Carl Pelini Returning to Nebraska

Sports Illustrated has shared Carl Pelini's version of events that led to his termination from Florida Atlantic.  While it probably won't satisfy everyone that he is innocent of allegations that he'd used drugs, it makes the possibility seem more plausible.  Perhaps more interesting was the revelation that he'll be moving back to Nebraska. 


While he was well-compensated during his time as head coach at Florida Atlantic, it wasn't so much money that Pelini will never need to work again.  Thus we can conclude that he will need to begin working again in the not too distant future.  In the SI article, Pelini said he has been essentially blacklisted in coaching.

It's not hard to think of one head coach in college football willing to believe Pelini's version of events - his brother Bo.  Whether a position would open up as soon as this fall remains to be seen, but it's not hard to imagine scenarios where Carl renews his employment at the University of Nebraska.

John Papuchis took over Pelini's position as defensive coordinator in 2012.  His two seasons in the role have seen the team ranked between 50th and 60th nationally in scoring defense.  In the prior three seasons under Pelini, the team was never ranked less than 42nd and twice finished in the top ten.  It might be unfair to lay blame at the feet of Papuchis, given that he didn't have the luxury of a Ndamukong Suh, Jared Crick, Prince Amukamara, Eric Hagg, Larry Asante, Lavonte David, or Alfonzo Dennard.  Nevertheless, assistant coaches often pay the price when their units fail to produce on the field.  Another lackluster year defensively could have fans begging for Carl to reclaim his old role.

There are other ways for Pelini to make a living in Nebraska too.  There could be broadcasting opportunities or non-coaching positions related to football.  He played a major role in recruiting more than a dozen players in his time at NU.  Among the names associated with Pelini are Cameron Meredith, Eric Martin, Daimion Stafford, Lavonte David, JerMarcus Hardrick, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Brandon Kinnie, and Taylor Martinez.  The new NCAA rules allowing teams to expand their recruiting staffs could allow Pelini to contribute in a similar way.

In any case, it seems unlikely that Pelini would be moving back to Lincoln to take a construction job.  Sooner or later, fans can expect to see Pelini around NU football.

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I’m not so sure Big Red will go for that.  If its recruiting, parents may question sending their kids to a school with someone that has a drug reputation.  After reading about Carl and what happened, it leaves some people wondering, its not all clear cut what happened.

I do think he was a good coach, its just that his reputation is not what it was.  NFL might be the best place for him.  I do wish Carl all the best, just not sure he’s a fit here at Nebraska?

Gimme a break. He refused to take a drug test when initially confronted in mid-October and then did not take a drug test until more than 3 months later in mid-January. I sure hope NU is not dumb enough to let him back in. Bo’s doing enough to ruin our rep.

He can always go to Ohio & work for Frank Solich.  I suspect that he will be back on the NU staff by the time fall practice starts.

I say bring him back. Its a good thing that Nebraska Football is the Mid Way act in D1. The more carneys the better, right?

So predictable.

Never mind hot Carl was fired for his drug involvements at FAU.

The upside to this story is that now all the NU coaches can get their skunk weed at cost.

I say welcome back with conditions . 1 Pass a lie detector test administered by professionals paid for by Carl. 2 Subject to random drug testing to be administered at least three times from spring football through the bowl game. 3 One strike and your out for any run ins with the law. GO BIG RED !!

I wish him the best of luck as long as it is elsewhere.  I think this would set a bad example for the players that we don’t need.  This team has been keeping things pretty clean on and off the field, no sense in doing anything that could jeopordize that.

Carl is too hot to handle.  Nebraska had better be smart enough to not allow BOP to help his brother at the expense of the University’s good reputation.  Where there is smoke, there’s fire.  Carl is more likely than not, a victim of his own doing.  If he is truly innocent of drug related involvement, he is guilty of being a horrible manager of his own personal affairs and reputation.  Just with that fact, Nebraska should not take him back.  Besides, Carl left the NU job.  That was his decision.  If it wasn’t for the fact his brother is the HC at NU, he wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance of being hired at NU.  Thus, bringing him back would strictly be due to his family relationship with BOP, not on the merit of Carl’s competency and skills.  That is not the right reason to hire someone under any circumstance in big league college football.

The more I think about it, if it was a player at Nebraska that did what Carl did, he probably would be off the team by Bo’s rules.  Carl is not blacklisted from coaching for nothing…there is enough drug problems out there already, NU doesn’t need it.

Thank you NU Realista, I agree with you!

Are you kidding me?  This guy has so many skeletons in his closet (well-known here in NE) that we don’t ever want him back on the staff.  I was very glad to see him go because it was only a matter of time when these would get revealed and blot and otherwise fairly clean program here.  Too bad, so sad, should’ve made better choices.

His kids live here so this is the best place for him. His kids need him even if we don’t.

Wow, guys.  First, the drug test refusal is contested by Carl, so you got one story.  Second, when he did take the drug test only 3 months later, it was a hair follicle test.  THC is detected in hair follicles tests for 10 YEARS!  So yeah, he’s at least clean of marijuana.

Here’s the way I look at this: If Carl did not do drugs, then he was terminated unjustly, the university acted illegally in depriving CP of the FA job and future jobs via tarnishing his reputation - and every litigator in the country would be doing back flips all the way to Florida to file a suit.

I don’t need a lie detector.  No lawsuit vs. FA = no merit to the claim that he didn’t use drugs.  It’s no more complicated than that. 

You can say anything to SI.  It’s different in a court of law.  They call it perjury there, and they incarcerate your arse for it.

If Carl did not do drugs, then he was terminated unjustly, the university acted illegally in depriving CP of the FA job and future jobs via tarnishing his reputation

No, it was the “witnesses” that did that.  The official reason for firing was failure to monitor staff.  Quite accurate.

Carl Pelini willfully signed his resignation.

Chun said that he was not let go for drugs, that he was let go for failure to report misconduct of his asst. coaches.

That’s a legal termination that is covered in his contract (and every other coach in America’s contract) under ‘Just cause’, not ‘Just because’.

2 things I take from this: 1. Carl Pelini suffers from what brother Bo has, and that’s ‘I’m bigger than the university that hired me, so I’ll do what the hell I want’ syndrome. 2. Nebraska would show just how hard up it is to win ball games to bring that derelict back.

The University of Nebraska belongs on the ‘Jerry Springer’ show because of the head clown Harvey Perlman.

That should be - he was let go for failure to report IN A TIMELY MANNER the misconduct of his asst. coaches.

Who had time? He was busy smokin’ doobies with them.

Let’s get one thing straight, here. Carl Pelini has definitly learned from this experience. He signed an “irrevocable” resignation.

[ih-rev-uh-kuh-buhl] Show IPA

not to be revoked or recalled; unable to be repealed or annulled; unalterable: an irrevocable decree.

He learned that ‘next time’ this happens, wait till your buzz is gone before signing any resignation letters.

What a 3 ring clown! The nerve of this guy.

Wow, what an attempt to write a story to meet an agenda. Not one shred of evidence in SI Article or presented by this writer that Carl would even be considered to coach again at Nebraska. The headline would make it appear he is returning to COACH at Nebraska and it elicited the typical response. There is no evidence the Administration would want the headaches that would go with hiring Carl. Disappointed this “story” was written to stir the pot

Ballfield78, You make a good point, but the gist of my main point remains.  If you have done nothing wrong, ie not taken drugs, then how would an innocent person react to, say, being asked to take a drug test? If innocent, I’d say, “Line up the cups and I’ll pee in all of them” or “Here, try this vein or that one.” How would an innocent person react to being fired for something they did not do?

Failure to monitor staff sounds something like the pretty wrapping the PR dept at FA chose to put around this big, stinky embarrassment.  Carl looks bad, but what about the nicompoops who hired him?

How would you react if you were pulled over and the police asked to search your car?

I agree, in that everyone looks bad.  Very unfortunate.  I don’t think, as OUxxxxxxx suggests, that Carl has “I can do what I want” attitude, in fact it appears to me Chun has that attitude.  I think all parties involved should be thoroughly embarrassed.

In the end, I think Carl’s ultimate embarrassment is coming across as a whiny dog.  I would not hire him as head coach, or even a coordinator, but I still think he makes a good assistant.  Not at Nebraska though, too much off-campus baggage from before, during and after FAU.

Can’t argue with that. Agreed.

ouSeb’n scratches her head, sniffs her fingers, and thinks this smells like shit, and decides to bless us with more ignorance.

I find it hard to bolieve that cocaine sales are gonna be better for Carl in Lincoln, NE, than , say, uh, Miami.  And didn’t he get kicked down the road the last time for displaying a certain ‘proclivit-ay’ for scantily clad, blonde cheerleaders, or somethin’ like dat?

Whatevs.  Welcome back, Carl, part-ay DOWN!

Baby steps, Carl, baaaby steps, rehab’s a beotch…

“In any case, it seems unlikely that Pelini would be moving back to Lincoln to take a construction job.”

That’s right, why do something, uh, ‘constructive’—a MAN’s work—when you can deal crack cocaine on the streets of Lincoln. 

OR, it’s spring, they probably hiring temp, migrant indentured slaves out in Farmville ‘bout this time of year…

“How would you react if you were pulled over and the police asked to search your car?”

Tell the p.o.s. he/she needs a warrant, probable cause, like dat.  Otherwise, GTF outta here.

Hey, look everybody, it’s red!

Are you out of prison yet? I guess so, must be a parole deal.

Hey, no a lot has changed since we heard from you last, except the state of Nebraska is crackin’ down on window peekers, I hear.

Yea, and I’m still enjoying that ass whooping’ Bama gave us!!

Yuk yuk yuk…


I guess it’s the cops fault someone drives around with smoke billowing out their windows.

Let’s see…doggie don’t like cops, he don’t like military….what do you like?

Simple, Don’t break the law, and if you do, don’t bitch when you get hauled the F in.

“Laws” are just the opinions of the ruling class, for purposes of extortion.

Which reminds me, 7, WTF you spending your time here when you, a ‘law abiding citizen’, should be out there in Okie City helpin’ bust up the ‘boomer-ing soonering” sex trafficKing industry?

“With three interstates to our credit, Oklahoma has unwittingly become a primary trade route for transporting human sexual trafficking victims across the country. We’ve also become an unwanted destination for the business itself – and the business of sexual trafficking here is growing.”


I like good music, you probably wouldn’t know much about that, eh, 7?

So, sex trafficing in Oklahoma and teachers banging their 10 year old students, all the while the student watches Disney movies.

I guess we could trade stories back and forth, but i’ll stop here.

Yea, of course I couldn’t possibly like “good music”.

No place like Nebraska.

Yo 7,

Take a short break from feedin’ on your gov’t cheese and consider this:  when your grand kid signs up for DHS—because grand dad said he should become a ‘military man’—and storms YOUR home with his ‘buddies’ because the Yuan has kicked the USD’s ass and they bringing in the NDAA in full martial law(which you love) force and they think you gotta l’il ol’ pistol hid under your pillow and are therefore a threat to ‘national security’ and your very own grand kid throws ya to the ground, stomps on your head a bit while the other thugs cuff ya, and they haul you off to graze on more gov’t cheese in a FEMA pasture…well, you’ll probably stupid enough to cry out, “they is protecting my freedoms!”


Why would I love martial law? I am not in the military anymore.
I own guns and wont give them up freely. Makes no sense, T-

No matter what, I just agree to disagree with you, especially when it comes to direction of NU football. That’s all.

My military career is something I am particularly proud of. This Obama nightmare is going to end sometime. As much as I loathe him I am still proud of my service career now that my watch is over.

If that makes me a ‘sucker’ then I’m okay with that.

I respect your right to disagree, T-Dogg.

OU7times ~ you are more than tolerant of TDogg’s less than enlightened ways!!! 

As to Carl P, those who seek to rationalize his failures in life as if he is a victim of circumstances are fools.  Where there is smoke, usually there is fire.  Not always, but most of the time.  While I don’t defend BOP’s performance as a HC, I do note he has never been accused or associated with any hint of illegal drug use.  That means Carl is either a fool or he is the biggest victim of rumors and suggestions that has ever lived.  I choose the former - likely a fool who needs to grow up.  We don’t need anymore fools associated with the NU football program.

Las Duas Amigas, Las Duas Suckas.

7 gets his jollies by standing in passenger lines @ airports and letting male TSA agents grope his nads and do cavity searches in the back room, “make me SAFE, big guy, PROTECT me, you hunk!”

He LOVES cops…

Okay, so now we know someone likes ‘good music’ and a lawless society.

So you can hate ‘all cops’ , and anything to do with law enforcement, but i voice my opinion on how Pelini is not a great coach (by a longshot) and you get all bent?

Hey Robert, don’t take the Pelini thing as all about you.

Well Carl…

You know, from the looks of things, The University of Colorado definitely needs a new defensive coordinator and well, from what I am to understand, the whole weed thing ain’t all that big a thing there.  Something to consider, I guess.


Omg, I hadn’t noticed you don’t like BOP, when did that happen?

P.S., cops suck, stateys suck, army men suck, DHS sucks, TSA sucks, NATO troops suck, mercenaries suck, all the immature boys and men that wear uniforms and think they are tough guys cuz they get to ‘legally kill’ people—especially women and children, which is mostly who they kill—they all suck.  The most average, below average, talentless, soulless ‘men’(boys) on the planet, well, these are their occupations of ‘choice’, because they are too fucking immature and stupid to do anything else—like something useful—with their lives.  Most of ‘em come home all f’d up from war and wonder WTF happened to them and they is too f’ing stupid to break it down what they did in the 1st place.  I feel sorry for ‘em I really do, except they kill people ‘legally’ and get off on it, so no, I dont feel sorry for them after all.  They love their f’ing guns and bombs.  They hate life.  They are the #1 preventers of freedom, throughout history, always have been, always will be—they defend the ‘King’ and the vested interests of the ‘King’.

I’m tired of having to go over this with you, yo, you gotta learn to use that thing between your ears that El Creatatore gave ya.

Anymore questions?  If so, talk to the hand…

See 7,

Guys like you, you evidently need ‘laws’ spelled out for you and enforcers to help you out because evidently you cant grow up and live an honest and peaceful life on your own—and apparently cant defend yourself, so you need a cop to NOT defend yourself for you.  Yeah, when has a cop ever defended anyone?  Rhetorical question.  They only defend against anyone who would threaten their coffee and donut breaks.

You will live to see martial law in the U(Police)SA, so better get used to it.


No we do not kill more women and children than we do adults.  We have taken great pains to ensure our ordinance is not misused.  However, yes, sometimes the technology fails and mistakes happen.  However, compared to the non-uniformed Muslim militant thugs who kill largely at random and indiscriminately, solely for the purpose of intimidation and to advertise their “religion” to others are the lowest of the low.

Thou shalt not kill.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I remember reading that somewhere.  I don’t recall off the top of my head which number is associated with it, but the last time I checked it was still in His “Top Ten.” 

Soldiers do not start wars.  Politicians do.


Well, what you said is uninformed b.s., but I’m done talkin’ about it.  Muricans are basically, well, I used to say uninformed, but now I just say, ‘stupid’.

Sounds like someone eiher got ‘kicked out’ of the military or had ‘issues’ and was denied entry into the military.

Whatever, dude. Somehow this has to do with college football.

I say no, it’s because their is an audience in which you can stand on your soapbox and spew.

Being “too popular” must suck, huh Robert.

Admiral and NU Realista,

Just curious…How many times do you let someone get away with saying they you are a bad American, or that they are going to bust you in the mouth before you get a pre-emptive strike in?

I have a feeling that you guys are thinkinking the same number of times as I am.

What’s the difference between a cop and an armed robber:  nothing.

Good gig though, getta sit in the company car, wearin’ company clothes, along the roadside sippin’ coffee, eatin’ donuts, playin’ vid games on the company computer and predate upon would be ‘threats’ to the public, such as those whose license plate bulb has burnt out—an egregious ‘crime’ against humanity—and commit armed robbery vs said ‘crime’.  Can do the same to ‘j walkers’ and those who don’t use their turn signal and other ‘dangerous criminals’.  Of course, when there is an actual harmful event that occurs, they always show up late if they show at all, and then, they basically never do shit about it unless there’re drugs and guns involved, in which case they ‘confiscate’ and sell within the their own controlled black market for extra cash on the side.

If cops didnt have guns, well, nobody would ever pay attention to them, stop for them, answer their idiotic interoggations, etc.  In essence, they are nothing, except below average entities that couldnt make a real living doing anything of real value to humanity—they just dont have the will power or mental acuity for that.  A garbage collector is of FAR more value to society than a cop—who is of no value to society, in fact, is a detriment,a parasite, to society.

If cops didnt have guns, people would just laugh at them, in fact, everybody does behind closed doors, until the cops break down those doors to conduct another armed robbery.

What other business can function like this other than the mafia?  A carpenter cant stop somebody on the road, hold a gun to their head and say, “I’m building your f’ing house otherwise yer goin’ to jail…”  “I dont like the way you made that left turn, so you gotta give me 75 bucks.”

Armed robbery, nothing more nothing less.

Army men and riot cops are even better.  They act all tough and ‘loyal’ to the tyrants they protect and serve until the revolution turns the table and then the riot cops and army, like the pussies they are, flip faster than a pancake on a greasy grill @ a cheap roadside diner and lay low, waiting to see who the new tyrant is going to be such that they can resume their parasitic activities thenceforth—workin’ for the new boss.

Cowards, robbers, weak minded:  thats what cops are.


Hmm.  So we don’t need cops?  Well heck, I guess we don’t need laws too?  Right?  Well heck, why have Congress if we are not going need laws, and why have a Presidency if we are not going to enforce the laws, and for that matter, why have judges.

Congratulations T-Dogg you just made every branch of government completely un-necessary.  As a conservative I don’t like to think about how our society would tail-spin into a crater of anarchy, but yet at the same time, I am totally down with the elimination of all taxes that would have to accompany our dissolution of government.

Clap, clap, clap…
Folks like you need to move to Colorado where you belong.

Bravo, Johnny!

You and I might disagree some on NU football, but I would call you brother any day.

All of you should find a better way to spend your time, maybe on your family?  The truth is, Carl is moving back to NE to be close to his kids and that is it, it’s not that complicated.

Kind of like responding to a 16 day old post.

Betcha didn’t see that coming.

Do his kids snort coke too?

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