Football Playoff on the Horizon

The BCS is seriously considering the "brass tacks" of a college football playoff.  According to SI's Steward Mandel, the meetings on Monday with the conference commissioners focus on the desire for specific talks about a pure plus one system to be installed.  The question of 8 or 16 teams seems to be out, and in is the question of neutral sites versus traveling to home games for higher seeds.  But the fact that these questions are being discussed make some believe that a potential football final four could happen as soon as 2014.

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The next bit of news about this will likely be April 24-26 when the Football Bowl Association is meeting.

I’m not sure I like the ‘neutral site’ thing.  I’m sure it’s about sponsor money and if the higher seed gets the game on their field then the game could not be labeled with a sponsors name.  I can’t imagine a name like, “The Runza Playoff” being plastered in the middle of the 50 yard line in Memorial Stadium.  A neutral site means that they could plaster whatever advertisement they wanted on the field.  You think I’m on the ‘money’ with this one Tom?

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