Hot Seat for Pelini? Nope

You know it is the off season when the loony topics come out. Born of boredom, they can be fun but don't always make the most sense. One such notion is this idea that Bo Pelini may be on the hot seat or that it is getting warmer. Both Steve Sipple and "Husker Mike" have mused about it this week. Their writings are inspired by work from Dennis Dodd at CBS and Bill Connelly at SBNation, respectively. So, I offer this counter. Pelini is not on the hot seat, and it's not even close. As my colleague Tom recently pointed out, Pelini has a .709 win percentage in his tenure at NU. That puts him in the upper tier of coaches in the Big Ten. Pelini's boss, Tom Osborne, has said publicly that the conference is the ultimate measuring stick for coaches. If Pelini keeps pace with Brett Bielema, Urban Meyer and his B1G counterparts, he's fine. Further, NU officials are out stumping to get Pelini MORE resources with which to do his job. The "Husker Air Force" is the obvious example. Few things send a clearer message of support than when a boss gets his people more resources. Just ask Frank Solich what it is like when your boss (in his case Bill Byrne and then Steve Pederson) doesn't want you to have the job. Resources dry up. Finally, consider the program Pelini inherited and compare it to the program he runs today. To borrow a phrase, it's "night and day" different. Hot seat? Hardly. That's just off season boredom talking.

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100% on the money.

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