and we could start dreaming of something even better in 2015.

I think we have enough experience and maturity on both sides of the ball this year to be able to avoid any serious let-downs or to get caught looking down the road to the next game BS.  Our first 2 games should be enough to get rid of any early season jitters and we should be ready to win decisively against Fresno State,  who is no push over by any means.  None of the rest of the games are unwinnable either.  With a little luck and the creek don’t rise, I’m thinking we can beat Wi and Ms as well this year and believe we have now developed the right combinations of size, speed, experience, confidence, and skill to take our brand of football to them.  GBR

Will be fun to see Pelini get flipped off at Kinnick stadium by the fans and quite possibly coach KF.

That should be the focus of all the cameras when they meet pre-game on the field.

If I was F coach F I would flip him off and give him a double nut crunch with my knee for good measure.

It would show Pelini that KF is capable of doing “worse things” than Pelini’s behavior in last years game.

I hope they also make Pelini leave his ‘mellon cover’ in the locker room too.

Well, I’d have to admit that Pellini is kind of a “Sore Loser” sort of fella, don’t abide by a lot of criticism ..and he doesn’t take real kindly to stupid reporters asking him stupid questions at half time neither… so he fits in quite nicely with the rest of us fans who don’t care to get used to losing and hate criticism as well.  That’s one good thing about our Coach…. I think.  (Well…. we gotta hang our hats on something don’t we?)

I agree, but that’s what ‘reporter’ means, one who asks stupid questions.

I gotta tell ya, I love watching Pelini under pressure at post game press conferences with his head on a swivel. Jerking his head from side to side just looking to let somebody have it. Cracks me up.

This guy is headed for a stroke.

@ou7turds, you are an F and your flipper has shit on it. Keep your face shut and your finger in your ASS. You’ll probly blow up and there will be 1 less DICKHEAD.

Red, it would serve you well to express yourself with a little more civility.

78….surely you jest. click on 7turds and spend a few minutes reading the k-st/ou troll at her civil best.

wow. just noticed 7turds from hell has decided to hide her past. bitch

Nebraska will never win a bin ten title…........ has beens

Bin Ten title - I think the Chinese have a stranglehold on that one.

Little D…so impressed by your astute observation, and opinion that is so original it has never before been expressed on this or any other blog.  And your carefully crafted analysis that proves your point is clearly irrefutable.  Nebraska winning the B1G is “inconceivable!”  As fans, we may as well drink us some drink with iocane, our hope is so futile!

I think riled up covered all the talking points, yup.


Didnt you say that about MSU last year?

Nothing could be said to be ‘inconceivable’, that is, if one hss a functional brain.  Concepts are simple.

Thus concludes TDogg’s philosophical interlude.

Maybe T-Dogg has some new corny ass sayings about ex-recruit Stringfellow?

Yea, seems Stringfellow is now going to Ole Miss.

Go figure. This is getting to be the norm, week after week.

Why don’t you just tell everyone that you are really ‘reds riled up’.

Keep em guessin’.

Dogg, you can’t be me. I’m still me. But when I’m can’t be me, I’m gonna come back as ou7*************~red. I like that little~thing.

You callin’ Siete a liar?

HEM…....I think when it comes to reading 7’s slanderous, racist, anti Nebraska(BO is Nebraska), BULL…...we all should be ‘REDS RILED UP’!!

@ T-Dogg, Sorry, just do not get why you keep referring to OUclown as Seite (Sei7e?). What is the tie-in? Care to elucidate?

Oops! Siete (Sie7e?)


그게 사실입니까?

@BF78, @T-Dogg - You’re right! But I think ocho would be more appropriate, since In some religions seven and eight are considered sacred numbers, with seven representing good and eight representing evil (or in this case, just shit-head)

Bo Pelini being a bum wouldn’t have anything to do with your frustrations, would it?

Pelini is going to personally keep Nebraska football looked at and perceived as ‘also ran’s in the world of college football.

But, that’s good enough for some of you, because you wouldn’t know about organized football, just organized chaos.

That’s what it is now.

OU7…..Outstanding my man…so sad…..so true.

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If ya’ll are tailgatin’ in my backyard, I’m sure the neighbors’ll call the constable!

Not that I care.  Maybe I’ll invite ya’ll over for BBQ!  Be fun to see OU7 and Red get together!

Siete = Spanish for 7.

Settle down Red. I’m sure it does get frustrating having to go threw your grandma’s underwear drawer looking for spar change so you can get your next fix. Hang in there, I’m sure you will be back in prison soon.

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That’s funny stuff, Admiral.

Sete = Portugues.


You sound disturbingly too familiar w the grandma’s undies thing.  I mean, who woulda thought of that?

Just sayin’.

Haaa, haaaaaaa…That’s a better funny stuff, Dogg

T bagg, it was an episode of cops. Were yet again a lazy black guy will do what ever it takes

admialible to put his foot in mouth. You’re a dumbass. Where yet again, you spell like…....well, a dumbass. Ain’t got no schools in Hartford, San Deggo?

Folks, here’s the scoop.  1st - BOP will behave this coming season
2nd - NU will win 10 games without the need for a Hail Mary pass or lucky fluke.  Losses will be to the Wiz and the Green Hornets by less than a touchdown.  Home field matters, I’m afraid.
3rd - the infamous Marginal Turnover Rate for NU will improve from 108th to 40th.
4th-Abdullah will gain 1,700 rushing yards in regular season.  Passing yds?  Who knows.
5th - Gregory will fight through double teams and still be a mobile beast.
6th - NU will actually return some punts.  No punt returns for TDs, but some decent run backs.
7th - TA will be the man, but we will see his backup excel beyond reasonable expectations.
And the list goes on.  Anyone disagree?

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