Curious USC Hire Highlights Perils of Coaching Searches

One of the major storylines in college football this season has been the open question of who would become the next head coach at Southern Cal.  Lane Kiffin was fired abruptly after a 62-41 loss at Arizona State that left his team 2-2 and winless in the Pac-12.  In hindsight, you wonder if USC's Athletic Director really knew at the time how good that Sun Devils team was (ASU finished 10-2 and will play for the Pac-12 championship on Saturday).  The Trojans have a tradition of winning championships and the high expectations that come with that (sound familiar?).  That's what makes the hire of a coach who hasn't won more than 8 games in a season or more than 5 out of 9 conference contests somewhat curious.


Perception Versus Reality
The perception has been that USC is not only one of the major destination coaching jobs but also would be one of the  highest bidders when it came to coaching talent.  That's not necessarily the case.  Details of Sarkisian's contract at USC have yet to be released, but Kiffin, his predecessor (who was also lured away from another school), was earning just under $2.6 million a year.  That was enough to be the highest paid coach in the Pac-12 (a hair above Sarkisian's Washington deal), but was just 25th nationally.  Despite the perception that the Trojans were a top bidder, Pete Carroll had to earn his pay increases from $1 million per year when he began to $4.4 million after he'd been to 5 straight BCS bowls and won a pair of national championships.  The resumes of the highest paid bakers dozen of coaches all include BCS bowl appearances as a head coach.  There's a reason premiere programs won't break the bank for coaches that haven't won 11 games and will avoid bidding wars to get one that has.  There are bills to pay and it can be tough writing big checks when you don't see big results.

The Options
Sarkisian was a curious hire in that his resume somewhat resembled the man he replaced.  Usually, Athletic Director's want to avoid what appears like they've repeated a previous mistake.  Lane Kiffin hadn't had great success as a head coach, but was a valued assistant during the USC glory days.  The same can be said of Sarkisian.  Sarkisian has the distinction of taking a losing program and making it a winner, but not a contender.  While the job he did at Washington was probably more impressive than Kiffin's at Tennessee, it's still not wildly different.  If Sarkisian gets off to a poor start, the fans are sure to cry that this is Lane Kiffin all over again. 

If Nebraska had wanted to replace Bo Pelini, Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi might be the most appealing candidate given how well his defenses have played.  Unfortunately, his background and resume look like Pelini's upon closer inspection.  Narduzzi spent a lot of time in Ohio, including Youngstown.  He's never been a head coach.  If Narduzzi were to lose four or more games, the complaints would be that NU had hired another Bo.

Ed Orgeron, the valued assistant might have been a popular choice but not a sensible one.  He was a failure at Ole Miss (never winning more than 4 games and never managing a season as good as the man he replaced).  Other than the narrow upset of Stanford, every win he had as interim head coach at USC was over a team with a losing conference record.  If a Tim Beck were ever to get the interim job to replace an embattled Bo Pelini at Nebraska, he might be a popular option as well.  Recall though, that Pelini himself was a popular interim option when Frank Solich was fired.

The Result
Sarkisian will be a winner at USC.  There seems little doubt about that.  The question is whether he'll be the kind of winner that the fans will embrace.  We've seen Nebraska, a school who's glory days are further in the rear view mirror, ready to fire a coach that's produced a winning overall record and winning conference record in every season.  It's easy to imagine a similar fate for Sark at USC.  It's not like he couldn't recruit in Washington.  It will surely be easier at USC, but that doesn't guarantee a jump from his 7-8 win career plateau to 11 victories a year.  Whether it was Kiffin, Orgeron, or any number of other options, the zero-sum nature of football makes it tough to forecast 11 wins for anyone that hasn't done it before.  The biggest benefit for USC might turn out to be if UCLA's Jim Mora can now be lured to Washington (his alma mater).   That gets tougher with the fat contract extension Mora just signed with the Bruins.  Odds are though, Sarkisian will turn out as something less than a Hall of Fame coach and USC will be shopping for another coach 4-6 years down the road.    

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So, Hathaway’s point is???  Finding a new coach who will lead a major university football program to national prominence again isn’t an easy accomplishment?  Steve basically suggests Pelini is a case in point illustrating that having winning seasons can be achieved.  Winning conference and national championships much more difficult feat.  So, does this mean universities should settle for less and not try to find the diamond in the rough?  There is an old addage that it takes 20% of one effort to achieve 80% of the goal.  You then have to exert your remaining 80% effort to close out the 20% achievement you seek to gain.  That 20% in football terms is winning conference championships and national titles.  To what extent is NU or any other university willing to try to achieve the remaining 20% of it football goal achievement???  It is always easy to come up with excuses why we shouldn’t do something.  It is much harder to go for that 20%.  Is NU prepared to go for it or not??

Or you could just bring back Frank Solich. He looks good now, boy.

I had missed this earlier before the Iowa game, but look at what ESPN’s version of poking fun at Nebraska has come to.

NU Realist,

First off, what the article illustrates is that maybe Kiffin shouldn’t have been fired as it turned out later the team that handed USC their second loss is a team that is playing for the conference title.  So maybe firing a head coach 6 games into the season was shall we say, a BRAIN DEAD Decision.  Now take into consideration that the man that replaced him has never had as impressive record as the man they fired.  I.E.  The knee jerk reactionary actions of the USC AD have landed that program in Callahan Country.

Lastly, this same knee jerk reactionary style is something Nebraska already had experience with when it came to Pedersen.  We simply do not need to repeat the same covetous mistakes of the past.  Bo stays.

As far as Nebraska’s willingness to “go for it,” I think we already have one of the best coaches in the country, and I think he is getting better not worse.  If anyone is getting worse and not doing their jobs its the media.

Lastly, his name is Hanway, not Hathaway.  Although if Anne had an opinion on this matter I wouldn’t mind talking with her about it.  Especially over dinner.

Realist, I honestly don’t get you sometimes.  First, there is much more than 20% of a season or effort to get to the CC or even more the NC game.  It truly is 100% of your season, and luck in the polls (if you don’t think that it takes some luck think again, it is humans controlling them).  Second, 6 years ago when we hired Bo, was you for the hire or against it?  If one person thought that we would be back in the NC hunt at this mark, they were just kidding themselves.  I don’t even see us in that hunt next year, we may be in the hunt for a BCS at best, and this is going to depend on what they do on the offensive side of the ball.
The fact of the matter is this, the University made a decision to hire a head coach that had no experience, and honestly, not a lot of experience at being a coordinator either, he wasn’t in that position for that long, too young to have been.  They put him in charge of a football program that was depleted from its former self.  Yes we had some talent on the field, but it was far and in between.  It’s not like he came in and took over a team that was coming off a championship year, or even closely removed from one, hell that 6 years prior if I am remembering correctly that we even sniffed at one.  Any idea how much the game even changed in those 6 years?  Think of what type of conference the SEC was then, and what they are now, that will give some clues.  We can’t always just line up and pound the ball like we use to and think that we will come out of the game as winners, those days are gone.  Tom eventually found the formula, but he had to use old tactics to win some of those games, and rely on the fact that we had good talent that clearly perfected the system.  But that system was in place for how long?
Now we are 6 years into this, and everyone wants change?  What is that going to give us?  We would be at least 3 years from the talent that the new coach wants on the field for his scheme, another 2 years for the players and coaches to truly understand the system and how it fits the talent, and probably another 3 or more for a perfection of it.  Plus, that season would also depend on who we are playing and their talent level, plus how many injuries do we take on and at what position.  So at the 6 year mark of that realm do we go with another coach? 
Tom seen something in Bo, whether if we like it or not, and whether if we believe it or not.  Tom could have gotten rid of him on several different incidents and didn’t.
Now I have never run a DI football team, nor will I pretend to understand all the workings of it.  I do have faith in the University to do so, and that isn’t drinking any Kool-Aid as many like to say, it is admitting that they are smarter at doing this then any of us.
I think that the big question becomes, when do we stop replacing our head coach and start molding them into the future?  Does Bo fit the mold that we want or really better stated that we are accustomed to?  That answer is clearly no.  We are accustomed to the quiet calm demeanor that came from Tom and even Frank and Bill.  That isn’t Bo’s personality, and everyone in the state of Nebraska knew that when the hire happened, why do we feel that we can or should change a person’s personality?
The second part that does bother me is the media.  They focus so much on the negative of what Bo has done.  They do over look what he does positive.  I seen an article where they gathered tweets from many former players at UN, and they were all positive about Bo.  Now this is coming from players that are in the NFL and other parts of life, that have the opportunity to be honest.  I don’t care what the media says about our coach, it is much more important to me that the players are talking positive.  We all allow the media to control our lives to much as it is.  It also becomes very clear when the Iowa coach had to be refrained on the sideline, but that wasn’t shown during the game, only Bo.  Plus, you have the entire mess of OSU and UM, and nothing being done there.  Don’t talk about rivalry, because it was the BIG that claimed that UN and UI was a rivalry game, not us.
In short, where does it stop being an experiment with the coach?  Everyone works at their best, when they are not defending their job.  Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that when a coach isn’t performing then you have to replace them.  I don’t believe that we would get anyone better to come into Lincoln if we got rid of Bo.  Think about it for a minute and I think that you would have to agree, someone at Saban’s level would not ever take this job, not if you are going to get fired for 9 wins in a season.  Why would they?  9 wins in a season consistently is not an easy feat, no matter who you are playing now days.


That iowa guy could be the manly version of ou7. Except he is clearly a hawkeye and he stated true although cynicle facts about a team, its fans, and writers, that talk smack about his hawkeyes. And he’s not trolling. He’s right out there.

People disagree over Bo’s status as “one of the best coaches in the country.”  Much akin to those who suggest Obama is one of the best Presidents we have ever had, while others believe that is not true.  There is no winning that argument either way.  It is all a matter of opinion and perspective.  If Bo is one of the best, and at NU the best can only produce no better than 4 loss seasons - season after season - and marginal national rankings year-after-year, then I guess we’ll have to look at the other 25 teams who have annually been better than NU for most of the past 10 years and wonder why that is so, especially when we have one of the best coaches in the country.  Those other teams must just be lucky.  Maybe we can hire a voodoo priestess and curse the rest of the best coached teams in the country!!!

There is just something so commically ironic about someone with the handle “NU Realist” talking about hiring a voodoo priestess.

ANY Way…  Let’s get healed up for the Bowl Game.  Wherever it may be.

Johnny_N ~ there are those who believe voodoo practice produces real results.  Fact or not, there are believers.  Nothing unrealistic about noting such beliefs existing in the real world.  Perhaps much akin to believing certain coaches are among the best in the country.  One can attempt to debunk such myths, but it is perhaps a waste of time trying.

Best coach or not, I hope NU wins its wing bowl, or way-out-back bowl, or whatever that special event may be.  Then pray by spring one of the best coaches in the country comes through.

B1G winningest teams in conference play 2011 - 2013
Team             WIN%    GP       W         L

Ohio State         0.812   32   26     6  
Michigan State   0.757   33   25     8
Wisconsin   0.735   34   25     9
Nebraska     0.676   34   23     11  
Penn State   0.625   32   20     12
Michigan     0.562   32   18     14  
Iowa     0.468   32   15     17  
Northwestern   0.375   32   12     20
Minnesota   0.312   32   10     22
Purdue     0.281   32   9     23  
Illinois     0.218   32   7     25  
Indiana     0.187   32   6     26

2015 national champ contenedrrs

I think OU vs NU is a more even matchup than against Texas. Texas got it’s second wind and face it, it would just be another controversial NU vs UT matchup.
No need to give Mack Brown a woody.

“People disagree over Bo’s status as “one of the best coaches in the country.”  Much akin to those who suggest Obama is one of the best Presidents we have ever had, while others believe that is not true. “

Well, the difference in my opinion is that when Bo acts arrogantly and doesn’t appologize for his mistakes 5 million people don’t lose their healthcare.

Of course, the fan base in Nebraska is a lot smarter than the average Democratic Leader in that when Nancy said that “We have to pass this stimulus package or 500 million Americans will lose their job next month most Nebraska fans were fully aware there were only 309 million Americans.  And when folks say that you can make up your own opinion, you don’t have those same arrogant fools say, but you cannot make up your own facts.  (Harry Reid).

Personally, I don’t think either the President, the Majority Leader in the Senate or the Minority leader in the house have the attention to detail that is required to be a manuer salesman in a one horse town.

I like the way Bo puts things.  He tells it to you straight from the horses mouth.  The Obama Administration and their accolytes, when they talk, I keep getting the impression that I am hearing from the end of the horse that the mouth isn’t on.

Another thought, if we are to keep prayer out of public meetings and Christian history out of schools, even though its the way its always been done and undeniablely the root cause for the founding of the colonies and a major contributor to the founding of our country, why does the white house, a government building, still have a Christmas tree?

Safe assumption is that BOP is no Obama lover.  As to wearing one’s emotions on their sleeve, those of us who have lived long enough know that behavior in the workplace must sometimes be controlled and measured.  Being a truly successful HC means tempering your behavior when millions are watching on national TV.  You represent not only the players, but the university, fans and the state.  I do not believe it is right for fans to accept ‘in your face’ behavior on game day, especially when a HC verbally and otherwise assaults refs on the field and acts foolishly in front of the national media.  At the press conference following the game, BOP acted more like a spoiled kid than an adult.  Mad.  Pouting.  Chip on your shoulder.  I though adulthood meant you grow up and act like a man, not a rotten brat.

We are stuck with BOP as HC for at least one more year.  Let’s hope he can have an epiphany and miraculously change and grow up.  If he does, it will improve the team’s performance and image sadly in need of repair.

Bo’s life

I don’t need you to worry for me cause I’m alright.
I don’t want you to tell me it’s time to run the ball.
I don’t need to appologize to you for all my fights.
I know these kids are worth all of your slanderous calls.

I don’t care what you say anymore this is my life.
And I think our record really speaks for itself.
Oh but sooner or later you’ll fire me just out of spite.
Then you, NU Realist, will return to the mediocrity of hell.

First they tell you, you shouldn’t run the ball on 3rd and 1.
Then they tell you to take a shot down the field.
Then they yell at you for a gutsy call on 4th and 3.
We missed a block and stuffed and had to surrender the field.

I take full responsibility for that fake punt.
It was my call to make and I kept it real.
But with a banged up squad we still got to a bowl jaunt.
Please stop posting and telling these kids how you feel.

I went out and got them to come here.
They are excelling in all ways that are real.
So they graduate and become young men.
That’s my job and I win at least 9 times every year!

I don’t need you to worry for me because I am alright.
I got the biggest come from behind victory in school history.
If you don’t like you can kiss my lilly white backside.
It’s my life and I’ll live it with all of my heart and soul.
And these kids are my joy and my pride!!!!

bob, what does that have to do with finding coaches? 

Johnny, see where your Obama rants have gotten us?

bob, since you mentioned it, having a Christmas tree is relevant to…nothing.
Christmas trees are current Christian symbols, but adopted from pagan rituals.  And many pagans (OK, non-Christians) today exhibit traditional Christian symbols but do not necessarily take on Christian ethics (e.g., how many mis-behaving celebrities wear cross necklaces?).  These days very small % of people commemorate Christ at Christmas time, but they have a decorated evergreen or similar tree with presents underneath.  And corporations will send out “winter holiday” cards bearing pictures of Christmas trees.  Whole other issue, that.

My family (my daughters and I) will be celebrating Christmas this year.  We have a plastic tree as we don’t want to contribute to the further cutting or farming of furs or evergreens.

I am a Roman Catholic male.  Yes, Ballfield, my rants have taken us from discussing something that was silly to discussing something that is actually important.  I take full credit for it.  :)

So, traditionally Christmas trees were a pagan symbol (wreaths really, I believe, for fertility) but that custom was adopted? I had no idea. The Christmas tree symbol was hijacked by corporations to turn a profit, yet another issue altogether from my original point. See anything wrong with atheists getting married in a church? And seeing how Nebraska, the good life, is a red state, what’s wrong with a little discussion on here since we don’t have any other news about husker football to talk about.

On a side note, saw a navy chaplain run naked on the summer solstice, she happened to be a pagan priestess, God bless her.

I’ve seen very good managers fired for less than what BOP has committed because a certain decorum of behavior is expected in the workplace, despite very acceptable work results otherwise.  BOP has certain anger management issues he is incapable of controlling.  In the football coaching setting, those kinds of excesses are often times overlooked during practice.  When game time comes, the HC had better get a grip.  Assuming he doesn’t treat his own family that way, why should he be allowed to act excvessively with others?  If having class means being aggressively out of control, you can have that behavior to the exclusion of others who know better.

So Johnny, you’re trading a renewable resource (tree) that converts CO2 into O2 as it grows, and becomes mulch or bio-fuel after disposal, for non-renewable (plastic) that is not biodegradable?

And, I’ve never seen a fur tree, although there are certainly a lot of squirrels on our trees, some ‘coons and ‘possums, too.  I don’t think fir trees are what PETA is complaining about.

Sorry, getting carried away, couldn’t resist.

You’d rather pump oil to make your plastic tree than grow a real one that recycles CO2??? I heard a good one the other day describing Dems & Repubs—Left liberals and Right liberals.

long live the red (color, not the a-hole) states!

Oil was one way of making plastic, now they can make it with plant fiber blends.  They have biodegradable plastics but johnnys tree probably isn’t one of them. We get ours from a local tree farm outside of town that’s been run by the same guy since the dawn of time.

Johnny, not only do I not like you for your always positive girlish attitude, but now for your think green BS. I bleed red, not husker red (HALLIBURTIN RED)  If the Huskers had a 2 win game season you would have some woulda, coulda, crap to follow up with

About SC, as Osborne used to say of opponents- “that’s their business, they do what they have to do.” Or, something like that.
He won’t have to search hard, for assistants to choose from.

Now, should the unfortunate happen over the horizon and the players give up on Coach Bo, like they did with Callahan, especially on the D, then, it might be time to go full circle and look for the “Fatherly” type again. In other words, a guy like Bob Devaney when he was having some success at Wyoming.
Devaney was about 47, when he first took the Nebraska job. Oh, BUT, he was Nebraska’s 4th choice, since they were looking for “big timers,” who, turned them down. So, he effectively fell in Nebraska’s lap. Osborne, of course, fell into his.
Anyway, an experienced fcs HC, will come with too much “bitch baggage” that will get doubly critiqued, by at least the weird herald and a talk show guy or two.
Of top shelf coordinators, seems like the thing to do, would be look for highly experienced career assistants, with successful credentials.
“Coach in waiting” types. Like a Will Muschamp. In top/down photo, he looks JUST LIKE Bill Callahan btw. Or may a Gus Malzahn, who just turned 48. But, he didn’t get a college assistant’s job, until he was over 40. In a few brief years, he’s become lightening in a bottle.

Point is, two guys have the gravitas, the “come in and win.”
No need to mention those two.
Everybody and anybody else, would have to come in, with something (a lot) to prove. ESPECIALLY at Nebraska.

Hmmm. Some are complaining about Bo yelling at the refs? I guess you people have never watched football before. Every coach I’ve ever seen except T.O. has acted the way Bo did. That includes Ferentz, Saban, Meyer, Mike Gundy, all of them.  Funny how it’s only a problem when it’s Nebraska’s coach. No, Bo isn’t T.O. So what? I would rather see him be his own man than try to be someone he isn’t. His players love him and he expects them to be students first. I think that means more than just championships. Look at other schools where cheating and player transgressions don’t mean anything (Ohio State, Florida State, Florida) to name a few. Remember when Urban Meyer left Florida supposedly because of a medical condition?  Maybe there was some illness, but that is not why he left. Think about it. After being out of coaching for only one year, he is suddenly well enough to take another job.  Sorry, but that cover story doesn’t wash. The reason he left Florida was because he made a deal with the NCAA infractions committee to keep Florida from being hit hard for infractions he and his assistants committed as well as infractions committed by players. Meyer’s part of the deal-leave Florida and not coach for a year. NCAA’s part of the deal, leave Florida alone. My point is that Bo doesn’t have a win at all cost mentality and yet he has 5 straight nine win seasons with a chance to make it 6 to start his coaching career. Do any of you out their want a win at all cost coach at Nebraska just to bring a national championship in the next three years? Sorry, I don’t think that way. I prefer a coach who does it the right way. Bo has my full support.

Roone ~ I assume being fined $10K by the League is “doing it right.”  The fact Bo “speaks his mind” is your typical “no mind” mentality.  I played ball many moons ago.  I experienced good coaching and bad coaching.  The fact a coach is “verbal” and wears his emotions on his sleeve is not something to be admired.  Coaches who are mature and smart enough to know when to open up and when to shut up is the kind of coach you want.  Bo allows himself to cross the line when he shouldn’t.  Grown ups define that as being “immature” and “impulsive”, much like what parents face with teenagers as they grow up.  Take little solace in that fact the players like him.  Those who do will say so.  Those who do not will remain silent on the issue.  In the end, Bo is the only college HC they know.  Kids playing football have nothing else to compare their experience to.  So, we can discount some of the hype the some of the players are spouting off about.  In the end, if 4 season losses every season, coupled with $10K fines and fan bashing is your definition of a “doing it right” coach, you can own that opinion for posterity, my blind faith fan.

“And, I’ve never seen a fur tree, although there are certainly a lot of squirrels on our trees, some ‘coons and ‘possums, too.  I don’t think fir trees are what PETA is complaining about.”

Well the ‘u’ and the ‘i’ are right next to each other.  Sorry for the misspelling.  However, you give PETA a chance and they will find something to complain about. 

They sucker everyone into contributing with the poor dogs and cats that they show on their commercials then go out to the ranchers and tell them how to treat their cattle.  Dang shell game if you ask me.  I do not, nor will I ever, contribute to PETA.

Oh, and Plastic decomposes…people are merely impatient.  :)

NU Realist,

The officials are asked to enforce the rules and to do so fairly.  When an official throws a flag when one is not warranted they are in affect creating a penalty when none was technically present.  How is that mature?  Such arrogance by the officiating crew is going to necessitate a reaction from anyone who is rightieous enough to stand up to an injustice.

It’s called having a conscience.  Wearing his emotions on his sleeves.  PLEASE!  Trying to have a discussion with an irrational person which these officials often act like is like trying to have a discussion with Harry Ried.  It’s either his way or its his way.  Such people need to be removed from power.  Either the power to legislate or the power to officiate.

If they can prove their case fine.  Instant replay is there, but did you ever notice how bad the angles are when the call is questionable?  How many instant replays caused the call to be overturned this year?  How many times did the commentators who also have access to replay question the authenticity of the call?

Oh and to round out the above example.  Harry Reid told Republicans that they are entitled to make up their own opinions but they are not entitled to make up their own facts.  This was in response to the Republicans charging that the ACA was going to drive up health care costs and cause millions of people to lose their coverage or their doctor.

Well guess what Prince Harry Ried, people have lost their healthcare plans, they have lost their doctors and their costs have more than doubled.  SO it looks as if the Republicans were right and the Dems were out to freaking lunch with their own egos.

I remember a time in which lying politicians like him used to get shot.

Well, upon reflection, I guess I should say, I read about times when lying politicians like him used to get shot.  Now a days they shoot pretty congresswomen who switch parties.  And who does the shooting?  Wack a doodles who read “mein kanf” and the communist manifesto, not exactly stypens in the conservative political library.  Hint hint.  Maybe if we got all the socialists/communists out of office we would all be better off.

Life is full of rules and people who enforce them.  Malcontents blame the rules and the police to justify inappropriate behavior.  It is much akin to liberals who claim they can ignore the law for the sake of their heart and emotions.  Such decision making leads to chaos and disorder.  Guess what Bo creates if allowed to operate outside of the rules?  Chaos and disorder, nevermind the fact he creates a 15 yard penalty against the players he claims he cares so much about.  Does he care enough to control himself so that he doesn’t hurt the team and the players on the field???  Apparently not.  And if the excuse is, “Bo can’t control himself, but we are sure glad he cares about his players, so it is alright to act like a fool,” then I guess you all are screwed.  If players can’t abide by the rules of the game and life generally, and it becomes repeated and flagrant, players are suspended or booted off the team.  However, coaches like Bo are tolerated and that is sad.  Sad for sure.

The card pointing to the players loyalty as a reason is overused—remember how the players felt when Callahan was fired. The players are always going to feel hurt except in the case of monsters like Mangino.

Dear GageCoHusker ~ good point!  I agree.

And when people of authority operate outside the rules and are unjust are we just to stand idly by and let them?  All evil needs in this world is for good men and women to stand around and do nothing.

The idea that we must all deal with the ineptitudes and deficiencies in life by knuckling under and doing nothing will not result in any change.  The idea that people in authority who are trying to change things cannot express genuine emotion in the face of a flat out lie is tantimount to the enforcement of tyrany.

All sides want things.  Competition is competition but corruption is corruption.  When faced with corruption the just must stand.  Otherwise their silence is considered tacit consent.

Why do presidents lie?  Because we let them.  Once we no longer let them, they may learn to no longer lie.  Confrontation is not something that needs to be avoided in the face of tyrany or injustice, it is something that should be praised.  However, yeah, one can over do it.  However, I agree with Bo.  It was a chicken$hit call.  The fact that Ohio St. and Michigan were not fined may tell us all just what kind of conference the B1G really is.


Mangino was not a monster.  If Kansas had provided him his own parking space to begin with most of the issue would have been resolved right there.  But to literally force the guy to park in a “loading zone” is a bit over the top.

These are supposed to be institutions of higher learning and the coaches, agreed, are influential people in quasi high positions so you would think that issuing him his own parking space would have been something the University would have been able to provide out of a sense of decency and sensitivity to the man’s size.

As for the Pendleton incident.  Heck the kid himself said it was his fault.  He was just trying to be dramatic and got called for unsportsmenlike conduct.  I don’t agree with the call but when you have officials that are trying to ensure that Texas gets to a championship they get a little creative with the interpretation of the penalty.

Johnny_N ~ I hope you are not declaring moral equivalency between Bo acting like a child on the sideline and during his press conference versus moral outrage by citizens who are losing their freedoms and constitutional rights to the tyranny of a national government.  I agree with Bo, as well, that the call was chickenshit.  However, you have to be smart enough to know how to play the game of political correctness, when necessary.  Again, it’s one thing to express your opinion, it is another to do so in a way that costs your team penalty yards and creates a negative discussion point with the League and the media.  We are paying this man how many millions of dollars a year to bring the total responsible coaching package to the program???  And if he falls short in that regard, the University and its supporters have every right to expect better of the man.  That really isn’t too much to ask for.  It is clearly better than trying to raionalize his behavior under the guise of whether the call of chicken@#$% or not.

Now that due process has taken place with Jameis Winston’s case, I will be rooting for him to win the Heisman Trophy and also root on Florida State to win the national championship. Jumbo Fisher is a class act and great for college football.

If MSU knocks of OSU this weekend we’ll get FSU vs AU. I think FSU has a legitimate chance to dethrone the Tide.

NU Realist,

I understand what you are saying.  I simply do not agree with it.  Political Correctness is a tool used by those who practice corruption.  If I were to say to you that you are headstrong and very focused.  It doesn’t quite convey the same meaning if I was actually trying to tell you that you are stubborn and narrow minded.  Words have a use.  They are the tools of expression.  How you use them, yes, tells people how you feel and think about a certain situation.

Would it have been better if Pelini had said, “I thought it was Chicken Fecal Matter of a call?”  To the “politically correct” perhaps that would be more appropriate.  However, sometimes, well, those words don’t quite convey the same meaning.

Now to your greater point of comparing the league’s actions to that of a Tyrannical government taking away peoples rights.  If the people have to resort only to politically correct speach, the government will have no problems bulldozing over their rights in the future.

Sometimes, when the President is speaking to the congress and someone yells out, “YOU LIE!”  It’s actually because the President is lying.  A violation of decorum?  Perhaps, but isn’t a violation of our liberty worth at least that in response?

Or if a masters graduate from a Jesuit University states that she spends $1,000.00 a summer on contraception, are we not allowed to be shocked enough to call her what she is?

Or would you prefer Catholics like me to say something like, “Well, as a Roman Catholic I am not one who usually advocates for homosexuality but good lord girl, you got it bad.  Maybe you should start kissing chicks?  I mean, I don’t think God is going to like you any better either way but it will be less expensive for you.  Heck, in your particular case, it may be less expensive for all of us!”

Sometimes just calling her something that rhymes with Gluts is the more efficient method of communication.  :)

In diplomacy political correctness is used to ease over conflicts that exist between two parties.  However, using words to indicate that there is a conflict, should not be something that is met with a false sense of shock or derision.  It’s how the diplomats know there is something that needs smoothing over.

Using words that allow you to express your shock and sense of offense is the first step to a diplomatic resolution.  In other cases it simply reveals to others that this person or that person is an idiot.  Which when you think about it, is a blessing that the first ammendment gives us.  It allows us to easily find out who the morons are.

I have to correct my earlier statement. Looks like I should have used the term ‘due dilligence’ instead of “due process” since the charges were dropped and never went to trial.


Another good example of using the right words for the situation.  As a former Army Instructor, I wish to tell you, “you are now a go at this station.”

Good job.

Ah yes, the good old ‘Go/No Go’ station training.

Haa haa.

Should Bo stay or should Bo go now
“Nebraska’s back and we’re here to stay.”

Those were the words spoken by Nebraska coach Bo Pelini after a 33-0 Holiday Bowl victory over Arizona in December of 2009.

It was the high point of Pelini’s two-year tenure. The Huskers came within an eyelash of a Big 12 title (the 13-12 loss to Texas), had beaten Oklahoma during the season and appeared to be poised to rejoin college football’s elite.

Fast forward to December of 2013. Instead of Pelini preaching from the hilltops about the return to glory of Nebraska football, he was too busy waving hats at officials, berating sideline reporters and blaming the media for the failures of his team.

This time, the quote that will stick with Pelini came when asked about whether he thought he would return as coach in 2014.

“If they want to fire me, then go ahead.”

I don’t believe firing Pelini is necessarily warranted. While he hasn’t taken that program to the next level, he also has managed to win at least eight games (bowl game pending this season) each season and has produced a somewhat respectable 8-14 mark against ranked teams.

But what he hasn’t done is bring Nebraska back to the level it was in the decades preceding Pelini?

While he has a decent mark against ranked teams, he is 1-7 against teams in the top 10 (the lone win was over No. 6 Missouri in 2010). Even more disturbing is that each of his last seven losses has come by double digits. He has also lost nine home games in his tenure, including three this past season.

Those numbers alone make Husker fans cringe and that’s why many of them are clamoring for a change.

This was the year Husker fans pointed to as the next step. The schedule was not daunting (most of the difficult games were at home) and with a four-year starter back at quarterback and a backfield loaded with talent, Nebraska appeared ready to make its run.

But injuries, turnovers and sloppy defensive play derailed those hopes and it all came to a screeching halt with the loss to the hated Hawkeyes Friday.

Those calling for Pelini’s head were the same people who also clamored for a change in 2003 when Frank Solich was unceremoniously dumped after a nine-win season and a 58-19 mark in his six seasons.

While you could make arguments for his dismissal, the short-sightedness of Steve Pedersen left the Huskers without a replacement in hand. I won’t remind Husker fans of the Bill Callahan era.

So if Nebraska has a clear-cut answer to replace Pelini, then by all means they should pull the trigger. If their Gus Malzahn, Gary Pinkel or Kevin Sumlin is waiting in the wings, then an upgrade is necessary. But change for the sake of making change doesn’t seem like good business to me.

But the one factor in all of this is does Pelini really want to be here? His press conference Friday sounded like a man who had reached his limits and was looking for a way out. I have no doubts that if a better offer had come his way in the past year or two, he would have jump shipped. Now, I think a mediocre job would be enough to lure him away.

I get the impression Pelini doesn’t feel appreciated at Nebraska and anything short of at least a conference title won’t change that.

So the dreaded “vote of confidence” from Shawn Eichorst came out Saturday to assure Husker nation that Pelini was part of the future. How long that future is remains to be seen.

Pelini may be back, but he’s not here to stay.

“But injuries, turnovers and sloppy defensive play derailed those hopes and it all came to a screeching halt with the loss to the hated Hawkeyes Friday.”

Since when do we hate the Hawkeyes?  This article seems like it has some ESPN influence on it.  We are 22 - 9 against the Hawkeyes.  Not exactly a team that is worth our ire.  I know “the powers that be” want this to be a boarder rivalry but it really isn’t.  It’s just two teams from two states that generally respect and care about one another playing a football game.  Personally, I am happy the Hawkeyes played a good sound game.  Many times they don’t.  Would I liked to have won the game yes, but with young and banged up squads such things can be difficult at times.

The article just comes accross as just another media punk trying to stir the pot.

Figures, the article is not attributed to anyone.  Another pearl of “wisdom” from anonymous.

Bill Doleman stirred the pot yesterday as a guest on a local radio station when asked about his take on the current state of affairs with Husker football. He said Pelini needed to set aside some of his loyalty and take a close look at the weight program. He noticed the Huskers getting pushed around this year instead of doing the pushing as in years gone by.

Johnny, not only do I not like you for your always positive girlish attitude, but now for your think green BS. I bleed red, not husker red (HALLIBURTIN RED)  If the Huskers had a 2 win game season you would have some woulda, coulda, crap to follow up with”

Probably, Admiral, but at least I would have finished my sentence with some punctuation.


Hence the recruiting changes and the young D.  They’ll get there.  Did he mention anything about the youth on both sides of the ball?

I believe McKewon mentioned the other day that since NU has the best weight room in the B1G it’s time for some results. When two different people from the press point out basically the same thing one has to wonder. They were also fingering the weight room as a possible explanation for all the injuries few of which were to freshman. I’m no expert—but I can see something is horribly wrong. Just like Realist this was the year I was pointing too.

Steve Hanway or Tom Cudd,

How’s about we have an article on your personal favorite Husker games from the past where we can relay stories about why it was special to us?

it would be good for morale.

Either that or we talk about them anyway. Yuk yuk yuk.

Who is Bill Doleman? A local guy?

Bill Doleman is currently an anchor for Comcast SportsNet Houston. Check his Wiki info to see where he has been. You’ve probably heard him on the radio.

Well, it looks like Nebraska missed out on Chris Pederson. He is expected to be named Washington’s next head coach.

Is Bo Pelini a good head coach. People point out that he has had a lot of success, but a closer look is warranted in my opinion.

The Huskers are 6-15 against top 25 teams under Bo (26%)

The Huskers are 24-22 against teams with winning records under Bo (52%) This includes wins against Western Michigan in 2008, Wyoming in 2011, Arkansas State in 2012, and South Dakota State in 2013. Without those four wins he would be under 50% against winning teams.

Then there are the “blowouts”. I’m not sure what that term means to everyone, but I can tell you that under Bo the Huskers have been beaten by 21 points or more 8 times.

Yes, he has a lot of conference wins, but let’s face it, this year the Huskers beat Illinois, Purdue, and Northwestern (all losing seasons) along with Michigan and Penn State (both 7-5). The wins against Northwestern, Michigan, and Penn State were by a combined 10 points. Yes, the Huskers had injuries, but Northwestern, Michigan, and Penn State were all having bad years. I think the team was lucky to finish the regular season 8-4.


“but a closer look is warranted in my opinion”

Closer look?  Pelini’s been under the microscope all season, where you been?

“this year the Huskers beat Illinois, Purdue, and Northwestern (all losing seasons) along with Michigan and Penn State (both 7-5). “

Michigan - would have tied OSU with a PAT
PSU - beat Wisky

We beat both these teams with our 2nd/3rd string QB, OL, and WRs, and mostly F/RF/RS as DL and LBs.  Yes, they were “lucky” to finish 8-4, they should be commended for doing so.  I’m looking forward to the bowl and to next year.

Any chance you can get stats on TO’s record against teams with winning records from ‘73 to ‘93? People always compare BO’s record to TO’s but I bet a lot of his wins were against teams with losing records too.


You’re stuck in the 1970s.  That is what the press used to do all the time.  It used to be that all you needed to do to brainwash the American people were to have the three major News Networks tell the same story.  Then everyone would believe it.

Not so anymore.  This is a young squad.  I am certain the weightroom is being used.  If not, they are only cheating themselves from getting better and one need only look at Kellog to know the training table is definately being visited.

(Sorry Kellog, but I have to call you out on that.  But don’t worry too much about it.  At this time of the year, that extra rib protector you have comes in quite handy weatherwise.)

Correction—‘90’s. That’s where the standard was set. Problem is that a lot of folks are content with ‘70’s & ‘80’s standards. Bo is achieving ‘70’s & ‘80’s standards. Not sure Bo is going to get us to ‘90’s standards (unless he makes some changes which it appears he won’t do) so I’m thinking why flog a dead horse any longer.


I understand what you are saying.  However, I just look at it from the point of, it took Devany 10 years to win a NC.  It took Osborne 23 years.  These folks who are all bent out of shape with Pelini because he hasn’t done it in 6 years are a bit off their rocker.

We may not be playing for a conference championship this year, but our 3rd string QB and banged up offensive line did defeat Michigan at Michigan.  We defeated Penn St. at Penn St.  So we may not have defeated a “ranked” team this year, but our 3rd string O and young D didn’t have a problem beating teams that beat ranked teams.  Penn St. defeated Wisconsin at Wisconsin and Michigan played OSU to within one point.  So either Pelini is a lot better of a coach than people are claiming he is, or OSU and Wisconsin were so grossly over-rated they shouldn’t be in the top 25. 

So I would ask the next time we come accross these so called “Gods of College Football” who think Pelini isn’t a good coach, we go ahead and ask them, which is it?  Either Nebraska’s 3rd string was good this year, or OSU shouldn’t be playing for NC.

I went on record saying the UM win earned Bo at least another year. But I wasn’t happy with his sideline performance at the IA game. Read the article below. Brian expresses where I am at quite well. Respect is worth more than wins to me.

It’s a circular argument.

Consistency is what you want because consistency gets you to the elite status.  You can’t simply be impatient with it you have to give him time to implement his program.  The man has yet field a senior recruiting class to the field for the conference in which the class was recruited.  Secondly, the Peterson brothers would say leave it on the field.  What happens on the field stays on the field.  Bo knows this and so do the players but, when a report asks him about something on the field don’t be surprised if that same feeling of dissappointment in the officiating comes out in the interview.  You media types are the ones making a big deal about this not us.  For crying out loud grow a pair, it’s football.

Lastly, in order to get to a BCS bowl, you have to either win your conference outright or be the loser of the conference championship game.  Bo getting us there 50% of the time shows the type of consistency you want, especially with such a young team, that you need to build championship level football.

Honestly, the Bo-haters need to sit down, have a coke and a smile and STFU!  Our kids are succeeding with consistency, we are back to producing academic all americans like widgets out of a factory and our football team has the highest cumulative GPA of any Nebraska team dating back to 1987.  THe wins will come.

Coach Chris Petersen to Washington for 3.6 million= a bargain.

Gagecohusker- Looking at Osborne’s complete record, he was 108-45-3 against teams with winning records (42.4% of his victories came against teams with winning records) Pelini is at 42.1%. Osborne’s team won 70.6% of the games against teams with winning records (ties dropped) Pelini’s teams 52%. Against Top 25 teams Osborne’s teams went 60-36-1 (62.5%, again dropping the tie) Pelini’s teams are 6-15 against top 25 teams (28.6%).

Raw stats are a little deceiving since Osborne’s teams normally played 12 games a season as opposed to the 13 Pelini’s teams played in his first 5 seasons, thus making it possible to play a higher percentage of games against teams with winning records per season while still losing a higher percentage of those games. During his first six seasons Osborne went 55-16-2 While Pelini went 57-24 (that counts his bowl game as interim coach but not this years). Osborne coached 73 games while Pelini has coached 81.

Jeebus, CP was ripe for the pickin, WTF…  In the words of Joe Dirt: “dang.”

Yep, T-Dogg,

All it took was an offer. No way Boise could match that offer, I would bet.
It just proves that sometimes all you have to do is ask.

If we had only lost a couple more games, DANG.

Which reminds me, OU7, I think your boys are goin’ down today, Pokes are playin’ some good ball.

I suspect you might be right, but stranger things have happened. Last year O-State was a better team than OU, and OU was able to win.
The weather might make things a little more even helping OU’s cause.
If we lose it will be to a #6 ranked team and a one of the top coaches in the country.

Btw, why are you guys letting ‘dead guy’ give you shit on your spelling? He is obviously is the poster child for 3rd graders everywhere.
He’s probably (is) the worst speller on here.

Nebraska really missed out on a great hire in Petersen. In the time Pelini has been given at NU, Petersen will be making some serious noise with his teams. Do you know is Nebraska has any more future dates with UW?


“Do you know is Nebraska has any more future dates with UW?” What a DICK

I wrote that in a way so that even a dead red colostomy bag with a third grade education could understand it. Evidently he did.

Excuse me while I go finish celebrating a brilliant coaching win (another 10 win season, btw) and knock a few cold ones back…ahhhhhhh.

Wooooo hooooo,

Y U K I T Y…Y U K…Y U K!

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