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As New Years Day approaches, here is a recap of the storylines affecting the Bulldogs in preparation for the Gator Bowl.

  • Weather and a stomach bug limit the Georgia practices on Sunday.  Trainers are hoping it is just a 24 hour bug.
  • WR Chris Conley missed Saturday's practice by aggravating an ankle sprain that prevented him from playing in two games this year.  There is still a chance that he plays this week.
  • Not new news, but suspensions will keep the Georgia starting safety and backup corner off the field in the bowl game.
  • It may be very old news, but both teams starting QB's at the beginning of the year will not be starting/playing due to injuries sustained during the season.

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Sux 2b dem.

Waiting for the game TRIVIA:

Prince Amukamara siblings: Promise Amukamara, Precious Amukamara, Peace Amukamara, Princess Amukamara, Passionate Amukamara.

Daddy:  King Tut

BOP is TOPPED in boneheaded plays.  Paul Johnson reverse to slowest, smallest, greenist player on team, deep in own territory, plenty of time to drive the field and win game, but instead, slowest developing reverse in history against OL shredding fast DTs of Ol’ Miss.  Guy gets blown up, fumbles into endzone, safety called even though was recovered by Rebels, shoulda been a TD for them.

Game over, nice going Coach…

There are too many bowl games nowadays.  Should be limited to top-25 with 12 games.

The last time there were that few bowl games was around 1970.  Now that the BCS is officially over, the playoff system is going to start knocking off what little value exists in some of the bowls being played now.  OK by me.

I dunno, gives alot of these schools, kids a chance to go have some fun, however, most of the lesser bowls are sorely unattended.  The CSU/Wazzou game, 1st bowl, was the best game so far and pretty much meaningless bowl.

ASU just blew up my cyber pool, unbelievable—nobody likes going to the Holiday Bowl I guess.

I’m also kind of tired of hearing how so many teams have been ‘decimated’ by ‘rashes’ of injuries.  Like, whats going on, why so many injuries across the NCAA this year?  Navy lost like 6 guys in the 1st half today.  Nebby was having guys with ‘ankles’ and ‘knees’ throughout the Lolwa game.  I dont get it.

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