Big 12 State of the Union:  Baylor

Every time I do a series going around the Big 12, I ask myself the same question. “Should I even bother with Baylor?� This year, they're on Nebraska's schedule, which might be reason enough to give them equal time. I admit, I had to look up who their new head coach was, but as I look at the resume, I think, “not a bad hire�.

Art Briles (Baylor's new head man) spent 21 years coaching high school football in Texas. That can't be bad for recruiting. After four seasons coaching running backs at Texas Tech, Briles spent five years as head coach at Houston. He took the Cougars to four bowls in five years and went 34-28.

Like any new coach, you give Briles a pass on their first recruiting season, but you have to give Briles major points for luring four-star dual threat quarterback Robert Griffin to Waco. A year ago, Baylor fans were stoked when they brought in four-star quarterback John David Weed. Between the two, Baylor should have some talent to build the offense around both now and for the future.

While no one expects Baylor to make a lot of noise next season, they may be on the verge of a turnaround (even if it might be a modest one). There's reason for optimism if you're a Baylor fan. Bob Stoops and Mack Brown probably aren't losing sleep, but things look better in Baylor than they did this time last year.

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Are there Baylor fans?

Steve, the reasons that you should not overlook Baylor are several. 1. It is very possible that a Baylor ex will be signing the paychecks for players from other Big 12 schools.  2. We keep the graduation rates in the Big 12 out of the basement. 3. There were three Gold Medals from the Big 12 in the last Olympics…and all from Baylor. 4. We rank about #4 in the number of Big 12 Conf titles (all sports). 5. We won the only NC in Basketball for the Big 12.  6.  We also keep former Nebraska coaches and players off the unemployed roles…(Steele).

From now on Steve, I recommend clarification, ie: “Should I even bother with Baylor football?”  I can’t have another comment like tom Turlington’s causing water to squirt out my nose when I start laughing.  It’s too painful.

Doombob, fwiw, I really like Nebraska and their fans. Also, I am a urologist, and I do have the cohones (learn the will need it even up there!) to post my real name!  Sorry about your loss!  Also, fwiw, the current Surgeon General of the Air Force is a former letterman (golf) at Nebraska. We can both treat that loss of body fluids that ails you. 

Tom, I like your style. Using your real name, providing facts to back up your argument and throwing in a little humor… Come back any time.

For the record: I think most Husker fans would like to see Baylor become more competitive on the football field. Gotta keep those Texas and Oklahoma schools honest!

The way you’re paying your new coach shows the administration is willing to invest in the program. Hope it starts paying dividends.


It’s an idiom used by my favorite college preview writer, Phil Steele. It means unnecessarily firing a successful coach after a bad season, trying to find a guy who’ll bring even more success than the previous coach. Since September of ‘04, you could say Nebraska has been “Baylored.”

I wonder if Steele will use Nebraska as an example, a cautionary tale, of firing a coach who was 9-3, not even allowing him to coach the bowl game.

Who knows, Steele might gush over Pelini, that I’m not to concerned about.

Back to Baylor. I recall them being competitve in the early ‘90’s. When the conferences were going to merge, I remember thinking Baylor was going to be a formidable program. Or else, Houston could have been chosen instead, before the SWC disbanded.

I’m reminded once again of Kevin Steele having his quarterback try to sneak it in, instead of kneeling for the sure victory. Tommie ended up losing his Running Backs coaching job, too.

They got “Baylored.”

My nickname is a pseudonym.  Two clicks to my website can get you my real name.  It’s Tom Cudd, by the way, so we share a common name.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  This is the internet.  Stop bringing facts and logic into the conversation.  My original comment was meant as a discourse on the appropriateness of your topic of choice.  If I went to a KU Basketball Messageboard and began touting the much heralded academic research programs of Nebraska Engineering, I would be no less laughed at than had I posted your comment.  My apologies for assuming that you would be another “Drive-by poster” to which we have been accustomed.

Hi Tom, thanks for the facts on Baylor. I have to assume you are correct on your figures not to mention you seem to be well “armed” for discussion. In the past (on BRN)I have said some things about Baylor (not real pleasant)but you make me do a double take on my position. Hopefully your coach will be able to get things turned around and soon. As doombob had said, it’s nice to hear from someone who is not just a typical “drive by” personality.

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