Bo Shows Commitment to Long-Term

Since Bo Pelini returned to Nebraska, he's led his team to five straight seasons of nine wins or more with three division titles.  That's led to annual speculation about other teams that might lure him away.  Pelini has been one who plays things close to the vest, so it's never been obvious whether he'd like to coach in Lincoln for the next ten or twenty years or if the right opportunity might cause him to leave a lot sooner.  His decision at a critical juncture this season, demonstrates his concern for the long-term interests of Nebraska football.


You might be able to dig up a public comment from Bo stating that he wants to remain in Lincoln, but in this day and age it's hard to put too much stock in that.  Gary Andersen had a number of his Utah State players convinced that he wouldn't leave.  He left.  The same could be said about Bobby Petrino at Louisville and a great number of other coaches in college and pro football.  

It's not like Bo has always been an open book either.  Particularly when it comes to injuries.

"Hey coach, how's Taylor Martinez's ankle?"  

"He's fine."  

"Then why's he wearing an inflatable boot?"  

"He'll be fine.  Next question."

But actions can speak louder than words.  Against Iowa, the Huskers lost Baker Steinkuhler.  By moving Cameron Meredith over from end to tackle, he essentially had to downgrade two positions on the defensive line.  That was particularly evident against Wisconsin.  It seems entirely likely that the coaching staff knew they could use some help on the d-line going into the Big Ten championship game.  Two standout true freshman were available.  Defensive tackle Vincent Valentine and end Greg McMullen had been redshirting.  Bo had a choice then.  Do I burn the redshirts to enhance my chance of victory now, or keep them on the bench to maximize their potential four seasons from now?

Bo made the long-term choice.  That's a choice you don't make if you expect to be gone in three years.  If Bo was looking at Nebraska as a stepping stone, he'd probably put his 2012 resume ahead of the quality of the 2016 team.  Not to mention the overall wellbeing of Valentine and McMullen.  NU didn't have that when Bill Callahan squandered redshirt opportunities for guys like Niles Paul.    

We may not always get to know what Bo really thinks, but his actions tell us that he's not going to sell out the long term interests of Nebraska football or his players for a quick-fix boost.  For that Husker fans should be grateful.    

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“Actions speak louder than words” as the old saying goes.  Good insight and I hadn’t thought of it that way. 
But, this news is sort of like, when you were a kid; it’s Christmas morning, and the first gift you open is a board game.  Yeah, it’s great and you will play with it, but you cannot help be jealous of your brother who just opened a present and got a BB gun. Yeah, Yeah, he may shoot his eye out, but man, is it going to be fun until he does!  And yes, our board game is going to give us a lot of hours of enjoyment, with wins over Grandma, and losses to the neighbor kid, but overall it is going to be a solid form of distraction.  Maybe we will never get our “BB gun” and as life has taught us, we should be satisfied with our “board game”

I’d like to see him stay. There are a LOT of coaches I’d like to see here, like Gus Malzohn just got hired again, but he is who we have and he isn’t a terrible coach. We just don’t know if he’s ever going to be a coach that gets us over the hump. And at this point, it could go either way…no definate proof yet. I just wish once, just ONCE he’s go out and hire a top flight guy at SOME position! I think we need to go out and get a O line coach from the NFL that can also recruit, pay him huge money and see what he can do with our line. We need better linemen and linebackers at this point. plus we need to win at least one of thise recruitingbattles for a top flight recruit, like a Priest Willis or someone.

PE…kudos, my man. Once however, won’t get it.  He needs at least two experienced and proven coaches that know how to recruit AND coach.  Wanna bet he does nothing?  Has anyone noticed, we seem to be losing more recruits than signing them?  And, of course, Bo “what….me worry”? Pelini will blather on about how happy he is with a slew of three stars and a ton of walk-ons…and next year we will beat the South Dakota States of the world and look ridiculous against Ohio State and any other good program. We will again be scratching our heads when Beck asks Martinez to show us his Tom Brady imitation after watching our running game churn up yards at about an eight yard clip.  Of course,our line play will be the laughing stock of the country…again…and the tackling will resemble the coyote trying to grab the roadrunner.  Negative?  Yeah.  Realistic?  Yeah.  I need another Bud.  Happy Holidays anyuway Husker fans…and let the praying begin…

We’ll be alright there Captain.. Have another Capt and Coke and Happy Holidays to you all!

Bo’s done a decent job, no doubt about it.  Before we talk about him leaving to another program, Bo needs to prove that he’s built a team with his players and win a game that is noteworthy. The 9 or 10 wins a year is nice and Nebraska is only one of a few programs since 2008 to win 9 games a season (I think it is 4 or 5). 
However, Bo Pelini is clearly not the recruiter Bill Callahan was.  Callahan, as horrible as he was for this program, brought in some good talent (Ndamukong Suh, Prince Amukamara, and others) but he did not develop them.  Bo developed a lot of the talent from the Callahan years into NFL players.  He needs to develop HIS recruits into NFL studs (Lavonte David excluded).
Overall, this years team clearly lacked defensive speed which was exposed during the UCLA, Ohio State, and B1G Ten Championship losses.  I believe Pelini has recruited more speed over the past 2 years but many of those players have yet to see playing time. 

Pelini will stick around until he has more success on the field (i.e. playoff appearance??).  It is much more financially advisable to do so.

Thank you Captain for being a realist and seeing the facts. Although South Dakota State did come very close to beating the skers in Lincoln, and it payed off well for me cause the skers didnt cover the spread. SDSU players are a good bunch of blue coller boys that have to much pride in themselves to let any team rack up 70 on them. Once again husker fans you cant give Bo the credit for this years 10 wins and you guys know it.  Go ahead husker fans and keep buyin into the hype year after year. Its not gona happen with Bo.

Bo and co are using Nebraska as a stepping stone.

@jay - hell of a big stone…  he is never going to go anywhere.  Not because of the AD or Husker Faithful, but because he will never win the big games that will propel him to another, larger job. He will continue to fill us with hope and then smash those hopes for years to come.

So oregonhusker you dont care for my comment but on the other hand you agree with it.  It seems alot of u guys are to chicken shit to see how it is.

@ admiral - ????  WTF???  my comments were not addressed at you - or is this board your private little place?  Oh, and by the way, it should read ” “... a (space) lot of you guys are too (additional “o”) chicken shit…” 
I am not chicken shit - just stating what I believe about our staff.

Troll troll troll ,hater hater hater, if you like be fairvweather fans you might as well be a florida gator

sorry oregonhusker i didnt read that till i got home from a hockey game after way to many drinks. I totally read that wrong. My bad

@Admiral - not a big deal - totally been there myself.  I have placed a self - imposed ban on posting after beers.  The beers in Oregon are too good and go down way to easily and I think I am much smarter after downing about 6 or so… and I am defiantly not! Go ‘skers!

Recruiting is a huge problem for BO and crew.  Rivals just dropped NU to 7th in the big ten.  This bowl game is huge for recuriting.  Two blow out losses in a row could be a major recruiting disaster imo.
As far as action speak louder than words, watching coach’s meltdowns on the sidelines with players speak volumns.

Good point Mcfly. The skers are going against a team that very well could be the best team in the nation. What happened in Ohio, wis, and ucla were huge meltdowns, and we will have to watch another one on abc once again. Not good for any program and the future isnt lookin any better. Jan 1st is going to be an embarassing day to be a husker fan.

true - worried about Jan.1…...
On another point, just got tickets for Christmas to see the Huskers take on Michigan in basketball Jan. 9.  woohoo!
Merry Christmas fellow Husker fans!

Let’s keep things in perspective. There was once a coach who had the stigma of not being able to win the big game. Yes, he won a lot of games and beat the teams he was supposed to beat. However, he could not win the big game against elite competition. His name was Tom Osborne. We now consider him one of the greatest coaches ever.

Perhaps this begs a higher question - what truly makes a coach good or even great?  Many fans here think Bo is a good coach, but not great because he hasn’t won any championships.  So, is the quality of coach defined solely by the win/loss record, or is there more to it?

There are many facets to coaching.  Game smarts.  Game plan. Fundamentals. Player relationships.  Recruiting.  Trust in assistants.  Consistency & stability.  Student leaderships skills - on & off campus, on & off the field.

Looking at the list, I don’t think Bo’s quite all the way there yet.  But even Tom didn’t have all this down simultaneously.

As for recruiting, there are many things students consider besides weather and girls.  Do they offer outstanding, or at least solid, curriculum?  Do they take care of the students relational needs?  Do they prepare students for life beyond football?  In the 80’s NU offered an elite weight training program.  From the comments I’ve read in interviews, many players choosing NU cite the student tutoring/mentoring program.  Some simply cite relief on learning that Lincoln is a real city, not a campus in the middle of some farmland.  So I think there are opportunities for a good salesman/recruiter. 

Bring in the students, Bo has most of the other stuff covered.  I sometimes question the in-game adjustments and play calling, but I recall doing that with Osborne as well.  The coaches will learn.  Consistency in the staff conveys trust - and I think that carries over to the students.

Here is perspective.  This late in the recruiting game rivals has NU 38th and 7th in big ten.  if (i hope not) NU gets blown out like in Indy in the bowl game no other recruits are coming in this class.  I have brought up recruiting for the past few years as the problem.  Bo is Bo and he is better than Callahan except in recruiting. Cally could sell the next level and nfl, super bowl, bo has nothing to sell other than competing for a position on a team that averages 9 wins.  Today’s top recruits want to hear about the next level, nothing else imo.

I suspect our recruiting problems are more an extension of what appears at times to be very amateurish play selection and overall game plannning as opposed to any character faults of bo’s.
If we could just at least look like we were still in the game regardless of the losing score, it would probably appear to prospective recruits that they might be able to help us over the hump and get some serious game time and maybe a little recognition and glory along the way.

Nebraska is good enough to win a lot of games right now. To get to the next level though, things are going to have to be different. You can’t get to the next level without consistancy. You can’t get to the next level making these kinds of mistakes this team regularly make; bad play calls, being out coached, having meltdowns, and turning the ball over all the time. In short, they have to run a better, well tuned, well oiled, tighter ship! One that is extremely disiplined. They don’t have that now…these guys would all be better playerrs in a better system, so the key is to build a better system. Does Bo and Co have what it takes? We shall see. But that IS the challenge. Shape things up internally, get better play, win some big games once in a while and better recruiting will follow. It would help if someone on our recruiting staff were better salesmen but I digress…

DennisR, “Amateurish” is so true…you might also try: baffling, boring, predictable, error-prone, etc, etc…unfortunately, we will see more of the same next year.  Only it will be worse…with our porous defense, the offense will probably be lucky to average 20 to 25 minutes a game.  Here’s a question for you Dennis:  did you hear Nick Saban or Les Miles or Urban-the-prick-Meyer talk about bringing in brand new wanna-be coaches?  Didn’t think so.  Now, compare the results…join me in a Bud will you?  I finally decided whether or not to watch the bowl game or stick pins in my eyeballs….the pins won out.  For those of you with a higher pain threshhold, good luck!

Can’t join you, Captain, but I hereby give you full license to partake of your favorite beverages in my stead and good name.  Bud would be good,  That being said, aforementioned beverages are best if liberally consumed during actual football games rather than during nightmarish counseling of one’s fears.  GBR

Brady Hoke at Mich, a younger less espereinced head coach, brought in assistants with white hair and years of experience.  Agree with amateurish.  While beer would normally do this bowl game calls for crown royal…...

Husker Craig the differance between bo and TO is that when TO lost, he did it with composure and in those few losses he was atleast still in the game. Also bo’s own players talking back at him on national tv. That never happened to TO, and its not because kids are differant in todays world. That never happens to Bill Snyder or Stoops.  This season we had to watch complete melt downs on the feild and the sideline. Buzz Mcfly you are right beer isnt gona be strong enough for this bowl game. Husker fans you better get out the 90 proff before this game evan starts cause your gona want to be drunk just to watch the 1st quarter.

Awwww…Geez…I hope not..(Captain, feel free to imbibe on my behalf whatever you think will make the game bearable,)  I’ll fill you in on the details…after the game.  GBR

I thought everybody did Crown for the games…?

Doofy McMuffin or whatever your name is ..

You keep basing all your knowledge or lack there of on Rivals ratings.. Why not check out the other rankings.. has us at 15 , 247 sports which does a collective of all the ranking has us at 24.. More than likely because rivals skews the other numbers.. IF you want to see how are coaches are doing , look at who we are winning against in getting this kids..Here are the other teams offering these kids, and Ill take our coaches and theirs evaluation over

Knevel- Alabama, Wisconsin , West Virigan , Missouri
Singleton- Wisconsin , Rutgers ( if you go back to last year while in prep add Michigan , Michigan State, Miami , Syracuse)
Taylor- LSU , OU, Stanford, Okie State, Arkansas
Gregory- OU ,ASU , Arkansas , Ole Miss
Stanton - Oregon, Wisconsin , Oregon State
Newby- Penn state , VA Tech , OU , South Carolina
Hannon - Arkasas, K- STate, Notre Dame
Gab Miller- Number 1 or two LS in the country
Gerry - Michigan State, Iowa
Gladney - Michigan , Michigan State
Samuelson - Michigan , M State, wake
Hart- Wake, Purdue , Pitt
Love - OU , Ohio State, Notre Dame , Michigan State, West Virgina
Natter- Wisconsin , Michigan State, Boston College
Banderas- Kstate, Iowa, Vandy , but hes a good local talent
McWilson - Michigan State, OThers but commited early enough many stayed away.

My guess is you are new to paying attention to recruiting.. THis is a very good class, and wait to judge at the end of the year.. YES we lost out on kids Like Sandland, Peko, ETc but we also hit on a lot.. And the fact that we were finalist for this many good kids is definately a step in the right direction..

Not new.  Been following NU since ‘77.  One doen’t know if those other schools were strong or soft interest.  Anyone can throw schools down as interested…..  True scout has NU higher.  Still think this class is light imo when we are trying to hit on jucos as stop-gaps.  Not sure why the name calling in a NU fans discussion?????

For all you “Crown Royal” drinking fans that are already giving up on this program for the bowl game, teams that miss out on the “Big Goal” aka “National Championship” often do not show up for the bowl game.  Granted, Georgia is a physically talented team on par with Alabama who is playing for the national championship, but when you miss out on the big dance, teams often do not play to their potential in the bowl game. 

I’ve been watching every pre-bowl season program and ALL OF THE ESPN ANALYSTS FOR THIS GAME ARE UNSURE HOW MOTIVATED GEORGIA WILL BE FOR THIS GAME. That’s why they are picking the Bulldogs in the middle of the pack.

History proves the Georgia Bulldogs will probably give an average to below-average effort based on the lack of importance in this game and based on the fact that they were within 1 play of the national championship against Notre Dame.  The Huskers also gave Georgia the added motivation for apathy by getting blown out by biblical proportions in the B1G Ten Championship Game.

If we win this game, it is proving that the Huskers are slowly but surely clawing their way back to the college football elite. 

Keep the faith…..................



Sorry the,name calling was all in fun.. I guess i was tired and didnt mean to sound so prickish.. And as for juco linemani,think that is more due to misses in the past then not being able to get highschoolers now.they need depth there yesterday..  I think weve got some good young lineman for the future its just best to bring in guys that you already know can go now.

And Bigred im with you.. I actually think we match up better against georgia then we would have against am,or lsu..

no prob. Your right about juco lineman forgot about the kid (moore?)who just signed with florida and other washouts….  good point.  over history I guess I always thought if a program was after too many jucos the roster was too thin to compete with the big boys.
One thing for sure is no matter what mine or other opinions are we all want NU in the elite teams in the nation and oh do I hope NU wins the bowl game….  GBR

I’m always amused how people continue to reference Callahan’s recruiting ability, as if that somehow ended up meaning anything at the end of the day.  Also, how quickly people jumped to recruiting after the Wisconsin loss while appearing to be completely oblivious to Wisconsin’s typical recruiting rankings.  I live in Kansas.  You know, the home of that recruiting juggernaut K-State who has been handing Texas their ass for several years despite the Longwhorns consistently having one of the top classes year after year.  I am old enough to know that Nebraska at the peak of their glory years did not hang with the schools ESPN drools over and it was more of an issue then because there was MUCH less of a depth of talent then there is now coming out of high school.  You want to see a drop off in recruiting look at the Solich years.  I love Frankie to death but he was recruiting the same level of kids as he is now at OHIO U.  Look at some of the gems (many of them slightly hidden) we have scored on the offensive side of the ball.  Do you think some of these SEC schools would take Ameer in a heart beat right about now, or do you think Texas does not wish they would have had Rex while several of their 4-5 stars disappointed? Kenny Bell anyone?  I also think we are just on the cusp of seeing the same thing happen on the defensive side.  Look, trust me, NO one gets more pissed about the blowouts than me and I want this issue fixed ASAP.  But, all of you that want Bo fired yesterday start giving me some realistic names of replacements and then we can actually have a discussion.  Now any discussion about firing Barney or finding him another position in the Athletic Department, I am there brother!

Money talks and EVERYONE has a price.

I agree huskerpower.. I have been asking that same question for the last year at people who want to get rid of pelini.. All I hear is Saban or Miles.. And as OU7times said money talks and we wont win that battle against the NFL , whom Im sure have already tried to lure him away..

I forgot to add, Pelini is a good coach.. You cant build something great with out a good foundation .. Pelini has established that again ( something we lost in the prior years), now we just need to keep adding the walls and floors and well have a complete house .. GO BIg Red!

That so called house has crumbled since the loss to the sooners in the big 12 champ game.

I’m trying to understand what’s really going on at Nebraska when depth at DT is thin but yet now it’s reported that Freshman DT Peat is no longer part of the team. Things continue to unravel, it seems.

I will predict that IF Nebraska loses to Georga (no slouch), and by any score, Bo will be gone. The only reason I don’t guarantee it is if H. Pearlman stands in the way.

I really think there is more going on that the public doesnt know about as far as player and coach relations, and i agree if the skers get blown out agin bo will be gone (thank god)  Time to start fresh

I have to admit I am not the biggest Bo fan, not b/c of his wins/losses, but b/c of his personal conduct.  Having said that, I don’t think it’s time to start over, yet.  Bo had a lot of new staff this year and the team is pretty young overall.  The offense has vastly improved, but the defense has regressed (I have to think having a new d-coordinator and d-line coach was a big issue for the D).  If we can put together a season when both sides of the ball are playing at a championship level that would be a first.  You think about it, we haven’t seen domination by both sides of the ball since the Osborne era.  Martinez will be in his last year next year and I think he is vastly improved.  I don’t want to see him running a new offense once again next year.  I think the wise thing for the new AD to do is to give Bo and company one more year to turn things around and then see where we are at this time next season.

Recruiting is hurting. I wouldn’t want to play for a coach who can’t keep his cool on the sideline. Bo is out of touch and out of his league. Cut your losses NU and get a coach who can exhibit maturity and at the same time relate to the young men. Pretty bad when most of our recruits are offered by 2nd tier teams. Also, on a side note, is it just me or do you hold your breath every time we receive a punt. Would be nice to catch one with a normal return for once.

No you are not the only one, and its not just on punt returns.

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