Biggest Questions Ahead of the Game

Bo Pelini did not do any real favors for the fans when the Huskers released a depth chart yesterday, but indicated that some Freshman would play and some he did not.  Aaron Curry (DT) is expected to see the field in the rotation, but if this game ends up with a large margin, do not expect to see Tommy Armstrong, Jr. at QB.  Burning the red shirt is not a task to consider lightly.  A heavy rotation on the secondary will be expected as the depth chart does not tell the tale of the many battles going.  The Huskers are going into the game against Southern Miss planning to be tested.  Vegas and Phil Steele seem to agree that the game should not be that much of a test with a 20 or 21 point spread.

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The key is to not make the usual first game mistakes.  Michigan State, Stanford, South Carolina, and NC State on Thursday/Friday were all supposed to be more dominant.  But first game jitters seem to have got the best of them as outcomes were lower margins or unexpected losses.

Tom is exactly right.  However, in looking at the Depth Chart we have plenty of upperclassmen which should help alleviate the first game jitters.  Our boys need to dominate the first half and show the nation that we are a serious contender for the division and the overall B1G Championship.  CANNOT WAIT FOR KICK - OFF!  GBR!!

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