Does Bo Want a Taurus?

Another recruit's name has been added to the visitors list for January 17th.  There's a running back/cornerback named Taurus Phillips of Beacon, NY.  He's listed at 5'9" and 175 lbs.  He hasn't been offered a scholarship by Nebraska yet so it's not clear whether NU is seeking him as a walk-on or scholarship player. 

When you watch the film of him you see a fast player (his coach says he ran a 4.43 40-yard dash) that's shifty.  You'd love to see him carry the ball high and tight.  There's also not much inside running to look at.  Instead of bowling people over, he just runs away.  So instead of yards after contact you might measure his yards away from contact.  Sometime he gets so far away you can't find a defender in the same frame.  

A highlight film like this makes him look spectacular.  It's easy to get visions of the next Cory Ross.  Stay tuned.

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Can he catch the ball on punt returns & kick offs?  Is he the return man we desperately need?

Does anyone out there remember what Hank Stramm did with small, fast running backs when he was HC at the KC Chiefs?

Skinny Sproles.

We already got the speedy scat back kid from Klein coming in, if we get another RB we need a real RB that has speed, sizes, moves and can go between the tackles.

Of course, if this kid can play lockdown CB, I say he’s ‘N’.

Well, I spose he can always gain 20 lbs and be the size of Ameer.  Newby is sposed to have 4.3 ish speed.

Another one of these off the radar, no rating, nobody’s ever heard of him type guy that we are rapidly becoming famous for.  Cant we get one of those ESPN top 100 guys for a change?


That is kind of what I was thinking.  You live in that area of the country, is meat big up there?  175 lbs?  Good lord does the kid eat?  I think we need to get him out here and sacrifice a fews cows at the training table. 

Kid can fly though, that’s for certain.  Not too concerned with the 5’ 9”, he probably will grow another two or three before he’s done.

Yeah its really bad that our coaches can find and evaluate talent themselves instead of looking at a recruiting website.. last year we found Malik Collins, Gerry, Alexander etc before others and they all played this year.. Can’t you guys ever back off the negativity.. you want coaches who can find under the radar prospects..

Johnny Heysus,

Lorenzo Stewart is 165, 4.4 type speed too.  Newby has track speed too, JT aint a slow guy either if they would ever get him the ball and or he wouldnt drop it.  Kenny Bell, whens the last time he caught a pass?  I dont see the Taurus as filling a great need, like ‘why’?

LIke I said, if he can play corner then there’s always a need there, if he’s GOOD.  Otherwise, I can think of any other position that would be a better spot to give out a schollie.

  When said under the radar guys have schools like Toledo and La Monroe on their lists, well, we been getting a fair numbner of those guys lately.  I dont view it as a good sign.

But mainly with this kid, I dont see that we need another SMALL fast guy.

Triumph Dog .. and we also just got three d lineman with BAMA offers too.. your point..? If they see some one worthy of a scholarship should they just not offer if. Others haven’t first? We need to get on guys early to beat out the BAMA s of the world. Look at our DB past recruiting we offered three guys first too start the year.. two of three commit, then Texas,OU ectoffer we lost one ti Texas kept the other.. And maybe being a senior in high-school he didn’t fully develop until this season..most recruiting ranks and schools base off their junior years, we’ve gotten good guys late by evaluating senior film, let em do their jobs

Plus we havent offered a scholarship yet yes this kid is rough. We can coach him to carry a ball higher and tighter or play corner or whatever.  What you cant teach is flat out speed and quickness I think our coaches are good enough to turn any kid with that kind of speed into something special Twauto22 is right let the coaches do their job and develop both exceptional players and people.

Over 1 1/2 million hs football players, so hard to evaluate them all.  The recruiting services do a good job but no way to see all those kids and find all the good players.  I think recruiting is getting better, and you want guys that can come in and help fill the positions of your needs, and stay clean & eligible.  I would like to see bigger back that can pound the ball and wear down teams to go along with back like AD.

PMG, I hate f’ing Urbz and I hate Brax, dunno why, just do.  Othewise, have no prob w the rest of tOSU.  Clemson should be up by 20+ at half, instead down by 2, cuz PENATLIES, OMFG!

Already made my point quite clearly.  There’s a trend of BOP and co. having to settle for guys that are completely off the radar that only the little guy schools, if any, are showing interest. Go back 2-3 years, bro, check it out for yourself.  tOSU, on the other hand, has been scoring high profile, 4-5* guys right and left the last 2 years, k?  Itr makes a difference.

We had something like 300+ offers out by last May or so and out of those offers we had ZERO commits by I think September or something.  Thats not a good batting average.  Now, it’s the 11th hour and we’re looking at some xtremly small kid whos a project outta east bumfuck.  I dont think thats gonna cut it.  Sure, he may be good in 2-3 years, but he doesnt exactly fill a need.

yea, we have some good guys on the list, but it’s not like high profile guys are just dying to come to NU.

We had something like 300+ offers out by last May or so and out of those offers we had ZERO commits by I think September or something.  Thats not a good batting average.  Now, it’s the 11th hour and we’re looking at some xtremly small kid whos a project outta east bumfuck.  I dont think thats gonna cut it.  Sure, he may be good in 2-3 years, but he doesnt exactly fill a need.

Yea, we have some good guys on the list, some studs, but it’s not like high profile guys are just dying to come to NU.  We’re not getting enough.

WOOOHOOO, Urbz goes down!  Wow, what a game.  Dont like Brax much but gotta say he’s got my respect, that guy is a gamer, big time.  Thought he was knocked out about 3 times and he just kept getting back up.

Clemson has some wicked talent and speed on that team AND they won with 144 yds in penalities, never seen anything like it.

Whoa there all.  I think this kid has the talent.  I think you all may have Mis-interpreted my post.  This kid has what it takes.  I am just saying that we should get him out here.  Amongst the fairest and the squarest and let him go all Arnold Sheartzenekker on himself.  That’s what I am saying.

Your right Triumph Digg.. we shouldn’t have picked up Ameer because no body else thought he could play runningback.. shouldn’t have picked up Collins last year because of that either ..or Alexander even though both were good enough to play as freshman.. . my point is our coaches evaluate talent and then offer..let them do their jobs and stop acting like a n idiot and being so damnnegativr.. grow up,  the coaches evaluations of the kid matter more than yours because they have more expertise.. you forget that there are good kids playing in small program’s that the scouting agencies don’t see.. out if the million or so Kidd’s to evaluate you can’t see them all.. the majority o
f the time when we offer a kid.  earlier other programs follow suit.. example Carter from Louisiana we offered then LSU and other SEC teams did..same with the two DB’s that switched to LSU

Before we offered the only schools to offer them were la Lafayette, etc.. would it be nice to be like LSU and evaluate after other programs do the leg work, yes, but they are turning over every rock and as a fan you should commend that,  not be little it.

My point is, they seem to be scrambling around in the 11th hour to fill the roster with under the radar guys that are more or less MAC level.  It’s become a habit.

Oh, just saw that Joseph may (looks likely) leave for aTm. Their former guy is going to Boise to be their DC.
Tough time, for that. Just Mitchell returns with some starting experience at Corner.

If BOP and staff are looking for over looked kids with speed. I hope they take a look at RB Caden Quintanilla out of Sioux Falls Lincoln, before he goes to NDSU. They recruit heavily out of Lincoln and Roosevelt, and it seems to be working out for them. With the help that comes from Denny Sanford these schools have some of the best facilities and sports medicine in the country.

WTF, give Joespeh more $!

Anyway, Collins and Maurice, although they look like very good players, weren’t exactly BOP’s 1st choices last year.  They wiffed on at least 1/2 dozen DT prospects they were heavy after before they picked up those 2 guys in, what was it, late January?

Robert, no need to caught into the recruiting perception false narrative.
Pelini beat Georgia with a true frosh, Collins, starting at DT.
Pelini’s recruiting has improved, little by little (the Nebraska way) each year. Just look at the returning Tight Ends, on scholarship.
The Corn lose Corners, but nice athletes are coming back. I look for Daniel Davie, in particular.
Joseph’s good, obviously. Pelini will swipe a guy from another team, no problem.

You could look at it this way. Pelini cobbled a 9-4 record, essentially losing the explosive productivity of T-Magic, after the 1st game and replacing him with a redshirt frosh and a walkon hero.
Armstrong Jr. was no ordinary RS frosh and Kellog Jr. was no ordinary walkon hero.
After the bowl dubya, it’s time for Nebraska fans… (To shoot down hill.)

“COB-bled”, haha, I get it.  Houston’s QB is “O’Korn”, I think we should have a guy named “O’Korn”.

Hey, if, for e.g., you guys are happy with a Taurus(nothing against him personally), than say, Joe Mixon, more power to ya.  Maybe that’s why OU(11-2) beat Bama who was at full strength—you know, better recruits.
Tommy Armstrong was the 9th rated dual QB in the country at the time, so, you just further strengthened my point.

All I’m saying is, there are areas in recruiting that we still struggle, like players arent exactly lining up to come to NU, hence we are barely scrapping the bottom of the top 25 both in the polls and recruiting rankings, on average.

Also, all y’all peeps that think Abdullah was an off the radar, diamond in the rough guy, well, NO.  17th RB in the country when recruited, list of offers quite long, including USC, SC, aTm,  Louisville, Auburn, TN, Vandy.  The fact that he beat out the likes of Aaron Green, therefore, is not a complete surprise.



Would prefer you didnt use my real name on web, thanks.

“Triumph,” didn’t realize you’re sensitive about that, sorry.
“COB-bled”, haha, I get it.
Actually, I meant it within the definition of the meaning. Not a double entendre guy- I had to figure out what you meant.
Recruiting is supposed to give you depth. All through the Georgia game, the announcers point out how hard pressed the Bulldogs were to match outside speed, because of it’s injuries. Where’s their depth?
Nebraska had injuries, but they beat Georgia with recruited depth.
Georgia is known as a good recruiting school. Certainly more high school *s, were on the sidelines, than Nebraska, right?

I don’t see deficiencies, on the roster. I see who backs up Abdullah and I see who’ll back up and compete with Armstrong Jr.
It would be unfortunate to lose Moss at DE, if that’s what happens. But, 3 guys who were highly rated will compete for that spot.
The interior DTs are stacked up, about 3 deep. Even so, the JC Clinkscales, will step in, ready to start. Now look at the linebackers- rough and ready.
All the positions groups have a depth of recruited talent and some well developed walkons.
So, with Pelini’s recruiting, Nebraska goes into next season with, again, one of the fastest offensive skill sets in the B1G. They’ll now have a Defensive front 7 that will be in the top 3.
Like I say, it’s just a false premise, perceptions of Nebraska’s recruiting.

The times have changed, but the more things change the more they stay the same.  The saying about TO’s teams was:  “Three deep at every position”.  That is still a necessity in today’s game too!

Saw several teams (successfully) borrow player from one side to beef up the other side of the ball.  UCLA had good success moving players from defense to offense.

Depth’s important.
Losing T-Magic could’ve been disastrous.
Nebraska’s improvement on Defense came by depth, produced from competition.


Abdullah was offered at DB for those schools not Running Back , a good reason why we got him.. Also Auburn/Bama offered after we did.. Further against your cant find diamonds in the ruff..

And here are more examples of players who had little to no offers other than us, or came after we offered,, Many of which were evaluated after their season seasons..

2013 Class
Malik Collins- North Dakota, South Dakota , Kansas, and Tulsa.. Got offers from Iowa and Missouri after us. ( played as a true Freshman)
Kevin Maurice- Bowling Green, Buffalo, Marshall, Florida At , Navy.. Got offer from Boston College after us. ( played as true Freshman)
Cethan Carter- Florida International, LA Tech, Southern Miss, Tulane. Got offer from LSU after ( Played as true Freshman)
Nathan Gerry - Offer from N Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa State Before.. After Iowa , Michigan State ( Played as True Freshman)
David Knevel- First Offer , ended with offers from BAMA, Wisconsin , Missouri.. ( Yet to play , RS, But talented enough for Bama? Yet we were first)
-ALSO 11 Kids picked up at or after this date 1/5

2012 Class
Leroy Alexander - Only other offer except last minute . Toledo - ( Played pretty well as RS Freshman)
Imani Cross- UCF , Vandy , Virginia , East Carolina , Maryland, After picked up South Carolina, GA Tech, Kentucky ( 2nd back)
Whitaker- Fresno , Idaho, Nevada ( Still waiting on this one)
Otherwise a pretty solid top tier class also had 9 commit after Jan 1st

Dan Davie- Kansas, North Dakota State, Ohio ( Could work way into secondary rotation, But Nebraska born and bread and worthy of a scholarship)
Mauro Bondi- Offered by Wake after ( His job to lose next year?)
David Sutton- Ohio ( ALSO Nebraska born ) Maybe bust , still a lot of time to show like Davie
Tariq Allen - Tulane , Ucoon , Got Wisconsin offer after us .. ( Injuries)
Givens PRice - Rice, and Baylor ( should be in the rotation next year)

5 picked up after this time off year.. Might be the class with the biggest reaches and two are Nebraska grown ..

Steanly Baptiste- Arkansas State, Memphis, Colorado ( Starting DB and likely NFL draft pick)
Kenny Bell- Colorado , Colorado State, Idaho, Minnesota , Texas Tech, ( Starting WR)
Lavonte David- Tulsa, Kansas, North Texas, Florida International .. Received a K-State offer after commiting ( ALL know how that turned out)
Quincy Enunwa - Washington State and US.. ( Starting WR)
Mike Moudy- Colorado State, Northwestern,Kansas, K state, Wyomming.. Stanford offered after us ( Starting OL)

Don’t GET ME WRONG , IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE ALL 4* and 5* but my point is there are good pick ups that don’t get a lot of offers..  There are also plenty of 4-5 * star kids that don’t work out , do to entitlement, not waiting their time , or mis-fit among the program.. Names like Aaron Green , Chase Rome, Braylon Heard, Cody Green , Todd Peat, Tyler Moore come to mind.. Many left because they didn’t think they got the playing time they deserved in their first year or two, while other Like Ameer who fought for their time got it.. Trust me those are the kids you want on your team..

LET THE COACHES Find the ones that fit the program.. Yes they had quite a few miss fires in their first year or two which hurt us but they have done quite well recently..

All I hear from the recruiting front is that our coaches have been everywhere, and really working on building relationships with these kids.. Many have even said they wouldn’t have even thought about Nebraska if it wasn’t for the relationships with coaches.. .

I think people have to realize that this isnt 1990.. We cant just walk into a highschool kids place and he is instantly reminded of Tommie Fraziers teams, or Turner Gills legendary teams.. Keep in Mind that an 18 year old kids first thoughts of Nebraska were probably during the time when Bill Callahan was coach ..We are moving in the right direction , but it takes time to get over that..These recruits now were 9-12 when we just got finished playing to a 5-7 season. I was lucky , as many of you to grow up during Osborne or Devaneys later years and we were given a good impression at an early age.. WE HAVE IMPROVED GREATLY SINCE CALLAHAN BUT IT TAKES TIME.. AND IF WE HAVE A BREAK THROUGH YEAR, WHICH WILL HAPPEN IF WE REMAIN CONSISTENT, OUR RECRUITING WILL BE MUCH EASIER FOR THE COACHES.. Until then Relax


Yea, the D is deep:  3 deep in rookies.


Until our roster has a surplus of 4* over 3* recruits—like tOSU, for e.g.—we will not be a regular top ten contender.

They’re not rookies, anymore.


How do believe that you get those recruits?? Do you just go to supermarket and pick them up?? You win with the lesser recruits , which get you the bigger recruits.. IF we have done so horrible in recruiting as you suggest , then we must have one hell of a coaching staff….. .WE cant have both horrible recruits or not good enough, and a bad coaching staff and still get 9 -10 wins every year.. ( I DONT CARE HOW STUPID YOU GUYS ARE IN SAYING THAT 9 WINS ISNT A BIG DEAL, 3 PROGRAMS HAVE DONE IT WE ARE ONE OF THEM, so either we are recruiting good or we have good coaches or its a combo of both)  Again this shit dosnt happen over night.. You cant have great backups until you can have great guys on the field first.. We became deep on the DL at the end of year, Same goes for the offensive line who lost 5 starters and still played fairly well.. If you can win those battles you are gonna win the majority of your games.. WE also had two back up qbs, and plenty of depth in the secondary.. Sounds like pretty good job of having backups to me.. Were not completely there but getting closer.. It would have been nicer to be deeper at the WR position with all the injuries and the Linebacker position,, but there is a lot of talent at the LB position just young talent.. With the injuries we had we should haven’t won 7 games let alone 9 .. Think about it .. How many teams would have won losing their 4 year starter at QB , lose or have 3 WRS playing hurt, Not have a single guy starting in the place he did to start the season half way through and the same position on the offensive line. Lost 5 guys, and Pensick moved to guard . Have your top two TE hurts for the majority of the season and still score at all.. Then add that to having a very inexperienced D Line and Linebacking core to start the season , and this season should have been complete chaos ... Instead we won 9 games.. ( I know you guys don’t like wining 9 games)

AND Triumph we had Cethan Carter, Josh Banderas, kevin Maurice, Malik Collins, Nathan Gerry , Gab Miller, Terrell Newby all Play as True Freshman.. Add in Redshirt Freshman we had Aflava, Armstrong, Alexander, Foltz, Alonzo Moore, Avery Moss, Greg McMullen, Brandon Reilly, Micheal Rose, Vincent Valentine, and Jordan Westercamp all as contributors this season.. That’s at least 18 and Im sure Im missing a few. sounds like the recruiting the last few years is ok..


Show me where, anywhere on this entire blog, at any time, that I said we “have done so horrible” in recruiting.

Take all the time you need.

I assumed that’s what you were getting at with the comment another one if these no rating,  no name guys that we are getting use too.. or when you said our current strategy is not a good sign.. if I’m wrong with that assumption than I apologize


I’ll say it again, a certain %—20-25%, maybe more—of our recruits are coming in the 11th hour and are off the radar guys with maybe only a few offers from MAC level teams and or FCS teams which I dont view as a particular good thing.  This rest are top heavy with 3* guys.  Top 10 teams are top heavy with 4* guys, usually, it’s verifiable.  So, do the math.  Our recruiting ranking is generally consistent with our yearly final poll ranking, or lack thereof.  Not horrible, but not stellar either.

We had 300-400 offers out by end of last spring and only a couple commits off that by fall, not great ave.

We have alotta of real good players, just need more and better.

I have to agree with the perception of we don’t pull the top tier recruits.  We don’t have the horses to consistently go to the Big 10 title game, let alone the National Championship.  The best coaching will only take 3-stars so far (N. Illinois, Central Florida, Duke), but will eventually fold to the same coaching with 4 and 5 stars.  How do we get the 4’s and 5’s?  Win big, and consistently.  Those old blowout games we used to have not only garnered attention, but it gave out dept charts game time experience.  3 stringers getting some PT.  We gotta win non-conference games against traditional powerhouses like UCLA.  A division title is not enough. Big Ten conference titles are a must.  Have a hard-nosed defense that keeps teams under 28 pts.  The coaching has to get over the hump and make the transition back to being ranked in the top 15.  Then the 4’s and 5’s will come back.

@Rob 10,
Thats what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, ^5.

Most don’t have an issue with 9 win seasons. I have an issue that they are irrelevant 9 win seasons nationally. In other words nobody outside of Neb. cares.  NU can’t even get ranked…. well maybe now they will squeak in at #25.  Its because of how NU loses most big games in super blowout fashion….. 
The confusing part to me is MichSU (13-1) has lower ranked recruiting classes than NU year after year however gets 13-1, 7-6 11-3, 12-2 out of them?  Therefore the conclusion is ........?

Sparty averages 3* recruiting classes, moteso than NE but not too far off.  They been successful building that defense since D’Ant got there and it’s a mature group.  Cook and that back they switched over from DB kinda came outta nowhere and have done real well behind what is also a mature OL, I think.  Even so, sans TOs, 3 in redzone, we would’ve probably taken that game.  They’ve done real well woth what they have, though, real good chistry with that team right now.

Exception vs the rule.

Ya I find myself as a NU fan doing a lot of should of, could of, would of, after losses…..lately.  Yes I am a NU fan since ‘77 but something still is stinky in the NU kitchen imo.  Can’t wait until next season to see if it fixed.

At the beginning of the season people were tallking about how great this offense was going to be (scoring explosion) and maybe the best offense ever.  Than we get all banged up on the offense and they still win 9 games and people start talking about how we have no talent, can’t recruit, I just don’t get it.  Are we where we want to be right now? No, but I do believe we are getting closer and the talent is getting better on both sides of the ball.  I know if you asked the coaches if they are satisfied they will agree they aren’t where they want us to be but getting closer.  You all put so much faith in the recruiting services yet I know they miss on kids to and yet you don’t complain about them.  You all want us to be ranked in the polls yet they make mistakes,  Compare the preseason poll to the end of the season poll, yet you still put all your faith in that.  If we started out as number 1 in the polls and had the season we did we would still be ranked in the top 15, it is a group of peoples perception that the SEC is light years better than all else and I think if you look at the scores in the bowl games, yea they won there share but it wasn’t blowouts like most thought it would.  The conferences are closer than the media wants us to believe, ESPN has a lot of money riding on the SEC and they are going to promote the heck out of them.  How much of a chunk do they get from the Big Ten Network?  Not anything close to the SEC Network (mini espn).  Getting into the playoffs is going to be real tough unless you are a SEC team or just dominating in your conference, until this perception goes away and that is going to have to come from them losing more big out of conference games the SEC will always have at least 2 teams in the playoffs.

Triumph we have a hard time getting those early commits because we have a harder time getting kids to visit on their own dime.. Have checked the cost of a ticket from Florida or Texas to Omaha or Lincoln recently? We don’t have the advantage of being in the south or a heavily populated state with lots of DI talent with in a few hours driving distance.. therefore we end up having to wait until September when they can come on the universitys dime.. its a reason a lot of Midwestern university’s are pushing for allowing a couple of weeks in the summer where they will allow official visits.. lets farce it alot of very talented athletes come from lower income familys.. it puts us at a major disadvantage to even a team like Michigan State who has all of Michigan and major hub centers in Ohio within short driving distance.. Let alone any team in Texas, Florida,California, or the south..


Gotta get heavier into Ohia.


I will say again, there is a direct corresepondence between, say, Rivals recruiting rankings and final poll rankings—it’s reall easy to verify.

P.s., nobody said we “don’t have any talent” or that we dont have many very fine players—just need more of ‘em and the most DL guys from the ‘10—‘12 classes were more or less busts, which hurt us.

Why the “busts” regarding DL recruits from 10-12 time period?
Poor recruiting assessments, inadequate coaching, rotten luck?
Ooops!  I forgot.  We can’t blame the coaches at NU.  It’s never Pelini’s fault.

Sure you can blame the coaches for that and I am sure they too would say the messed up on the evaluations on them guys.  Some were bust, some had bad attitudes, some got homesick.  Maye that is why they wait until after there senior year to make decisions on some. They are going to make mistakes, after all they are human and if they were 100% correct all the time and could see into the future they definately wouldn’t be at Nebraska.

didn’t NU get a new DL coach from iowa ‘11 after bowl game?
hard to sell new recruits something that happened 20 years ago - NC.  all kids are “what can you do for me now”....  did you see how many 4 star OSU has for their class on rivals. wow urban can sell those used cars…

“My point is, they seem to be scrambling around in the 11th hour to fill the roster with under the radar guys that are more or less MAC level.  It’s become a habit.”  I guess when I read things like this I get the impression that you think we are filling the cupboard with nothing but leftovers that nobody else really wants.  We have had good success (not great) with alot of these players over the years.  I agree when a kid has to pay his way here that makes it almost impossible to out recruit the schools that have unlimited resources with in a 500 mile radius.

Triumph that too takes time.. Ohio kids didn’t grow up watching Nebraska at all so its a harder sell.. It will get better with us being in the Big Ten on that front but it too takes time.. and we did miss on d line recruits early but it appears we have some good young ones now.. and that will help greatly as Pelinis D schemes rely heavily on a d line that can cause havoc with just the four guys so he can blitz more frequently and deliberately.. And again, you don’t win even 9 games year in and year out with a bad coaching staff and horrible recruiting.. so were either doing one or both at least some whatvsufficiently.. Have faith my friend we will be back if we support our team


I dunno why the busts.  Chase Rome, case in point, I think he could’ve been a good player for us had he stuck around.  Guys like Donovan Vestal, well, he’s getting a little time now, but not what one would’ve expected.  And there are others similar to him.

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