Eichhorst in Line for NU AD Job

Well, now the timing of Tom Osborne's retirement press conference makes sense. It appears that the Nebraska brass had their most likely candidate waiting in the wings. According to multiple sources, Shawn Eichorst, the Athletic Director at the University of Miami (FL), is going to become next AD at Nebraska. Nothing is certain until a person signs on the line which is dotted. But, reports are that he is the leading candidate and that he is resigning his current position at Miami. So, it makes a person wonder if a Nebraska announcement is coming soon. You can get up to speed on Eichorst by reading his official bio here. For context, he's not really a "Miami guy". He's been there for 18 months, and had nothing to do with the activity that caused the ongoing NCAA investigation. If anything, he's a Big Ten guy, hailing from Wisconsin and working side-by-side with Barry Alverez before heading off to lead Hurricane athletics. 
**UPDATE** - It's official. Eichorst has signed a 5-year deal with NU that will pay him $973,000 annually. 

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#1 - He sure does move around a lot.  Only 2 years at Miami before resigning for the same position elsewhere?  How long does he intend to stay here?

#2 - He was at Miami before the scandal broke.  I get that he wasn’t directly invoved with that particular booster that this scandal is centered upon.  However, it seems to me that the benefits problems at Miami were/are rampant and I don’t believe that it was only one booster.  Wouldn’t a leader with integrity do something about it?  Did Mr Eichorst lead change to clean up the program?  Moreover, he was the leader of an athletic department rocked by scandal, shouldn’t he stick it out a bit and see the process through?  Doesn’t he owe that to the university? 

If an AD had gone down to Miami and shown real leadership and integrity, if he had changed the culture and set up the school for longterm success, then I would be thrilled.  Just don’t see that as being the case here.

If he is hired, I would be interested in hearing about the reasons for departing Miami.  Sometimes it’s hard to gain traction to make sweeping positive change.  I wouldn’t blame him for giving up after a few years if nobody was interested in going along with it.  I’d give the benefit of the doubt as I am sure those are questions that had been asked in the interview process.

Did you read his bio or anthing before commenting. Seems like it would be a great hire

What a joke.  Come on Perlman!

Omg nooo

Why yes I did read his bio.  That is how I knew he moved around so much.  UW-Whitwater 3 years, South Carolina 2 years, Wisconsin 5 years, 1.5 years.  See a trend? 

Moreover he is leaving a mess in Miami.  If we hire him, we are basically rescuing him.  What has he done in Miami to fix the mess?  Instead of providing leadership and a path forward, he is getting out before the sanctions get handed down.  Is that the kind of leadership that we want in NE?  Integrity?  Is that what TO would have done?  What happens if/when something goes wrong here?

Edit: Miami 1.5 years

The hire has been announced. He will join the university on October 9th and will take over on January 1.

Another Pearlman gem. A scandalous hire?

Pearlman just continues to sign off on things he knows nothing about. Steve Pederson debacle, a contract extension for Callahan just before he was fired, now this and who knows what’s next…

Why does Nebraska feel compelled to try to fit the ‘scandal’ mode already in place in the Big 10?

Well I guess its a done deal.

Go Big Red!

I am guessing that TO was heavily involved in the hiring process, so if you trust his judgment then this hire is a good one.  I am also inferring from his bio that Mr. Eichhorst is a strong fundraiser.  That and a commitment to academics are music to Mr. Perlman’s ears.  He has some big shoes to fill and I wish him the best of luck.

Go Big Red!

Vago 69,

According to Harv’s presser Osborne was not much invovled in the hiring process.  Some are even speculating the TO didn’t know about the interview until weeks later.

Further, Harv only interviewed two candidates (Eichorst being one of them) and no internal candidates.


Personally, I am wondering if TO and the powers at Nebraska had a difference of opinion on how to go forward after his departure? Maybe it’s possible that TO is having what would be considered normal health issues at his age and he just can’t make decisions (that he trusts) anymore. Hopefully that is not the case.

On one hand,  It would seem presumptuous to think that you announce that you are going to leave and pick your replacement, I guess, but he has been involved in every football decision (and other sports since becoming AD) for many years.

Who knows, TO’s is not your average guy.

Intriguing move. Obviously, he can manage. Can he fundraise?
Will the football squad fall apart on him, then he has to scrutinize Pelini?
Along with best qualified, Perlman seems satisfied Eichorst won’t fix what isn’t broken.
An always interesting Nebraska season, is slightly more so.

There is no place like Nebraska???

I don’t know what Pearlman was thinking on that one. You would think he would hire a husker loyalist, but whatever. maybe Pearlman needs to retire!

Should’ve been Trev Alberts.

Im going to take barry alvarev and ray tanner opinions over you guys. What ounce of anything credible do you have to say that makes this a bad hire

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