This just in: Texas is better than Kansas State

Anybody who thinks that Texas is worse than Kansas State just because the 'Horns have one more loss than the 'Cats needs a serious reality check. Texas is more talented than KSU. There isn't a single player on the KSU defense that could see the field for Will Muschamp's UT defense. Texas is a fast and aggressive defense led by their secondary. They are among the best in the country at creating negative plays - sacks and tackles for loss.  Basically, they are everything KSU wasn't. Yes, Texas has issues on offense. Yes, they have two losses. But, don't get it twisted. The Longhorns will come ready to tackle. NU won't go rack up 400 rushing yards on Saturday. They'll need to play a "complete" football game to win.

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Ya I agree Texas is still dangerous they won’t be able to score very well so this game could come down to turnovers.  Good test for our freshman quarterback.

I agree wholeheartedly.  Texas is by leaps and bounds the best defense we’ve seen so far this season and may be the best defense we see all season.  Let’s face it: Our offense has been running up yards on a bunch of second rate defenses.  WKU, Idaho, Washington, and KSU are all horrible defensive teams. 

Plus, there is one thing no one has been talking about much: Our propensity to fumble.  A lot.  Fortunately, most of those balls have literally bounced our way, but that luck is going to turn at some point.

The game plan has got to be as follows: Play solid defense and maximize opportunities for turnovers.  On offense, we must emphasize ball control.  We don’t need to go out and score 40 points.  We need to possess the ball, be satisfied to take yards in smaller chunks, and not turn it over.  I really hope that Martinez does not go into this game thinking he is going to rip every play for 70 yards.  Not going to happen against a team like Texas. 

This is the true test, guys.

Nebraska will run away with it in the 2nd half and make them look like K-State.  We will have over 400 yards of offense.

You heard it here first.  I’m batting a thousand the last 2 big opponents (Washington and K-State)

No question Texas has more depth and talent than the purple kitties. They have had two weeks to prepare, they are backed into a corner, and they are dangerous. NU needs to play a damn good game to win.
We should win but this is not a team to take lightly.

Ugh.  All of the comments I’ve been hearing are the same tripe that we heard leading up to the SDU game—not a question of if we win, but at what point do we put in the scrubs.

Those kids reading such nonsense before (and believing it) almost got them into a heap of trouble last time.  Can we please put down the damn kool-aid, as tasty and refreshing as it may be, and reiterate that Texas is a feral dog at this point—they’re weak, they’re defensive, but they’re angry as all ***k and want to take a bite out of anyone that attacks them.

I’d just as soon not have to worry about getting rabies shots before going to Stillwater, so can we folks please cool it with the whole ‘T-Magic will have 400 yards rushing, will deliver two babies in the stands, and will write his Doctoral thesis while dancing pirouettes around the Texas defense’ crap?

I want Texas to be put down—bad.  I want our kids being level-headed.  It was apparent that the kids were believing the message board chatter before SDU—we don’t need to relive the recent past, do we?  We won’t escape with a ‘W’ with the same effort level against Texas.

I love how everyone thinks that our players spend all week reading message boards, get a clue man, win or lose these kids aren’t buying into the hype.  You really think Coach Bo would let that happen?  If you think there’s a chance that our players are over-confident for this game then you my friend, need to lay off the whiskey.

I think this is going to be a defensive game with maybe a few big plays that break loose, on both sides. I think Texas will be up for this game at least as much as Nebraska, maybe even more. If our Husker players drop their guard for even an instant, it could be a very long and dissappointing afternoon. I have faith in our coaching staff to get these guys ready…it will be up to them to keep their heads in the game and out of the clouds. Good luck, and Go Huskers!!

guys, I’ve called every single score except the SDSU game within 7 points on the winner and loser.  I stand by my 2 touchdown prediction.

I think Nebraska wins 38 - 17.

dk, see how it holds up on Saturday.

Matt - right on.  Texas is pissed, and loaded for bear.  They are not scared of Martinez, they are champing at the bit to stop him cold and show us up like SDSU nearly did.  They have had two weeks to study that film and scheme exactly how to stick it to us once again.  We have not faced a team remotely as capable as Texas, so these predictions of a Nebraska walk in the park are ridiculous.

I like dk’s prediction.

Anyone who thinks that Texas will not be a serious test has lost their everlovin’ football mind. They are easily a top 5 team in the way of raw talent. The fact that they haven’t won a football game in a month or so will only fuel the fire for them. They are FAR more talented than the Wildcats.

On the other hand, I’m not convinced that the Longhorns are coached as well as KSU, but they are simply loaded with athletic talent and are likely to be very hungry for a big win. It will take everything the Huskers have to pull this one off.

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