Talking Football with “Lake the Posts”

Here's something you probably didn't know or even care to think about - bloggers are real people. We talk to each other, and occationally make friends. Weird, right? Well, it happens sometimes. One of my personal favorite blogs in the Big Ten is "Lake the Posts", a site covering Northwestern. They do a good job and are well read (their school AD reads it...). We exchanged e-mails when NU joined the Big Ten a year ago. And, what can I say? We hit it off. BRN and LTP had some serious Q&A discussion during last year's initiation in to the B1G blogosphere. That was such a good time that I did another Q&A with them this year. Give it a read, Despite still being filled with bitterness over NU losing to a .500 'Cat team at home (on my birthday!), I still gave them the low down on the outlook for Nebraska this year. Seriously, go read it. Then, comment like crazy and get in to a debate with fans of the only private school in the league. It will be a good time. 

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Darren, that was fun!  Best darn article I’ve read this year by far!And, you were right…LTP did ask some great questions.  How about an “encore” or two during the season?  Speaking of the season, I can’t wait!!!  Here’s hoping you and the rest of the gang at BigRedNetwork enjoy the season as much as I think I will.

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