Could Nebraska Become Texas to OSU?

Despite anything Bret Bielema has said, NU fans have had generally cordial relations with other fans. Sure, you could come up with some pretty extreme exceptions, but there generally hasn't been the kind of angst that results in tree-killing (a la Alabama-Auburn) or genital mutilation (a la Oklahoma-Texas) or murder (a la Clemson-South Carolina). That's not to say there aren't people who hate Husker fans. Make no mistake, there are. The stated reasons for hatred are often attributable to things other than the scoreboard, but it's usually a team that beats you that gets under your skin the most. No one in Nebraska had issues with Kansas State fans or Texas fans - until they started beating the Huskers. Ohio State fans swallowed a bitter defeat in Lincoln last year. An NU win at the Horseshoe this season might be downright unbearable. The disappointment wouldn't just be directed at their Buckeyes, surely their fans would come to dislike all things Husker a great deal as well.


The Parallels

The distaste for Texas truly started with a gut-wrenching defeat in the Big 12 Championship game in the first year of conference play. A team Husker fans never gave much thought to had all of a sudden put a damper on a promising season. Sure, 2011 was already off to a disappointing start for OSU fans, but the loss in Lincoln quickly took things from bad to worse. The next loss for NU came at home to an underdog Texas team to end a long streak of home wins. The Buckeye streak is not as long, but they still likely won't take well to a defeat at home when they're favored. From there, it may take a few more NU victories but you can see how little time it can take to develop distaste for an opponent.

The True Rival

The difference here, of course, is that Ohio State has had a true and enduring rivalry with Michigan. The fact that the Wolverines won the game a year ago also probably keeps the bad feelings alive for Buckeye fans. Nebraska had some great history with Oklahoma. As the Big 12 was formed, the games with Colorado had become a spirited series as well. But a crater left after Switzer's departure and an interruption of the series cooled things with the Sooners. Likewise, CU went from contender to punchline soon after Bill McCartney retired. But what if OSU quickly regains the upper hand in their series with Michigan? What if the one conference foe that seemed to have their number was the Huskers? Pretty soon, wouldn't Buckeye fans rue the day Nebraska joined the Big Ten?

Anything's possible. If the price of victory over OSU is to be villified, then it seems like a small one to pay. Of course, consistently beating a top program like Ohio State is no easy task. It also seems unlikely that the conference championship games and the Big Ten headquarters will be moved to Nebraska any time soon. Or that NU will demand changes in eligibility rules to hurt the Buckeyes.  Or that the Huskers will start getting larger conference payouts than all of the other Big Ten schools. Or that they'll launch a Husker Network to compete with the Big Ten Network. In that sense, no matter how many games NU might win, Nebraska will never be as loathsome as Texas.

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Wow, piss and vinegar stuff, there.

Easy there, you know that Wisconsin is going through a building year, right?

tOSU- 24
NU- 19

We already become the Texas to the conference when we broke the Iowa-UW rivalry game. 


Well, Nebraska needs a bitter rival to make things spicy and interesting.  The BIG wants it to be Iowa, but they are in a dip right now.

I don’t think the rival will be Ohio State - different divisions and there are just too many others in line.  Plus your fans are too nice.

I’d rank them this way:

Penn St

Michigan State

Penn State
Mich State

We have to beat them first.  Let’s concentrate on that right now.

Iowa is a good rivalry just because of the location, obviously. There are a good amount of Iowa fans here in Omaha and that makes for fun trash talk in the work place. If you asked around, I’d say you’d get Wisconsin.


Wisconsin in a building year?  Please….  Speaking of “building” year’s, how about your beloved Sooners?  Losing to Kansas State at home.  Really?  Remember Kansas State recruits JUCO’s and 2-3 star athletes.  Not the 4 and 5 star stallion’s OU mainly lands.  Even your own Barry Switzer stated the Sooners were thin on talent this year.  I’d love to face your boy’s in a bowl game.  Let’s strap ‘em up and get after it.  Until you get a mobile quarterback leading the troops, you will NEVER win another national title again.  Mark my words.

Dick Lizard,
Yea, 4th loss in 15 years. BTW, we lost to what is now the #5 team in the country. My team also has the same amount of losses as your coach in his 5th year.
You could have stayed and played them (a real football team) too but you decided to run to that awful, conspiracy laden, scandalous conference with boring teams and boring football BUT a schedule full of gimmies to get your ego back.

If it makes you feel better I called Coach Stoops on monday and told him that 4 losses (at home) in 15 years was totally unnacceptable and to pack his shit and git.
I also would love to face your team because the Sooners have owned the Huskers in Stoops era.

As we all know now, the best team doesn’t always win…ask Texas. sometimes you just can’t overcome a hex I guess.

Yea, I’ll be marking Dick Lizards word…getting right on that. Good luck against

Dick Lizard, stick to what you do best and that’s humping skanks in a warehouse.

Coach Stoops called.

He said Ron Jeremy is a tool with a 1/4 inch drive.

Yuk, yuk…


The #5 team in the country that is vastly overrated.  You know it to be true. 

Admit it, OU, you are going to struggle mightily this year.  Landry is a remarkable young man, but merely an average quarterback.  Like I said, you will never win another national title without a mobile quarterback.

While your at it, why don’t you continue to lurk around a Husker Internet message board.  We love trolls and trike riders. 

Carry on, military man.

I can’t believe you folks get worked up over OU7Times all the time. Times have changed. OU wanted to play Texas every year and not Nebraska.  Now that we left the Big 12, I hope everyone of their teams lose but we have to admit it right now the B10 is the lesser of the two conferences.  I still think we lose to tOSU, I hope we keep it close.  GBR!!

First, Buckeye Nation warmly welcomes any Husker fans who are in C-Bus this weekend for the game - wish I could be there myself. Many fans will be trying to roll out the red carpet to y’all tomorrow because we know that Nebraska fans hold the title for being the coolest, nicest cfb fans and we’re competitive (or jealous) about your status. Forewarning, though, because it’s a night game, there will be a few wannabe “tough guy” d-bags fueled by liquor-courage scurrying here and there. Very rarely are these a-clowns students or alumni. We’ll try to keep them in line as best we can.   
As for the topic at hand, I’m afraid I don’t see a bitter rivalry developing between these two programs because they are not scheduled to play in the regular season again until 2017, I think. Of course, Nebraska is a great program and we’d like to believe that Urban has the Buckeyes headed toward being a top program again, so it’s quite possible (likely?) that the Buckeyes and Huskers will meet in a Big Ten Championship game or two before 2017.
Besides, Nebraska fans are too nice for bitterness to develop. When PSU joined the conference in 1993, that became somewhat of a one-way rivalry: they hated, and were obsessed with, us much more than we disliked them. Eventually, we grew to dislike them, though, because when 50,00 drunken transplanted “Jersey Shore” types - which seem to be healthy contingent of their fan base - had given us the business for 10+ years, we couldn’t help ourselves. But that “rivalry” took about 15 years of uninterrupted games to fully brew and now that PSU is headed toward mediocrity, it will go back to being a one-way thing.

I love average immobile quarterbacks.

Especially when they run for 12 yards on 4th and 2 in a Big 12 Championship game after spotting the opposing team 17 points and win by 3.


You can’t be serious?

Good night, John Boy.

Not serious about what? Nebraska fans = nicest fans? Maybe they weren’t quite as nice to OU fans, but that one goes back to 1912 and OU beat them 6 of 8 before Nebraska left for the Big Ten. Or what else was I not being serious about?

Kansas state is a good team but they are not a top 10 team let alone top 5 team. Ou is well known to be some of the biggest cheaters in college football history. They have more then 1 national title that is bought and paid for. They also have several title game appearances that they didnt deserve. I’ve lived in oklahoma all my life to think I could have ended up following OU makes me sick, thank god my dad stopped that from happening. I hope OU loses every game they play in for the rest of their existence. GBR!!!! and go Red raiders!!(at least this weekend for the Redraiders).Also as much as I dispise Texas I hope they stomp a mudhole in OU’s ass too.

Wait a minute…you mean it wasn’t really Sooner magic after all?

Okay, so what I think you’re really trying to tell us all is that your daddy tells you what to think?
That’s cool…I guess.

As far as stomping a mudhole in OU’s ass…well, I think you’re just saying that because your dad told you to.

Do you think if your dad had time he could tell me what to think too? I could hook him up with some OU tickets for his time?

Yuk, yuk. This never gets old…

Nothing you just said changes the facts about OU. 4 times on probation for paying players to play football there. And yes at 4 years old when I started watching football I did listen to my dad.
And I should thank god everyday that he didnt let me fall into the trap of OU and all their bs lies and denial. Sooner magic doesnt exist it never has. You couldnt pay me to take OU tickets. I think its pretty Ironic that the name sooners comes from people who cheated in the land run its such a perfect fit for that program. So you see when OU gets screwed on a call or a replay doesnt go there way like against Oregon a few years ago its not really OU getting screwed its justice for all the crap they have gotten away with for decades.

I think you’re just trying to hurt my feelings.

Sorry, but I can’t get your dad OU vs Texas tickets (those are like gold!) but I can score 2 sets of OU vs Iowa State tickets for him.

and a year later, OU7times is still checking out Nebraska blogs and stirring up trouble. Get a life big guy.

Finally, Nebraska’s turn in the “horseshoe.” A game I’ve been waiting for, since “Woody.” While neither team is vintage, it is a fairly even matchup, even if Buckeye players had more stars, as recruits.
Steve, I don’t see Nebraska being anyone’s bane, or spoiler. Mainly because Nebraska should have as much to lose, at any point of the schedule. The first 4 years of the Big 12, Texas didn’t.
If Pelini can continue to build his program, I can picture Nebraska solving the Legends division and facing THE Ohio State (or Wisky) about half the time, in Indianapolis.
Btw, what an amazing schedule!
The D will soon get plenty of practice against teams with exceptionally mobile QBs, complete with ample “fatties” up front.

After the OU-Texas Tech game I went looking for said “mud holes “.

I didn’t find any until I got to Columbus, OH.

Dick Lizard, were you referring to a mobile QB like Braxton Miller?


Karma’s a bitch…

OU7Times - I’m in your head, and in your psyche too.  How’s it feel?

Nope, not Braxton.  I’m referring to an immobile QB like Landry.  You know the same guy that threw 5 picks back in Lincoln in 2009?  That guy. 

Stop trolling, military man.

You’re kidding, right, 3 years ago?
That’s the best you got?
You realize that it’s the same Landry Jones that had beaten your team since then in the Big 12 Championship game, right? Remember Landry’s 4th and 2 run for 12 yards and a first dow?

Not bad for a peg leg.

Sack up, dude.

OU7Times - it’s obvious you like the Nebraska football program; otherwise, you wouldn’t lurk around.  So, instead of constantly bashing us, if you are going to lurk around, why not show a little support?

Yes, I do like Nebraska football.

I’ve narrowed it down to what really bothers me about the program. I say program because it’s the way decisions are being made regarding football (the only sport visible to me) at the top. Harvey Pearlman, in my opinion, is ruining football at Nebraska. It’s really not that I blame Coach Pelini. I have been Coach Pelini’s harshest critic and i have to admit that my anger should not be levied at him and his coaches but at Pearlman. Unfortunately, I think Tom Osborne has some blame in it too.

Things directly involving Pearlman that come to my mind immediately are (excuse the order timeline):

- Signing off on the nationally embarrassing episode sending a jet to Arkansas for Coach Nutt.
- Firing Coach Solich with a 9-3 record (only to hire a horrible coach to replace him)
- Signing off on the hiring of Callahan and setting the program back to the stone age (wasted university money).
- Showing no balls when Callahan’s player Houston punches out the Mizzou fan (no accountability and no class) with no apology from the university.
- Invisible during and after Callahan’s “F’n Hillbilly” (gutless) comment regarding Oklahoma football.
- Ultimately signs off on a contract extension for Callahan weeks before Callahan is fired (wasted university money).
- Signing off on Pelini hire
- Signs off on contract extension and pay raise for Coach Pelini immediately after losing 3 of final 4 games including the Capitol One Bowl game in which Pelini’s team goes scoreless in the second half against Coach Spurrier’s USC team (absolutely wasted money!).

I’m sure their is a lot more but that’s what I come up with right now.

Coach Pelini was hired for what he does and what he has done at other places. That is what he does, like it or not. This is his product. Take it or leave it. So…if his product is not good then I really shouldn’t bitch about him. The same could be said about Tom Osborne (product) except he has done everything humanly possible for NU and suceded for many years in a positive manner, but eventually we all have to leave the game because we can’t keep up anymore. I need to direct my bitch about who allows this problem (and countless others) to exist. That would be Harvey Pearlman. He ultimately is to blame. It’s more than obvious that he is a yes man and has no opinion of his own because he signs off on some crazy, crazy shit.

Every day it seems that Nebraska gets further away from what has made it stand out for eons. If you are in my line of thinking you are going to stand up and say something about it.

I grew up with Oklahoma and Nebraska so I have a lot invested emotionally with both and I am not willing to just let it die.

Now, do you see any of this?

OU7 times,
All I see is someone who only has the cojones to come out and say anything after their team is on the uphill. Obviously I am disappointed in the loss to OSU, but the better team won. Let me take a moment to share some of the things that bother me even more:

1. Conference arguments- Anyone outside the SEC really just needs to shut their mouths, ESPECIALLY the Big 12. Last year winning a terrible, horrible conference where OSU and OU were the only teams looking to compete was okay enough for both schools. What we did not expect was that Baylor would come on so strong, and that OU would not even be in contention in the “down” year of the conference. If winning the conference was a good enough goal for the Sooners last year in such a crappy state, arguing that the Big 10 is crappy is null, and really gets on my nerves. OU7 and everyone else in my arrogant state of OK, dont start using the BIG 10 is down argument just because it favors you now.

2. As for being arrogant (I will again address OU), Stoops’s comments after k state were ridiculous. “Coach was this a bad loss?” “I don’t know, you guys (the media) are going to make it what you make it.” Please. The most arrogant coach and fans I have ever seen. Fans say WE won against tech, then say THOSE GUYS lost against k state. One simple phrase for you: “...and if we should lose, we’ll stand by the road and cheer as the winners go by”.

3. Before you come back out of the woodwork, let’s see a couple of things like OU defend Geno’s deep ball. I also want to add that they better score this weekend against Texas as well every time they touch the ball. Can they play in a 70 pt. shoot out? Better not fumble or have any turnovers. Oh… oh.. and I have to mention that I believe the game against Notre Dame will be scary. Everybody in Norman might as well be watching The Exorcist because it will be just as scary and ugly.

So, what’s stopping you from moving out of the state of Oklahoma?

We certainly don’t need you here.

You are obviously still angry from the OSU win. Is football the only thing in your life?

I’ve noticed a trend in your thinking and that is that you tend to have ‘blanket statement’ beliefs. You see Texas lose to WVU and naturally assume that OU will get stomped. Do you not know that teams pair up differently. Don’t you think rivalries make a dif? This is why the game is still going to be played regardless of what you and I think.

OU Texas will be a close contest, I am sure. WVU will be a good game too but I won’t be surprised if OU loses one or both. The Big 12 is pretty solid.

I like the fact you don’t care about Coach Stoops comments because you evidently don’t feel he has a right to his own opinion. Another ‘character’ tell about you, I guess.

Maybe when BigRedNOkc gets his own college team and wins a natty and 7 conference championships, then we will listen to you. I mean, the guy does win hardware.

Okay, let’s try a different approach.

First of all my team is not on the upswing. I know OU and it’s a game to game deal right now, but…this is Mike’s first year with these guys so it will be a while before defensive consistency sets it. Coach Heuple has a bunch of newbies and Landry is having to deal with that, so there are growing pains there.  I am fully prepared for a 7-8 win season this year. The price of progress.

I don’t understand how you could really deny that the Big 10 is down this year, and last year,  compared to most years.

College football is my passion but not my life. It is a lucrative fall ‘hobby’ most years. I do lots of research on 4 teams (only) each year so I feel I know about OU and NU year in and year out.

Do yourself a favor and move back to NE if you need to. Life is way too short to be unhappy.

I am another one of those unlucky people that just so happen to have been born here, and Husker football is all that I have ever known since being a young lad. When the age of accountability came I jumped out into the world, saw some decent Sooner fans, but for the most part they were ugly and disgusting fans, so I came back to siding with what I grew up with.

As for blanket statements…Ah, I’ll take it or leave it. Don’t really care how OU loses or who they lose to, I just know a loss is a good thing. No nat. champ. last year or this year, no conf. champ. last year (hopefully) no conf. champ. this year, that’s all I would like to see. Raise the “price of progress” whatever that means. Thought I would pick one of your excuses and use it.

You are indeed right sir. I do not really care what Mr. Bob Stoopid has to say. Next.

The Big 10 IS down. Pay attention, that is what I said. Does that mean that being successful is a conference that is down would be a bad goal to have? No, it wasn’t a bad goal for you last year.

Finally I would love to go to NE, but all my family lives here and I would like to stay close to them. I’m a family man, sue me. But I am disappointed in the OSU game, not angry. We can call up Urban Meyer and have him play the Sooners now if you want? I can’t exactly remember, have you played agianst one of his teams before? No seriously, I could have sworn you guys have been on the same field before right? What happened?

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