Coaches Rank Nebraska #16, So What?

The USA Today coaches poll is out and Nebraska is ranked 16th. What might that mean for Nebraska? Last year, Kansas State was the team that finished at #16 in the Coaches poll with a 10-3 season and a loss to Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. But what about the team that the coaches ranked 16th prior to the season?


Sadly, that was Ohio State. Jim Tressel had already left the team and the feeling was that based on talent and some continuity among the coaches, the Buckeyes were going to have a better season than they did. Instead, they struggled to a 6-7 season and lost to Florida in the Gator Bowl.

The sixteenth ranking by the coaches is slightly above the average ranking among prognosticators which would put Nebraska around 19th. Last year's preseason #19 by the same group was Missouri, who finished just 8-5 with a victory in the Independence Bowl.

None of these predictions really has any correspondence to how things might actually play out. Two years ago, LSU was the #16 team in the coaches preseason poll AND the #19 average team among prognosticators. The Tigers went on to go 11-2 with a Cotton Bowl victory. A year later they were playing in the national championship game. Maybe #16 won't be so bad after all.

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This year the ranking seems about right. I thought the last two years being inside the top 15 without any major wins we were too high to start the season. Somewhere in the 15-20 range seems about right to me.

Seems about right to me as well. Pre-season are fun to look at but really do not mean much. I would also like to know how they think Ohio state sits in the pre-season, even though they have the ban, it would be nice to see another B1G team in there and where they would be placed.

Ranking is too high for me.  My read on the 2012 season… another 4 loss year.  Too many holes with the defense.  On offense, we’re hoping Martinez will be better.  You have to wonder how long is it going to take before Nebraska moves up the ladder.

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