Coaching Changes Create Recruiting Opportunities

Charlie Strong has left Louisville for Texas.  James Franklin has left Vanderbilt for Penn State.  While both hires are generally viewed positively for the new schools receiving these coaches, it does leave things in flux for the players and recruits left behind.  The Huskers appear to have recognized this recruiting opportunity and are set to host a pair of players previously committed to Louisville along with another that had been headed to Vandy. 


Running back Mikale Wilbon of Chicago had more than a dozen offers from BCS conference schools, including half a dozen Big Ten schools.  His build is like an Ameer Abdullah or Cory Ross.  He'd committed to the Commodores but is now considering other schools.  He'll visit Lincoln this weekend.

Also visiting this weekend will be 6'4" receiver Desean Blair of Jacksonville.  Perhaps winning the Gator Bowl has helped Nebraska where Blair is concerned.    Blair has nine offers from BCS conference schools but appears to be choosing between NU and the Cardinals.  He's then set to travel to Louisville the following weekend.

Safety/receiver Michael Johnson of Hialeah, Florida had also verballed to the Cardinals.  At 6'3" he has excellent size.  He plans a visit to Louisville on the 24th as well.  Assuming he doesn't commit on the visit, he'd see Lincoln on the 31st.  Presently, he appears to be choosing between Nebraska and Louisville despite offers from LSU, Central Florida, Pitt, and West Virginia.

This sort of opportunistic recruiting might suggests it would be a good idea to keep an eye on additional turnover in the college head coaching ranks.  One school's loss could well be NU's gain.

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Let’s hope these kids visiting over the next few weeks fall in love and we finish out this class strong

Sounds good.  Maybe we could pick up some Tejas transfers too, ya think?

Anyway, will be interested to see how Strong does at Tejas.  I think he’s probably a real good coach, but it is difficult to fully know right now since, you know, Bridgewater.

And what will become of Wats?

T-doggy….. what’s up?  Hear anything bout a secondary coach yet?

sweet T,

Yea, I hear that Joseph went to aTm where he can make more $$$ and he can just ride his bicycle to get recruits, or they ride their bicycles to him, or walk whichever.

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