Bill Callahan Having Success in Dallas

For many Nebraska fans, the name Callahan is almost a four-letter word.  He broke a string of 35 straight bowl appearances by NU, had the first losing season for the school  in more than four decades (and then did it again), and allowed the Husker defenses to deteriorate to some of the worst in school history.  His NFL resume isn't nearly as undistinguished.  After taking the Raiders to the Super Bowl in his first year in Oakland, things fell apart a year later and he ended up in Lincoln.  His stint with the New York Jets as offensive line coach saw him send 3 players to a combined nine Pro-Bowls in just four years.  Now as offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, he's got the team third in the NFL in scoring behind only Denver and Seattle.  As important, the Cowboys are doing an outstanding job of avoiding turnovers.  It's hard not to give the man credit as an offensive mind in the NFL.  How might we look at his Husker offenses in hindsight?


A Rocky Start
It's fair to say his initial season was doomed from the outset.  His best quarterback was Joe Dailey, who despite two years of experience as a starting quarterback was ultimately relegated to the role of reserve wide receiver at another school by the end of his college career.  Still, Callahan managed to improve the Husker offense in terms of scoring and total yards.  That improvement felt a bit hollow given his team's 5-6 record.  Still in his hastily assembled first recruiting class, he managed to hold the commitment from receiver Nate Swift and lineman Mike Huff, and add Terrence Nunn, running back Brandon Jackson, linemen Cornealius Thomas and Lydon Murtha, and quarterback Joe Ganz.

Laying a Foundation
With a full season to recruit, Callahan assembled an outstanding class that featured most notably Ndamukong Suh.  Quarterback Zac Taylor was the big get offensively along with running backs Marlon Lucky and Cody Glenn, wideout Frantz Hardy, and linemen Matt Slauson and Jacob Hickman.  After struggling to a 5-4 start, the team finished strong (particularly on offense) ending three years of futility against Kansas State, "restoring the order" at Colorado, and upsetting Michigan in the Alamo Bowl.

Hitting its Stride
His next recruiting haul added four o-linemen including Ricky Henry, D.J. Jones, Carl Nicks, and Keith Williams, along with tight end Mike McNeil and wideout Maurice Purify.  By the end of the 2006 season, the offense had climbed into the top 20 and Zac Taylor had become the Big 12 offensive player of the year.  Brandon Jackson was also a first-team all-conference running back and Slauson and Purify also gaining recognition.  As important, the Huskers had won their first division title in 7 years.

Defensive Futility
Hopes were high heading into the 2007 season.  Callahan added some offensive firepower with recruits like wideout Niles Paul, running backs Roy Helu and Quentin Castille, and tackle Marcel Jones.  The offense climbed into the top 10 for total yards.  But defensive problems led to five straight losses (many of them ugly) after a 4-1 start.  Joe Ganz had become a bright spot by season's end, but another losing season cost Callahan his job.  Lucky, Purify, and the entire offensive line would get some kind of all-conference recognition.       

The Aftermath
While Callahan's overall legacy at Nebraska is poor, his recruiting paid dividends after his departure.  More importantly was his modernization of the Husker offense.  While many fans grew up loving the triple option, there was still some envy of the outstanding wide receivers churned out by other programs.  Even power rushing schools like Michigan had their Anthony Carters and Desmond Howards.  While young recruits may not know the Huskers as the national power it was under Tom Osborne, it's now recognized as a viable if not promising destination for a receiver with NFL aspirations.  There's a momentum at the position that's been established that's brought an inflow of talented wideouts.  Two four-star receivers are visiting just this weekend and one's already committed.  The Huskers have shown that they can not only lure big talents but also develop them.  

Callahan's success with the Jets and Dallas hold little relevance to what happens in Lincoln these days.  But some of his offensive achievements as NU's head man have allowed the Huskers to become a team that can feature the pass in a way it never had before his arrival.

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That whole time period was not good for Nebraska overall, Pederson, Callahan, etc.  The best part, is that we had some good players that developed after he left, but they had some potential talent.

There are definitely positives to his hire, but overall he hurt Nebraska.  He seems to be a good offensive coach, just a lousy head coach.  I wish him luck, he is a hard worker.  Not everyone is good at everything.

Well, though I do not hate the guy personally, and I am glad that he is doing well in Dallas, his football philosophy was simply counter to everything Nebraska had already proven, his departure was imminent.  His ties to Texas were apparent and did not help when the suspicions about Texas’s influence on the conference starting becoming apparent, not simply on the field of play but in the board rooms and officiating conferences.  I am glad he has found success, but I am even happier that he is gone.

Featuring the pass was something we were already switching too under Solich.  So, though Callahan was known for his west-coast passing offense, it was never something that was ever going to fit in here.  I mean honestly, who really thought the pass was all that important.  Kirk Hurbstreit, and that’s about it.  Kirk was upset that the fandom had essentially boiled down the two best teams in college football was either the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers or the 1997 Nebraska Cornhuskers.  He couldn’t believe it.  So he huftly asked if Nebraska ever passed the ball, and Korso had to tell Kirk, “They didn’t have too.”  Classic.

The problem right now with Nebraska is more about a lack of misdirection in our running game than anything having to do with passing the ball.  What the heck the obsession was with the pass I will never know.

Defensively, I detested Callahan’s DC.  Sometimes it was as if they didn’t even get on the bus before it left Lincoln.  I am so greatfull for Bo Pelini’s crew and ability to maintain the high standard of excellence at Nebraska that I find all this talk about his demeanor and sideline “antics” more about pro-passing liberal “pissing and moaning” than anything else.  Oh I ma sorry, I don’t think they call it “pissing and moaning” anymore.  I think they refer to that now as “Raising awareness.”

However the case maybe, good Callahan, but for the love of Pete stay away from Nebraska.  We just got things back to where they should have been all along.

Change is not always good and Hope is not a course of action.

Well if Chris Peterson was anybody’s top pick to replace the embattled Coach Pelini, think again, U-Dub just picked him up. Should be fun to watch him coach with better talent available.

It was the 95 Huskers vs the 71 Huskers I believe, and Herbstreit and Mays cried like little b**ches when Lou Holtz chewed them out and said they didn’t know their head from their a**.


I stand corrected.  I think you are right on that.

Ever notice how all of these terrible coaches we’ve driven out of here…some in the middle of the night…have ended up doing well wherever they’ve landed? Shawn Watson is now OC for a school that is doing way better than NU (Louisville), Frank has had a wonderful HC career at Ohio, and Callahan hasn’t done too bad either.
Bo would go on to another stop and most likely succeed. He may even go to the NFL as a coordinator. I don’t think he’ head coach material so I don’t think he’d land a high profile job at all. He’d be alright.
It’s us I’m worried about. Does anyone REALLY want to go through another hire and the breaking in period and all that? I just want to succeed, and I really do think that maybe, just maybe, Bo gets it now and starts getting it right from now on. Discipline primarily, but everything needs cleaning up around the edges and generally better systems need to be established so we’re not in positions like we’re in now with nothing but inexperienced players on the roster. The turnovers HAVE TO STOP. Many things need to be addressed for sure. But it’s not just Bo. I really do think we ought to re-think our current coordinators. I for one wouldn’t mind them getting rid of Papuchis, or keeping him and hiring a new, proven DC with lots of experience. What will never happen and should is, if we want to keep the staff we have, send Bo to do all DC work and let Beck be the HC and then hire a new OC to work with Beck. I think it would be a better set up frankly, but add to that a dedicated recruiting person, and lets let go of our linebackers coach, not too much faith there, at least get Special Teams in someone elses hands.


I don’t want to go through another hire.  I am tired of all these people purposefully trying to waste the Unviersities money.  Callahan should never have gotten that contract extension because suddenly money that was going to go to building a University Sports network had to be divided up to pay for the great and glorious Callahan victory over Nevada.  Big Whoop, I mean, it’s Nevada.  That’s the same state that thinks Harry Reid is a good Senator.  And that is pretty much all you need to know about Nevada.

Playing musical chairs with the coaching staff probably wouldn’t work from a management point of view.  Plus, Beck needs to be able to focus on the opposing teams defensive schemes and not delegate that out or rotate that out to someone else.  Bo ultimately will be held responsible for the teams successes and failures as he is the head coach.  You can delegate Authority, but you cannot delegate Responsibility.

I think we are in a good position.  We may not have played for a conference title this year but we beat Michigan on their home field, and they played OSU to within a point.  We beat Penn St on their home field and then they went on to beat Wisconsin on their home field.  So we may not have beaten a ranked team this year.  But we sure as heck beat the teams that beat ranked teams this year.

Injuries and youth.  Time heals the wounds and brings wisdom.  I look forward to the bowl game.  I don’t feel the need to make any changes to the staff at the moment.  However, if after next year we still are struggling running the ball, then it might be time for us to look for another OC.

Billy C DOES know his offense AND he’s well suited as a coordinator in the NFL.

“It’s us I’m worried about.”  Does this mean WE have to fix US—like, US fans?!  NOOOOOOOOOOO….!  Does this mean WE suck?

P.S., Wats has the benny of having Bridgewater at the helm and Luhville playing in a little boy conference.  He still calls too many pass plays for my tastes.  And, I didn’t really blame him for what he did at NE, gotta have a competant QB to run his stuff, plus, the O didnt do too shabby when he was here.  Beck’s thing isnt much different, though he DOES run the ball a bit more.

Triumph doggy hit it rite on the head ,  a competant qb to run things!  If   you know anything about football and know what you are seeing beck put on the field it would make u sick nknowing that their is so much better there for the taking!  Look around   and see what all division 1 teams qbs are doing and half of them qbs could start at neb rite now and they would be a top 10 team !  It makes me sad to watch teams that run simular offenses knowing if neb had that kind of qb we would be   rite there in the bcs bowl mix!  Hope to god stanton is that guy

Callahan was a peice of shit and a wortless coach!  Yah… I said it!

sweet t…. learn how to spell in oklahoma?

Reds riled up…. dissin’  my spelling again?  In my defense I’m using a tablet to write here and the screen is small so…..anyway ,  I was just was just stating an obvious fact that needs to change!

Yea, we havent had a real passing QB since, hmmm, Ferragamo?  Humm?  I guess Gdowski good fling it some.

But, since, you know, our dual threat guys are all good runners, well, you know…..

Stanton might be a little better passer than TA but I wouldnt give up on the latter just yet—growing pains.  Darlington is closer to having pro style passing ability, plus he can rub pretty well too.

What happenes is, if the dual QB can take the punishment with the run, then they try and make a pocket passer out of him.  Lets see, Mariotta, Miller, Martinez, etc etc, name me a dual threat QB that hasnt been injured to the extent that it limits their effectiveness greatly, well, since Scott Frost.  You need a guy built like a stout RB to play that position, if you are going to run him.

That young kid @ Auburn will be next, he’ll get a knee or ankle injury soon and well, same ol same ol..

typo check ^^:


To me the perfect quote about the hiring of Callahan and the end of the Solich and by extension, Osborne era, was used by imo the preeminent Nebraska writer, Mike Babcock:
“I feel too low to get too high
It’s just a sad goin’ away party
For a dream I’m telling goodbye” -Carol Walker
But, that wasn’t Callahan’s fault. It also wasn’t Callahan’s fault he was offered the job, after who knows exactly how many college coaches turned down a program that fires a guy who had a 9-3 regular season. What was his fault was his loyalty to old friends, who he hired to coach his D, Cosgrove and Elmassian.
Coaches are funny like that, about loyalty.
Plus, not attempting at all, to adapt his wco into a workable offense for the young Dailey. That alone, could’ve gained a couple of more wins in ‘04, and possibly hang onto more fan support.
Dailey, was maybe the biggest victim, in all this. He would’ve been a clear upgrade, as a replacement for the tough, but limited Lord, heading into ‘04 with Solich’s (and Cotton’s) offense.

Incidentally, Nunn, like Swift, was originally a Solich verbal and Callahan was able to keep him.

sweet t

check this out:

‘riled up’ got all in a fit, see
he had nuff fleas on his head for a small city
he grabbed one for inspection
then put right back his selection
grumblin’, “that aint the one done bit me…”

T Dogg out…

Cali coulda said ‘no’ to the J O B offer, couldn’t he?

dogg, put a heater in your out-house. It’s gonna get cold tonight and I know you’re not satified with that piece a wit.

Speaking of turlets, hey did y’all hear about that Japanese guy had his ‘smart toilet’ hacked the other day—yea, it was a real BUM deal….

Was that Japanese ’ red colostomy bag friendly’?

Aw, we sure hope so for dead guys sake.

That was stooopid. You know what you should say, when you have nothing to say? Yeah. Nothing. FUou

That’s how you beat a top 10 team!!
It’s all about 2nd half adjustments.

Little brother goes down again.


I cant believe no one has mentioned why BC really lost his coaching job…Cosgrove.

Drove to Randolf NE today to pick up a new puppy and on the way drove through Laurel NE, and in that town is The Big Red Inn. It all red with an N on every door and a big sign of Herby Husker. It brought back some good memories, and that’s the sad part. All this program has now is memories, and a not so bright future.

I wanted the ‘pokes to win…only because sooner fans who troll on Husker message boards are annoying (I have no love for pokes either…eff boone pickens and his ‘swift boat’ fraudulent lies).

as it pains me to type this…congrats to big game Bob and the Oklahoma Sooners and their fans…you pulled that one outta your Alpha Sugah Sugah (though i’m not yet convinced that wasn’t an interception on the final drive…but smart play hiking the ball so quickly…  pokes fault for not calling timeout to allow for a review).

and i apologize for the tornado in Wakita comment a couple weeks ago.  that was pretty low of me…but I still support Bo Pelini and his staff.

Go Big Red.

*as much as it pains me…

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were serious.

No worries about Wakita comment, although I don’t speak for them.
I would feel even better if you had said something about the shots you took at my wife, a cancer survivor who didn’t deserve it, but hey…

Yes, that was an interception, fast thinking on Stoops but there were bad calls all game on both teams. Even with replay you would think it would have all been straightened out.

We probably will disagree on the direction of NU coaching, but I won’t ever offend you again.

I was serious.

I apologize for comments directed at your wife.  My father passed away from cancer…liver.  I am fully aware of the heartache and pain cancer can cause.  I’m glad your wife survived.  I hope she continues to live a happy and healthy life.

Sorry for the mom comments too.  I get carried away sometimes…maybe someday I will grow up when it comes to my favorite sports teams.

Go Big Red Basketball…  beat the jr jays.

Thank you sir, and I also apologize for stupid stuff said and will look forward to any of your posts in the future, brother.

Okay, on with the bowls and let’s see what happens.

Hey T-doggy…..  good one!  I wonder if reds really a good guy or a pussy like he comes off ín his comments?  Just’  look at the quarter backs from aub.  and miss!  I don’t think just a pocket passer is what beck wants or needs in his offense.  Armstrong just doesn’t think fast enough on the run and doesn’t see the field well enough!  He also isn’t fast enough!  U watching the aub-miss offenses!  Wow!

R them offenses that good or the defenses suck   that bad?

I think it’s both, but mostly their offenses are that good.
Day and night difference in the SEC and Big 12 teams.

These will be glaring next year when it’s a 4 team playoff. I bet 3 of the 4 teams will be SEC Conference teams and then Ohio State being the other.

OU7,  The Children of the Corn congratulate you on a great game, one of the best of the year.  Our only hope is to get a weak draw for a bowl game.  GBR!!!

OU…congrats man!!! Loved that double reverse!  Loved that faked fieldgoal!  Loved seeing a REAL offense for a change…just wish Beck would have watched and learned something…

Admiral, feel your pain…but it gets worse…they are all coming back next year…thanks to a AD who has the substance of a jellyfish…can you hear the kool-aid drinkers dancing in the streets?

Ou7….was working and didn’t get to watch   the game.  Sounds like ur hguys played well!  With a good qb and the defense keeps getting better and I really think neb could play with these teams.  The talents there!  Now , this is pelinis   chance to back up his mouth cuz it won’t take some kind of miracle to accomplish this just some good solid work. by his assistants and some managing of his players!  No more excuses for bo to use after this year!  I sure hope he’s up to it !  Love to see. That!

i agree with sweet t…no more excuses for coach pelini and staff after next season.

hats off to the Michigan State Spartans…B1G Football Champions (delaney’s teeth are grinding behind that smile).  Sparty earned it…  big chink in buckeyes armor tonight.

If a team other than Nebraska has to win the B1G this year…I’m glad its Sparty.  (As far as I know)...Mark Dantonio is a class guy and coach (didn’t even complain too much last year at the end of the NU/MSU game…iffy PI call against Sparty to help NU win…and he could’ve thrown a fit…a la Bo).

And what does it say about Nebraska?  Who played well enough to beat Sparty a few weeks ago…and without all of those turnovers…who knows?  Coach ‘em up Bo…tOSU is NOT invincible…this league is winnable.  GBR.

amazing what good coaching can do with recruiting classes like MSU’s. 

I   hear ya grendel , and buzz-buzz!  I’m glad u guys agree !  First thing bo need to do is get with beck   and review his qbs wwith beck and if they dont’  lie to themselves they will decide if sttanton is the guy for thee job   and if he isn’t then they should look at the jc’s for someone else!

Thanks Petey,
The OU player finally got it turned around in the game.

I did actually get to see the game, sweet t. After all these years I finally have a job that has weekends off.

I just got back from a poker game and found out Sparty won. I was a little surprised at that. I did see wher OU is projected to play Alabama.
That REALLY surprised me to hear that development. Sooners are beat to hell, but always look forward to a challenge. No excuses.

Somebody tell us what the projected opponent for Nebraska in the bowl game, should you hear.

sweet… i wouldn’t dismiss Tommy Armstrong Jr. so quickly.  look at the jump Eric Crouch made from his redshirt freshman year to his sophomore year (serviceable starting qb in ‘98 to 1st Team All Big 12 / Big 12 Offensive Player of the year in ‘99) i’m not saying Armstrong is another EC…just sayin…Tommy will have had a few starts under his belt and some game tape to self analyze.  With more spring practice reps with the first team offense…the game should start to slow down for him.  Also…Tommy did look impressive at times up in Ann Arbor…especially on that game winning drive.

Also…I hope Stanton’s knee holds up.  I always wonder about the ability of an athlete to bounce back to 100% after a torn knee ligament (RGIII, Al Harrington, Derrick Rose, AP, Jason White…etc…etc).  And what’s the deal with Zach Darlington?  Is it even feasible that he is able to play ball again…let alone for a B1G program??

U all suggest this Pelini’s last chance.  U say “no more excuses.”  Well, what have been the excuses for Pelini after season four?  Or season five?  Or season six?  congrats to MS.  They deserve title.

Jerry Rice…Bobby Newcombe…just thought of two more knee ligament injuries;  just sayin…they’re tough to come back from.

realista…idk what the excuses were for those years.  I just know we return a big part of a young, improving defense next year (we lose SJB, Ciante, Ankrah, Thad and…Green? on the defense)...the rest of the D-Line will be back…linebackers…safeties…one of our starting corners.  the more i think about it…the more excited i am to see this young defense develop.  throw in 1st team All B1G running back Ameer Abdullah (IF he doesn’t go pro)...the other 3 running backs…including Adam Taylor…K Bell and Alonzo Moore, Westy,  Burtch, young tight ends.  It all kinda reminds me of 1993…strong defense…strong running game…just clean up the punt return game…or am i reaching?

also…  i’m a Cubs fan.  i’ve gotten used to being hopeful for ‘next year.’  its in our DNA.

also…speaking of Ciante…it seems like just yesterday…we were watching him as a true freshman step up and stop Blaine Gabbert at the goal line in the North endzone in 2010.  my how time flies…

@ Cappy Bly,

“Real offense” from OU?  Haha, thats funny considering they only scored ONE offensive TD and that was the one to win it in at the end.


sweet t,

riled up’s thing is just a persona, totally harmless.

Felt like Pokes were Nubrasky back in the day, watching that game—got ‘Sooner Magic’d’, more or less.  They and the weather were able to take Pokes outta their game and suddenly Belldozer decides he’s John Elway, who woulda thought.  Good game, though.

@ T Dogg - Okie-Lite lost the game when they started to play 3 down lineman with a prevent D.  Nothing Sooner-Magic about it.  Sooners just flat out beat them in the end.

Well, they needed a long return by Saunders—as usual—to jump start the thing.  Then DOUBLE revers to , yea, Saunders again to try and generate some offense.  But, drive stalls, have to resort to more ‘magic’ in the form of trickeration FG holder pass to kicker for score.  That’s some serious offense by the Sooners, you know, like Cappy says we should emulate.  Oh wait, no actual offensive TD yet.

Final drive, Pokes go into prevent-a-win mode which worked to perfection as per…they didnt win.  Pokes’ offense didnt decide they were in a game til their last scoring drive too, but I give credit to the Sooners D and special teams which pretty much won the game for them.  Weather didnt help either for Pokes’ passing attack—as in, BRICK.

Fun game to watch though, as were about all the games Sat.  The SEC champ game was crazy mad and I thought I 3was watching Roy Helu back in ‘10 vs Mizzou run up 305 on ‘em—some things never change.  Maybe someday Pinkel will win something, but like us last year, that may have been his best chance for awhile—I think Franklin’s gone after this year, right?

Thrilled with Sparty’s win, I thought they could burn tOSU’s subpar corners with their passing game, which they did.  The win didnt really surprise me too much.  Brax still had some ridiculous runs though, the guy is one of the best athletes in the game today.  GO SPARTA!

Alotta respect for Pinkel and Mizzou though, didnt think they had it in ‘em.  It’s pretty amazing what they pulled off this year, but they caught both GA, aTm(Manziel hurt) and FL kind of down this year, so that helped.  Impressive how they turned it around though.

T-Dogg…sorry about that…was jumping channels watching as many games as I could.  Happened to see the plays I mentioned, and got a little excited…forgive me?  Hey, kudos to OU for pulling it out no matter how they did it…yes, it did remind me of that dreaded “Sooner Magic”.  And, kudos also to Mizzery for a great year…DOUBLE KUDOS to Sparty!!!  Take that Urban!!  One…count ‘em…turnover for Sparty and only three penalties… would be nic e to see NU play ONE game like that…

We all have one thing in common on this site. We just want real Husker football back. For over 20 years NE was always looked at as a NC contender. The Huskers had a tradition of wearing the other team down with strength and speed (POWER FOOTBALL). Bo promised to bring that back to Lincoln. His very words were (we are going to produce a team that the fans can be proud of). Yet he runs the spread offence. That’s not power football. That’s pussy football, and a D that gives up way to many big plays. Stoops has had a few down years but the Sooners can still rise to the occasion and win a big game. NE simply cant do that anymore, and at the beginning of next year the Sooners will once again be looked at as a NC contender. Us as Husker fans will be happy if we end the season ranked. Some of you put blinders on, look the other way, and blame it on the refs and injury’s. Its because of bad coaching, bad play calling, and stupid mistakes. Bo acting like a lunatic on and off the field is not something I can be proud of. Every season the tradition slowly slips further and further away and that will affect recruiting and we are already seeing that.

Admiral…so true, and, so confusing…you out rank me, so, please tell me how so many so-called fans are completely satisfied with being completely out-classed and out-coached whenever we play a good team?  Is there an intelligent reason why this coaching staff apparently disregarded the concept of a punt return game?  Any ideas on why this team consistently ranks among the very worst in some of the most important statistics…..year after year?  Can you understand an administration that finds itself apologizing for the highest paid person on their payroll, and then endorses same with another year of the type of behavior that has pundits all over the country laughing at them?  All this and a tougher schedule next year ...good luck to all of us with that…

Do you think a head coach could (or has ever) demoted to a defensive coordinator and would ever be happy? Obviously, that person would have to take a huge hit in salary, so I don’t think it could be done with good results. I think Bo would never go for that. Most wouldn’t, I’d guess. Too big of an ego.

Btw, besides C. Petersen getting snatched up by U of W, now I wake up and see that Craig Bohl has been hired by Wyoming. There goes another good candidate. After Bowl season should offer some more candidates but it really messes with verbals and the statement from Eichorst is still there and his ‘reinforcement’ statement to boot. It may be another year anyway for .

The OU-O-State game really could have been over with on that questionable interception, which I would have guessed most certainly been overturned after review. I guess we get one win back from the win that was ‘stolen’ by the officials at the OU-Oregon game a few years ago, at Oklahoma State’s expense. That game was a blast to watch for sure.

Nebraska fans believe themselves to be the best fans in college football.  They cheer the opposing team as they leave Tom Osborne field after beating the Huskers.  These same fans then scream for the head of the Head Coach, and say that this isn’t “Nebraska Football.”  They cry about the days of old, they say terrible things about the coaching staff, the all-conference quarterback, and any player that isn’t perfect.  The real problem with Nebraska football is the Nebraska fan.

If Iowa had been plagued by injuries and had started their third string quarterback with a depleted, banged up O-Line, a Nebraska victory against them would have met with comments like “Well, what do you expect, Iowa’s first string was out!” from our wonderful fan base.

These same fans, who complain of the “blow-out” losses of Coach Pelini, his 3-3 bowl record, or that he hasn’t won a conference championship in his first six years, who reminisce of the glory days of Tom Osborne, forget that Coach Osborne did not win an outright Big 8 conference championship, but tied with Oklahoma who actually won these because they beat Nebraska in 1975 and beat Nebraska in the Orange Bowl in 1978, finishing 11-1 compared to Nebraska’s 9-3.  These same fans forget that Coach Osborne suffered “blow-out” losses to the same Oklahoma team in 1973 (27-0), 1975 (35-10), and 38-7 in 1977.  They forget that Coach Osborne’s overall bowl record is 12-13, and that he lost seven straight bowl appearances from 1987-1993.  If Coach Osborne had been fired for this abysmal performance in bowl games, the three National Championships he won in the ensuing four years would never have materialized.

Coach Pelini is 57-24 in his first six years, with a bowl game remaining to be played.  Coach Osborne was 55-20-2. 

There is no question in anyone’s mind that Coach Osborne is one of the best (if not THE best) college coaches in NCAA history.  But, where would he be if he had been fired after the horrendous bowl performances?  Where would Nebraska football be?

Coach Pelini has produced winning teams, and great players.  Martinez is an all-conference quarterback who now holds a great many Nebraska records since his arrival here.  Ameer Abdullah is the number one back with the most rushing yards in the B1G.  Randy Gregory has shined at Defensive End.  These are a few of the players brought to Nebraska by Coach Pelini.  He has no problem recruiting talent.  Coach Pelini has won a division title in four of his six years here.  Coach Osborne never had to play in a conference championship in his Big 8 days, and when he had to play in the Big 12, he lost one of two.

No, even the most idiotic of our fan base has to admit that Coach Pelini is a winning coach.  So, if they hate him and want him gone, they must look at other things.  They point out his temper.  They call him a “lunatic” on the field.  They bring up the tape of him recorded two years earlier in a private session where he did not know he was being recorded complaining of fair-weather fans who left the OSU-Nebraska game at half-time, saying “F” all those fans. 

Yes, Nebraska fans are funny.  They love to treat a coach like crap, and then when the coach has the guts to call them out on it, they act shocked and say that he doesn’t “represent Nebraska values.”

Hypocrites.  Crybabies.  I never thought that any Nebraskan would be like this.  I moved to Nebraska 16 years ago, and became a fan of my adopted state’s football team.  I am originally from New York, where college football isn’t followed, but barely tolerated behind the professional football teams we loved back there.  I’m a big Giants fan, of course, and I remember the Bill Parcells days where the NY media would attempt to put him on the hotseat and he would put them in their place.  Any fan wanting to run his/her mouth to Coach Parcells would also learn quickly that he didn’t take their crap.  Yeah, if you were going after him or any other NY coach, be ready for him to come back at you.

The Nebraska media and fans try to act like NY media and fans, but unlike the NY media and fans, they are shocked when a Nebraska coach doesn’t take their crap and kiss their butt when they shoot their mouths off about him.  I find this hilarious.  This attitude of calling for the coach to be fired and then being shocked when he says “Go ahead.  Fire me.”

I like Coach Pelini.  I don’t know him personally, but as the head coach of this program, I respect a man who won’t take crap from anyone and when they pop off he let’s em’ have it back.  He isn’t a punk, that’s for sure.  Unlike many of the spoiled fans he has to listen to, he isn’t a punk.  This bothers them and they say that he doesn’t represent the State well.  State?  This is the head coach of the football program, not the Governor.  Puh-lease.  Coach Pelini is a coach of the old order-one who isn’t afraid to put his job on the line to do what he thinks is right and to support his players.  His players see that, and support him.  Don’t think so?  Ask Kenny Bell.  He said he would play against Satan himself and a team of demons at the gates of Hell alongside Coach Pelini.

That says it all.

OU, I did not know that Bohl was leaving NDSU.  That sucks, I went to a few NDSU games. His team is amazing. Watch out NE for the next time we play WYO.  He would of been the next coach that could of gotten NE to the next level.  After watching some of the games yesterday you can see how far behind NE is. They have a long way to go.

After watching the Ohio State-Michigan State game and seeing how Ohio State fared against MSU, it’s interesting to note that Nebraska’s offense and defense had a better performance against the Spartans than did Ohio State’s.  Nebraska’s offense put up 392 yard of total offense compared to Ohio State’s 374; Nebraska’s offense put up 28 points compared to Ohio State’s 24.  Nebraska did this with a depleted front O-line, missing a wide receiver, another wide receiver playing injured, and a second-string quarterback instead of all-conference QB Martinez.

Ohio State’s defense gave up 438 yards of offense to the Spartans, whereas the Blackshirts allowed 361 yards.  Ohio State’s defense gave up 34 points, whereas Nebraska’s gave up 41, a seven point difference in favor of the #2 ranked Buckeyes.

Nebraska turned the ball over five times against MSU, and still remained in the game and performed better than the #2 ranked Buckeyes did.  Coach Pelini’s team fared better than Coach Meyer’s team did.  The only team to do better against MSU than Nebraska was Notre Dame, who beat the Spartans.

New Yorker, In TO’s first season he beat more ranked teams then Bo has in his last 6 and its not all about wins or loses. Its also about his behavior.  Some of you were complaining about Michigan and Ohio not being fined for there altercation.  The difference there is they are kids, Bo is an adult.

New Yorker.  Thank you for saying what the majority of true nebraska fans think.  Unlike a few of the same people on these sites that never have anything good to say about this team over and over the same stuff.  To many turnovers yes, but this team is loaded with talent for the future.  They are already giving up onTA and looking for the next guy to bash.  I agree with you that we need to get off Bo’s back and give him time to get things righted, TO would have been fired if these posters would have had any say.  “Anything worth having is worth waiting for”.  GBR

Larr, if you like a subpar team year after year, then Bo is the guy

New Yorker,

Excellent synopsis.

New Yorker…excellent comments about Coach Pelini.

And what about the story Tom Osborne tells about the 1976 Bluebonnet Bowl?  As the story goes…after Nebraska barely defeats Texas Tech in the bowl game…a booster told TO after the game he would’ve been fired had he lost the bowl game.

No wonder TO was close to leaving Nebraska for Colorado a couple years later.

Also…I think about Randy Gregory…and his ability to step on campus in July as a juco transfer…and as a sophomore…play well enough to be a unanimous 1st Team All B1G defensive end.  I mean…that can’t be all raw ability…can it?.  I think you have to credit Bo and his staff for recruiting and developing him into the player he has become.  But oh wait…Pelini and staff ‘can’t recruit’.  K.

Also…I am old enough to clearly remember…in the late 80’s/early 90’s…the rabid screaming by many (probably a strong majority) Husker fans that defensive coordinator Charlie McBride needed to be fired because we kept losing to ‘faster southern teams’ (Miami, Florida State).  It was this same McBride that switched from a 5-2 to a 4-3 defense (along with recruiting more speed on defense)...and we all know what happened after that.

And also…all this love for Craig Bohl.  This is the same Craig Bohl that was fired from Solich’s staff after the 2002 season…yes?  I’m happy for Bohl’s success at 1-AA NDSU…and I hope he does well at Wyoming…but what makes him suddenly have the coaching chops to now be successful at Nebraska…as HC no less…when he couldn’t hack it as DC 11 years ago.  A bit confounding.

Also…Bo is 2-3 in bowl games…and has won 3 divisions in his 6 years at NU.  Otherwise…great comments New Yorker.

The ranking system was different back then, in case you didn’t know.  By the way, Coach Osborne also lost to unranked teams that today would have caused his Huskers to have been knocked out of the rankings.

Grendel, Coach Pelini is 3-3 in bowl games.  His teams have won the Alamo, Gator and Holiday bowls.

k…you are including the 2003 bowl game he coached as interim head coach.  i don’t include that game…because really…it wasn’t ‘his program’ back then…he was just filling in for Frank.

but technically…you are correct.

These players are not “kids.”  My thirteen year old son is a kid.  My twenty-something son in the Army Rangers is a man.  These men that play college football are young men, anywhere from 18-24.  One of the mistakes fans like you make is to call them “kids.”  When Ohio’s State’s player “flips the bird” using both hands high in the air on national tv, a fine should be imposed on the team for lack of sportsmanship, just like Coach Pelini was fined for his comments concerning the officials.  Regardless of whether or not Coach Pelini was correct in his views, he should not have said the word “chickenshit.”  So, I have no problem with the B1G fining him.  However, to take NO disciplinary action whatsoever against Ohio State after that game shows the favoritism toward Ohio State that the B1G shows it has time and again

Coach Pelini’s teams are not subpar; three 10 win seasons and two 9 win seasons are excellent seasons.  This year, with the adversity this team has faced, to finish another 9 win season is amazing.  What other team in the B1G could have done this under the same circumstances?  Certainly not Iowa, Michigan State or Michigan.  Ohio State has a great backup QB, gut how well would Hyde have performed with most of hat big O-line out due to injury?  Just imagine that.

Cons with NU football now not 15 yrs ago
if the cons out way the pros proof something wrong with NU football right now just for discussion purposes.
1.close or at bottom in nation turnovers for 6 yrs;
2.lack of depth on o line, d line;
3.player transfers;
4.need juco fill-ins;
5.poor special teams play;
6.too many dropped passes;
7.too many penalties;
8.too stubborn to switch schemes like McBride;
9.semi violent outbursts on sidelines; offensive ID;
11. - 4 losses per seasons;
12. very inexperienced coaches
13. 3-3 in bowl games
anything else for cons?
Okay someone do the pro list

NE had a cushy schedule this year and almost got beat at home to WYO who finished the year at 5-7, got gashed by an over ranked UCLA team at home, it took a miracle hail marry to beat a horrible Northwestern team at home, and the Iowa game was one of the ugliest games in Lincoln I have ever seen. The Huskers do have some play makers, but when you compare them to an Auburn, Mizzo, Alabama, or a Florida State team, there is in know way NE could compete with them. Not this year, not next year, or the year after that. The Skers can make some plays, but the mistakes far out number the good plays, and there another excuse (the rankings were different back then) The teams that can run the ball down field, and have a stout D are the teams that win national champions. That’s how it was back then, and that’s how it is now.

1. All conference quarterback holding most of NU’s records;
2. Excellent depth on O-Line;
3. Excellent Juco transfers (Lavonte David and Randy Gregory.)
4. Excellent running backs.  Abdullah, Newby, Cross, Frazier.
5. Defense improved from 107th to 35th nationally.
6. Beat up team did better against MSU than Ohio State did;
7. Great offensive ID in the running game.  Abdullah leads B1G.
8. 10 wins for three years and 9 wins for two. 
9. 3-3 in Bowl games; Better than Coach Osborne’s 12-13 record.
10. Passionate head coach who isn’t a punk.
11. Young team with most of the starters returning for next year.
12. Coaching staff that puts up with a lot of crap from fan base
13. Able to perform well although plagued by injuries.
14. Ended Michigan’s home win streak with a second string QB.
15.Players love the coaching staff and work hard for them.

There’s a quick “Pro’s list.”

Admiral, Nebraska’s schedule was no “cushier” than any team in the B1G, and if Nebraska wasn’t plagued by injuries they would have won all their games except the UCLA game.

The Iowa game you mention would have been much different with our first string in and not our third string quarterback and decimated O-Line.  You think that doesn’t matter?  Have Iowa play under the same conditions and see what happens.  To say it doesn’t matter when most of team’s first string is out is just plain stupid.

Nebraska had no problem running the ball against MSU, and still put up more yards on that #1 defense than any other offense.  And that was using a mostly second string line and second string QB and other numerous injuries.  Next year, when this team is healthy and Armstrong has a year to work on his throwing (and Stanton right behind him), with Abdullah, Bell, Cross, Newby and Frazier back, this team is going to be awesome.  The defense, which proved to be a much better one than ANYONE imagined, returns basically intact, with the exception of a couple of backs in the secondary.

If this team remains healthy, they will win the B1G.

Bo’s bowl record is actually 2-3, and they were junk bowls. Look at the bowl games TO got the Huskers in. I’m glad for you that you think they will win the BIG next year.  I feel that next year will be more of the same. Mistakes, turnovers, stupid play calling, and more of Bo’s antics.

Coach Pelini’s actual bowl record is 3-3.  He was the interim head coach and beat Michigan State in the Alamo Bowl.  I am sure you would have had no problem crediting the loss to him if Nebraska had lost that game.

Coach Osborne was a great coach.  But many fans like yourself wanted him fired for his blowout losses to Oklahoma and inability to win the Big 8 conference outright;  It’s a good thing the administration didn’t listen to those idiotic fans back then.  It may have taken 22 years, but Coach Osborne not returned the NC trophy to Lincoln, he built a dynasty.  But even being handed a team that had won back to back NC’s just two years prior, Coach Osborne still took 22 years to accomplish this.  Coach Pelini inherited a losing Nebraska team.  A 5-7 team and immediately turned them around into a winning powerhouse. 

Nebraska is currently 17-7 in B1G play under Coach Pelini.  The only teams with a better conference record are Ohio State (19-5) and Michigan State (18-6).  Coach Pelini is 2-1 against Michigan State and 1-1 against Ohio State.  I’d say he’s doing well in the B1G.

Congratulations to Craig Bohl, new HC at Wyoming.
Hopefully, he’ll bring his team to Lincoln in ‘16.

The latest prediction is a possible Nebraska vs K-State matchup in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. That’s based on a #4 or #5 place Big Ten team.

Yes you are right, I forgot about that one. I’m just seeing more of the same with Bo in the BIG as I saw in the Big 12. In the A@M game he lost that because of the Refs. Cried about Snyder running up the score on him. Now the BIG is against him for fining him, and once again lost a few games due to the Refs. You also need to realize that his best years were his first 2 with most of Callahans recruits. I really don’t see much difference between the teams Calli produced, and the teams Bo have produced. They were all mistake prone, to many turnovers, and stupid mistakes. Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing. Its excuse after excuse with Bo.

Thank you New Yorker!! I love it when someone, besides me, puts the stooges(haters) in their place.

Other then the fact that Calli didn’t act like an idiot, I would like Red tell me the difference between Calli’s team and Bo’s

I don’t think it is excuse after excuse with Coach Pelini.  I see a coach who recruits well (Gregory, Martinez, Bell, Enunwa, Cross, Abdullah, Burkhead, Bell, David, to name a few) and wins ball games.  Three 10 win seasons and two 9 win Seasons in his first five years.  Callahan had two losing seasons in four years.  Big difference.

As for his interactions with the media, how many times was he asked about whether he would be fired or not?  How many times was he asked if he was coaching to save his job?  I don’t blame him for telling them that if they wanted to fire him, to just go ahead.

And the fans?  Yeah, they’re really loyal, aren’t they?  They can point out the Wisconsin loss and say there’s no excuse for it.  But then they can defend a Penn State team who loses to Ohio State 63-14, saying that they only have 65 scholarship players instead of 85.  But when most of Nebraska’s offense is sidelined due to injury, and Nebraska has to use a third string quarterback, these same fans criticize the coach and team.  An 8-4 season is amazing under these circumstances.  Look at Iowa.  They are 8-4 with their starters playing and they are considered a very good football team.  Had Nebraska’s starters been healthy, Nebraska would have won by three touchdowns.  Nebraska fans don’t care about that though.  They are too busy cheering the other team and screaming at their own.

good list of pros NY.  I guess we will table this discussion until after the bowl game, then next season.  something, just something missing imo

You paint with a pretty broad brush.

NY, the Huskers were healthy when WYO came into Lincoln and the Huskers almost got beat. Yes this Husker team has some play makers, but if you were to match up a healthy Husker team against a Bama or Florida State it would be a huge blow out. That how down the BIG is and the Bowl games will show that. Husker fans are upset because they see the Husker tradition slowly going away.

NY, you paint like an artist. There’s no talking to these guys. You’re a true fan, with facts and figures, names, teams, dates, places, bowls, records, all the goods. They listen to a troll. GBR

Red you still haven’t answered my question. NY hasn’t done anything.  Bo cant win the big games (PERIOD)

I like BO. I don’t like admirals or craptains or sooners either. I like the way NEBRASKA is headed. I’m optimistic. I am a loyal fan. Time takes time. GBR I don’t think much more can be said, I guess stapling pics to your forehead?

AH look at that, Red dancing around the question. Who could of predicted that.

Sorry, I’ve gotten in the habit of skip’n your BS. cali turned NU football as we new it upside down. Broke tradition. Broke a lot of things we might never get back. The “californication of NEBRASKA” But he only did what he was brought in to do, short of winning. Pelini is bringing it back. Time takes time. You’re embarrassed, not me.

Ok, yea, I generally bolieve things take time.  Actually, we’ve been to 3 CCG’s in relative short order under BO, if we’d have one 1 or 2 of ‘em wouldnt be so much bitching round here.

What I’m seeing right now is we are putting a real good level of talent on the field at present.  QB and TO issues killed us this year for bigger things, but 8-4 not a turrible record all things considered.  IA game is maybe the one I have the most prob with.

I like Bo alot, so I’m holding out that he WILL turn the corner, shore things up, get the hallmark win, whichever one that is.

Speaking of time, how is it that Malzahn takes a team from the bottom to the top in ONE year?  Thoughts?  I’m a bit mystified by it.

Auburn must have gotten good coaching top to bottom plus a little luck in 3 games.  Maybe their kids BOlieve as in Bo Jackson. MSU same thing - great coaching.  Fundamentals like not putting the ball on the ground and no silly penalties win games.

so is it KSU?  Hopefully we can get healthy and hold on to the ball GBR!

local computer paper here in Michigan have U of M going to buffalo wild wings bowl to play KSU….  hmmmm


Here’s Coach Malzahn’s secret. Gus was standing in the checkout line at his local Piggly Wiggly store when he saw a copy of Bo Pelini’s ‘Secret’s of my Coaching Genius’ sitting between the National Enquirer and the comic books.
Anyway, Gus, as fate would have it was extremely lucky this day because the store had been delivered only one copy (in 2010), and it was still there!
Well, Gus took this copy, originally priced at .99 cents now on sale for buy anything get this 2 page book (including a signed Mack Brown dedication and index pages) for free, so long as you don’t throw it away in our parking lot signed agreement.

Well, Gus read this book and it totally inspired him to take Coach Pelini’s advice on ‘head coaching’ and decided to coach his Auburn team the complete opposite as how he had just read.

That sir, is how Gus Malzahn took Auburn football from worst to first.

Kinda gives you the warm fuzzy’s when you think about it.

Is martinez gna be healthy to play in bowl game has any one heard?

I think Auburn had a number of veteran linemen AND guys that had been on the ‘10 NC team so they been there b4. I guess the real question is, WTF happened to them last year?

NY, love your posts. Auburns problems lay in coaching, they already had the talent. That and some luck. People want to bitch about the WYO game, everyone knew the defense was greener than green going into the season and there would be growing pains. What, can’t change your impression as the season goes on? What about MSUs stagnant offense? Shit changed and now they’re cooking. Looks like we drew Georgia. Idk how beat up they still are, but I think they’re feeling pretty low after falling from on high at season’s start. Redemption time!

We have the personel and aspects of our offense to run more option football, in all its newer forms, similarly to Auburn.  TA is probably nearly as good as that Marshall kid too, though probably not as fast.  I says a group of us rush the ADpt and take ‘Got Becked’ hostage until he agrees to this our(“best fans in the universe just ask us”) terms….


You do know how silly you look bringing up Wyoming?  That game was on August 31.  The first game of Michigan State’s season was against Western Michigan.  Michigan States’s offense put up 12 points and Western Michigan’s put up 13.  Michigan State lost that game offensively.  It’s a good thing their defense scored two touchdowns.  Now look at MSU’s offense.  Imagine if Connor Cook were hurt in the first game and couldn’t perform.  Now imagine if one of his wide receivers was out and another injured.  Now, imagine if EIGHT of his best O-Linemen were injured.  Yeah, MSU wouldn’t have won any games under those conditions.

Now, with the line banged up and mostly second stringers playing, using a RS freshman second string QB and missing a WR and another playing injured, the Huskers put up more yards and more points on MSU than did the great Ohio State.  While you’re bringing up Wyoming, think about that.

This defense has come around.  While you bring up the first game of the season against Wyoming, I’ll bring up one of the last games of the season: Michigan.  Look what they did to Michigan.  They went into the BIG HOUSE and held them to -21 yards rushing and 175 total yards.  Only allowed 13 points.  Handed Michigan its first home loss after 19 victories.  Ohio State gave up 603 yards and 41 points to the same team.  Yeah, you keep bringing up Wyoming.  You look foolish when you do, but go ahead.

I’m glad we get another shot at Georgia.  It’ll be interesting to see how many Husker fans will use any injuries on the Georgia side as a reason for a Husker victory, but will say that Husker injuries are not a valid reason in the case of a Husker loss.  smh

If the Huskers lose will you use injuries as an excuse?


If the Bulldogs lose will use injuries as an excuse?

I’m all about TA being The Man vs Joja, but part of me would love to see a healthy TMaj get one more shot at showing the Magique and perhaps get a bowl W as a send off.  Gonna miss that guy, not many athletes can pull off the types of video game runs he provided us with over the years.

If we lose to GA it wont be because of injuries on either side.  It will be becausr they have one of the best, veteran QBs in the country and we will probably still be breaking in the rookie.  TOs could be an issue too, from our end, I dunno, just a thought.

Georgia’ great QB (Aaron Murray) left the game against KY on NOV 24 with a torn ACL and is out.  Hutson Mason is his backup.

I’d like to see T-Magic in on a play or two if he is healthy enough to perform; however, I don’t want to see him start or play much because there is no way he is healthy enough for that.  Not only would he hurt himself, he would hurt the team.  I too, think that T-Magic was a great QB, and it is very sad how his career ended.

If Armstrong is ready to go, I think that he will do okay.  I hope that turnovers aren’t an issue in this game, but it is hard to be optimistic in this area given just how many times this team turns the ball over.

I think that we will see a great performance out of the defense.  Hopefully Randy Gregory can add to his sack total.

Abdullah only needs 132 yards to be at 1700 yards.  Hope he gets it.


Oh, well, that works 4 me.  We can DO this!

@ the SEC champ game, they was braggin’ that that #21 back for Aub was gonna hit yhe 1000 yd mark.  Haha, thats pussy league stuff.  Didnt Rex and Abdu both go over 1000 2 yrs ago?

Plus, Helu had like 307 yds against Mizzou in ‘10, so like, been there done that…

No I won’t use GA injuries as an excuse if the Huskers win. I find it strange that you bash some of us for being pessimistic and then you come out and say and I quote

“I hope that turnovers aren’t an issue in this game, but it is hard to be optimistic in this area given just how many times this team turns the ball over”.

Isn’t that a little inconsistent? How is that I’m not allowed to be a little pessimistic concerning Bo’s coaching ability.

Triumph - Rex had around 1300 yards in 2011—unanimous 1st team All B1G running back.
Abdullah had around 1150 yards last season—also unanimous 1st team All B1G running back.  He also had around 1500 yards this season..and again unanimous 1st team All B1G running back…all behind a badly injured offensive line for most of this season (and people say Coach Pelini and staff can’t recruit and develop talent??...mmmmK).

Side question: Ameer Abdullah must be closing in on 3000 career rushing yards at NU (if he hasn’t surpassed it already).  Assuming he returns for his senior season…how many yards would it take to surpass Mike Rozier for all time rushing leader at Nebraska?  And even though I do realize Rozier accomplished his career rushing total in three seasons (was a juco transfer…I believe)...its still pretty amazing if you think about it…that Ameer would be in the same conversation…numbers wise.  GBR


No, it isn’t inconsistent at all.  There have been numerous turnovers from various players this year.  At least the usual T-Magic haters can’t blame him.  You can be as pessimistic as you like, by the way.  I still think this is a good team, and when healthy, will be a great team.  Coach Pelini is doing a good job here.  To blame coaching for turnovers doesn’t make sense.  Especially when the players (Kenny Bell) say that they are doing the drills over and over in practice and that it is the fault of the players.

No one doubts that Ameer Abdullah is a great running back.  But he has lost 14 fumbles in his career here at Nebraska-one less than T-Magic-to date.

To watch our second string perform well against Michigan State, a game that the Huskers clearly could have won if not for the turnovers, and then see them drop the ball is upsetting.  But it is interesting to note that not too many Husker fans realize how much better our second string and third string did against MSU than Ohio State’s first string did.

No, it may be hard to be optimistic with the amount of turnovers that have occurred.  But I am optimistic that this team will beat Georgia on Jan 1, and if the team remains healthy next year, will win the B1G.

Rozier had 2000+ his Heisman year, 1000 something the year before, I think, so Ameer should surpass if he hasnt already.  Seems like Tater and one of those backs both went over a 1000 one of those years, all this with a more pass happy attack.

Ameer could be considered a top 5 all time Sker back if he keeps going at this pace.
The moral of the story:  1000 yds rushing is little league stuff ‘round har’.

i’m sorry…who is Tater?  and what years did he play?

and i believe Rozier has around 4200 career rushing yards at NU…and Abdullah has around 3000 right now.  I just wanted exact numbers…but I’m too busy at work (and too lazy otherwise) to look up the exact numbers…but I would like to see them.

NU has had some good running backs the last 15 years (Burkhead, Helu Jr, Brandon Jackson, Cory Ross, Dahrran Diedrick, Correll Buckhalter…I’m probably forgetting 1 or 2)...but I clearly think (and have posted this before on here) that Ameer Abdullah is the best running back at Nebraska since Ahman Green.  The kid just needs to cut down on the turnovers…especially in crucial situations.

I’m trying to remove the word ‘if’ from my vocabulary regarding NU football. The reality is that recently NU has been one of the most turnover prone teams in college football. Nobody knows why. I have a hard time believing there is something amiss in the DNA of all the players over the past 6 years that has contributed to this problem. It’s going to take a few years of better performance before I get optimistic about it. Meanwhile I’ll try to keep the word ‘if’ out of my thinking. I don’t like excuses. I’ve used them too over the years but eventually they wear out. Eventually the they stare you in the face so strongly that it causes you to put down the Kool aid. Right now for me I don’t have a lot of hope that this crew is going to deliver respect in the Husker program to the nation. Right now we are irrelevent in the nat’l scheme of things. On top of that our coach is the butt of many jokes. He might love the kids and they might love him. That’s cool. And they might be staying out of bars and thus keeping out of trouble - that’s really cool. Lot’s of them are getting good grades—that is also cool. I applaud him for that. But until he gets control of his sideline behaviour the nat’l media is not going to respect him. The bar is different for him—he has a Hollywood face that conveys 100 times more emotion than 99% of the population.

I’m happy that you have great hope and you’ve been able articulate it beautifully. Maybe someday mine can return to the strength of yours.

ahh…Tater is Taylor.  got it.

Coach Pelini gets a lot of negative attention from the media, and I believe it is because they don’t like that he isn’t afraid to tell them off. If you actually listen to some of the questions he is asked by them, you will see how ridiculous they are.

Think about how many times he was asked if he was coaching to save his job.  Was it once?  Twice?  How about maybe a hundred times or more.  Think about how many times he’s told a nine or ten win season isn’t good enough here at Nebraska.  Think about what an arrogant statement that is in itself.  A nine or ten win season isn’t good enough?  That is arrogantly stupid.  The vast majority of colleges would be very happy with consistency like that, in short a time period. 

Isn’t it amazing how even our fans will say how good Iowa is?  Iowa is 8-4.  Their coach has been at the helm there for 15 years and has ZERO Rose Bowl appearances.  Their team was 4-8 last year.  That’s a great turnaround, isn’t it?  Awesome!  This coach must be great!  He took a 4-8 team and made it into a 8-4 team!  Who was the coach last year?  He was.  Now, why hasn’t he been fired?  His overall record at Iowa is 108-78, and he is 64-55 in B1G play. Why do Husker fans think that Kirk Ferentz is a good coach?  The only way he could beat Nebraska was with the majority of Nebraska’s line out, a wide receiver out and a third string quarterback at the helm.  Coach Pelini is 2-1 against him.  Yet our fans think that Ferentz is better than Pelini.  Amazing.  In fifteen years at Iowa, Ferentz has won 108 games.  In six years at Nebraska, Pelini has won 57 games. 

Pelini isn’t a meely-mouthed punk who bows down to the media and fans who treat him like crap.  If these fans and media cannot treat him differently, then they need to grow a backbone and be able to take it when Pelini dishes it back to them.  I learned that on the schoolyard as a young by in New York.  If someone hits you, you hit them back harder.

You gotta love the word irrelevant.  See how many college football fans use it?  Look at Michigan State.  They’re irrelevant.  Even being the over-achieving team that beat Ohio State, they’re still ranked behind an 11-1 Alabama team that is not conference champion.  Even beating the number two team in the nation did not even get them into the discussion of jumping Auburn to play for the National Title.  I guess that’s irrelevant.

Ohio State fans loved to say 24-0.  Read the B1G network blog, or anywhere an Ohio State fan can post and you would have seen this.  I wonder if they are now calling their team 0-1?  I guess their irrelevant too.

As is Alabama.  One loss to an Auburn team that got lucky.  But that’s what it takes to be “relevant.”  Michigan State was robbed against Notre Dame.  LSU beat Auburn.  So, Auburn is relevant and Michigan State is not.  Makes sense, eh?  Nope.

College football is a sport that is fun to watch.  Many of our fans take the fun out of it by trying to act like it’s professional.  It is not.  It is a business, that is for sure, but it is not professional sports.  It is a sport played by young men who are paid approximately $200,000 in scholarships.  The university makes a lot of money of the program.  Yes, it is a business.  But fans need to realize that it is an amateur sport and to enjoy the game.  Sure, fans can critique the performance of the players and coaching staff.  That’s what fans do.  But the venom that is directed toward the coaching staff and players here makes even a New Yorker like me cringe.  I saw some crazy fans at Yankee Stadium, and watching the Giants play.  We don’t need that kind of behavior here.  Fans need to stop worrying about how the coach acts and pay more attention to their own behavior.

New York…stop trying to be reasonable and level headed.

Bo hating Nebraska fans want perfection every season, every game, every play.  They were spoiled silly the last five years under Osborne…but they don’t realize it.  They think they are entitled to conference championships…year in and year out.  I’d be willing to guess that 90% of them never even played high school football, let alone college football, let alone college football at a major BCS program like Nebraska…and have no idea what it takes to compete at that level…with all the practicing, work outs, film study, winter lifting, spring work outs, spring practice, more film study, more work outs, summer lifting and work outs, more film study, not to mention a full time course load of classes (which Bo’s players do quite well—highest team G.P.A. in over twenty years at NU) all so that these so called ‘fans’ can be appeased on fall Saturdays.  They really are kind of pathetic, if you think about it.

Anyways…good stuff New Yorker.  You should have your own radio show on AM 1620…show some of those clowns on there (besides D. Benning, a former player) some level headed analysis.  or 590…but they’re not so bad.  gbr

We must run in completely different circles because I don’t brush into the kind of fans you are talking about. There was a day I excused Pelini’s behavior and defended him vigorously - I wore out - remember I run in a genteel crowd. Unfortunately for Pelini there was a coach here before your time that defined the standard. His name was Tom Osborne. I’m not the kind of fan you describe and I’m not someone that grew up in Nebraska. Fact is I’ve lived more years of my life outside of the state than in the state. His side line behavior is not acceptable anywhere on earth and I don’t care how stupid the questions are and how arrogant the press is - the HC’s job is to be polite and accommodating. He is the face of our state to the world whether he wants it or not.

I get what your saying in the ‘go down with the ship’ stuff,

To compare Nebraska, fans, coaches and universities to Iowa and then the polar opposite Ohio State is ridiculous.
So would you say that (realistic) expectations at Nebraska and at Iowa are one and same? NO!

You kind of lost me on the Ohio State comment. Are you serious about an Urban Meyer led team and anyone knocking him for losing to the #1 defense in the country? No one expected Meyer to never lose a game, but if you are making a parallel to some fans being pissed enough at Pelini for losing (in the craziest ways) and wanting to drive his moving van for him? That’s another bad analogy, day and night difference really, if that’s the point you were making.

I’m sure there were some people who were tOSU fans that probably predicted the loss. Where I live, 1 loss in 24 wins is a very acceptable winning percentage.
Look, that’s going to happen when you play a defensive dynamo such as MSU, so there’s no mystery there.

You call Auburn’s team “lucky” for beating Alabama on a heads up play when the game was tied at the end of regulation??

What’s lucky about hanging with the #1 team for the last 4 or so years?

I wouldn’t say that Auburn was lucky, as you put it. I’d be more inclined to say that Alabama was ‘lazy’ on that play. Several of those player had multiple opportunities to tackle the return back, but didn’t put very much effort into it because I believe they were not aware that such a play existed in the rulebook which resulted in the half-assed effort of tackling during the play.

I think we’ll all see how “lucky” Auburn is when they beat Florida State in the NCC game. I personally want FL St. to win, but Auburn is the real deal and it won’t be a pushover but they will win. It’s the SEC man, no one can compete in recruiting against them.

Also, I fall squarely on the players need to be paid cash money (brothas) side of the fence. One good argument is that not all players are on a full or part scholarship. So not everyone gets a $200,000 free ride. To say that the backups and seldom used players do not contribute would be wrong, if anyone is thinking that.

Please guy! Nebraska fans calling for Pelini to be fired would even make a New Yorker cringe? They have been known to throw people off the stadium levels to their deaths for arguing in favor of their visiting teams.
We all know that happens at Nebraska every weekend at the Husker games for cutting into the Runza line. Riiiight…

Look, you are okay with Pelini at the helm because he ‘does it’ for you.

Not to argue, but debate this point you bring up.
I just want to say that I feel the reason Nebraska fans want perfection every season, every game, every play is because we remember undefeated seasons, games with no fumbles, games with no bonehead calls from the sideline. is because some of us older fans remember when it was reality.
Tom Osborne (here we go again) used to provide that type of play with his players, and I mean REAL entertainment, brother!
Times change and I get that. T.O. made a FRACTION of the money Pelini makes and you got a lot of sensible good entertainmant with his teams for the money. That guy coached with real heart, and not on his sleeve, either.
I remember when Tom’s teams lost on occasion, it was because the other team just out performed his team, or the other team had the ball last.
In contrast, Pelini’s teams get swept up and put in the trash can when they lose.
How many times have Pelini’s teams lost by 1, 2 or 3 points? Hardly ever. He also has quite a few of the largest losing point margins in Nebraska football history.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s going to straighten this thing out.

7times…  i hear ya.  i lived through those mid 90’s teams too.  i witnessed it.  the losses back then were so few and far between…i could probably tell you where i was watching each one…whether at Memorial or at home or friend’s house or whatever.
i also distinctly remember the years leading up to the 60-3 run.  the heartbreaks…the near misses…the seeming futility…and hearing lots of family and friends curse Osborne…that he’d ‘never win the big one’.  it wasn’t really until the ‘94 Orange Bowl…fighting tooth and nail with FSU for four quarters (as 17 point underdogs, no less)...and watching Tommie outplay the Heisman Trophy winner…that most of us got the sense…got any inkling…that this program could compete for national championships.

k…i don’t wanna rehash all of that.  that’s all almost 20 years ago now.  Bo has now had his fair share of near misses in championship games…and complete and utter beatdowns, of inexplicable fumbles and turnovers, of team setbacks and injuries.  eventually you think the guy could catch a break…and have everything go his way one season.  what does Lisp Holtz always say to Mark May on gameday final?  ‘it takes a little luck to win a championship’.  except Lisp is talking about a national championship.  i’d simply take a conference championship for now…and build on that.

i’m hoping all the program turmoil this last year…from the collapse in Indy…to this season…and the injuries, the turnovers, the ‘secret tape’, sideline meltdowns, media and fan scrutiny, and post game outbursts…i’m hoping its all a learning experience.  i’m hoping Bo can right the ship.  i think he can.  none of us know for sure…just like none of us knew for sure back then…before the title run.

the bowl game with Georgia is a good place to start.  coach ‘em up Bo.


I can’t tell you how pissed I was when Nebraska left the Big 12. I know, they had to do what they had to. All I could think about was all those great OU/ NU clashes would be gone, and now they are.

I didn’t get any bites with my idea of classic Husker games, but now that the bowls are figured out it might be a good diversion and not be so much trash talking about the coaching staff.

Besides the 1986-1987 OU-NU games, I thought the most exciting game I had seen was the 1982 game in Lincoln. Nebraska scored right at the end of the game and they beat OU. As I remember, they didn’t even kick the XP because the crowd stormed the field.
That was some game.

7times…may i ask your age?

52 big ones

k…was just curious.

that ‘82 game is a bit before my time for me to remember details.

i do remember being a small child…out in the front yard…while my father would be mowing or raking leaves…and listening to Lyell Bremser on the radio…calling games.  not distinct games…just general memories.

the earliest distinct game that clearly sticks out in my memory is the ‘84 Orange Bowl.  i was in the first grade.  goes w/out saying…epic…except my entire family was distraught afterwards.  i’m talking DISTRAUGHT.  it really was then that i realized the gravity of all of this…Nebraska…college football…all that it meant to the people in this state.  i even remember going back to school after that christmas vacation…and the teachers, faculty and staff…they were all depressed.  it was something…the affect a single game could have on people.

earliest Oklahoma game i clearly remember watching is in 1988.  defensive grudge match…i believe played in the rain…down in Norman.  or maybe it was raining in Omaha that night.  one of the two.  it would turn out to be Switzer’s last game at OU.  Nebraska won 7-3.

first Oklahoma game i saw in person was in 1991.  freezing effin cold rain…5th year senior Keithen McCant at qb.  another defensive battle.  the play that sticks out is Johnny Mitchell making a phenomenal catch between two Sooner defenders on like 3rd and long.  the place went nuts.  i also remember TO having to get on the PA system near the end of the game and ask the fans not to throw oranges.  lol…freaking epic.

ahh…memories.  gbr

*Switzer’s last season at OU…I meant.

I have very fond memories of the ‘82 OU vs NU game in Linc. It was the 1st game I witnessed in person. It was less than a month before I got married and the condition on our going was that we finished corn harvest in Dalhart, Tx. We did and drove to Linc, scalped tickets for $10 a piece from students on a cold blustery day. My uncle, his son & I. I have a DVD of the game which I watched a few weeks ago. Marcus Dupree was an animal. Somehow the Huskers wore him out—or he wore himself out. Rozier left the game injured. There was a trick play where Fryar threw a pass to a tight end. One of those plays where Turner threw a lateral that bounced off the turf (on purpose) into Fryars hands whereupon Fryar threw the pass. It happened so fast that the OU defenders really didn’t have time to take the bait. The game was billed as NU’s offense against OU’s defense. And OU7 you are right—the game ended without the extra point being kicked. I believe the touchdown was scored after an NU pick 6. The Huskers were ahead before the pick 6 - it was a desperation throw by the OU QB. 

The ‘82 game came after a win over OU in ‘81. We began to feel like TO had solved the OU mystery. NU did lose to OU in ‘84, ‘85, ‘86 & ‘87 before winning in ‘88 & ‘89. I did go to one of those losses (‘84 or ‘86 I lived in Linc during our early married years) and remember coming away from the game thinking it was less painful to experience the loss in person than to watch it on TV. Seemed more real. I also went to the freezing cold in the rain game in Norman in ‘88. We moved to OKC in June of ‘88.

Great memories of a great rivalry. Wish it could have continued.


I’m okay with Pelini because he is doing a great job coaching.  His record speaks for itself.  Fans today use words like “irrelevant” and “mediocre” and don’t realize how ignorant they sound when speaking of a very successful football team.  Three 10 win seasons and two 9 win seasons along with four divisional titles is not mediocre or irrelevant. 

Many fans love to compare Coach Pelini to Coach Osborne.  Well, Coach Osborne’s first six years were in the Big 8.  Let’s compare the teams Coach Osborne’s team played against compared to Coach Pelini’s in the B1G.

Colorado           1 National Championship
Iowa State           0 National Championships
Kansas             0 National Championships
Kansas State         0 National Championships
Missouri             0 National Championships
Oklahoma           7 National Championships
Oklahoma State       0 National Championships

Yeah, this was a really tough conference.  The only competition was Oklahoma, and they owned Nebraska in the 70’s during Coach Osborne’s time as Head Coach.

Here’s the B1G Conference that Coach Pelini’s team plays in:

Michigan                 11 National Championships
Ohio State               7 National Championships
Minnesota               7   National Championships
Michigan State             6   National Championships
Illinois                   5   National Championships
Penn State               2 National Championships
Iowa                   1 National Championships

It isn’t too difficult to see that Coach Pelini’s teams are in a much tougher conference, and that he is doing very well in said conference.

Coach Pelini produces excellent teams and excellent players.  He is passionate about what he does and isn’t a punk.  He takes no crap.  Many fans today love to dish crap but cannot handle it when it comes back their way.  These fans are a bunch of pansies.

So, that’s why I am fine with Coach Pelini at the helm and am confident his team will win the B1G next year if it avoids injuries.

New Yorker - Love the positive attitude about Bo and his staff.  But…Bo has won THREE division titles while at NU (2009, 2010 & 2012) out of six seasons.  Still pretty good though…considering before Bo arrived, Nebraska had won one division title from 2000 thru 2007.

Also…Michigan does have 11 national championships…but after splitting the 1997 national championship with Nebraska…you have to go back to 1948 for their next most recent national championship…and 8 of the 11 are before WWII (4 before WWI).

Same with Minnesota.  They do have 7 national championships…but they’re most recent one was in 1960…and before that 1941.

And Iowa…ummm…I don’t mean to laugh…but…LOL.  I always chuckle at Iowa fans’ claim to a national championship in football.  In 1958 Iowa finished #2 in both the AP and UPI to #1 LSU.  Why? Because LSU finished untied/undefeated at 11-0.  Iowa finished 8-1-1.  But…the Football Writers Association of America saw fit to crown them national champions after the bowl season because Iowa defeated a 7-3 California Bears team in the Rose Bowl 38-12.  Fine…but ask LSU fans who deserves to claim that national championship.
But I digress.  Iowa currently has scoreboard over Nebraska…and nothing can be said about that until next November in Iowa City.



You’re wrong.  Bo has FOUR divisional titles while at NU (2008, 2009,2010 and 2012) out of six seasons.

As you try to discount the NC’s of the B1G, why don’t you compare them to the Big 8, as I did?  That was my point.  Many fans try to compare Coach Pelini’s record against Coach Osborne’s.  When compared, Coach Pelini looks pretty good, as I know that you are aware of.

New Yorker -

Who represented the North Division in the Big 12 Championship game in 2008 against Oklahoma?  Missouri.  The same Missouri that demolished Nebraska that season…IN LINCOLN…52-17…and the game wasn’t even that close…as Ganz connected with Menelik Holt on a touchdown pass in the waning seconds of the 4th quarter (and a game I attended…ugh.  Add insult to injury…after the game I got to walk down to an O Street bar and watch my beloved Cubbies get swept out of the playoffs by the Dodgers in game 3 out in Los Angeles.  Tough night…to say the least.)

I don’t mean to argue with you…  its just that I don’t think most Nebraska fans claim that ‘division title’...since Nebraska didn’t earn the right to play in the Big 12 Championship that season.  I don’t even think Bo would claim that division title…but I could be wrong…since I’m not expending my blood, sweat and tears into the program like Bo, his staff and his players are.  Just sayin.

But technically…you are correct.


Grendel…I read an article a few years ago on Bleacher Report about Alabamas so called 9 NC’s. It’s all a bunch of Bull. Many of those were from highly questionable polls that were not the main polls at the time. On several instances, you’d have the main polls pick the winners, then another poll…Grandma’s poll down the street or something of such credibility…and it would claim Alabama when the UPI and AP clearly picked someone else! But they went ahead and claimed it as a National Championship! And they all know it’s all bogus, but they claim it anyway. Sounds like Michigans are legit…most of those were won a long time ago, but there is no question on their validity is there?

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