Huskers Draw Georgia in Gator Bowl

By most accounts, the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl passed over the Huskers in favor of a Michigan/Kansas State match up.  Instead of what was expected to be a trip to Tempe, the Huskers will rematch last year's Capital One Bowl opponent, the Georgia Bulldogs, in Jacksonville, FL.  The wild finish to the final year of the BCS led to some uncertainty in many bowl selection predictions.  The Huskers will be on ESPN2 on January 1 at 11 a.m. Central.

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While speculation was that the Huskers were going to be a higher draw earlier in the week, today seemed to throw most guesses out the window.  Ohio State’s loss last night seemed to throw some bowl’s planning into a tailspin that cascaded into every selection.

I think both bowls lose out.  I really don’t think either UN or UGA care or are interested in a rematch of last year, and Michigan and K-State have literally zero history so not may story lines or interest there.  I think a lot of Husker fans would have considered an AZ trip but will pass on going to upper Florida again.

Bo can’t get a break!  Terrible draw for NU. . .  And Paul is right in that many fans would have gone to AZ and we already have a strong fan base in the Phoenix area.  Let’s just get this season behind us.

WTF, those guys again?  Er mah gurly…..

We already had past history of playing the same team two years in a row and we didn’t like it.  I think many N fans will not make the trip.  What are these bowl people thinking???  You would think they had some common sense and would want the most fans coming there for the game, you don’t get that when a team has played the other in two bowl years in a row.  Just Nuts!!!

Don’t mind the rematch. Not too much, anyway.
It’s a cleaner test for Nebraska athletically, that K-State. They get a team that likely plays them straight up- nothing fancy, just good, fast and big. Plus, they’ll have had a month and a week to regroup and recharge.

Georgia again.  Lame.

Would’ve rather spanked rat face snyder and k-suck up and down the field again…for old time’s sake.

what-evs…could be worse.  we could be the sooners…about to face an extremely pissed off Alabama team…who will have a lot to prove…to shut up a nation of naysayers and haters.  lol… i can see it now…the sooner players…looking across the field at the Crimson Tide players right before kick-off…  kinda reminds me of what Michael Spinks must’ve saw and felt…when he looked across the boxing ring at a pissed off Mike Tyson…right before their title match in 1988.  yikes.


Well Heres the chance for the rest of the Conferences to show that the SEC isn’t the only conference playing football.. Great matchups , its put up or shut up time.. This year theres actually pretty good games there

Auburn vs Florida State
Bama vs Oklahoma
AM vs Duke ( SEC should wins this)
Wisconsin vs South Carolina
Okie State vs Missouri
LSU vs Iowa ( Sorry Iowa )
Nebraska vs Georgia
Miss vs Georgia Tech
Miss St vs Rice
Houston vs Vandy

I bet dick sabon can whup stooopid.

I think Iowa has a better shot at winning than we do tbh. Who knows though maybe Georgia is still.banged.up enough for us to pull it off.

I’m sure Georgia fans are more disappointed about a rematch with a Nebraska team they handled easily last year.  For NU it’s a chance at redemption for a season filled with injury.  If the Huskers can get healthy and beat Georgia the game will provide a launch pad for next season.  Get humbled again at it’s a very long winter….again.
Go Big Red!

The music stopped and Bo was left standing, happens when you’re 8-4 and not playing well.  Bo needs to lighten up, take the pressure off, and let the guys have some fun.  Should see this as an extension of spring ball with the idea of updating your offensive and defensive schemes, continue individual player development and playing the younger guys.  If Tmart can’t go, then MA starts.  Regardless, he gets plenty of playing time as we’re still unsure whether he is the guy for next year.  Bo has to do everything to insure that he puts a much improved team on the field next year, and the prep for that starts now.

Yea, seriously, BOP should lighten up. No idea what’s botherin’ him short of 1/2 of Husker Nacione’ are actively conducting a relentless witch hunt 24/7, admin is generally on the downlow, press crucifies him at every chance, and the zebras salivate at the slightest opportunity to toss their dirty laundry in his general direction.  No idea why he might be “edgy”...

‘Best fans in the known universe’, god bless ‘em.

Sounds like someone is getting ready to bet all of their government cheese/butter on the Oklahoma vs Alabama bowl game.
haaa haaaaaaa.

Something ‘funny’ about a window peeker taking shots at a sucessful coach like Bob Stoops who supports a booger eater. Guess what? While you support the underachiever, OU just gained 2 more games on NU’s all time wins.

That’s what mediocrity is getting you.
Enjoy it, genius!
Yuk yuk…

Sooners had to haul ass at the end just to get an offensive TD, good luck w Bama.  Not even Saunders and the FG holder can save ‘em in that game.

vs Pokes ^^

Bama by 14+ and possible rout.

TD,  Don’t want to rehash old arguments, but BO has had 6 years to convince us that he is the man for the job, and he hasn’t done that.
I think most fans will get behind him for next year and give him a fair shot at it.  If he cannot deliver next year, then we start over.

2 things, Dogg,

1. It was a designed play, not unlike a ‘fumblerooskie’
2. It weren’t no damn hail Mary, or someone is now owning a 7-5 record

It may be a route, but Stoop’s guys won’t quit, and it’s a priv to play in a BCS game. It means a team has earned the right.

Just remember, when NU’s all time wins record falls to another team, which I believe it did earlier this year, the Bo-backers can take the blame for supporting it in a disgraceful way. Allowing someone who acts the ass to continue to represent.
That pretty much sums it up.


I was addressing the stress thing.

Real good chance he gets the obligatory 9 wins nxt year, maybe 10, 11….
I’m feeling especially positive about how the D is shaping up and the rookies we’re bringing in—Newell and Clanksiles(?).  This D could get itself back in the top 10 sooner than later, is my guess. 

Gotta clean up the TOs is all, but I dont know if it was just me that noticed, but NIUs Lynch, Aub’s Marshall, OR’s Mariotta and other high level players have been doing real good TMart impressions of late in terms of ball securit-eh, or lack thereof.  Cost NIU a BCS game and Heisman chance for that guy.  Oh yea, didnt McCarron throw a few picks in the last game, think he did.  Yea, we gotta cut tje TOs way down, but dont expect perfection.

Why would you expect Nebraska fans to be ‘classy’ when their coach has no idea how to be?

I guess maybe he should take ‘charm’ classes or something.

You’re kinda losing me with all the equivocation and strawman pseudo arguments.  If you’re going to spend the next year and 1/2 bashing NU and BOP, all of which you’ve made abundantly clear, well your popularity ratings are v
going to take a serious hit.

OU doesnt have enough offensive fire power to hang with Bama, they just dont and their D will be gassed by mid 3rd qtr.  So I’m just preppin’ ya here for the inevitable.

WE, on the other hand, have a decent chance of exacting revenge on GA, a real good chance and if we win we will have just 1 more loss than y’all this year, no biggie.

I never count OU out and suspect they’ll play well against Bama, besides, I always support old rivals like OU, especially against old nemisis like the Tide.  I also suspect NU will play vey well against the Dogs of GA and predict a win for us in the Gator Bowl.  I hope TM is up for the game, at least for a good portion of it anyway.  I also predict BO’s future will be secured, one way or another, as a result of the outcome of this game. Bring it on! GBR

I agree that the Gator Bowl is a better match for Nebraska.  Who really wants to play K-State?  A chance to get even with Georgia for the loss last year is great.  Isn’t is amazing how people are saying that the Huskers may have a chance because Georgia is “banged up?”  Ha! These same people would say it was an excuse when Husker fans pointed out how “banged up” our team was.  We still won games with a RS freshman second string QB and third string QB. 

I am glad this game is on New Year’s Day, as it gives our O-Line plenty of time to rest up and hopefully TA will be 100 percent by then.  We can’t win with Kellogg.  He simply cannot run.  He can come into the game late if needed (4th QTR) when the their defense is tired…

Maybe T-Magic will be available in some capacity.  This should be a good game to watch, and a bowl victory over Georgia would be good.

I feel sorry for Iowa, however.  They are facing a very good LSU team.  Just ask Auburn.  That should be a blowout loss for the Hawkeyes.  Wisconsin will have trouble with SC as well.

DennisR - wouldn’t it be better if NU starts and plays Armstrong?  I’m not a Martinez hater at all…I’ve always respected his talent and what’s he done for Nebraska (huge come back wins at NW and Sparty last season…and who can forget his national coming out party in Manhattan in 2010; ahh…memories).  I just think its time to move forward…get Armstrong some game reps…since right now it looks like he and Stanton are the future at qb…and Stanton can’t play yet.

If anything…maybe move Martinez to the slot for this game…show what he can do running routes and catching the ball; just an idea…because if he wants to play in the NFL, it certainly won’t be at QB—maybe at slot or safety.

Anyways…just my opinion.  Time to move on…Armstrong is the future.  GBR

I wouldnt count LOLwa out agin’ LSU.  The Hat has been known to put an underachieving, mercurial team on the field, never know which LSU is going to show up.

I still think that LSU will bury Iowa.

I understand T-Dogg,

But you didn’t give OU any chance (alluded to) to beat 10 point favorite Oklahoma State. I remember saying that stranger things have happened. Bob Stoops won’t shy away from playing the Alabama’s and Florida State’s of the world, he just won’t.

At face value, yes, Alabama should roll. Counting the injuries OU has had and having to kick their #1 running back off the team., they have done well for themselves is all I am saying.
Yes, Nebraska has had a ton of injuries too, but no one can defend the attrocious turnover margin that the team has had for years. That’s directly attributed to coaching otherwise, stop recruiting rock droppers. No more alibi’s as to why there is no progression.
6 years is plenty.

Mark my words! Look out for Nebraska in 2-3 yrs. Jrs across the line in offence and defense. Bo will get it done. Look out nation

Be thankful NU is playing in any bowl.  Georgia deserves a defeat by NU, and this may likely happen more so this year than last.  It is also good NU doesn’t play until January 1st.  More time to practice and get reps in.  We are one heart beat away from a 7- 5 record, so be thankful for what we got by way of bowl and opponent.  Key is to hope Pelini and crew get their collective act together.  Prepare for a game that keeps offense simple and less prone to errors.  NU will win if offense avoids turnovers, attains reasonably field position, and coaches stop foolish decisions during the game.  You can expect Defense to do reasonably well, provided NU Offense can establish some ball control and time off the clock.

Is it ture TMart broke his two toes slamming his foot into a locker during half time or after one of the earlier season games ended?  If true, I would not let him play this next game, even if ready.


Ok, I’ll modify my prediction:  Sooners do not have zero % chance of beating Bama,  i more like 0.001 % chance.  Better?

Sooners are a good team, just too ‘rookie’ @ too many key positions—namely QB. I suppose they could bring in Belldozer and try and pound em all day, hope your D can hold the fort, but I dunno, I dont see any vood scenario.

I agree we probably might won’t hang too long, but…there are a couple of variables that would make this not a shoe-in for Alabama.
I would say maybe a 35% chance of winning. #11 facing a #3 team is a little lopsided, but they will give all as a team.

It’s a good reward for these men after fighting adversity.

Grendel   I’d like to see Taylor get a another shot at a bowl win in his last game for NU.  I also doubt that Armstrong will be the future of NU QBs, we need somebody who can maintain a cool head and handle the football, you know, pass, pitch, etc Armstrong should be waaaay better at those skills at this point.  Just sayin’, Bo doesn’t listen to me much, but we need to take a closer look at J. Stanton, or start some serious recruiting for a good option QB that truly possesses those fundamental skills.  NU won a few games this year, but half of them were by the slimmest of margins and we surely were not a dominant force in any but one.  I have high hopes that we’ll see some good play by NU after 3 weeks of R & R, but it’ll be our QBs that will bear the most scrutiny and be the harbinger of NU football in the coming year.

Well alot of things would have to fall into place for OU to beat Bama, like, I dunno, 5 TOs, like characteristic of a certain team we all know and love.  It’s unlikely, but not out of the question.

“So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance….?”

Well, we can’t count on ‘Sooner Magic’. That only works when we play Nebraska.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I think that Armstrong could be the future so long as the play calling puts him in a position of success.  Wishful thinking with the suspect coordinator.  As a true freshman, he should be handing the ball off to those two talented tailbacks, and hitting the tight ends on short/intemediate passes.  You have to simplify for young players.  Give them confidence and experience.  Since most people wrote off the season after not reaching the Big10 championship, this bowl game can only be a positive experience, unless Georgia blows us out.  Again, wishful thinking, but this bowl game should add even more experience, win or lose.  If we beat Georgia, that experience of winning against one of the top half SEC teams can be a stepping stone to a good 2014 campaign, and draw more speedy recruits from the south…just my opinion.

I hope I’m wrong in my estimation of just not seeing great QB skills in our team, but I’ve watched truly skilled QBs over a number of years and believe I have a fairly good eye for observing and determining the root causes of excessive turn-overs due to QB basic skills.  Four or five QB causedTOs per game is not an indication of good decision making, fundamental ball handling skills, or presense of mind in clutch situations.  Too many missed opportunities, and all those missed passes on easy slant patterns to open receivers is not a difficult play by any standard.  Pretty hard to imagine making play calling any more basic than we already are in order to facilitate lack of QB experience, or skill, without causing our game plan to deteriate because of predictability.  AA is a great player as are others, but he’s not a one man offense, well maybe he is, but look what happened to Rex resilient as he was.  I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so and only results are likely to change my mind.

4-5 QB TOs is an exagertation.  Aint been that much.

TA and LS and ZD are gonna be just fine, just everybody relax.

You can get some “sooner magic” @ the buffalo run hotel, in miami ok. for $20.00, works for anyone. yuk yuk

I think that Alabama will crush Oklahoma.  Not because Bama is playing the Sooners;  Bama would crush anyone on their bowl schedule.  After losing a heartbreaker in the Iron Bowl, they are going to be fired up and ready to “Roll Tide Roll.”

“Well, we can’t count on ‘Sooner Magic’. That only works when we play Nebraska.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.”


You’re Forgiven.

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