2013 All Big Ten Teams Announced

The Coaches and Media have selected their picks for first and second team All Big Ten players.  Topping the Coaches First Team were RB Ameer Abdullah, DL Randy Gregory, and DB Ciante Evans.  Second Team included C Cole Pensick and DB Stanley Jean-Baptiste.  The Honorable Mentions were DL Jason Ankrah, WR Kenny Bell, DB Corey Cooper, OL Andrew Rodriguez, and OL Jeremiah Sirles.  The media selected fewer Huskers on first and second teams only recognizing Abdullah as a first team player, with Gregory and Evans as second teamers.  The media Honorable Mentions were DL Jason Ankrah, WR Kenny Bell, C Cole Pensick, OL Andrew Rodriguez, OL Jeremiah Sirles, and K Pat Smith.  Also honored with a Big Ten Sportsmanship Award was FB C.J. Zimmerer.

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Tom, Steve, you fellas write some very good articles and I thouroghly enjoy reading them. Unfortunately we have a bunch of people on here who just want to attack each other in the comments section. Many say they are True Husker Fans, but don’t act like it. Others complain about Bo’s antics and yet act the same as he does on here. I look forward to reading your future articles, but I’ll have to stop reading the comments. They are hateful, derogitory, and many times have nothing to do with the subject of the article. (Funny, this comment falls right into that, doesn’t it).

To the boys that made the All B10 Teams, congratulations! You deserve it and worked your butts off for it. Here’s to your futures, be it here, the NFL, or whatever you choose for your life.


Good on those players. We wish them luck too here in the Sooner Nation.

Okay, now that the article has been addressed, just so we understand each other Brutus66, you don’t like the Pro Bo or the NO Pro BO crowd?
Other than once in a while people taking shots at related family members and calling us No Bo’s ‘HOMOS’ for what we believe, there have been some decent discussions about this latest incident.

Here’s my stand on a coach that says:
“I believe in what I’ve done,”. “I don’t apologize to you. I don’t apologize to anybody, myself or this staff. My record, our record since I’ve been here, speaks for itself.

This would include his audio tape, his sideline behavior, his lack of respect for opposing coaches, which, btw he threw Ferentz under the bus (while it was still moving). NO, he doesn’t appologize for any of that stuff, and you can’t make him. You are Bo’s hostage now.

And we can’t state how wrong that is?
Dude, this aint the 700 Club.

You’ll watch a game and see his lips saying worse than you’ve heard here, and see his teeth gnashing away and throwing phantom punches at a ref, and you have the nads to want to flag us on what we say? But you’ll continue watching this ‘circus’ of a team because it’s evidently quality entertainment, whereas we are not.

‘Cause I’ll tell you right darn now, I can play that game too, and I won’t appologize for what I say and have said previously about Bo Pelini and his deceptive fraudulent coaching career…NEVER!

Congrats!  They all deserve the recognition.

“Fight The Power Award” goes to BOP….

I think these guys deserve the recognition. On BTN’s site someone commented why the Wisconsin backs didn’t get first or second team. My response was basically that they could succeed without one or the other. Nebraska would have a losing record without Abdullah right now.

No more concerned out losing Abdullah early, than I was about Burkhead, after ‘11. Hadn’t thought about Burkhead in a while, actually, not since I checked his Bengals roster status. Such a credit to college ball.
If Long hadn’t gotten hurt, almost the entire line, would’ve received mention. Than again, if T-Magic…
Overall, a fair listing of Nebraska players. As I’ve gotten older, the coaches poll rings more prominently. 45% of the frontline 22 got mentioned. Not bad.
They’ll get another chance to show it.

Omg ou7 get over it, we are tired of hearing u. I even agree w u on bo. But my lord, enough already. Move and

I have been told to quit complaining about Bo.  That is not right and I will continue my criticism as I see fit.  This should not be a fair weather fan sight only.  Bo is returning for at least one more season.  I wish him well.  At the same time, fans should not be in a state of denial in believing next year’s results will be any different.  We hope so, and pray Bo experiences some kind of epiphany and turns things around.  We don’t need truth deniers.  We need fans willing to confront the truth with some tough love to boot.

Hmm, was just revisiting Wiscy’s record this year as they were supposedly ‘doin’ good’ this year:  uh, 9-3.  Plus, they lost to all 3 teams that were worth a damn on their sched:  ASU, OSU, and PSU.  Oh, they beat the ‘mighty’ Gophers, you know, the team that, for them, had a season for the ages @ 8-4.

jNU, remember them, the team some picked to win the division?  Yea, 1-7(5-7), FIRE FITZ!

Here’s the deal with with BOP and me:  I LIKE the guy, really do.  Specifically, I LIKE the blue collar, say it like it is, attitude he brings to the position.  So, generally, I’m going to stand up for the guy.  AND, IMO, they shoulda fined that stupid ref from Sat, no, 2 of those refs, they blew and they knew it, just wouldnt own it. 

But, I like winning better and after the Minny loss and the D still looking like crapola, I had some serious doubts—serious.  However, since then, the D has taken an about face, grown up some, and looking like a force to be reckoned with from here on out, that is, I think those guys are going to be GOOD, real GOOD.

Should it turn out 8-5 for us, well, not happy, the LOLwa loss, well, that shouldnt have happened and it was the same ol same ol that made it so.

It’s hard to win 10+ games when you are breaking in new QBs but really, its the same ol mistake/TO thing that held us back from going, say, 10-2.  I’m still holding out hope that they will get that stuff turned around AND that ‘got Becked’ will commit to running the ball, well, more than he does now.

From a realist’s standpoint, I think we have the players now to have a really good team, like possible legit contender in 2 years.  Next year I’m expecting 10 wins at least. 

So, Petey, Realista, OU7, Admiral, etc, I feel your pain, really do, but at this point youse guys are beyond redundant with the smack, yea we get it, but if you are just going to keep bitchin’ about the coaches 24/7 from here on out, well, your readership #s are gonna go down.  Is that what you want?

Let’s pull together.

Triumph, good post.  NU needs a QB.  Without a steady performer in that position next season,  we will continue to suffer some chaos.  I am upset the team siffers such a drop off in that regard.  Solid QB performance is crucial to achieving a 10 win season next year.

Congrats to the all conference players. Much deserved. Great to see Ameer 1st team coaches and media. They got that one right. The media not picking Gregory first team is a joke. Shame on you! I didn’t see anyone play better than him in the BIG at DE all year. Big numbers and dude was all over the field. He’ll be All-American next year and should be in the conversation this year for some level of award. I see him honorable mention All-American this year at the least. He brought up the level of play of the entire defense. To come in and do what he did first year in program was nothing short of amazing. It makes the media picks less credible. Randy, you are the man!
Ciante had a great year too, breaking records for at pickles for loss at his position. He’ll be playing on Sundays.

We do need an all-conference QB to get back to prominence. QB is the key to cutting down mistakes, and obviously better play calling. A guy that can take charge and lead a disciplined offense with an accurate arm and a good football head will make all the difference in the world. Looking forward to seeing how Tommy progresses but more excited about seeing what Johnny brings to the table.

Funny- auto spell check gave me pickles instead of tackles with Ciante. Sorry bro’s.

Message received. Moving on.

Randy’s stats were better than Clowney’s first year stats, and also better than Clowney’s stats this year. He was more disruptive and chased a lot of guys down regardless of when the opposition was running at him or away from him -even got him a pick six. He played his best ball in the BIG against conference opponents. Can’t get over media picking him 2nd team. 20 lbs of additional muscle in the off season and he’ll be unstoppable next year.

He’s going to get double teamed a lot from here on out, but his combined quickness, strength and “want to” will still produce big numbers. If he is double teamed, then there will be more opportunities for Moss, Valentine, Collins, Clink and others anyway. He’s going to be a high first rounder when it’s all said and done. Hope he can stay healthy. Its exciting to have a guy like him on the team, as well as the other studs.

Expect to see many more all- conference picks from the defensive line in the coming years. The future is very bright on D!

Hang in there OU. Diversity in thought is what makes the conversations interesting. We don’t all have to agree, just be respectful of others opinions. If everyone agreed on every thread, it wouldn’t be any fun.

Seems like the B1G gave Eichorst an out with Bo when they fined him, I’m sure there’s something in his contract about that at least… Makes sense though, the way the divisions are split next year, the B1G needs and expects Nebraska to be the traditional powerhouse that they used to be to help carry the brand and bring legitimacy to their division and conference, IMO. Don’t necessarily WANT to see him go, but then again I’m not the powers to be. Glad to see some recognition where it’s due, not enough of it IMO though.  I wonder if some players got the snubbing because our record is not what THEY expected it to be.  I’m in agreance about RG, can’t think of more than one DE that’s on par with him in the conference. So, wagers on the CCG? MSU 24 OSU 35

Good Job Players!  That’s how you represent.

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