Alternate Uniforms Have No Punch

Alternate Uniforms Have No Punch

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So now that everyone has had the opportunity to take in the new alternate uniform for the Wisconsin game, does anyone feel any different about it?  The unveil seems to have gone off with a fizzle.  It is almost as if every fans knows that an alternate uniform game is a must, and it is something that Nebraska football has to get done and over with.  Unsurprisingly, the uniforms incorporate mostly black accents, but lack much style.  The lack of separation between shirt and pant is the least favorite part of mine and it is hard to see the possibility for many positive reviews.

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Putting the “‘Noid” comments behind, (after all - did anyone comment last year that the big “M” on Michigan reminded them of Mighty Mouse?) I actually like the uni.  The black helmet is cool, and if i remember correctly, didn’t we take the field in an all red uniform once before? 1987?

I like where they were going with it, I just don’t feel that they quite made it all the way to having a kick ### uniform.  The black helmet is pretty cool though!

I think the black N is ugly and the football pants need 2 be a difrent color maybe go with the cursive script huskers in black with white trim on the chest couldn’t look any werse right love the helmet need 2 get some kind of white in the uniform thoe!!!

Cudd, assuming what everyone else is thinking, especially on something as polarizing as alternate Husker unis, is dangerous.  It looks as though the first couple comments were “mostly” positive, and mine is very positive.  I love the uni.  I do agree that seperating the top from the bottom whould have been nice, but I have been waiting to see the black helmet for a long time. 

Moral of the story:  You can’t expect the athletic dept to go full on Oregon when this idea has been a topic with opinions as wide as the sea.  See this as a stepping stone to future, maybe more exciting, unis in the future.  For the first go around, I love it.

I’m not big on the N either, but it’s kinda growing on me…just like the whole uniform.  I really like everything else about it and remember, the guys won’t have it tucked in, so you will get a little separation between the top and bottom from how they’ll wear it.  It will be really interesting to see the whole team decked out in these uniforms and running out onto the field!  And the black helmet is awesome!  It will look bad-A with black visors.

Actually, Husker Locker has pointed out that the uniform jersey is reminiscent of the uniform that Nebraska wore in the 1920s.

Love the helmet.  Like the block N on chest.  Would have liked black pants, but the red is better than white given the helmet and shirt design.  Overall B+. 

Generally like the idea of an alternate uni once a season.


I checked Youtube and it was the 1986 Steve Taylor and Broderick Thomas decked out team in all red jerseys/pants (with white helmet, white pant stripes and white shoes/socks). 
I do remember the crowd went nuts over the uniform combo.

I like the uniform except for the socks (too Wizard of Oz wicked witch-ish). I’m still out on the black “N”...maybe if it was piped with white?

If the players like em i could give a crap less what the fans think.. if they get even a lil extra momentum then they are great unis. I will say I like the use of black in the uniforms..though.. Either way GBR!

The first moment I saw this, the big “N” bugged me.
That said, it has grown on me over the past few days.

The point of this was to look UNIQUE, and the all-red look certainly accomplishes this while keeping Nebraska far away from a Maryland-style disaster.

The only thing I would change is that I think a matte black helmet with a glossy red “N” would have been a nice touch.

Overall… no complaints.
I think the athletic department and Adidas showed a great level of restraint on these… and with our fan base, that was definitely part of the creative brief.

lets face it any change in unies is got to be better

The response from some fans (twitter, blogs, etc) and media over the first two days was a resounding “Meh”.  I think the same thing is happening to me that is going on with everyone else… it’s starting to grow on me and I have gone from despising them to now somewhat liking them.  Maybe I was expecting something more, but what adidas did was smart.  They went simple, conservative, yet different.  Maybe a little too conservative for a first try?

I was hoping we’d never jump on the alternate uniform bandwagon but I understand it was mostly a corporate move. And above all it seems like the players wanted it, and their opinion should be given the most weight since they will be the ones to wear it. I’m young but I am old-fashioned in the regard that I favor the original uniforms. Aesthetically though it would look a lot better if we had different colored pants; the squad is gonna look like a bunch of twizzlers running around out there

Whatever gets recruits’ attention is fine with me, though I personally would have preferred a cream-colored “N,” with the normal helmet and light brown pants (1920’s-style, like Michigan did), or a black jersey with the skull/bones motif in place of the “winning tradition” patch, if you’re doing the black helmet thing. That said, that’s probably why I’m not in charge of this stuff. Whatever piques the interest of the next Tommie, Sandman, Suh, or Brown Brothers is fine with me.

(I sure wish we had some football to talk about, but whatever…)

I find myself settling here.  I don’t want us to jump on the uniform changing trend.  I contend the trendsetters we should be are the ones who resist the urge.  It’s not “cool” to jump into a trend set by others (ugh, Nike) and followed by almost everyone.  It’s “cool” to stand apart.  But, I guess I settled for, “If it’s just for one game, it’s OK.”

Then the pics came out.  I think, for the most part, they’re kind of cool.  I can see why the kids will like them, but I have one major issue.

** That isn’t “Nebraska crimson”, and that’s a real problem.

I guess I’ll settle again and hope the slippery slope that was the Cyclone’s latest make over doesn’t happen at NU.

If it helps Martinez tell the difference between a Husker and a Badger player than I’m all for it. I’m not so sure he was able to tell the difference last year. Black helmets should help him quickly pick out his targets against a team with a similar color scheme (something we never experienced in the Big 12).

Hideous. Especially in a revenge game, when the “adrenals” could fizzle out by mid 1st. quarter. An example of no accounting for taste and somehow there’s an obligation to goof with the most perfect unis ever stitched up, not the mention an iconic a lid, rivalled maybe by Green Bay’s G.
I thought the new one would be an attempt to rehabilitate ‘02’s badger knock off.
When I first saw it, it immediately reminded me of the lower tier San Diego St. Aztecs unis and unfavorably. At least their helmets have a cool blend of black and red.

Sorry, folks. Guess i’m the outsider here. Didn’t like ‘em to begin with and they aren’t growing on me. Too old I guess. Look like the PJs my kids wore when they were 6 years old.  Go, go Power Rangers!. But if the athletes like them that is what matters. Hope it’s positive for recruiting. In the end it is the scoreboard that tells the tale.

I’d like to see you do a poll with the Husker fans on the new unis.  It would be interesting to see the % of people who like and dislike them.

If a recruit picks a school based on their uniform, it demonstrates what a sad state college football has come to.  Me personally, I think I will just listen to this game on the radio.

I would like these better if the N on the front was white. That would be more true to NU’s actual colors. The socks are a bit much too.

Other than that, I like them. B+

Credit to the NU administration and coaches for taking a chance, appealing to their players and recruits, and taking NU to a new era.

I really really like the idea of alternate uniforms. We needed to hit it out of the park on this one and frankly, didn’t.
I saw a bunch of mock ups from one artist (easy to find on youtube) and believe me, there were lots of better choices to be made. I was surprised they changed colors too. I don’t like that, I don’t like the big N on front and the numbers on front. Love the black helmet and all the black instead of white but I was hoping for pinstripes reminiscent of the W Virginia uniform instead of the blocky big stripes this uni has and our normal everyday pedestrain uniforms no recruit likes. I wouldn’t have gone with that retro feel either…I have always thought they looked silly. I haven’t seen one I like yet. We need to get rid of Addidas and go with Nike for not only this but everything and revamp our normal boring uniforms that look like we have the budget of a Pop Warner team.

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I love them. Overall they are simple yet new by adding the color changes to black. The all red look is a favorite of mine as well. For one or two games these will be great. Yes, I said two games. (I’d like to see an away version) With the way the lighting is on the video, it’s pretty hard to get a true sense of what it will look like on the field.

From the top down:

The helmet: it looks like a great combination of matte and glossy black with a red matte N. Pause the unveil video at 6 seconds and you’ll see it. It still shines in the light but adds a touch of class with the matte black/red on the sides.

The jersey: I love the way all of the black is outlined in white. It really makes the black pop out. The big N on the front looks great because of it. The numbers on the front add a nice touch as well. The black sleeve stripes are just subtle enough to scream old school, but being that they’re black and not white, they are still new school.

The pants: I like the simplicity of it. Take our traditional pant and paint it red and black.

The footwear: I think larger stripes would have looked worse than what they did with the thin stripes. And, having only half socks was a good idea. Knee high socks would have made them look like a girl’s softball team. I didn’t see a good view of the shoes so I don’t have an opinion on them.

If your going to change something then get rid of that block N and use the N from Nebraska….or the logo that’s in the middle of the field.  Put that N on the Chest with the ‘Huskers’ script.  Now that would have been cool.  These uniforms just don’t say ‘Nebraska’.  I get the black.  The helmet colors are cool (except block N).  I have no problem with the block style N per-say,  but like I said, as long as it is alternative then update the N.  I’m glad the players like it.  ho knows, I might like it at game time unless I mistake the Wiskey uniforms for Nebraska.

I’m with OldSalt.  I’m fine with alt uniforms, but this design stinks.  Anyone see the alt uni that Michigan is going to wear for their first game with Alabama in Jerry’s Palace?  That uni is much better designed than what we have.  One other thing.  With the exception of one time… every time Nebraska has worn solid color uniforms, we have lost.  1 - 5.

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