Pelini breaks a promise, makes a joke or something

I'm a bit surprised about the amount of coverage this story about Bo Pelini's Holiday Bowl broken promise/joke to a Nebraska-native Naval officer has gotten. Not that it's a total non-story. There was obviously some sort of miscommunication here, but I have some serious questions about the way this piece was written. Apparently, so does Sean Callahan, who was at the Holiday Bowl press conference where the exchange detailed in the story took place. After reading it, who comes across as more outraged here - the writer or Morgan Ryan?

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Unbelieveable—in my 60 years of following the Huskers I’ve never seen so much negativity by the media and fans.  Get off Bo’s back, and while you’re at, it get off Taylor Martinez’s back too.  If you are a Husker fan you should be supportive of the team—players, coaches et al.  GBR

Must be a slow news day for the press.  You’d think there would be plenty of good news stories out there to write about but, instead, Lisa Horne has to do a hit-piece on Pelini.  I am getting pretty tired of all the ultra-sensitive people in the media that get so easily offended or otherwise seem to want to twist every-day types of activities into sordid plots and evidence of poor charachter.  Simple advice? Stop reading their stories.  Life’s too short to sweat poorly written stories by wanna-be writers.  If you can’t let it go then it might get the best of you too (like it did to Franklin that was fired by ESPN on Tuesday).

Bo’s getting the same treatment from the media that he seemed to get from the Refs this season.  The common ground is that he treats the media about like he did the Refs.  Now I couldn’t care less if he wins any “Mr. Popular” awards, but abrasiveness will be met with abrasiveness.  Bo - You reap what you sow young man.

And Jim Tressel starts 5 thugs who sold their Big 10 championship rings to get tattoos, traded memorabilia for vehicles, and this is what makes the news, Ohio State is to the Big 10 what Texas is to the Big XII, are we making the right move?

WOW!!! What ever happened to honoring what you say? Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. And to call the Ohio State players thugs is a ridiculous statement. Just like NU fans to try to blame eveyone else for their own short falls. Good luck in the Big 10 with no offense. Scott, you’re right Ohio Sate is the same as Texas. Go Independent! that’s the only way it seems NU fans think they will be treated fairly. Bunch of Conspiracy Theorists!

you know what they say when the big dog is down and limping?  just keep on kicking.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  Is Bo’s fire the correct kind?

Why is Bo the center of attention and so easy to beat up on.  The media has become a pain in the butt.  Why don’t you people leave the man alone and let him recruit and start working on his 2011 Husker team.  Just seems like this year has been a media circus fest for NU, I am sick of it and tried of reading these articles.  Sorry to the naval officer that a promise was broken, but did you see the game that was being played out there.  Bo probably forgot the whole conversation and maybe he shouldn’t have, but dang he was trying to fulfill a dream to most NU fans to win this game.  I really don’t know what to say about the promise or joke, everyone perceives an email, conversation or comment differently.  The same people can read an email or hear a conversation and come out with a completely different perception.  You media people need to back off, or write something worth reading, your articles and negative comments are getting old and annoying.

This story stinks of a slow news day.  So what, haven’t you ever received a “backstage” pass, and been disappointed that the rock-stars didn’t sit, chat, and jam with you?  My point is that schools regularly give people a chance to roam the sidelines - they do it because it is harmless and a lot of fun for the few involved.  But - if this kid thought he was going to call a play - he’s naive.  Have you seen a modern football playbook?  Could he even do this - actually call a play?  The reporter - however - has no excuse.  This is typical media stuff.  Inventing controversy to make headlines.

I’m sorry but this is a story. Had Bo said during the game he just forgot because the game was so awful it would not of been a story, but to say it was a joke when it is obvious many did not see it that way is a huge mistake and he needs to make it right. This is a Nebraska kid serving his country and he was made to look foolish for thinking what Bo said was true. This needs to be fixed, not to make the media happy, but to prove Nebraska does what is right. After watching that game I wish they would of let that young man call most of the plays. I’m very disappointed.

WATCH THE VIDEO - It is CLEAR that the offer to call a play was not a ‘joke’    Pelini said that the young serviceman ‘would have the honor’  to call a play.  He then joked that if there were any bad plays those could be blamed on the young man ... but it was NO JOKE that he offered this. WATCH the clip.  The REAL shame here is that the coach dropped the ball when confronted on the broken promise… he should have just taken the hit, said ‘yeah we were losing and i had to break that promise… ’  and that would have been understood by all.  but to LIE and say it was a joke to begin with is just sad.  That was a bad call for sure, because it lost more than just a game, it lost respect and just made the situation go from bad to worse.

Do we really care?  Sorry guys…I was in the Navy and never got a chance to call a play.  As you can see it traumatized me for life.

All I can say to BO is this…Win, Win, Win.  That will be the only thing that will shut up all the haters!

No class Bo! Lie to a veteran, a serviceman. Joke or not!  I am confident that the sailor could have called plays as good as Bo’s offensive staff did most of the season.  I wonder what Dr. Tom thinks?  Boy did I hire and idiot or what?  It makes Bo’s anger issues even worse.  Bo knows defense and that is about it!

Pelini and the whole Cornwhiner following contine to be a “class” act!  What a perfect fit with the rest of the Legends and Losers!

I love the Husker football program, but after the past ten years I can easily say I can’t stand a vast majority of the Husker “fans”.  I always told myself that I would not succumb to the uneducated comments that are emitted on these message boards.  I think some of you individuals with all of this vast knowledge should look into a mirror and understand who actually embarrasses the program.  It is you.  Let the coaches teach, let the kids play, and save your knowledge for your next shift at work when someone purchases a lottery ticket.  Go Big Red!

I agree that this would have been a non issue had Pelini just said he forgot in the midst of what was a very disappointing team performance.  I thing coach should put more consideration into his responses.  I am sure he was not in a good mood and not thinking about how his reponse would be taken.

More overactions to little stories like this and we’ll lose not only Pelini but also any chance to replace him with a viable “grown-up” coach.  After he’s gone, those of you who criticized his supposed insensitivity can say “we told you so.”

Joke or not, Bo is turning into a public relations nightmare. It would have been great PR if he (or Watson) had actually run the play. Bo’s coaching is top-nothc, but he needs some tutoring on dealing with the media. That’s a part of all sports today and he needs to learn how to handle it better.

Bo’s coaching is “top-notch,” that is ..........


Think about it, the reporter ms. horne new that Bo was in a bad mood, and the huskers were either losing or had lost the holiday bowl game.  she asked this stupid question intentionally, she knew he would respond short and maybe with frustration.  What reporter would have the guts to ask a coach that just lost a game the way he and his team did a stupid question like that.  The military kid is put in a spot also, this lady did it to get a rise out of people and to get her name out there and guess what she did.  Bo is not good with the press, but cripes he never gets a break from them they are always hounding him and trying to get a rise out of him.  This question had nothing to do with what happened on the field, and it probably caught him off guard and he is probably thinking “what are you asking me that for”! sheesh!

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